Is it a sin to be a Gujjar?

By Dr. Javaid Rahi

This is narration of 5th day of the strike in Kashmir Valley. I was busy in reading a local newspaper while my five years old son (Ali Gujjar) called my attention towards television and said "See Papa-Gujjar Gujjar Hai Hai" !!. I increased the volume of my television and with all inquisitiveness watched the television.

A local Private television channel was showing the visuals of violent demonstrations in downtown area of Srinagar City. These demonstrations were against the land transfer to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board. The procession was led by a secessionist Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani. Thousands of people were participating in the procession and raising slogans against the government agencies and chanting jingles against Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad. The demonstrationists were raising slogans "Gujjar-Gujjar Hai Hai ………..Nab Gujjar Hai Hai.”

Being a non-Kashmiri speaking Gujjar, I was trying to understand reference to context of these slogans and jingles and in order to have further information in this regard I telephoned one of my Kashmiri speaking Muslim friend residing in downtown area of Srinagar and in response, my friend replied that these type of slogans are being raised during the whole "land movement." Later I was given to understand that it is not only the downtown or civil lines area of Srinagar but these humiliating slogans are being raised in whole valley of Kashmir.

I being a "Gujjar” has always been proud of my community as a "tribe” because I know that my tribe have a history of 5000 years. This is the only largest Muslim tribe in India which is having nomadic way of life from the times immemorial and which has its roots in Middle East and Central Asia. But I was stunned to listen to the slogans against my tribe and community. This was really a shock that such tribe was being ill-treated and humiliated with slogans and jingles raised during the demonstrations.

I am pround of my Gujjar identity, but I was not in a position to understand why the demonstrators of a particular community were humiliating my community and I don't know what was the motive behind it. Probably they were trying to establish that Gujjars are inferior to majority Musilm community of Kashmir. There can be an argument that mob mentality can be behind this unwanted state of affairs but it persisted for about eight days which speaks of another unfortunate view of the picture.

A stigma is being attached with the word "Gujjar" in Kashmir which has resulted a wedge between Muslim Kashmiris and Muslim Gujjars. This wedge has been widened when the demonstrators under the leadership of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, while mortifying the sentiment of other Muslim community. The sentiments of mob in Kashmir valley during 8 days of demonstrations over land row is respectable but why the second largest ethno -linguistic minority "Gujjars" is targeted by chanting jingles about them. This is very unfortunate and strange.

The history is witness that no movement has achieved its goals until and unless it relinquishes hatred against the religious, lingual and other minorities were part of that particular movement. But we the Kashmiris are leading to which directions? We don't know ourselves ! A substantial chunk of Kashmiri intellectuals are against any sort of cultural discrimination. They favour amalgamation of Kashmiris, Gujjars and other identities to one Muslim identity. But this will not be possible unless and until the Majority Muslim community accepts and respects other cultural, racial, ethnical and lingual minorities among Muslims.

However in Jammu, the majority community constitutes of non-Muslims but in my 37 years of age I have never heard of any disrespectful words against my community, not to talk of raising slogans and making jingles and jokes about our community. This is also a fact that the Gujjars have suffered most over the land row at Jammu Samba, and Akhnor and their property destroyed. Some hard-liner organizations have thrashed Gujjars and their milk products and vegetables etc. were looted. This can be understood as an occurrence during such demonstrations but raising of slogans against Gujjars in Kashmir is absolutely a ground-breaking and unfortunate incident. But in valley, this is also very surprising that if any voice is raised in support of Gujjar identity and their rights, the label of "Agents of Delhi” is leveled by certain unscrupulous elements.

I have no regrets that the activist of Bajrang Dal and other organizations have tried to torture Gujjar property and places of worship of Gujjars in various areas of Jammu. I have no sorrow that a few houses of Gujjars were torched in Samba and Kathua. This is tolerable but why there are sentiments against Gujjars in Kashmir? Whether Gujjars have ever marginalized Kashmiris? Is there any occurrence or example? NO. Then why do we hear the sologan of “Gujjar Gujjar Hai Hai?”

