Dr. Zakir Naik and the controversy

By Md. Ali, TwoCircles.net

Renowned Islamic scholar and preacher Dr. Zakir Naik angered a section of Sunnis and Shias by his statement to a private TV channel that a Muslim should seek help only from Allah and no one else, not even the Prophet.

Angered by his statement a section of the community reportedly approached the home minister of Maharashtra RR Patil and demanded a ban on the Islamic conference which he is organizing between November 14 and 24 in Mumbai.

The 43 year old medical practitioner told reporters that by saying this he has not done any thing against the principles of Islam. Whatever he has said is essential of "Tauhid" which is the soul of "Imaan". A big section of Muslims across the world believe that Only Allah is the All Mighty and worthy of worship and help should be sought only from him and no one else he added.

Photo by Musa abu A'isha

Dr. Naik enjoys a fan following across the world because of his critical analysis of Islam and his knowledge on comparative religion. He is the founder-president of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) and also runs Peace TV, an Islamic television.

He travels across the world giving speeches and lectures on Islam and comparative religion. A big section of Muslim across the world appreciates his efforts to clear misconceptions about Islam through his lectures and talks.

There was another Fatwa against him by some Shia clergy of UP. Last Friday Lucknow based Mufti Abul Irfan Mian Firangi Mahali issued a fatwa against Dr. Naik describing him as a kafir (agnostic). The fatwa recommends that Dr. Naik be ex-communicated from Islam.

The Mufti pointed out that Dr. Naik supports Osama Bin Laden and calls upon the Muslim youths to become terrorists. He also criticized Dr. Naik for his alleged glorification of Yazeed who killed Imam Hussein the maternal grand son of the Prophet and a person considered holy and respectable by the Shias across the world.

Dr. Naik on the other hand defended himself and clarified that he has never supported either terrorism or Osama. He added that he has always been saying that all those who kill innocents are terrorists. He pointed out that people usually misquote his statements from the speeches he delivered in past.

For instance, he pointed out that the actual statement goes like this that "all those who kill innocents are terrorists. So if the USA kills innocents, it doesn't have the right to call Osama a terrorist unless it owns up its own crime."

On the accusation of instigating Muslims to become terrorists he clarified that he had said Muslims should become terrorists in the sense that they should strike terror in the hearts of criminals and anti-socials but again the statement has been misquoted he added.

Zakir Naik on Taliban and Osama Bin Laden

Last year he was center of an international controversy by saying radi Allaho anho (may Allah be pleased with him) after taking Yazid's name, a traditional prayer reserved for the companions of the Prophet Mohammad.

Last month Dr. Naik was supposed to deliver a series of public lectures in Allahabad and Lucknow. But Shia groups started protesting against Dr. Naik. Soon the administration had to stop the lectures citing law and order problem.

It is not the case that Dr. Naik hasn't got any support on this issue. Many Muslim organizations have come in his support. All-India Sunni Board and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Foundation came to defend him saying that Dr. Naik is one of the most respected scholars and doing an excellent work through his efforts to clear the misconceptions about Islam.

Dr. Naik who was born in Mumbai on October 18, 1965 is a medical doctor by profession. The website of Islamic Research Foundation describes him as "international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion. Dr. Zakir Naik clarifies Islamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islam, using the Qur'an, authentic Hadith and other religious Scriptures as a basis, in conjunction with reason, logic and scientific facts."

He has also been appreciated by his efforts to engage in inter religious dialogue.

He has given hundreds of public lectures on Islam and comparative religion. He has also authored many books including Replies To The Most Common Questions asked By Non-Muslims, Qur'an and Modern Sciences- Compatible Or incompatible, Concepts of God in Major Religions, Islam and Terrorism, Women's Right in Islam- Protected Or subjugated, among others.





Al-hamdullih wassalatu wassalm ala Rasul Allah

Dr.Zakir Naik is amongst the world orator Scholar and giving wonderful speeches & clarifies misconceptions about Islam which is a duty of every Muslim.
if a person is doing so its duty of US Ummah to Support it not to discourage it by doing any negative thoughs we are answerable for i.

Allah help us all Ummah




i like his smartness,the way

i like his smartness,the way he solve people mis under standings. i wont to me as smart as dr zakir naik.

can anyONE PLEASE tell me

can anyONE PLEASE tell me how can i ask a question from Dr Zakir Naik by Email. my email adress is:RIAZ.MOHAMMED4@NTLWORLD.COM

100% CORRECT!!! Seek Help

100% CORRECT!!!

Seek Help from Allah Alone and nobody else.

May Allah guuide us.



question from zakir naik or his organization

how can i seek guidance from him or his org??help

Assalam-o-Alaikum People of

People of Pakistan praises Dr. Zakir Naik
Dr. Zakir Naik keep it up!!!! u r doing well job
Yazid ke baare mein comments na karien to accha hai there is a big conflict about yazid. But Shias are kafir

assalam walakum The holey

assalam walakum
The holey prophet(s.a.w)have said:"there will rise a group(wahabis) in the east who will recite the holy quran but als the quran will not go beyond their throat.This group will keep rising till the day of judgement and they will have no relation with islam.The prophet foretold that that these wahhabi group will cause fitna.He further said that this group will follow the advice of shaitaan(shaitaan refuses to respect prophets and saints,remember his refusal to bow hazrat adam).it witt create havoc in the muslim world.The hands of these muslims will be red with blood of muslims. They will leave the true Religion of Islam as fast as an arrow leaves the bow.The Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) has Prophesied that many individuals and religious sects will cause dissension and mischief till the Day of Judgment. He has made a particular reference to the Wahhabi/Tableeghi Movement. The Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: "During the initial part of my Dawah in Mecca, I particularly invited the outside tribes who used to arrive during the Hajj season. From these tribes the most hostile and ugly reaction was from the Banu Hanifa tribe" (The same tribe in which Ibné Abdul Wahab was born. He founded Wahhabism which is begin followed by the Tableeghi Jamaat)surprisingly, the devotees of the Tableeghi Jamaat get the mark of Sajda on their forehead within a few weeks! The reason for this is very clear, they deliberately press and rub their foreheads on the mussallah to obtain the much coveted mark. This is to display to the Muslims, their so-called piousness. An other sign of this Group is that they will consider all other persons as being inferior to them and even those of high standing-in society are looked down upon by them. The most glaring sign of recognizing these people is their constant attempts in degrading the Prophets and Aulia (Prophets and Saints) of Allah.These signs are prevalent amongst the Tableeghi Jamaat. They look down upon all Sunni Muslims who are, without any doubt, true and devout Muslims. They openly challenge the Ulema and Imams. They engage in discussions and arguments on matter which they themselves do not understand and yet they have the audacity to degrade the status and the Glory of the Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam).youtHazrat Hassan Basri (Radiallhu Anhu) narrated the following Hadith, "The Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) said that there will come a time when people will speak of worldly affairs in the Masjid and when this period arrives, keep away from such people as Allah has no relation with them." (Mishkaat)
In the previous Hadith, above, it is stated about this Group, that it will consist of youths of low mental capacity and understanding. If one desires to confirm this sign then one has to go to their Ijtima (as an observer) and one would find people of both these categories. You will also notice that a great number of ignorant people joining the Tableeghi Jamaat with the idea in mind that they are doing a great service to Islam. You will also find a group of little children from schools, colleges, mh and unwary persons have unconsciously joined the Tableeghi Jamaat due to their misleading tactics.)). The Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) informed the Sahaba (Companions) that among my Ummah will rise a Group of people who will recite the Quran, invite to good talks, will be punctual for their Salaat and will be mindful of their fasting, yet they will have no relation with Islam. With this confusion in their minds the Sahaba asked the Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) to forecast a sign to recognize this particular Group of people. The Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) replied that their head will be shaven clean or sitting in circles.dr zakir naik is a true follower of wahhabism.

