Muslim women sexually attacked, paraded naked in UP

By staff reporter

Shrawasti (UP): a simple case of elopement by two lovers belonging to two different religious communities turned into a heinous crime committed against members of Muslim community.

A Muslim boy and a Hindu girl eloped on 7th of July in Shrwasti district of Uttar Pradesh. An FIR was filed for the alleged kidnapping of the girl. Three days later hundreds from girl's village attacked Muslim dominated village of Sirsia that the boy belonged to. Brother
of a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) minister is reported to be leading that mob.

The mob beat all Muslims, burnt a number of houses of that village. The most heinous is that several Muslim women were sexually assaulted and a few of them paraded naked.

Police deny any such incident have happened and in fact refuse to lodge an FIR. Medical examination of these women could be taken only after 48 hours severely limiting the hope of finding any evidence of rape after such a long time.

Reporters have seen marks of attack and assault on the bodies of women.

Legislators of Samajwadi Party (SP) walked out of the state assembly over this incident and involvement of a BSP minister. Waqar Shah of SP raised this issue in the Assembly and dubbed the Mayawati government of UP as "anti-Muslim."

Meanwhile BSP government has announced the suspension of police officers of Shrawasti districts. Lalji Verma, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs denied involved of any BSP minister in the incident. An inquiry has been ordered.


Your reservations on Naik _Chatrapathi is irrational Hindu

I have already expressed my reservations on Naik. All I said was I acknowledge that Naik knows the scriptures of various religions, so he has something.

You have expressed reservations against Naik in a irrational way. I am against Chatrapathi Shivaji's rage against Naik, for it seems irrational and seems to be based on the feeling that he has insulted him.

I do not think Naik has said anything anti-Hindu as such. He explains Islam as he understands it. Let Hindus explain their religion.

This kind of mental confusion is what you see in the Hindu who claims God is one, but also 33 crores. God is One is simple logic; God is 33 crores is made out to be something too deep !

So why don't you worship me along with the monkey and the lingam ?!!!!

Chatrapathi Shivaji please continue with your beliefs. Just don't expect others to respect you.

You ask "why don't you understand GOD is one and all, GOD is omnipresent and omnipotent , he is in air, water, and in pigs like you, monkey, lingam etc."

So why don't you worship me along with the monkey and the lingam ? I have taught you about Hinduism, all for free. Chatrapathi Shivaji said a Pandit gives his knowledge free, so you should worship me.

Say you believe God is many, that is all. Don't pretend it is the same as those who believe God is One. Either you believe 2 + 2 = 4 or you don't.

With your beliefs, it is not surprising you have an inferiority complex

Your explanation as to why Hindus beleive God is manifold was that God is in the monkey, the cow, the lingam and in me.

So I asked why you you worship the monkey, the cow, the lingam but not me.

Your did not answer the question asked. You have added that God is in you also. Alright, you worship the monkey, the cow, the lingam and yourself ! But still where is the answer to why you do not worship me.

I am a selfless Pandit who has educated you on Hinduism, taught you about caste system and Manu. I have a higher status than the monkey, the cow, the lingam and you, so you should worship me.

Did I get it wrong ? 2 + 2 is not 4 ?

Muslims worship the Creator, not the created. In this we are clear. Hindus say God is in the monkey and the cow, and the stone, so we worship it. I am not objecting to this. I am saying 'Don't make out it is equivalent to Muslims'. It is not the same. There is a world of difference.

Finally, if what you are doing is equivalent, why is it you have an inferiority complex about it ?

Chatrapathi Shivaji says that 2 + 2 is not 4 !!!!!

Chatrapathi, you are the thickest Hindu I have come across. You will sink even in mercury

Dr. Naik has debated with scholars of other religions, including Ravi Shankar and an American evangelist, and a Christian missionary in India. The audience might be mostly Muslim, but the people he is debating with are leaders in there respective religions. He generally takes their pants off - I wish he would not do this in public, as it is humiliating for the opposition. In the case of the Hindus, it increases the inferiority complex.