[Photo of Gujjar offering prayers by Dr. Javed Rahi]


Salam 2 All Gujjars.I

Salam 2 All Gujjars.I Request to All Gujjars That Must Help Each Other So in Every Field Of Life GUJJAR Will Be at Front Line.
May ALLAH Give Success To All Gujjars.
Qasim Gujjar 03335158363

Gujjar comunity

sure i completely agree..with the author! Its a a curse to be born and bought up in gujar community!
The community lives by the traverse hilly steeps of himalays and adjoining hill side, downtroden and neglected community.


salam to all muslimz broz n sisz
really yaar to be proud as Muslim Gujjar
m 2 Gujjar : ) n thnx 2 my ALLAH

Should be Muslim Gujjar Matrimonial Service all my Gujjar brothers & Sisters My name is Muhammad Ahtasham Khatana,There are many important things for my brothary but most important thing is that most of my Gujjar Sisters are waiting for there good match but its very difficult to find out,Its my request to all Gujjars from all over the World please think about it.We should create a Online free Gujjar matrimonial site which should be approach of every Gujjar family either poor or rich.Again I request you all please consider good values.We should promote our brothary i every field of life.
Beat Regards,
Engr.Muhammad Ahtasham Khatana


Dear M Ahtasham Khatana,

i am very glad to read about you that you are also khatana, i am israr from Islamabad but my native town is Distt. Mansehra Balakot. i am also khatana and we have a big majority of Gujjars in this region. i agree with your comments we should must be made such like a link for the said purpose.


I m MALIK SHAKEEL GUJJAR from HARIPUR HAZZARA.any GURJJAR brother can contact me about gujjar community. MALIK SHAKEEL GUJJAR K.T.S HARIPUR. CELL NO 03335147006.03215147006


MY CELL NO: 00923005692726,00923127640007

U.K Gujjur!

Asa brothers and sisters.

I am a Gujjur who was born and bread in Scotland, U.K.

Good to see a strong sense of compassion between the fellow Gujjars!

Just remember tho, we are Muslims first and then anything else after that.


I m hindu n a lohmod gujjar

I m hindu n a lohmod gujjar of harryana sare gujjar bhaiyo ko ram-ram

salam to my all gujjar brothers and sisters

i m sardar abdurrahim gujjar from swat and im the student of electrical engineering final year peshawar'i m v glad to see such a gr8 pple in gujjars
it is a

+point for us
i requist all gujjars tht they may write gujjar wt his r her name
thx and best wishes fr all gujjars
from sardar abdurrahim gujjar
swat nwfp


Asalam-o-aliqum to all Gujjars

My name is muzammil gujjar & i am doing PhD from Netherlands.I am very pleased to see so many gujjar brothers on this forum. So guys please keep it up,my support and love is always with u.Love u all


proud to b a GUJJAR

Hi all Gujjar Brother

This is Anil Kasana. I am a hindu Gujjar from India.
I really proud on my community & there is no difference

And i belive first i am a gujjar than after i am a hindu.

Hey , I am Muslim Gujjar from Mansehra district NWFP,Pakistan

Before I never even think about my orgin , my caste etc. As now my province name got change Khyber Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due bad and croupt leadership in country ruling.
, My friends here in Islamabad mostly Pathan ,, they give reason that u people no historical background ,,, U just have to follow us as a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
But I strongly against it becauase it is 21 cent people.
fact is that Hazara people at time of the indenpence india-pak..strongly accepted Pakistan.

Any how this forum is for Gujjar community which found today and I am happy to see some good information. so please let me infrom correct facts and figures about Gujjar caste types & history background.

Many Thanks


I love gujjars because they are in very good numbers in Hazara (NWFP Pakistan). I am abbasi. All hazarawals will fight to death for their separate province " HAZARA " long live hazara.
Aik he nara Suba hazara


Thank you for your loving comments for gujars of Hazara. We like you, also love Abbasi bradri as they are a brave and fighting community of our region. They have their stronghold in Abbottabad district but their presentation in Haripur is not less couraging. In Galiyat and lower hilly region of sub-himalayan ranges along river Haro upto Khanpur, they are our time tested neighbours. We have good relation with them and we are grateful to you for your love for Gujars. Ham Sab ka Ak He Naara SUBA HAZARA, SUBA HAZARA (LONG LIVE SUBA HAZARA) Kalsi Haripur

thank you Dr javeed

asalaam mu alikum to all of you, i am very happy that on this issue how many gujjars are together, i like the comments of all of you execpt one i.e,(you would be more gujjar when u leave islam only)the person who wrote this is absent minded person the muslim gujjars have thier own identity & they are models for whole world. that is secoundary question that what the kashmaris says today but we the muslim gujjars told them how to live in civilized society becoz the kashmiri women were without shalwar & they learn from muslim gujjars to wear shalwar.