Dear Zoya, I feel pity for

Dear Zoya,
I feel pity for u and ur concepts. I think u should do ur homework a little more before floating such comments. I just want to ask u few questions
1. Were u present there when our Prophet Mohammed SAW said which u quoted in ur speech that wahabs r the ones who r on the wrong path. My dear if you believe in Prophet Mohammad SAW then u should focus on his Hsdith saying that there will be only one fikkah going to heaven and 73 going to hell, He did not mention any particular fikka.

2. Has Allah Al Mighty given you the authority to declare any one wrong? You know who is actually wrong: the one who declares others wrong

3. Can you create a mahrab on ur forehead unless Our Allah bless u with that? No u cannot, I guarantee u this will never happen even if u rub ur forehead on the musala for the whole night.

4. Can u give us the guarantee that what u r following is authenticated by Allah?
Its time for u to wake up. You r surely on the wrong path if ur comments r compared with what Quran and Hadith tells us.

Kindly stop manipulating the Hadiths and try to investigate the true meanings of these verses.I can only pray to Allah that he Bless U and give u hadayat Amin SumAmin.

Assalam o Alikum wa

Assalam o Alikum wa Rehmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Now a days with so many scholars and so many different views on every single matter on Islam, the only way to stick with the right path is to stick to quran and hadith. There by Zoya could you please quote the authenticity of the hadith you are refering to, the way Dr. Zakir Naik does :)

May Allah guide us all to be able to make out the difference between right and wrong, stick to the straight path, unite together and help us not to fight amongst ourselves rather take the ummah further with success, which is all Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) worked for in his lifetime!

Wa salaam :)

Hamare hai Hussain

About Imam Hussain (A.S.) by Non-Muslims.

Mahatma Gandhi (Indian political and spiritual leader): “I learnd from Hussein
how to achieve victory while being oppressed.”

Thomas Carlyle (Scottish historian and essayist): “The best lesson which we get
from the tragedy of Cerebella is that Husain and his companions were rigid
believers in God. They illustrated that the numerical superiority does not
count when it comes to the truth and the falsehood. The victory of Husain,
despite his minority, marvels me!”

Edward Gibbon (English historian and member of parliament): “In a distant age
and climate, the tragic scene of the death of Hosein will awaken the
sympathy of the coldest reader.” (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, London,
1911, volume 5, p. 391-392)

Charles Dickens (English novelist): “If Husain had fought to quench his
worldly desires…then I do not understand why his sister, wife, and children
accompanied him. It stands to reason therefore, that he sacrificed purely for

Antoine Bara (Lebanese writer): “No battle in the modern and past
history of mankind has earned more sympathy and admiration as well as
provided more lessons than the martyrdom of Husayn in the battle of
Karbala.” (Husayn in Christian Ideology)

Dr. K. Sheldrake: “Of that gallant band, male and female knew that the
enemy forces around were implacable, and were not only ready to fight, but
to kill. Denied even water for the children, they remained parched under the
burning sun and scorching sands, yet not one faltered for a moment. Husain
marched with his little company, not to glory, not to power of wealth, but to
a supreme sacrifice, and every member bravely faced the greatest odds
without flinching.”

Ignaz Goldziher (Hungarian orientalist): “…Weeping and lamentation over
the evils and persecutions suffered by the ‘Alid family, and mourning for its
martyrs: these are things from which loyal supporters of the cause cannot
cease. ‘More touching than the tears of the Shi’is’ has even become an
Arabic proverb.” (Introduction to Islamic Theology and Law, Princeton, 1981, p.179)

Edward G. Brown (Professor at the University of Cambridge): “…a reminder of
that blood-stained field of Karbala, where the grandson of the Apostle of
God fell, at length, tortured by thirst, and surround by the bodies of his
murdered kinsmen, has been at anytime since then, sufficient to evoke, even
in the most lukewarm and the heedless, the deepest emotion, the most
frantic grief, and an exaltation of spirit before which pain, danger, and death
shrink to unconsidered trifles.” (A Literary History of Persia, London, 1919, p.227)

Sir William Muir (Scottish orientalist): “The tragedy of Karbala decided not
only the fate of the Caliphate, but also of Mohammadan kingdoms long after
the Caliphate had waned and disappeared.” (Annals of the Early Caliphate,
London, 1883, p.441-442)

“Though Imam Hussain gave his life years ago, but his indestructible soul rules the hearts of people even today.”Dr. Radha Krishnan

Mahatma Gandhi“My faith is that the progress of Islam does not depend on the use of sword by its believers, but the result of the supreme sacrifice of Hussain (A.S.), the great saint.”

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru“Imam Hussain’s (A.S.) sacrifice is for all groups and communities, an example of the path of rightousness.”

Reynold Alleyne Nicholson
“Hussain (A.S.) fell, pierced by an arrow, and his brave followers were cut down beside him to the last man. Muhammadan tradition, which with rare exceptions is uniformly hostile to the Umayyad dynasty, regards Hussain (A.S.) as a martyr and Yazid as his murderer.”
[A Literary History of the Arabs, Cambridge, 1930, p197]

Rabindranath ***************ore
“In order to keep alive justice and truth, instead of an army or weapons, success can be achieved by sacrificing lives, exactly what Imam Hussain (A.S.) did

Dr. Rajendra Prasad
“The sacrifice of Imam Hussain (A.S.) is not limited to one country, or nation, but it is the hereditary state of the brotherhood of all mankind.”

Dr. Radha Krishnan
“Though Imam Hussain (A.S.) gave his life almost 1300 years ago, but his indestructible soul rules the hearts of people even today.”

Swami Shankaracharya
“It is Hussain’s (A.S.) sacrifice that has kept Islam alive or else in this world there would be no one left to take Islam’s name.”

Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
“I congratulate Muslims that from among them, Hussain (A.S.), a great human being was born, who is reverted and honored totally by all communities.
Har Khaum pukaregi hamare hai Hussain.Zakir Sab apke hain Yazeed