There is nobody in the Hindu community who knows Hindu and Muslim scriptures well enough to debate with Dr. Naik. In the Hindu community there may be people with uncouth language like your's but obviously he is no going to waste his time with riff raff. He is going to debate with established figures in other religions.

I do not know what Dr. Zakir Naik has got to do with this. He does not denigrate Hindus.

As far as I know he is an Islamic scholar and he debates on religion with people of all religions as well as atheists. Other people agree to enter into debate with him, and he trounces them.

He has an encylopedic knowledge as he can quote Quran, he can cite Bible or Hindu texts with the verse numbers, all in a flash. There is no one in the world who knows all the texts of all the religions, by heart.

Few years ago, there was a debate between him and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The latter came out in a poor light. Dr. Naik did not denigrate Hindus, it is just that Shankar could not defend the Hindu texts that Naik cited.


leave the topic of islam you first know your religion your scriptures perhaps you know your main scriptures is vedas and you will never read it so try to nderstand hindu religion first then you will get the truthness of islam from this religion

misunderstanding about Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Quran is source of peace. Read it whole not in part so that u mauy understand the circumstances and contexts.
What was the population of India at the time of Muslim Rule. Brother ! apply your mind before believing on any story.
Prophet was illetrate is not a negative thing. All prophets are illetrate and they are directly guided by Allah be he Adam,Noah, Joseph, Moses, Jesus etc.Enlightment is like inserting high powered programme in computer.
Mohammad PBUH is never erred as he was in the complete guidance of Allah, the almighty, who can shake the entire Eart and no body can prevent Him.
In the establishment of Islamic governance in the entire Arabian penensula in an span of 25 years only about 300 human lives were sacrificed. That average is less than the average incident of killings in each cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna etc.
U know there is no difference between the basic principle of Religions. Pl. read the original sorce books and the comments of others.

mr albadar.i know mohamadenism is worse than nazim,

mr.albadar saheb.i respect u and ur views.the reason why i have started looking into ur religion and ur prophet is the insult of hindu religion in the name of comparative studies of religion of zakir naik.replies like from u is the only way for a peaceful living and intereligious diologues between two communties.and now let me start giving the facts of hindus killed during islamic invasions. timur atleast killed onelakh hindus in delhi itself and spared others for theywere muslims.timur auto biography is a the banner of islam and islamic state politics hindus were butchered.some were threatened,killed,butchered,and forcibly converted into islam. this is a fact. islam has no respect for other religions.this is also proved in the latest times when taleban demolished bumiyan statues of buddha which was their historical monument and atleast required to be maintained as a historical record of importance. so once u are a muslim u start hating idol worshippers.u would lose ur brains and this is ur islamic enlightenement and high power virus programme indoctrinating humans into becoming killing machines.once spirituality is mixed with religion,statecraftand society building in the name of god like islam that it becomes worse than dear brother u have to open ur eyes and see that creator god principle mentioned in quran is the most foolish principle which had been discarded by rishis in india long ago.go and study what the involutory evolutinary fact of soul finally ending with advaita(nondualism).if advaitist like me starts criticising neither zakir naik or mohammed or u can save ur islam . created world, creator god,destiny,fatalism,heavens,hell would perish and nothing would be there to be taughtin islam.but advaitist does not do that he knows man is evoluting not revolution.u dont agree evolution.but hinduism has been teaching till modern science came up with darwinism. ur islam preaches creation ,we preach involuted such we dont kill an idol worshipper,nature worshipper,atheist like jain,agnostic like buddhist,dualists like u muslims, shaivites,form worshippers, non form worshippers like islam,and such other hindus i request u worshipp ur own god and but dont tell others since god is one he alone must be worshipped.because our sloagan is ekam saat vipra ha bahuda vadanti(the lord is one but the great call Him by various names).or la ilaha illalaahu(there is only one god and he alone must be worshipped).by the bye i am vijay, a true hindu who respects loves islam and accepts as my own faith,despite my animosity against islam and mohammed at the personal level.