Invitation to Gujjar's of Jammu & Kashmir

Asslam u alikum brother's and sister's. I feel happy to see u all. I like this article "Is it a sin to be a Gujjar?" by Dr.Javaid Rahi. I am proud to be a Gujjar.

I am running a community on orkut under the name Gujjar's of Jammu & Kashmir. so Please if you will join ,it give us a platform to come close. coz unite we will stand.

visit the following link:

Salam to All Gujjar brothers and sister

My name is israr Ul Haq. i am from Distt. Mansehra Tehsil Balakot. I am Gujjar (khatana. there are a lot of Gujjars in Distt. Mansehra and Alhamdulilah we have a big majority in this region. we have fully control on Distt. Govt. even no Govt. in Distt. Mansehra can be made without the help of Gujjars. Ex. Distt. Nazim Mansehra " Sardar Muhammad Yousaf was also gujjar and his son mr. Shahjahan Yousaf, MNA is also Gujjar. Mian Wali Ur Rehman (deceased)was also Gujjar (Khatana) and a very famous personlity of Mansehra. he was also the president of Muslim league (N) at Distt. level. many times he was elected as the member of provincial Assembly. He is an religious person. Now his son Mr. Zia ur Rehman is leading to Gujjar families at Distt. level and growing up so fast. i am very proud to know that a huge numbers of Gujjar are working in different fields in pakistan and doing well. basically Gujjars are hardworking and intelligent peoples. They play a good role for development of pakistan. A big numbers of Gujjars are working in islamabad in different departments even on key posts. i wish to make a website for Gujjars at pakistan level and it will be introduced all over the world, which describe the background of Gujjars and old history of Gujjars and their language (Gojri). it is also recommended to start the Gojri language learning at internet so that those gujjars who have lost their language versa they can again adopt it and can speak it fluently. Alhamdulilah All Gujjars residing in Distt. Mansehra are speaking pure Gojri including me. i can help in this way to peoples to learn the Gojri online. A Gojri poetry book written by Israeel Mehjor is also available in the Market. he was a great poet of Gojri. his thinking was so great. any body knowing more about Gujjars at Hazara can contact me at or my cell # +92 333 5424627.
thanks to all

information for district mansehra

Islom Alaikum,
i am Farooq Mahmood Gujjar from Mansehra,Baffa
Software Engineer working in Dubai as a Computer Programmer+ also expert in accounts.

Some my brother asked about the villages in mansehra, in union council Sum Elahimang
1. paloi
2. Dalbani
3. Bakki
3. Jal Gali (Sardar M. Yousuf District Nazim & his son
is M.N.A belong to this village
4. Char Banda
5. Khula Butt
6. Jagori
7. Kathian
8. Tapper
These are purely Gujjar'S Village there is nobody else.
Population is minimum 200,000 peoples.

A lot of gujjar peoples in Balakot & Kaghan but i don't know the name of villages

thank u

thank you farooq for inform us about sumilahimang i am also gujjar from village sathangali UC hilkot

wts wrn wid u@oll,,,evy1 is

wts wrn wid u@oll,,,evy1 is introducing hre,, i m this,dong this-------what the hell is this,,,,,,,,u r comminted on Dr,javed's article,,,on a very imp issue,we shoud have 2 stop this thay y kashniri peoples harrasing us even our backgrond is much brighter then us,,,,,,,,,although a 1more vry imp issue is that all leh and ladakh coomnty have S.T status,,,which is a huge pblm for us at the time of P.S.C..............i rest 2 Dr.Rahi that plz cmnt on this

Hindu or Muslim Gujjar- No Difference

Hi to all the Brave Gujjars here.
I am Amit Gujjar(Khari)from Delhi, India....
For your Kind information, there are around 125 gujjar villages in Delhi..
& all the outskirts of Delhi is captured by Gujjars only..
As i feel there is no difference in the Attitude of Hindu & Muslim Gujjars.
As for as the looks & body structure is concerned.. All are well built above 6 feet height & can be recognized easily by their egoistic personality....