Hamare hai Hussain


Yazid of Mr Zakir Naik

On Cursing Yazid Bin Muwaiya
Q. What is the Ahlus Sunnah position on Yazeed bin Mu’awiyah and the act of cursing him?
A. There is a difference between a minority of the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah, some said it is
impermissible to curse him, while others, particularly those connected with taswwuf, were of the
opinion that he was cursed and a tyrant. People of tasawwuf prefer the later. The following are
some of the opinions of the scholars who held Yazeed bin Mu’awiya in contempt.
1. Hafiz Ibn Kathir’s comments on Yazeed:
Ibn Kathir himself writes in the famous ‘Al Bidayah’:
‘Traditions inform us that Yazeed loved worldly vices, would drink, listen to kept the company of
boys with no facial hair [civil _expression for paedophilia boys, a form of homosexuality], played
drums, kept dogs [civil _expression for bestiality], not a day would go by when he was not in a
drunken state.’
2. Ibn Katheer in Al Bidayah Volume 8 page 222 stated:
‘Muslim was ordered to ransack Medina for three days. Yazeed committed a major sin. Sahaba
and their children were slaughtered openly; other heinous acts were also perpetuated. We have
already mentioned that he had Ibn Ziyad kill the grandson of Rasulullah (s) Husayn and his
companions. In those three days in Madina, it is difficult to mention the type of acts that were
carried out. By doing this act Yazeed wanted to secure his governance, in the same way Allah
(swt) broke the neck of every Pharoah, the true King (swt) also broke the neck of Yazeed.’
3. One who attacks Medina is cursed
We read in al Bidaya Volume 8 page 223: ‘Rasulullah (s) said whoever perpetuated injustice and
frightened the residents of Medina, the curse (la’nat) of Allah (swt), His Angels and all people is
on such a person’
4. Ibn Atheer’s comments on Yazeed
In Tareekh al Kamil Volume 3 page 450 Ibn Atheer narrates from Munzir bin Zabeer: ‘Verily
Yazeed rewarded me with 100,000 dirhams but this cannot stop me from highlighting his state,
By Allah he is a drunkard…’
5. Ibn Atheer’s comments on Yazeed
In ‘Siyar A’lam Al-Nubala’ Volume 4 pages 37-38, Dhahabi narrates: ‘Ziyad Hurshee narrates
‘Yazeed gave me alcohol to drink, I had never drunk alcohol like that before and I enquired
where he had obtained its ingredients’. Yazeed replied ‘it is made of sweet pomegranate, honey
from Isfahan, sugar from Hawaz and grapes from Burdah…Yazeed indulged in alcohol and
would participate in actions that opposed the dictates set by Allah (swt).’
6. Ibn Jauzi’s comments on Yazeed ‘the drunkard’
Ibn Jauzi in Wafa al-Wafa: ‘Yazeed appointed his cousin Uthman bin Muhammad bin Abu
Sufyan as Governor of Madina. He sent a delegation to visit Yazeed who bore gifts so that they
might take the oath of allegiance to him. Upon their return they said ‘We have returned having
visited a man who has no religion, he drinks, plays instruments, keeps the company of singers
and dogs [civil word for bestiality], we declare that we have broken our allegiance to him.
Abdullah bin Abi Umro bin Hafs Mukhzumee commented ‘Yazeed gave me gifts. But the reality
is this man is an enemy of Allah (SWT) and a drunkard. I shall separate myself from him in the
same way that I remove my turban [from my head]….’
7. Ibn Hajr’s comments on Yazeed
In Sawaiqh al Muhriqa: ‘One group have deemed Yazeed to be a kaafir, another has stated he was
a Muslim but a fasiq (transgressor), a fajir (one that commits debauchery) and a drunkard. There
is consensus over his fisq (transgression). One party of Ulema have stated that you can curse him
by name, this includes individuals such as Ibn Jauzi and Ahmad. One group made up of
individuals such as Ibn Jauzi deem Yazeed a kaafir, others say he was not a kaafir but rather this
is a matter that has caused a difference of opinion.
The majority of Ahl’ul Sunnah all agree that he was a fasiq (transgressor), a fajir (one that
commits debauchery) and a drunkard. Waqidi had recorded a narration ‘Verily we opposed
Yazeed fearing Allah (swt) would reign stones down on us, Yazeed considered nikah (marriage)
with mothers and sisters to be permissible and drank alcohol.’
‘Dhahabi narrates that when Abdullah bin Kuzai returned from Damascus he stated that Yazeed
performs zina with his mother, sister and daughters. We had better start a movement to oppose
Yazeed otherwise stones may reign down on us’
This is one reason why Ibn Hajar al Makki calls Yazeed one of the most debased men in history.
8. Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz’s comments on Yazeed
In ‘Sirush Shahadhathayn’, Shah Abdul Aziz, the great Muhadith states: ‘Imam Husayn did not
give baiah to Yazeed because he was a drunkard, a fasiq and Dhaalim.’
9. Ibn Taymeeya’s condemnation of unjust Yazeed
Ibn Taymeeya in Minhajj: ‘Yazeed had the sword and hence he had the power to deal with
anyone that opposed him. He had the power to reward his subjects with the contents of the
treasury, and could also withhold their rights. He had the power to punish criminals; it is in this
context that we can understand that he was the khalifah and king. Issues such as Yazeed’s piety or
lack of it, or his honesty or lack of it, is another matter. In all of his actions Yazeed was not just,
there is no dispute amongst the people of Islam on this matter.’
10. The World reknown Muslim Historian Ibn Khaldun states:
‘Yazeed’s time of governance can be seen as fisq and debauchery, and the blame is on Mu’awiya
who should have controlled him.’
11. We read in Tareekh Kamil:
‘The narrator states ‘By Allah, Yazeed drinks alcohol and abandons Salat’
12. We read in Tareekh Abul Fida:
‘Yazeed played the tambourine, drank alcohol and raised bears [civil _expression for bestiality].’
13. Hayaath al Haywaan states:
‘Yazeed would hunt with cheetas, play chess and drink alcohol.’
14. People opposed Yazeed due to his atrocious deeds
We read in Tareekh Khamees: ‘The people of Medina broke the baiah to Yazeed on account of
his bad acts, he used to drink alcohol’
15. The Famous Hanifa scholar Qadi Thanaullah’s comments on Yazeed’s kufr poetry
We read in most famous Tafseer Al- Mazhari: ‘Yazeed deemed drinking alcohol to be Halaal, and
he recited these couplets ‘if the Deen of Ahmad deems alcohol to be haraam…’
16. Shariat Muhammad Majid ‘Ali Shakir stated in Badh Shariat:
‘Some say ‘Why should we discuss such a thing since he [Yazeed] was a King and he [Husayn]
was also a King’ - one who makes such comments {refusing to hold opinion on Yazeed and
Husayn (R)] is accursed, a Kharijee, Nasibi and hell bound. The dispute is over whether he
[Yazeed] was a kaafir. The madhab of Abu Hanifa stipulates that he was a fasiq and fajir, nor was
he a kaafir nor a Muslim.’
17. Yazeed’s attack on Harra
We read in ‘au khanar al masalik’ that Shaykh al Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakaria stated:
‘The army that Yazeed had sent to Medina comprised of 60,000 horsemen and 15,000 foot
soldiers. For three days they shed blood freely, 1000 women were raped and 700 from the
Quraysh and Ansar were killed. Ten thousand women and children were made slaves. Muslim
bin Uqba forced people to give bayya to Yazeed in such a manner that people were enslaved and
Yazeed could sell them as he pleased, no Sahaba who were [with the Prophet (saws)] at
Hudaibiya were spared.’ All the Badr Sahaba were killed in this battle.
18. Yazeeds rejection of the Qur’an
Citing Tadhkira, Maqathil and Shazarath al Dhabah. This is also found in the Arabic (non-
Leiden) version of the History of Al-Tabari: When the head of Husayn (R), the grandson of the
Holy Prophet (saws), was presented before Yazeed he recited the couplets of the kaafir Zubayri:
‘Banu Hashim staged a play for Kingdom there was no news from the skies neither was there
any revelation’
19. Imam Alusi In Tafseer Ruh al Maani it is stated clearly:
‘Allamah Alusi stated, Yazeed the impure denied the Prophethood of Rasulullah (s). The
treatment that he meted out to the people of Makka, Medina and the family of the Prophet
proves that he was a kaafir.’
Point references:
1. Al Bidayah wa al Nihayah Volume 8 page 204 Dhikr Ras al Husayn
2. Minhajj al Sunnah Volume 2 page 249 Dkikr Yazeed
3. Sharh Foqh Akbar page 73 Dhikr Yazeed
4. Sharh Tafseer Mazhari Volume 5 page 21 Surah Ibrahim
5. Shazrah al Dhahab page 69 Dhikr Shahadth Husayn
6. Maqatahil Husayn Volume 2 page 58 Dhikr Shahdath Husayn
7. Tadhkira Khawwas page 148
8. Tareekh Tabari Volume 11 pages 21-23 Dhikr 284 Hijri
9. Tafseer Ruh al Ma’ani (commentary of Surah Muhammad)
10. Ibn Kathir in al Bidaya wa al Nihaya Volume 8 page 231 narrates this hadith on the
authority of
20. Yazeed’s own admission that he killed the family of the Prophet (saws)
We read in Sharh Fiqh Akbar: ‘Following the murder of Husayn, Yazeed said ‘I avenged the
killing of my kaafir relatives in Badr through killing the family of the Prophet.’
21. The testimony of Shah Abdul Aziz that Yazeed killed Imam Hussain [R]
We read in Taufa: ‘Upon the orders of Yazeed the disgraceful people from Syria and Iraq killed
Imam Husayn.’
22. Yazeed ordered his Governor Waleed kill Imam Hussain (R)
We read in Maqathil Husayn: ‘Yazeed wrote a letter to Waleed the Governor of Medina, in which
he stated ‘Force Husayn to give bayya. Should he refuse then strike off his head and return it to
23. Yazeed wrote to Ibn Ziyad telling him to kill Imam Hussain (R)
We read in Mutaalib al Saul that: ‘Ibn Ziyad wrote to Husayn ‘I have received information that
you have arrived in Kerbala, and Yazeed has told me not to kill you, provided you accept his
authority and mine.’’
24. Ibn Ziyad’s own admission that he killed Imam Husayn on the orders of Yazeed
We read in al Bidayah: ‘When Yazeed wrote to Ibn Ziyad ordering him to fight Ibn Zubayr in
Makka, he said ‘I can’t obey this fasiq. I killed the grandson of Rasulullah (sawas) upon his
orders, I’m not now going to assault the Kaaba’.
25. Testimony of Ibn Abbas that Yazeed killed Imam Hussain (R)
We read in Tareekh Kamil: Ibn Abbas replied to a letter of Yazeed stating ‘You killed Husayn
ibn ‘Ali as well as the youth from Banu Abdul Muttalib, who were beacons of guidance.’
26. The testimony of Abdullah Ibn Umar that Yazeed killed Imam Hussain (R)
We read in Maqathil al Husayn: ‘Ibn Umar wrote to Yazeed, ‘Hasn’t your heart gone black yet?
You murdered the family of the Prophet?’
27. The testimony of Shah Abdul Haqq that Yazeed killed Imam Hussain (R)
We read in Ashiath al Lamaath: ‘It is unusual that some say Yazeed did not kill Husayn when he
instructed Ibn Ziyad to carry out the killing.’
28. Yazeed’s pride at killing Imam Hussain (as)
We read in al Bidayah Volume 8 page 204: ‘Ibn Asakir, writing on Yazeed, states then when
Husayn’s head was brought before Yazeed, he recited the couplets of Ibn Zubayri the kaafir ‘I
wish my ancestors of Badr were hear to see the severed head of the rebellious tribe (The Prophet
(saws’s tribe of Hashim).’
Imam Jalaladun Suyuti (ra) records this tradition in Khasais al Kubra, on the authority of Sahaba
Uns bin Harith: ‘I heard Rasulullah (sawas) say ‘Verily my son (Husayn) will be killed in a land
called Kerbala, whoever amongst you is alive at that time must go and help him.’
Khasais al Kubra Volume 2 page 125 (Maktaba Nurree Rizvi Publishers, Pakistan)
29. Yazeeds own words noted in Sharh Fiqh Akbar:
‘Following the murder of Husayn, Yazeed said: ‘I avenged the killing of my kaafir relatives in
Badr through killing the family of the Prophet.’
30. The Fatwa of Allamah Baghdadi - Yazeed denied the Prophethood, to curse him is an act
of Ibadah
We read in Tafseer Ruh al Ma’ani page 72 commentary of Surah Muhammad: ‘The wicked
Yazeed failed to testify to the Prophethood of Hadhrath Muhammad (sawas). He also
perpetrated acts against the residents of Makka, Medina and the family of the Prophet (sawas).
He indulged in these acts against them during their lives and after their deaths. These acts are so
conclusively proven that had he placed the Qur’an in his hands it would have testified to his
kuffar. His being a fasiq and fajir did not go unnoticed by the Ulema of Islam, but the Salaf had
no choice but to remain silent as they were living under threat.’
31. The Fatwas of Qadhi Abu Ya’ala and Abu Husayn deeming it permissible to curse Yazeed
Ibn Katheer in al Bidaya stated: ‘Whoever frightens Medina incurs the wrath of Allah, His Angels
and all the people - and some Ulema have deemed it permissible to curse Yazeed. This includes
individuals such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Allamah Hilalee, Abu Bakr Abdul Aziz, Qadhi Abu
Ya’ala and his son Qadhi Abu Husayn. Ibn Jauzi wrote a book deeming it permissible to curse
32. Al Suyuti personally cursed Yazeed
In Tareekh ul Khulafa page 207, Dhikr Shahadath Husayn we read as follows:
‘May Allah’s curse be upon the killers of Husayn and Ibn Ziyad.’
33. Qadhi Thanaullah Panee Pathee deemed it permissible to curse the kaafir Yazeed
We read in Tafseer Mazhari Volume 5 page 21, under the commentary of Surah Ibrahim verse 28
as follows: ‘The Banu Umayya were initially kaafir, then some of them presented themselves as
Muslim. Yazeed then became a kaafir. The Banu Umayya maintained their enmity towards the
family of the Prophet (sawas), and killed Husayn in a cruel manner. The kaafir Yazeed
committed kufr in relation to the Deen of Muhammad (sawas) proven by the fact that at the time
of the killing of Husayn he made a pointed reference to avenging the deaths of his kaafir
ancestors slain in Badr. He acted against the family of Muhammad (sawas), Banu Hashim and in
his drunken state he praised the Banu Umayya and cursed the Banu Hashim from the pulpit.’
34. Allamah Alusi set out the viewpoint of the Shaafi Ulema on this topic as follows
Haseeya Nabraas page 551: ‘Amongst the Shaafi’s we are in agreement that it is permissible to
curse Yazeed’

