Dr. Zakir Naik and the controversy

By Md. Ali, TwoCircles.net

Renowned Islamic scholar and preacher Dr. Zakir Naik angered a section of Sunnis and Shias by his statement to a private TV channel that a Muslim should seek help only from Allah and no one else, not even the Prophet.

Angered by his statement a section of the community reportedly approached the home minister of Maharashtra RR Patil and demanded a ban on the Islamic conference which he is organizing between November 14 and 24 in Mumbai.

The 43 year old medical practitioner told reporters that by saying this he has not done any thing against the principles of Islam. Whatever he has said is essential of "Tauhid" which is the soul of "Imaan". A big section of Muslims across the world believe that Only Allah is the All Mighty and worthy of worship and help should be sought only from him and no one else he added.

Photo by Musa abu A'isha

Dr. Naik enjoys a fan following across the world because of his critical analysis of Islam and his knowledge on comparative religion. He is the founder-president of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) and also runs Peace TV, an Islamic television.

He travels across the world giving speeches and lectures on Islam and comparative religion. A big section of Muslim across the world appreciates his efforts to clear misconceptions about Islam through his lectures and talks.

There was another Fatwa against him by some Shia clergy of UP. Last Friday Lucknow based Mufti Abul Irfan Mian Firangi Mahali issued a fatwa against Dr. Naik describing him as a kafir (agnostic). The fatwa recommends that Dr. Naik be ex-communicated from Islam.

The Mufti pointed out that Dr. Naik supports Osama Bin Laden and calls upon the Muslim youths to become terrorists. He also criticized Dr. Naik for his alleged glorification of Yazeed who killed Imam Hussein the maternal grand son of the Prophet and a person considered holy and respectable by the Shias across the world.

Dr. Naik on the other hand defended himself and clarified that he has never supported either terrorism or Osama. He added that he has always been saying that all those who kill innocents are terrorists. He pointed out that people usually misquote his statements from the speeches he delivered in past.

For instance, he pointed out that the actual statement goes like this that "all those who kill innocents are terrorists. So if the USA kills innocents, it doesn't have the right to call Osama a terrorist unless it owns up its own crime."

On the accusation of instigating Muslims to become terrorists he clarified that he had said Muslims should become terrorists in the sense that they should strike terror in the hearts of criminals and anti-socials but again the statement has been misquoted he added.

Zakir Naik on Taliban and Osama Bin Laden

Last year he was center of an international controversy by saying radi Allaho anho (may Allah be pleased with him) after taking Yazid's name, a traditional prayer reserved for the companions of the Prophet Mohammad.

Last month Dr. Naik was supposed to deliver a series of public lectures in Allahabad and Lucknow. But Shia groups started protesting against Dr. Naik. Soon the administration had to stop the lectures citing law and order problem.

It is not the case that Dr. Naik hasn't got any support on this issue. Many Muslim organizations have come in his support. All-India Sunni Board and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Foundation came to defend him saying that Dr. Naik is one of the most respected scholars and doing an excellent work through his efforts to clear the misconceptions about Islam.

Dr. Naik who was born in Mumbai on October 18, 1965 is a medical doctor by profession. The website of Islamic Research Foundation describes him as "international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion. Dr. Zakir Naik clarifies Islamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islam, using the Qur'an, authentic Hadith and other religious Scriptures as a basis, in conjunction with reason, logic and scientific facts."

He has also been appreciated by his efforts to engage in inter religious dialogue.

He has given hundreds of public lectures on Islam and comparative religion. He has also authored many books including Replies To The Most Common Questions asked By Non-Muslims, Qur'an and Modern Sciences- Compatible Or incompatible, Concepts of God in Major Religions, Islam and Terrorism, Women's Right in Islam- Protected Or subjugated, among others.