No body have that courage to speak even a single word against gujjars in front us..
Behind the back dogs always barks...There is no question of Sin to be a gujjar.

We are the Gujjar & We are proud to be Gujjar...

Amit Gujjar (Khari)

muslims are brothers whether be it gujjar or any tribe

muslims all over the world are like brother as are kashmiris . there are some elements who want to create a wedge between the two communities in the state but we should not hear to them and uphold the spirit of brotherhood.after all we are brothers.

Biography of Gujjars Caste

Many thanks to all of Gujjars.Basically i am Chohan Rajput.But we have relations with Gujjars. History says about Gujjars that they are well riched even today,because their profession is to keep cattles.Every person can not be a Gujjar. These days due to progressing world Gujjars are well educated.But there are numbers of Gujjars who are educated but they don't know the ideas of true life. I want to praise Gujjars womens.Their ladies are very hardworking/sincere/obedient and faithful with their families. In backward ares of Pakistan Gujjars are not more civilized and educated even today.Numbers of Gujjars are bold,but according to my thinkings many of Gujjars are working not very good. I like Gujjars because their living style is very excellent,their food is very good.Gujjars are very hard worker becuse their food is very simple. Thank you

Shakeel Ahmed Chohan
Lecturar English

gujjar badsha

assalam o alikum to all my gujjar brothers
i m azhar sohail ch from kotli azad kashmir
im very happy to read various comments about gujjar
i also want to add something that gujjar is a very genious caste but they work separately its immediate need to work unoninously . so its my opinion that all gujjar family should work together and take some party to celebrate and took participate in daily ruitine work in this way they can improved in their social and moral activities and daily routine work and they should


dear brother,
i am a hindu gurjar from agra, my family is a reputed family in the city ,my fathers elder brother was a minister in uttar pradesh govt , his name is mandleswar singh(ex minister in uttar pradesh ).we gurjars should proudly put our gotra and gurjar after our name. like munendra singh kasana gurjar

dear gujjar brothers

I am Associate Professor of chemistry in a university in Uttarakhand ,India.I went through the comments of my brothers and reached to the conclusion that on both sides ,we have been kept in dark about many things regarding our quam-gujjar.We have to overlook the vagaries of history and will have to understand that blood is thicker than water .Whatever be our religion ,we are one.We had been the victim of vested interests .Nobody on this earth ,stops anybody to exchange love and affection .I am happy that our indian as well as Pakistani gujjar brothers who are getting education and are well exposed to the modern world ,are trying for the unification of our biradry.Iwas pleased to read comments of my brothers in gojri.We in our village,near Delhi and in our family speak gojri.Ab tam bolo hum tamse kaise alag hue.I will be happy if more and more persons from India and Pakistan make contacts and understand each other.My id

About gujjars in rajasthan, india

Dear kasana sir,
At first introduce myself,
my name is GAMBHIR SINGH GURJAR, I m from KArauli Rajasthan. I had completed my B.TECH in ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING IN 2011. Currently i m preparing for IES from Delhi.
i m really get impressed with ur words. Now it's a time to show the unity of Gujjars to whole world. As we all know that gujjar is a tribe community & in uttarakhand gujjars r a part of tribe but gujjars of rajasthan r still fight to became a part of tribe. In Rajasthan we came into OBC category. So that we can't grow ourselves. We r fighting for ST reservation from past decade n yet not get succes. It's only because of politics. We had lost about 150 lives in past 4 yr in agitation till our demand not fulfilled. So plz support the gujjars of rajasthan so that india know the power of GUJJARS....
Jai Gujjar Samaj

Asalam Aliqum & Ram Ram to All GUJJAR Brother

Well,I am an IT professional and working in MNC,
Me also belong to this royal blood line i.e GUJJAR or GURJAR or GUJAR.
I always amazed to see that each GUJJAR whether an Hindu or Muslim share common characteristic of Proudness.This is because our ancestors had lived such a glorious period that even after centuries their proud run in our blood.
GUJJAR is like flag to us whose disregard we can never accept.

Love you All Veer GUJJAR'S.

gujjar zindabad

Assalam o alaikum all gujjar brothers and sisters i am habib ur rehman gujjar and i belong to the village sathangali UC hilkot mansehra dear s zamzn gujjar i want to know about you and GIC plz inform us about GIC my email address is

Re: Is it Sin

This is a matter of concern. I am from Chandigarh,I liked the sharing of views from India as well from our neighbouring country. Looking forward for getting some respite from the strong views about gujjars.