Reply to chathrapathi Shivaji (Hindutva Supporter)

When I say Hindus are the worst community in India, I just mean that only they can produce chathrapathi

While I can see your concern that Hindus like chathrapathi are making a laughing stock of Hindus, it should really be non Hindutva Hindu who needs to tell chathrapathi not to make a fool of Hindus in a public forum.

Non Hindutva Hindus are too nice, and they try to use a gentlemanly approach, but that is not what is needed with chathrapathi . Someone like civilized Hindu has to ask chathrapathi bluntly to overcome his inferiority complex, and not make a mockery of Hindus in a public forum.

I appreciate everyone"s observation that I have used A.K Singh and forced out all the nonsense in him. It may sound a bit boastful, but really I ought to say that only I can extract this out of Hindutva Hindus.

For example, only I can make chathrapathi and AK Sngh tell us Brahmins follow 'thinking monkeys'. Neither any muslim nor any sikh nor any other person can make him dance like this. I have great understanding of such Hindus, and I can anticipate and read their minds.

I am not bashing Hindus. I respect people according to their worth and merit. We know non Hindutva Hindus have class, that is obvious. But I do not suffer fools gladly just because they are from the majority community.

When I say Hindus are the worst community in India, I just mean that only they can produce chathrapathi and A.K Singh.
Hindus also have the best, but that is something else.

Can you imagine a Sikh, Christian, Muslim or Jain acting like chathrapathi or Ak Singh ?

The mystery is why Hindus like you have not evolved from monkeys into humans. Science cannot answer this.

Are there humans anyhwere else worshipping stones and lingams and what not ? Even monkeys do not do it !

chathrapathi , judging from your reaction to muslims, you know you are giving Hindus and Indians a bad name in a public forum.

So if you know this, why do your persist ?

Yes, no one can understand your monkey story. Only a thinking monkey will be able to understand you. You have already explained this to all of us.

So go to the zoo and live with the monkeys.


DEAR ANONYMOUS, In any discussion if the moderator ie TWOCIRCLES, takes sides and edit out anything said against QUR'AN and MOHAMMAD while publishing every abuse against HINDUS, then I am handicapped and there is no fair exchange of views. That my friend is precisely the problem with ISLAM. I agree that the Followers of ISLAM have every right to believe that their religion is the BEST but to abuse every other religion and declare that they will burn in hell is not justified. Unfortunately even "TWO CIRCLES" actively connive with the foul mouthed MUSLIMS by editing out any thing said against the basic ethos of Islam for which many "ANONYMOUS" has no answer.
Since ISLAM is religion of peace explain following verse from QUR'AN
1 Surah 8/12 – Al-Anfal- I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers. Smite you above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.
2Surah 9/29-At- Tawhah- Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day- Until they pay Jizyah.

Khadija died in 619 AD and till her death Mohammad did not dare to marry a
second time, in gratitude to a rich widow (Khadija)marrying a destitute orphan
that Mohammad was. After Khadijas death, in 13 years till death of Mohammad in

I tkink U dont Know even ABC about Isalm

Dear Friend,whatever u wrote is baseless,first try to undrstand the meaning Of Islam.
Im very much sure after that U himself will accept Islam .Islam is a name of Peace ,Love and Brotherhood.

"religion has nothing to do with..." -so why do Hindus kill othe

"religion has nothing to do with..." -so why do Brahmins kill Indians for their mythologies ?

"religion has nothing to do with..." -

Hindutva Supporter, you have told us that one can believe anything is god, as long as it is kept private. I agreed.

So why are Upper caste Hindutva Hindus and Brahmins raising violent mobs and rioting over the birthplace of a mythological figure who never existed ?

Brahmins are responsible for the disturbed situation in India today. They are responsible for partition.