Dont deny that deobandis and alhe hadith are spreading jihad

Dr. Zakir naik is spreading wahabbism ideology in india & has been sposored by soudi arabia for the same. He always supports jihad and osamabin laden.Thats why many barelvis have issued fatawa against him even in sunni dawate islam gathering in mumbai.Sadia Delvi also ctricised on political agenda of zakir. More appropiate word than terrorist is indigenised jihad In most of the blast in india since 1993 all jihadis has been arrested belongs to two tanzeems 1) deobandi tabligh jammat & 2) alhe hadith.These two tanzeems are nothing but followers of wahabbis ideology in india.These two groups are spreading radical islam.Why muslim will kill muslims in bomb blast in jaipur,bangalore, mumbai ,ahemadabad,surat, delhi?? Ansnwer is these deobandis followed the ideology which is different from barelvis & India is barelvi majority country which follows different ideology & go to dargah & trust on saint as mediator to allah.They are not involved in terrorist activities.All the jihadi group in asia like huji, let, muslim defence force,al badr follows deobandi ideology taliban is also deobandi majority jihadi nation, mushraff hinself is deobandi In india this is nothing but ideological war. We should not deny this. Lets come toether to curb this and to make india better country.

Mr Zia, please clear your conceptions about Jihad!

Dear brother in Islam, I seriously recommend you to check up some authentic source and get rid of your misconceptions about Jihad.

I am very dissapointed by your statement,"India is barelvi majority country which follows different ideology & go to dargah & trust on saint as mediator to Allah."
The truth is that once a person dies, be he a Sufi or anything, his connections with this world cease to exist, in which case he can't be a mediator.

It is your lack of belief in Allah that you think that one needs a mediator to reach Him! Allah clearly says and I quote,"And when a believer(slave) asks for something, so verily I am near him (ie. I am hearing)."

The Dargah tradition in India is something that has been borrowed from other polytheistic religions as Islam is strictly a monotheistic religion!

Brother please save yourself from the nuisance of Shirk because Allah never forgives mushriks.

May Allah bless you with the true knowledge of Islam!!

Best scholar

He is the best scholar on the face of the earth at the moment.

Reply for saying he is best scholar

He is worst man on this plannet. He is next to firaoon. He's speeches are only usefull to those people who do not know perfect islam. And perfect islam is known only by SUNNI MUSLIM i.e. Barelvi's. If any one wants to learn islam he should listen & talk to a barelvi sunni.
It is been said that u should talk about a person who is wrong,so that others also know about him that he is wrong. And Zakir Naik member of firaoon team, is wrong. S o wake up & stop listening to him.If u think he says good about islam than u r also among the wrong thinkers.
Allah has given us mind to think . So we should think about what is right & wrong .Just listening to any body(who says yazeed (R.A.) & mazallah we should not seek help from PROPHET (S.A.W.).
Atleast make use of your brain little & think do u have any benefit to listening to this bulshit guy.

Dr. Zakir Nailk

Dr.Naik is Best Stupid and Haram Zada In the World. Who Say Yazid ibn Mavia(Son Of A Bitch) is innocent. he is Also involved in Murder of Imam Hussain(AS). If we pray the Namaz And perform Other holy Pray and activities. Its a Gift of Imam Hussain(AS). Because Yazid ibn mavia and His Family Totally involved to Crush the HOlY ISLAM

Zakir is one of the best indian scholar of comparative religions

Please do not exaggerate.We are facing lot of problems because of such exaggeration.There are hundreds of better knowledgeable and intelligent islamic scholars throughout the world.Though there style and field and language differs.
Unlike hindus we do not believe in Hero worship.

Oh Maa ! Goli maro..

This is the only item where i found around 50 posts. So full of passion and emotion. Oh my God.. Good heavens.. In baaton ko goli maaro.. ab sirf Physics Mathematics Chemistry ki baat karo. Any takers. Humanities is also welcome. How about fine discussions about Political Science, Journalism, Architecture... How about entreprenuership... I.I.T. I.I.M. UPSC Exams.. IIT-JEE.

In baaton mein interest kyoun nahin hai jee. Yazeed / Ahl-e-Hadith.. In par baad mein discussion karenge (after 300 yrs). Lets talk Math now.