Mir Shourath Ali- Just answer one question

Mir Shourath Ali,

If Muhammad was so close (aziz) to Allah, why didn't Allah protect the decedent of Muhammad.
1-The only daughter of Muhammad, Pregnant Fatima, died 75 days after Muhammads death from an injury suffered from goons of Abu Baker who came to take away Ali to make him openly declare his allegiance to Abu Baker.
2- Ali and Hassan were killed.
3- Karbala incidents are well known when every male member of Muhammads household except a sick boy hidden in the harem were killed in front of the women of household of Muhammad. They were not even allowed to collect water for drinking. The women of Muhammads house hold would have wept and cried out to ALLAH for HELP. Why didn't Allah help them or protect them???

If ALLAH did not protect his designated and last prophet Muhammads household how can the followers of Islam expect any protection, or help from Allah???? is Allah only for retribution and not for assistance????

This is your Yazid

Yazid was the wicked son of Mu'awiyah who inherited his father's rule. He was the second of the dynastic rulers at the beginning of the Islamic era. His father Mu'awiyah had obtained power over the Muslim community through deceit and treachery. During the last days of his reign, he made the people pledge their support the his son Yazid. Thereupon, he installed his as his successor at an official ceremony. Yazid's mother was Maysun, who like Hind (notorious for having eaten the liver of Hamzah) was impure and unchaste woman. His mother had slept with one of his father's slaves and the despicable, winedrinking Mu'awiyah was really the offspring of that slave.