If you care for India, why don't you join me in eradicating Hindutva and Brahmnism ?


dear humans,
first of all, please get inside self and claim ourselves as human beings, religion is here, because ofits own purpose, its not brought in to practice, for all of us to discriminate,...
and abusing women, is really sad, then it is loud and clear that we are no were near being humans, and have no right either to claim us into any religion...
th efirts religion,what we know, is human religion..... if we do not know that, then we are ...dead wood...
its a real shame on those, who hurt women.... its a real shame, ..

my feelings

dear sir
an unorganised community on all levells politically socially and what not has to suffer all this.such a shmefull incident happend but see the reaction from muslim brotherhood and
muslim leaders they are not aware of it.

Such cases of communal

Such cases of communal crimes and frustration shall continue as long as the mental level of these people remains ignorant of human sophistication and harmony. it is painfully tragic that women have to pay for something, which they hardly bear responsilbility for. we fail to gather what made them do it all.


thsi has nothing to do with religion, culture, or nations, so those who are blaming all this STOP!!!

We are humans guys , we have didvided culture, we humans have divided countries, not nations, and not religion.


for once in our lives stop all the differences, had it not been our silly brains in the first place india would have remained one large country for all of us,

at least now stop the fighting, is it not enough that we have divided countries our we now going to divide humanity aswell now?????

Dead Democracy in India

Dear Sir,

After reading this gruesome incident and no action from the present govetment proved that there is no justice and democracy in India. It is shame for BSP who lured the muslim to won in last assembly election.
"In my openion justice will be equal only after raping and moving nake of 17 upper cast women of attackers"


"In my openion justice will

"In my openion justice will be equal only after raping and moving nake of 17 upper cast women of attackers"

how will u be diff from terrorists then u bastard >

Perverted thinking

Have u ever paused for a moment and thought about other religions
suffered under Muslim rulers.Very few were enlightened,Akbar was an exception.
Through forceful conversions combined with the jizya tax, a lot of people became
Muslims.Have you ever thought about the headstart Muslims had over
other religions.By now Muslims should have become contributers to
the intellectual capital,instead Muslims blame everything bad to
Western and Hindu influence ,at the same time forgetting to thank
the West for contributions like electricity etc.
If theres hatred against the Muslims,its because they refuse to become integrated.

My friends tell me how some guys had the courage to throw cow meet on temple
processions.There is no credible and strong moderate voice in Islam.Its just
poison much worser than Aids,the sooner the world is rid of it the better.I dont
hate Muslims,but I hate Islam and the guy who started it.Ive read
his biography,hes no saint rather hes just a cunning oversexed Guy
who exploited the uneducated masses of Mecca and Medina.
Im sorry but sometimes the truth hurts


What a horrible place India is. Che che.

You idiot if any thing happens then it becomes horrible

These situations arises every part of world.
But india is so much upgraded that any thing happens in india is scartted like any thing and known by every one throughtout the world as whole world is occupied by most of the indians.

And more over these thing happens every part of the world you bleady fool

But Inidia is the greatest country in the world.

you have poor knowledge so every thing looks horrible.
waste of living on Earth.



Muslim women attacked

Please dont mix such sensitive issues with religion, if any one mixes it is only for their personal or political benefits.

please beware of such frames.

what ever happened to those families (if it is real) it should be condemned, and legal action is must with severe punishment required. Not to repeat such un human and anti social things.

barbarism and uncivilized

what a barbarism and uncivilized indian community are..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohh shame on them.. they claim for the world a good honor... according this newss..what they should ... get now.... if they dont give resoanable and exact punishment to the condemned people who are also involved from the behind with the event,, i would really say here..........hey the world of peace and world of authority who are concern with human rights and woman rights....see this treat this.. do soemthing for thiss...
all of the people who see this newss at leave a message saying ur fierece impression of ur mind against this inhumanity......

the peacefull people never endure it...........

problems faced by indians and its possible soluitons..

religion is a way of life to give life not to take anyones life,if a maniac get power he do destruction what ever his religion may be (osama,sadaam,bush,hitler,narendar modi,muguls in india like tamurlang and aurangzeb,bristish in india as at jalianwala bagh,indian hindus during 1984 with sikh,and 1992 and 2001 with muslims.)