Jai Ho. Jai Ho... Jai Ho.. Ringa-ringa-ringa Ringa-ringa-ringa.. Ringa-ringa-ringa Ringa How... Ho.-5

Aaj aisi pilaa de Saaqiya..

Salman Daruwalla : May God bless you. I read your words. How it gladdened my heart. I want to write you an email. Yes., i am interested in talking about Math/ Physics / Chemistry / IIT / I.I.Sc Blore / Nalsar Hyd / NSL Blore-Bhopal-Kolkata-Jodhpur / IIMs / NIFT / EAMCET/CET/ Reservations / Narayana Techno Schools, Hyderabad and their concepts and views about teaching / Chaitanya Group of Schools, Hyderabad and their concepts and views about teaching / The success story of Chukka Ramiah the IIT Guru - who started teaching students from a small asbestos room in Nallakunta Hyd and ultimately to-date sent 1200 students to IIT [he doesnt admit muslims... just like Juhu Housing Society is not admitting Emraan Hashmi to buy a house/apartment in the bldg; inspite of paying the required consideration. i hope my friend Gopi Thomas the Secular will help Emraan find a house]. So., Salman Daruwalla; your email made me very very happy. Tumne ilm kee daaruu pilaa de mujhe... tabiyyat mas`roor ho gayee.

Jai Ho.. (and i love the ringa-ringa-ringa x 3., the aalaap). God bless you Salman Daruwalla. You are an asset to us. Let us leave other theological discussions for others. Let us discuss IIT/IIM/IIsc/NSL/Physics/Chem/Math... All Wahabi/Ahal-e/othe hair-splitting discussions are adjourned sine-die.

One need to be serious Salman!

dear Salman,

Had you been really serious, could have tried avoiding your name. If Physics, Chemistry and Maths are so important, which I agree they are, being a student of the same subjects, the only difference is your approach to their study. To many of the students, unfortunately on rise, the convented students bearing muslim names, albeit half true like yours are useless until the knowledge acquired by you is of any need. Many times I find well groomed looking Muslims with, may be a female relative coming out of a car like Skoda in burqa, coming out of the car with a well fed dog in toe. Now, to many, this scene is of a modern Muslim but if you excuse me calling names, I would say, there is nothing being Muslim if there is absence of humanity. To most of this type, being Muslim is just to donn a burqa, but there is nothing like tradition in Islam if it is against the basic tenets of it. It takes a fortune to have a dog and if your wasteful lifestyle is not leaving any saving for you to pay tax, you are actually not exempt because the wasteful expenditure is not allowed.
Invoking subjects which you did does not cut any ice with sensible people till the time the contention is not to live by ones own 'will'.
One need to thank TCN to show what muslims are upto if they get into the education many call us to get. A poorly paid teacher with conviction of idea is better than a highly paid technocrat who although earns more but is not more than a highly paid labourer who works by the conditions set by people who want to elongate their stranglehold over others. Yes, I mean it. The West changes its laid down procedures and processes as we have seen in Palestinian negotiations, the UN, the trade and the latest on the global environment. It is better we have less educated people instead of the likes of S Daruwala, because atleast there is no illusion of being powerful. The last lines by Mr Daruwala shows what these 'well educated' people are able to stand for. Not more than the ringa-ringa. Here too, instead of the seriousness of the topic on which the film was made, to him it is just entertainment and nothing more. The Oh maa too shows where you are!!

zakir naik is a wahhabi.he

zakir naik is a wahhabi.he is follwer of abu sufyan.he doesnot knows the respect of ahlay ba'it.he says yazeed R.A in fact true word is yazeed (lanati,jahanmi,muafiq like his father and grand father).aal-e-nabi(s.a.w)and aoulad-e- ali(a.s)are most respected persons for all of us than any other.yazeed (lanati)'father didnot gave respect to Hazart Ali a.s and played negative role with him.zaik is also like his forefathers yazeed and muaviah. he is destroying islamic history.all wahhabies are son of abu sufyan.they nare not honest to ahlay ba'it.