( 56 )

This has been confirmed by the noble Prophet, Salla - llahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam (s a w a - may Allah's peace and blessings be on him and his progeny) who said: '' The murderer of my son Husayn alayhis - salam (a s - peace be upon him), is a bastard''; which also applies to Shimr Ibn Sa'd and Ibn Ziyad; since all of them were born out of wedlock.
Yazid had inherited all the qualities of his character and way of behaving from his father, Mu'awiyah, except for one thing: whereas Mu'awiyah governed by trickery and deceit, compromised with the demands of Islam even to the point of building mosque, Yazid, however, shamelessly committed the most criminal and despicable acts. Throughout his life and especially during his period of rule, this tyrant, who reigned over the unfortunate unaware Muslims in the name of Islam , became notorious for the following:
1) He owned monkeys which would dance for him dressed in gold - embroidered multi - coloured


( 57 )

2) His racing dogs were renowned the world over.
3) He was passionately fond of gambling.
4) His addition to wine set a clear example fir his successors.
5) He acted disrespectfully towards the Haram, Mosque of the Prophet (s a w a) and towards other Mosque of the Muslims.
6) He killed the offspring of the Messenger of Allah (s a w a) and committed numerous other crimes at the tragedy of Karbala'.
7) He forced the womenfolk to take off their veils (from both the muhajirun, that is , those who left Mecca for Medina, and also from amongst the ansar, that is those already living in Medina.
8) He killed countless people of Medina and he and his supporters were responsible for the rape of numerous


( 58 )

women of Medina.
9) He arrested and made prisoners the supporters of Ali (a s)
10) He was responsible for damaging the house of Ka'bah and its embroidered covering.
He committed many other despicable crimes which are at least as famous as those we have listed.
Yazid was the first person who made debauchery, rape of women and children corruption, wine - drinking, music and dancing commonplace behaviour within the Muslims' lands. Yazid, in fact was a man who devoted his life to wine, -drinking ,luxury ,indulgence ,racing dogs, gambling and rape of women and young girls. It was Yazid, the so-called caliph of the Muslims who killed the offspring of the Messenger of Allah and their faithful supporters .Immediately after killing Imam Husayn (a.s) it was this same man who sat back to response in front of a feast of food and wine, surrounded by musicians , singers and wine-


( 59 )

Yazid, like his father had done before him, deliberately and openly changed the divine laws to suit his own wishes .He committed such despicable acts during his rule (which lasted only three years and nine months) that he has been cursed by Allah and the people until the end of time. The most abominable of these was the murdering of Imam Husayn (a.s) , his family and a group of his supporters, during the first year of his rule. He set fire to their tents, tortured the women and baby children and rode over the body of Imam Husayn (a.s) and others who had died fighting in Allah's way ( shuhada') on horseback. Moreover , in the second year of his rule, an event known as Harrah took place which was the scene of further bloody atrocities on his part. Like Mu'wiyah and his bloodthirsty agents, Yazid and his corrupt followers did not shun any criminal act, however disgusting or tyrannical .It was this event which clearly demonstrated to the Muslims and to all men the world over the


( 60 )

extent of his corruption and violation of the most basic of human rights.
A group of men from Medina (like other of that time who were forced at spearpoint or bribed to make a pledge to Yazid) made their way to visit this so-called 'Muslim' ruler at his place of government in Syria (or more accurately Sham, a country which roughly corresponds to present -day Syria and parts of Lebanon and Palestine). They were able to see with their own eyes what kind of man was the man who was ruling as a caliph of Islam, namely a man who love wine, racing dogs, gambling and a life of ease and luxury and shamelessly violated the honour of men, women and children alike. They returned to Medina in a state of profound unease: when they had told the people of the situation, a large group of men gathered and rose in a defiance of the murderous regime.
They expelled the governor of Yazid and his wicked and blood -thirsty agents from Medina.


( 61 )

From this moment onwards, the ranks of those rebellions to the government of Yazid grew day by day; cries of 'death to Yazid and his corruption ' rang out all around Medina. People spoke out for Islam from the platform (minbar) of the mosques, from the streets and squares, and whenever people would gather together, the courageously declared their opposition to Yazid, saying, "anyone who has killed the progeny of the Messenger of Allah, anyone who drink wine, does not fast or pray , is addicted to gambling and racing dogs, anyone who indulges in luxurious living, dancing and music, anyone who rules corruptly , thinking only of his won interests and never of the poor deprived people- such a man has no right to such position of power and authority over the Muslims; such a man must step down from his position and make away for another man. We, Muslims of Medina, have pledged our allegiance to a man called Abdullah ibn Handhalah who is often called Ghasil al-Mala'ikah; we cannot bear to live under the


( 62 )

tyranny and corruption of the debauched drunkard Yazid and his agents''. News of this rebellion of the Muslims of Medina reached Yazid's ears. Yazid ordered his hated agents to go as soon as possible to the scene to the demonstrations : they were to quell the demonstrations and to stop the cry of those seeking truth and justice from reaching the ears of the rest of the rest of the Muslims .
The bloodthirsty Yazid had a man called Muslim ibn Uqbah (also known as Mushrif, the wanton spendthrift) brought before him, the latter had been a faithful friend of Yazid's father Mu'awiyah .He despatched Muslim ibn Uqbah at the head of a large army to crush the rebellious Muslim in Medina. After Marching for sometime, they came to a halt in the rocky area near Medina known as Harrah. The people of Medina set off towards them in order to defend their lives and honour.
In this place, known as a heavy battle took place between the armies of truth and falsehood, many of the Muslims from


( 63 )

Medina were killed .The rest were forced to retire, unable to withstand the sheer size and weaponry of this murderous army of Yazid, they took refuge in mosques (including the Holy Prophet's mosque) in order to save their lives. it was the custom in those days to respect the sanctity of Mosques, the Haram of the Prophet and large cemeteries; anyone taking refuge , then would be safe from any haram. The people of Medina ,under the impression that even the armies of the usurper- caliph Yazid places. They did not realize that these were the same godless people who had molested the Prophet, breaking his teeth, throwing dirt on his face and committing countless other despicable acts. They were the same people who while claiming to be Muslims ,placed Ali (a.s) under house arrest, killed his sons and tortured his faithful supporters. It was these same ignorant people who in the name of the Qura'an and claiming to defend the rights of every Muslim, disregarded the divine commandments and


( 64 )

made corruption a commonplace in the society of the day.
Muslim Ibn Uqbah , the commander of this army of bloodthirsty men, entered the mosques and the Haram sanctuary of the noble Prophet on horseback in search of those who had sought refuge there, in total violation of the ancient custom. They put everyone to the sword , the mosque and the Haram of the noble Messenger (s.a.w.a) were drenched in blood. These godless mercenaries acted as they wished: desecrating and ruining these sanctuaries of Islam , they then attacked Medina itself killing countless inhabitations and violating the honour and property of others; even women youths and young children were not spared the slaughter. The murderous commander, acting as his master Yazid would have done, allowed his army the total freedom of the city for three days; taking advantage of his permission, Yazid's mercenaries gave free rein to their base animal -like instincts. Thousand of women and unmarried girls were raped even within the area


( 65 )

of the Prophet's mosque. These savage godless men acting in accordance with the saying 'the way the common people live is dictated by the behaviour of their kings' imitated the behaviour of Yazid; following the example of their savage, debauched tyrant -king, they subjected those who had fled to the mosque to unspeak-able atrocities.
After the army-commander and his vicious mercenaries had subdued the rebellion of the Muslims by their slaughter and rape of the inhabitations of Medina, they forced those who survived the attack to make a pledge of allegiance to Yazid; after exacting this pledge under the threat of death, they continued and increased their reign of terror. A group of the surviving Muslims, fearful for their lives and property, swore an oath of allegiance to Yazid;others , however who resisted and refused to accept dictatorial tyranny of Yazid, were killed by the savage mercenaries .Such was the reality of what took place at Harrah, just one atrocity among the thousands committed by Yazid in


( 66 )

the name of Islam and as a so-called 'Muslim' ruler .Another of the despicable acts Yazid became notorious for, was his destruction and setting fire to mosques.
Abdullah ibn Zubayr was one of the rebellious muslims, whose independence and determination to secure a true Muslim government caused Yazid considerable trouble ; the latter, in order to destroy Abdullah ibn Zubayr and his supporters, sent an army commanded by Husayn ibn Namir to Mecca.
The army marched towards Mecca , and came to a halt in the hills overlooking the area of the Ka'bah; they then began to hurl great boulders and fiery missiles from their huge catapults on to house of the Ka'bah , destroying its walls completely and setting on fire the wooden part of the structure and the embroidered drape-covering ; then the barbaric mercenaries of the tyrant Yazid began to attack the town itself with missiles , staffs, cudgels and swords killing, raping and plundering the inhabitations of Mecca.