see the other side of the coin, if anyone want to spread love the earth become heaven,(muhammed the prophet,gandhi the great soul,saints like kabir,sai baba,guru
nanak,budha,naam dev,gadgay maharaj,tukaram,chisty of ajmer,makhdum shah)

todays generation speak about religon as they had readed all religious text but question urself how many times we pray in a day,but when to fight with our indian brothers we r always ready.

what ever our history may be,but we have to make our future bright,who ever rule india we should think for all,any wrong deeds done by any person sholud be consider as individual not as his religion he blong to,be human frist to accpet ur presecne on earth then a indian to accept ur prsence in india then follow ur religion without intetionally disturbing others.

indian denial

why do so many hindus deny that these things happen in india? i've been all over the world and witness that india is the shittiest, dirtiest, smelliest place i've ever been to.



You have written a shamefull article

Hello Mr.
Your article and you are itself a shame for nation.
Pleople like you and your thoughts are the driving forces which is leading our beloved nation towards darkness.
What you know about muslim, their religious teachings, their culture??
You are in a nation which is rulled by Muslim for 1000 years.
You are still alive
Do you beleive they ever thought to harm any other religion?/
No, i will say NO
That time there was no Human Rigt Commision to save you.
Only sword & sword.
still you are alive
think on that

There were our Gods, our

There were our Gods, our religion and our faith. Some weakminded Hindua may have taken to a religion from the desert, but most of our men and women resisted and hence by the grace of the Gods and goddesses, we are not only alive, but thriving.

I ask a simple question. Of all the cases in which so-called lovers of two religions marry, why is it that in most cases, the boy is a Muslim? Is it accidental that after marriage most of these hapless girls convert to Islam? Is that also due to that so-called love?

Think deeply. What does this show? If Muslims and Hindu biys and girls were marrying each other in equal numbers and NOT converting before or after marriage, there is NO problem. Which religion insists on conversion for marriage? The answer is self-evident.Hence lets not call this love- lets call a sick attempt to convert what it actually is- an attempt to convert and sexually abuse women of other religions.

understand islam

dear brither
you dont know islam but you give your idea about islam.this is your thinking and you are free to thinh.because thinking is for example if you see your sister in short dress you may think some sexul thinking about your sister.
i do not mean to harsh you. first of all you dont know your religion. and this is a challenge if you know your religion you will convert into islam because hindu and other religion tells the truthness of islam.
for more knowledge you can contact me

Brother Rashid Tabrez, You

Brother Rashid Tabrez,

You seem brainwashed by some Mullahs. I guess, Hindus did it right. Muslims are always responsible for every kind of terrorism. Look, In Iran and Iraq; many Muslims fight among each other. In Arabia, apostasy is illegal and apostates are mercilessly killed. Good! Your Allah taught you to kill apostates for apparently no reason. What Hindus did was just to show you people your true worth.

Anyways! I don't like Hindus doing wrong with NON Hindu. Let such people burn in hell. I hate both: NON Human Muslims as well as NON Human Hindus. I hate even NON Human Christians OR NON Human Jews. So far as people follow human practices of their religion, I support them. But the major problem is: Neither Christians NOR Jews NOR Hindus support any terrorist. But many Madarsaa today pray for Muslim terrorist.

Truth of Islam was explained by Salman Rushdie who is an award winning author. He wrote a book named as THE SATANIC VERSES. You issued a fatwa against him because Islam teaches to issue fatwa against a noble person.

If you have guts, contact your imaam and tell him to issue fatwa against every single muslim terrorist. Get the names from US Standard DoD and UK Defence directories. Globally issue fatwa against all of these. Stop doing Taqiyya and accept my challenge openly.

I promise to accept Islam if you fulfill the challenge.
Proof of my comment:

Muslim In India are suppress

Muslim In India are suppress an d boycott that why most of them are uneducated and unemployed
They can only erase their pain IF ONLY GULF COUNTRIES PUT PRESSURE ON India or help them

But that not the case