Shock waves

What you have mastered is nothing but vain misconceptions against that innocent muslim scholar,may be you are against preaching islam or may be you are a priest pretending a muslim, or you don't know english languages ,let me ask you one Q if you are a muslim what did you do for islam? Dr zakir naik convinced thausands of people to revert to islam. You are talking like a jealous priest

I AM AGainst all this prpogenda against Respected dr. Zakir naik


calamities of zakir naik

Is there any explanation to following calamities by zakir?Where are the muqallids of zakir naik? where are the fans?Salafis, wahabbis ,ahlehadees have quiet a few objections!!
Zakir Naik says its is permissible to Call Allah with any name that is
Zaakir Naik says God is Natural & says he can list a 1000 things which
Allah cannot do.
Zakir Naik calls Zoarashtrianism a prophetic religion and calls the
founder of Majoosi religion as 'prophet'.
Zakir Naik says Sikhism (an off-shoot of hinduism) strictly believes
in monotheism
Zaakir Naik compares couplets of Kabir Das to Ayats of the Quraan
Zaakir Naik declares love for kaafirs .
Zaakir Naik equates Names of Allah to the names of dieties found in
hindu religious books & Zakir Naik says its is permissible to call
Allah by names of these Hindu Mushrikeen idols
Zaakir naik coins a similitude to Allah
Zaakir Naik claims that there are various ways of doing dawah and says
they have choosen the Zen Philosophy as manhaj in dawah.
Zaakir Naik explains salah through biblical quotations and explains in
great detail the scientific and medical benefits of different postures
in salah
Zaakir Naik says to keep children on siratalmustaqeem we have to use
modern technology & make use of 'islaamic games' in which throwing
dice is involved
Zakir Naik says Muhammed salAllahu alaihiwasallam was also a King
besides being a prophet does this go against what comes in hadeeth
that He salAllahu alaihiwasallam was given a choice to be the prophet
king or slave Messenger and he chose to be slave messenger
Zaakir Naik challenges to accept christianity if any christian can
show him any verse in bible which jesus unequivolcally says that he
is god or worship him
Zakir Naik says its fard to do da'awah and if not will not enter Jannah.
Zaakir Naik says keeping a beard is not fard ..its only a sunnah.
Zaakir Naik compares Ananda to Anas radhiAllahu anhu & says SalAllahu
alaihiwasallam is the Maitri prophesised in Buddhist religious
Zakir Naik firmly says that the prophesy mentioned in Hindu religious
book of MahamaRishi is SalAllahu alaihiwasallam.
Zakir Naik Calls Hindus as Dear Brother, My Hindu Friend & says that
to reach the common terms mentioned in Quraan we have to use the Hindu
religious books and asks Muslims to memorise the verses from hindu
religious books to do dawah to hindus
Zakir Naik says that the Quraan says to read Injeel/Bible for dawah.
Zakir Naik says wearing a tie is allowed for a muslim.
Zakir Naik gives the reason to use the book of kuffar is because the
kuffar wont believe in the quraan so we have to prove to them from
their books
Zaakir Naik says that we do tawaf because eveyr circle has one center
which indicate we believe in one god.
Zakir Naik says he and everyone can give a fatwa because fatwa means opinion.
Zakir Naik makes the tafseer of surah al ambiyah ayah no.104 that
there is one more new creation to be created after the world is
Zakir Naik says his belief in hereafter,soul, jinn,angels is based on
logic & theory of probablity and says his belief is not blind but is a
logical belief.
Zaakir Naik congratulates the Atheist because he says atheist has
already said Laa ilaha- the first part of shahada.
Zaakir Naik gives the reason of polygamy as the over population of women.
Zaakir Naik says Allah has produced the Quraan.
Zakir Naik gives his example to explain the Asma wa Siffat of Allah
and then to explain the indivisiblity of the Attributes of God and
says Major religions give each attribute a form that is where they
have mistaken
Zakir Naik says that if god can become man and then again become god
even he and all can become god.
Zaakir Naik says salah is programming.
Zakir Naik says Quran is instruction manual for human being which is
similar to the instruction manual the inventor of a tape recorder
Zaakir Naik says he agree with swamijee in toto on the statement made
by swamijee that all religions believe in the same one god and says he
(zakir) has proved it practically from the scriptures of various
Zaakir Naik says to come to common terms by using and basing it on
the words found in the books of kuffar
Zakir Naik says in defnition he is a jew and also calls himself a
christian and calls himself a hindu too based on certain
In the programme of Zakir Naik, his brother Mohammed Naik asks all
audience to give 'standing ovation' to swami ( the programme is
organised by hizbi kerala nadvatul mujahideen which is called as
Zakir Naik says to know which scripture is actually word of god one
should put the scripture to the final test which in this age, he says,
is Science.
Zakir Naik says the word 'Hur' has no gender.
Zaakir says to solve the problem go back to the bible.
. Zakir Naik says Avtaar is Messenger and says 'kalki avtar' is
Muhammed salAllahu alaihiwasallam.