( 67 )

The people of Mecca were in desperate situation, there was no way open to them but to entrust their face to Allah and raise their hands in prayer to plead for the death of Yazid. They prayed that Allah may deliver them of this corrupt dictator who was responsible for all the killing and tyranny. It was not long before news reached Mecca of the death of Yazid; the commander of the army of brutal mercenaries returned to Sham and as a result , the defenceless people of Mecca were delivered of the merciless attackers.
After three years, nine months and twenty-two days of dictatorial government, Yazid left this world .He died of a kind pleurisy (a serious illness with inflammation of the delicate membrane of the thorax and the lungs, marked by pain in the chest or sides). His grave became a dirty rubbish dump, a fitting end for such tyrant, a fitting end for a man who violated the honour and property of the Muslims, a fitting end for anyone who allows his satanic desires to take precedence over the laws and


( 68 )

commandments of Islam and anyone who attempts to change the divine code.

is microphone bida?how about

is microphone bida?how about calls for prayer from the minaret/mosque, they use microphone to anounce that prayer is due.is that bida too?think about what you're gonna write.

Leave ur Majar, dargah..come to Quran

hi everbody,
Really i am surprised to observe the peculiar character of human being...if any good thing exist in the world,some people try to speak ill of that till it removed..At first try to become wise, scholar and then come to ZAKIR NAIK...try to respect other people...then ALLAH will give u respect..A little learning is a dangerous thing..keep bear in mind especially all anti ZAKIR NAIK ..

the greatest of all creatures

bissmillahi rahmani rahim.in the name of allah i begin.
i do not wonder when isee muslims behavin in such a manner.
whether we are on the east or west we tend to behave the same(we muslims).
before i start my argument i would suggest every muslim to go back to the book(quran) and sunna of rassullallah.
The prophet(p.b.u.h) was a human being but perfect and best creation of allah.for he who does not believe in rassullallah is not a muslim.prophet muhammad is the last prophet and was given the last book.
he came to convey the kalima there is no god but allah and muhhamad is his messenger.
there is non to be worshipped but allah.muhhamad was his messanger and dr zakir naik was absouluitely right and i don see where he went wrong.every prayer is fulfilled by allah or answred by allah.even the prophet prayers were subjected to allah(s.w.t)and ther should no be misconception on who to pray to.brothers let us retain our position us a true muslim but how can it be possible when somebody is callin dr zakir naik kafir or any other muslim and every muslim should agree with him that america is terrorist number one.assalamu aleikum

You guys are a bunch of

You guys are a bunch of Morons to believe in Demogogues like Zakir Naik.


brother i am 100% with you

brother i am 100% with you

Naik is an Islamic Fanatic

Naik has by-hearted Hindu scriptures to ridicule Hindus and rebut any claim of Qur'an containing passages which are mis-used by Jehadi Terrorist, but what he has not realised is that Hindus do not have to follow any scripture to be a Hindu. Even an ATHEIST- "non believer in the existence of God" can be a Hindu. The Hindus who indulge in terrorist activity like the LTTE are motivated by "ethnic causes" and do not seek inspiration from "Hindu Scriptures" like the Jehadis who quote Qur'an to support their cause. Naik is spreading hard line Wahabism and surely getting funds from Saudi Arabia.

Islam and Quran

salamalikum readers

Dr Zakir Naik is actually acting purely according to the Quran please read chapter 16 verse 125 of the holy qoran

Naik is an Islamic Fanatic

So your peoples wrong doingis justified and 'anothers' self protection is terrorism... your a prick and pricks can never change

May Allah Bring You On Right Path

After reading ur comments I witness Allah Al Mighty today that we meet on the day of judgement and see who was practicing right religion you or saudis as commented by u that Dr Zakir Naik is being funded by Saudi's , even if its so Allah bless them foe their true religious efforts. Believe me I will meet u up there INSHALLAH to remind u that Dr Zaik was preaching true Religion. Please wake up before its too late.

who is kafeer?

Salam. Any one who does not obey Allah and Rasul[sa] is kafeer.[3.32]
so any one who obeys Allah and Rasul[sa] can not be called a kafeer.
It is a gross sin to call one a kafeer if he is not so. Allah does not forgive
one's huq. So unless the victim forgives, there is no forgiveness from Allah even if you spend millions in Allah's path. Rasul[sa] said--all sins of Shaheed [the one who gave his life in a religious war imposed on him,] will be forgiven except man's huq. So even the shaheed won't be forgiven unless he gets forgiveness from man's huq before Allah forgives him. So when you kill one, how can he forgive you? He is already dead. So without his forgiveness, how can you ask Allah to forgive you?

Shia and Sunni kill each other. Rasul[sa] said ---all in the heaven and earth involved in shedding blood of one Muslim, will go to hell. Allah says--one kills a believer will live in hell [4.93]. Rasul[sa] said -one is not a Muslim if other Muslim is not safe from his hand and tongue. So any muslim who kills a Muslim becomes a kafer for disobeying both Allah and Rasul[sa].

In our prayer we say 40 times a day in Sura Fatheha--only from You[ Allah] we seek help. So we must seek help only from Allah, no one else. Shia ask help from Hazrat Ali. This is sherek. Sunni ask help from Darbesh and Auolia who died--this is sherek. Allah says -those do sherek-jannat is haram for them [5.72]. Allah says--the dead can not hear you [35.22] So how can Hazrat Ali listen Shias' prayers?
Is the Koran is wrong?

If you think I am wrong please drop me a line.

All the Hadees about Qayamet

All the Hadees about Qayamet are coming true that muslims will be divided,it will be very difficult to follow Islam and there will be no leader that can lead the muslims to the right path. We all will be responsible if something happen to Dr Zakir Naik there are many lobbies working against him but we should only see his efforts to spread Islam.

Man has talent

Sure needs lots of talent to peddle lies. Why doesnt he debate with Ali Sina or Sam Shamoun? Reason .. he is no doubt a good speaker but not a scholar !!


think before you speak

Dear who ever you are,
Sorry but with due respect being a human if not a Muslim you don't have any right to call any one a lier untill and unless you yourself is a scholar,and thats what our religion teaches us. Moreover remember never give a fatwa of such kind as it might become a reason for you to be a part of Jahanum. REMEMBER only one fikkah out of 73 will go to heaven rest all of them would go to hell, so better study all the fikkahs and decide who is right and who is wrong.

Dr.zakir naik is doing well

Dr.zakir naik is doing well in the light of holy quran and sunnah rassol .
he is hero of muslims and he did a lot to remove the misconception about ISLAM.

Seeking from Allah the Almighty instead of from Prophet (saw)

Dear Brothers,
As-salamu alaikum.
I live in Saudi since many years and visited Masjid e Nabavi a lot of times. While offering Salam to the Prophet you will face the Sonay ki Jaali (golden gril), and the Holy Kaaba is on your back side. I had noticed that while offering Salam to the Prophet, if you raise your hands and seek from Allah, the care-takers who are present there would guide you to turn towards Qibla and seek from Allah & not towards Prophet.
In other words, one might be actually seeking from Allah by facing the Golden Jaali, but however it might give wrong signal to people with weak religious background, that it is proper to seek from Prophet as they saw someone seeking from Prophet with their raised hands.
Therefore it is the idea behind the guidance to ask from Allah by turning towards Qibla and not by facing the Sonay ki Jaali in Prophet's Mosque.
Perhaps it is the same message which Dr Zakir Naik wants to convey to seek from Allah and not from the Prophet, which I agree with.