Akram chhokar

hello to all my gujjer brother

i am gujjer jhara khel from aali kadou tulilia
rabbat sir dakkhana bhanna tehsil aalai i am waiting for you masage any of topic about gujjer plz share my all vedio ang gujjeri songs thanks you all my gujjer freinds and comunitty

gurjar culture

hlo 2 all of gurjar plz snd me gurjar song,poet
i will b thanks full if any one sand
a great thanks 2 Dr. javed rahi i download ur song 4m you tube gojri language song this show that gurjari language is shame all over
plz mail me at

i am gujjar from swat

i am gujjar from swat but i leve in qatar

Hello gujjars

i m azhar. from pakistan.

Guzzars are ignorant and selfish

Guzzars, whether be in any religion are ignorant of the effect on the others. This is true with 99% Muslims so Gujjars are like muslims in their behaviour. Even if they will get reservations they won't be better. Financially they are always better and should not get reservations.

Refferece to Malik

I want to say some thing with the refferece to Mr Malik. He tried to nagate the whole history of Gujjars with the mind of Hazara Khans and Jagirdars. I thing he has no concerned with the general history of at least subcontinent. Who was the fonder of Gurjara State in subcontinent. furher he tried to limited gujjars to subcontinent but he shuld know that gujjars are living by birth in three dozen countries of the world. He mentioned that gujjars started toward prosperity in recent years, he should know that Ch Rehmat Ali, Hafeez Jalindry and Shabbir Ahmed Ussamani were also gujjars who struggled of Pakistan. He is also unaware of the History of Hazara Division, Who was muqqadam Musharaf, and Dolat Beg. If he gives me his e.mail I give him the detail information of gujjars.

salaam to all am asad ali

salaam to all
am asad ali gujjar n live in lahore.i must say that first of all am a muslim n after that a gujjar

salam iam sultanat chichi

salam iam sultanat chichi doing my bsc industrial engineering at university of engineering and technology peshawar.iam very to see such a gr8 ppl in gujjar community

Hello dear gurjars of world i

Hello dear gurjars of world
i m from haryana
first i am gurjar lator hindu nd dedicated 2 my kaum

Proud to be Gujjar

Jai Ramji Ki and Salam to All Gujjars! I am Shaitan Singh Gujjar from UP. Good to see our brothers from everywhere doing good


Pleased 2 read a different views abt kaum over india nd other neighbouring countries that gurjars are adopted very fast progress in the every field of life i.e. Education, professionalism etc. And more attentive about the unity nd integrity of kaum.

cordial thanks to dr.rahi gujars hero


this work(page)is an excellent effort &

should must be appericated.
Gujars had a significant role over a

broad spectrum in history.they were GREAT





will be benefical to whole nation and

gujar's community itself.
so in this regard I am going to work

over it so i need your help and

assistance(only informative).
CONTACT NO:0334-8984744


being a gujjar is no sin, we just need to make our people think that what we do is no sin, we don't threat people, our job is not a milking cattle so i'd be very gratfull if no one relate us to that :-) thanks

I agree wd u and we all are

I agree wd u and we all are proud of u alina..

Jaggo gujjar jaggo

Sabhi gujaar bhai aur bahanon ko Dharmender gujjar ki ram ram salam nameste bhaiyon aap chahe hindu gujjar ho ya muslman gujjar ho tho ek hi itihas utha kar dekh lo hamari 33 milion ki commite hai fir hum kyo piche rah jate hai sirf kami hai ekta ki aap sabhi se gujarish hai ek sath ek manch per aaye aur samaj ka kalyan kare.



Be a true Gujjar

I dnt know why u put that title with gujjars...It seems like u r regretting than feeling proud. No one regret to be a gujjar...v belong to kshatriya or warrior blood and i think u r fool sitting in room n watching tv....I m frm Haryana and here gujjar r like tiger no matter with whom ur fight is..v never give up..thiis title appearing in google u must change it...


I am Gujjar from Chichawatni Pakistan. I believe that to be a Gujjar means to be fair, honest, hardworking, loving, friendly and caring.