However, as a Sunni, I dont agree with Dr's respect for Yazid with words like RaziAllahu Anhu. There are examples of how respect & love was shown towards the Prophet. For example:
1. The Prophet used to take shelter under one particular tree during his trips. After Prophet's death, one Sahabi used to water that tree regularly till his death. Pls compare this with the denial of water to Prophet's beloved grandson & killing.
2. It is said that when Khalifa Omar RA used to climb for Khutba (sermon) on Prophet's Mimber (a stage with steps), he never climbed to the height which Prophet used to. Instead he would climp upto one step less. This was his love & respect for the Prophet by standing at a lower level than the Prophet used to. The killers of Prophet's grandson had shown no respect for the Prophet.
3. The man who killed Hazrat Hamza RA later became a Muslim. But he was always feeling sorry for having killed someone whom Prophet loved so much. So he decided to kill a big enemy of Islam and seek well wishes from Prophet, who was very generous in pardoning. There was a hypocrat named Muslima al Kazzab who claimed to be also a Prophet, and this man successfully killed him. The Prophet forgave him but did not like to see his face. When the Prophet did not like to see the face of the killer of his beloved Uncle, would he have been happy to see the face of the killers of his grandson? Do such people need respect to be called as RaziAllahu Anhu ?
I hope the respected Dr would review the literature and enlighten us further.

Clarify a doubt/confusion

My friend who is fan of Dr. Naik says Dr. Naik is a Revert or convert and he himself told this in a speech. This is confusing and unbelievable. Please someone who knows the truth may clarify.

The Prophet PBUH

excuse me all you of who beleive the prophet shouldnt be praised and only asking help from allah is the straight way, no when the kaaba was first built it was built facing madina, allah subhanalataala said that the imam of all the prophets will be buried there, the masjid will begin from there, yet you beleive that the we shouldnt ask help from the prophet. the kaaba which all tribes of muslims beleive was built to face madina what is the level of our prophet. all the information dr naik gets is from the quraan, which was deleivered to allah subhanataala's most prised posession the muslims prophet, sunnis prophet, waabis prophet and any others who classify them selves as Muslims. when allah said that i will bring the heavens to the earth for you Muhammed pbuh didnt that mean that the prophet was something close to allah, when we die what are the questions we are going to get asked; who is your lord? WE SAY ALLAH, What is your religion? WE SAY ISLAM, Who is this man to you? WE MUHAMMED PBUH. so why did allah subhanatala say in the quraan that this is going to be asked, because he knows that the true muslims who have followed islam through ruled will know that this is their propher that they have been doing ziyarat for all thier life. yet i beleive in 100% in allah suhanataala but i also beleive that the only way to get to him is to prais his prophet, to beleive in his prophet and to remember his propher. and happy rabbiul akhira, aslamualkum, brothers and sisters just remember i am only 15.

re prophet pbuh

I couldnt agree more, Allah(swt) gave us the Quran through prophet Muhammad(PBUH), so it is only natural to follow the same protocol back when we need something. Note: This does not mean that Muhammad(PBUH) gives us anything, the one that gives is always Allah(SWT). The prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is just a safe protocol for us to ask Allah(SWT).

What a wonderful guy

Any person who lives in 21st century and thinks that Creationism makes more scientific sense than theory of evolution is obviously either way too ignorant or nuts. Recently even the Vatican has started to show signs of embracing theory of evolution.

This guy is extremely good at playing with words and that is usually much more than enough to satisfy a believe mind forever. A non-believer on the the other hand can very easily spot the basic fallacies in all his arguments.

Great Man

He is a great man and i think best alive muslim scholar on earth.

Ohh yeah..! im wid yew..! :P

Ohh yeah..! im wid yew..! :P


I read in the article that Dr. Zakir Naik angered a section of Sunnis and Shias by his statement to a private TV channel that a Muslim should seek help only from Allah and no one else, not even the Prophet.

Firstly the statement is not that of Dr. Naik. It is the statement of Allah himself as revealed in Quran. Also exists similar Sahi Ahadees on the matter of seeking help. Dr. Naik simply delivered the Message in some lectures. This is the 1500 year old important teaching of Muhammed (sas). Thanks that all Muslims through the ages including Muslims before the Muhammed (sas) have practised exactly similar teachings from previous prophets (sws). But today some Non-Muslim or Semi-Muslims called Sunnis and Shias gets angered to this statement is not surprising, since they are not Muslims. They are Shia-tan-Musalmaan or Sunni-Musalmaan but NOT Muslim.

SHIA-TAN (Fire-worshipper & Grave-Worshipper Musalmaan) or SUNNI (Heresay Musalmaan also called Qabar Pujja Musalmaan) cannot be termed Muslims. Never. Those who do are committing great sin. They follow teachings against Islam, they follow books other than Quran and Sahi Ahadees.They are committed to go against Allah adopting forged Shia-Quran, commited to go against Muhammed (sas), committed to go against Sahaba. The Shia-tans are Kafirs devised and planted by Christian Criminals and Jew Jahannamis, in order to divide and weaken the Muslim Ummah, they have succeeded. Allah is taking Great Test as to who remains a True Muslim committed to the QURA'N & SAHI-AHADEES called the Way Of Muhammed (sas). Sunni are those who follow all that they hear in the name of Islam from their Qabar Pujja Mullahs, and committed to go against what the Sahaba (rzt) learnt and practised from Muhmmed (sas). Sunni is one who adopts and brings Imaan on 'suni sunaee baat' (heresay). They are Neem-Kafirs born to Shia-tans, committed to divert the humanity from the 'Only Worship of Allah' to Idol-Worship of invalid Mullahs and damned-Persons. To them Allah-Worship is secondary, Grave-Worship is their way and thus promote the Qabbar Pujja system similar to Shia-tans.

The Muslim is one who hearteously believe in and practices the Qura'n & Sahi Ahadees, adopts to the way of Muhammed (sas). They also termed as AhlusSunnah, not Sunni. AhlusSunnah is one who follows the Way of Muhammed (sas) as described in Qura'n and Authentic (Sahi) Ahadees.

The Qura'n calls the whole of Mankind to "WORSHIP ONLY ALLAH THE REALGOD. SEEK HELP AND EVERYTHING FROM THE REALGOD ALLAH ALONE". This is the essence of Islam. Whoever misses this most essential character becomes a Shia-tan a Kafir or a semi-Kafir (Heresay-Musalmaan) who never want to hear original basics of Islam. In Islamic/Quranic Terminology it is called TAUHEED. TAUHEED is the Soul and Heart of Islam. Muslim who adopt to Islam, follow the Original source Qura'n and Sahi-Ahadees, adopt to Tauheed and Sunnah. May the humanity know the precise difference at the earliest the better.

Then excommunicate all SHIAS and QUBAR WORSHIPERS!!!

abutahir Sab,

Then why don't the SUNNIS excommunicate all SHIAS and QUBAR WORSHIPERS?
Why don't you get a FATWA from Deoband that "all SHIAS and anyone visiting QUBAR including AJMEER SHARIFF is a non- MUSLIM, a KAFIR????

Sab, The shame of KARBALA will hang around the neck of SUNNIS like a 100 ton stone!!! If MUHAMMAD(pbuh) is the true prophet of ALLAH, all the SUNNIS who follow YAZID, the perpetrator of KARBALA will "BURN IN HELL FIRE". Just to remind you of what happened at KARBALA:-

1-- The water supply was cut off by the Yazid army to the Imam Hussains (a.s) camp. Children were crying for water, the women were desperate for water.

2--Yazid army set fire to the Imam's tents which were occupied mostly by frightened females and children of prophets family.

3--Ali Akbar, Imam Husain's(a.s) son lead the fight and died. His sister and other women in the camp were horrified and shocked at the scene.

4--Abbas and five other brothers of Imam Husain(a.s) went to fight and died
Next the sons of Imam Al-Hasan and their cousins (about 17 of them), all in their teens went out and died.

5--By the afternoon 70 brave persons had died . All had fought under severe thirst, dehydration, exhaustion, and agonizing feeling for the family of the Prophet (pbuh) . Imam Husain (a.s) heard his baby crying because of the thirst and he held his six months old youngest son (Ali Asghar) in his arms, and appealed to the enemy YAZID fighters for some water. But the baby was shot with an arrow killing him instantly. Imam Husain(a.s) filled his palm with the blood of the baby, and threw it upwards toward the sky, complaining to Allah (swt),

"O' Allah, O' my Lord! My consolation is the fact that Thou in Thine Majesty are witnessing what I am going through."

6-- Imam Hussain(a.s) was also killed. His head was cut off to be carried on the tip of a spear to YAZID.

7-- The YAZID Muslim horsemen to trample upon the supine bodies of Imam Husain(a.s) and all others killed, to disfigure them even further.

8--For three days the exposed bodies of all martyrs were left lying in the desert of Karbala.

9-- The YAZID Muslim army took the women and children as prisoners in shackles, and proceeded to Kufa. At the forefront of the procession were the heads of Imam Husain (a.s.) on the tip of spears. This was the leftover of the beloved family of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), all caused by YAZID Muslims!

10-- DO ANY YAZID MUSLIMS HAVE ANY HOPE THAT MUHAMMAD(PBUH) WILL FORGIVE THE PERPETRATORS AND HIS FOLLOWERS OF SUCH CRIME?? And you claim democratic procedure to take away the rightful inheritance of prophets family but why is NOT the same principle applied in Saudhi Arabia??? Why is Saudhi Arabia a hereditary monarchy with "son succeeding father to throne"??? Iran is the only upholder of true traditions of ISLAM.

Islam and Muslims

Islam is one. That is Islam. Other isms are not Islam. In India, those who wish to worship Qabar or dead bodies, they have the right to do it. Even one can worship stone and sand. Do not mix all this with Islam.

Abutahir is right when he says, shiaism and sunnism are not Islam. Those who follows Islam are Muslims. Those who follow shiaism is a shia and sunnism is a sunni. Like that those who follow wahabism is a wahabi and maududism a maududdi. Do not mix them or misunderstood them for ISLAM and MUSLIM.

At the same time all have their rights. India is a secular country. You can worship and seek help from anyone you wish.

In Islam only Allah is the God and he has no helper (HE has no need of helpers)PRATHIBA


Alhumdulillah, what he (Mr Zakir)has said is one hundred percentcorrect.
They who opposed him,derailed from their fundemental, i don't think,
they were educated from well mean,that's the broblem,of the present choas.
Even my heart not whishes them,because their heart's & mind has sealed by
The Almihgty, I never go againts even in my dream ,that's why i not whish
them.Only thing,will give them refuge is Thouba.Let them ask if they whish,
Not me.

Taheed -Qabbar Pujja is Haram

well said !!!!

For my understanding and knowledge I would like to ask following question.

1- There were two parties in QARBALA ,one is the campanion of YAZEED and other were the shia of Imam Hussain , Nabi Kareem SAW has said " Hussain O Minni wa Anna minal Hussain " ,and said Hussain will be killed by Group of disbeliver at QARBAL and handed over the soil to Ummai salma by saying that when it become red ,it means Hussain has been killed with all his family .
The qustion is that who killed the Hussain sunni or Shia.

Further during Yazeed's father days there were also two groups one was called himself Shia Ne MAWIYA and other were shia ne ALi , would u kindly tell whos shia were at qarbala ,whereas as per my knowledge Meaning Of SHIA is Friend (Daust)and as u describe the meaning of Ahlu Sunnah is followers of sunnat e Rasool .

What is sunnate Rasool ?

what the group against Hussain was demanding?

what is Ahkami Ellahi/Quran?
And u said sunni and shia are involved in Qabbar Pujja could u explain it .

want to ask a question

in the holy quran ,where the last surah was invaded?when prophet muhammed saw was alive ,how much sahabah was hafiz?


i dont understand when a person starts doing a great thing why do the people try to missquote his sayings. I am very much ashamed to C people insulting Dr.Naik. In quran we have been asked to Invite non-muslims to our religion and many non-muslims - after listening to Dr.naiks lectures accept islam as there religion. May allah give Dr.Naik more knowledge Amin. I really feel ashamed when our prople insult someone who tells the truth. And also these kind of people insult Saudi Arabia and quote it as the country where women dont work, I lived in ksa for 16yrs and the crime rates are very low compared other countries in asia, why is it so? the only reason is that they follow quran as there law book this thing is what should be done to avoid crimes... once again STOP INSULTING DR.NAIK FOR THINGS HE DIDNT SAY.

zakir naik is undoubtedly

zakir naik is undoubtedly right and his opposers are undoubtedly wrong.shame on those illeterate ones who have no knowledge of islam but simply put their leg in any controvercy.they should be simply stoned to death.i have no better words than this.



humais u first learn islam then bark

qadri u need not comment is u urself is new to islam.we all say zakir naik is right and perfect.any muslim who follow true islam can never say zakir naik is fraud bcoz with his each quotation he give u quranic verses or hadith supporting it.this quality of zakir naik makes him different from all the other mullahs.i have never seen such a great scholar after sheikh ahmed deedaat.mashaallah.but qadri can u give me a single verse supporting ur statement.



al humdulilah wasalatu

al humdulilah wasalatu wasalam ala rasoollilah amaba'd
fristly i pray allah subhawatala to give us hidayah dr.zakir naik is neither wrong nor has he spoken against the teaching if islam but so called muslim raise doubts on him who hve no knowledge of islam at all they are mere pawna in the hands of the so called muslim scholars may allah give him strength to strive in his way and reward him his best ameen i love you sir your repesent islam correctly may allah elevate your status ameen


There are two perceptions of Islam for past many years; Sufi perception and Salafi perception.Both groups have got ample of evidences in Qur-an , Sunnah and in history of Islam.Neutral Muslims respect both perceptions.We respect both Ibnu Taymiyyah and Imam Gazzali.None of these groups cant claim to have success even after centuries of debates.We cant ban any of these views.
Sufi perception of Islam is also called traditional sunnism.Salafi perception is sometimes called Wahabism.Both side has done much to Islamic thought. There were eminent scholars on both sides.If only one of these streams was present, Islam would not have become complete.The centuries old history of Islam after the final prophet is the clear evidence that both salafi and sufi streams are a part of Islam.
But recently among Salafi stream some extreme views started to appear.The example is the one represented by a poster called Abu Tahir in this forum.They allege everyone else other than them is Kafir and is in hell.They argue...argue..and argue.About shaking of finger in Tashahhud, length of beard etc..etc..Their language is of intolerance.They give over emphasis to letters.They misquote everyone and allege them as kafirs. Everyone is mushrik in their eyes.There are even strong allegations about Zakir Naik in internet by so called Salafis.Zakir Naik himself is a Salafi.Still it happens.See salafitalk.net.
This extreme salafism is a very new phenominon.I may call it neo conservative wahabism.It is very much against the spirit of Islam.The history of Islam is history of tolerance .I request Two Circles to publish a lot of articles about the past of Muslim culture, especially about the golden era of Baghdad and Muslim Spain.The religious tolerance of Demascus , Istanbul and Kordoba should be highlighted.The West learned the lessons of tolerance, democracy and human rights from Islam.But no one is going to accept our claims without evidences.So we should make every part of Islamic history available to public through internet.The neo conservative Wahabis who got upper hand in internet.Their methodology is really strange to Islam.Even strange to the teachings of Salafis like Rashid Rida and Muhammed Abdu.Neo conservative Wahabism should be addressed with Islamic history.