To you it might be calamities but

@ Zakir,

You have resolved not to accept what Dr Naik says. I too point out many things but they relate to the Urdu which is so Hinduised whereas the same is delivered well when he used Arabic. That apart, Dr Naik is better than any of us. Take the case of the Majoosis we call Pasis, it is very old religion and as we know only few Prophets have been named in the Qur'an, we accept that there were crore of them sent to all the people. If we believe this, why cant the founder of Zorostrism or Confucious be one of these unspecified Prophets. Allah is not favouring the people of West Asia but we are sure that he must have sent Prophets to almost all the places on this planet. Now, ultimately they were to follow the last word which have been bestowed on our Prophet (pbuh) and this is the ultimate. Dr Naik uses this argument as is in the Qur'an that we should bring people together by invoking the commonalties of the people. We all believe that the original teachings of the Zuboor, Tawraat and Injeel were what is there in the Qur'an but the carriers of the former could not carry them properly as is being done by the Qur'an but here too the following matters. Instead of ourselves trying to understand the Qur'an and living by it we waste our time by listing so called misdeeds of other people.
Dr Naik once told that Allah cant do many things because we cannot compare Him to His creation i.e human being. He does not need to prove His mettle because all those who flaunt their mettle have been bestowed by Him only.
So my dear friend Zakir, try finding factor which made Dr Naik to utter these words. Hopefully you will find what he meant by all his saying. I must appreciate your memory and dedication in reproducing the sayings of Dr Naik. Alas! you could have managed to understand them. Similarly, I must encourage you to find faults with him in future as well so that we do not have any deviation from any quarters. Dr Naik too requests others to find faults with what he says because he thinks that Islam and its facts are above some popular scholar and I find him so humble. May Allah bless us with people like Ahmad Deedat and many of his ilk.

Zakirs calamities

Dear Naqqad,
Like maududi and sir sayed ahmed khan followers zakir naik fans also are considering him as someone who is free from errors.
maudidi did not believe in hadiths about dajjal.Sir sayed ahmed khan rejected ahadees about existence of paradise and hell.
We are supposed to follow Quran and hadith as it is.and not to find logic and reasoning for it.this was salaf aqeeda.
Zakir uses logic and reasoning as tool to convince his viewpoint.
We should strictly restrict ourselves to say only thing which is supported by Quran and Hadith.No additions and no deletions.
Hope you will understand if you are not a diehard zakir fan.



We all watch Zakir Naik , on Peace TV.

You have written nonsense here. It can be termed as fitna as u are trying to twist and turn things to suit ur disliking against him. Get back to your basics.

Your unfortunate brother in Islam

reply to fitna

Brother in islam.assalamualaikum,
Zakir bhai is no doubt doing great job,but he too is a human being and not free from error.All above statements have been taken from his VCDS.Hope he tries to rectify!
Surely We do not hate him for his comment on Yazid(RA)as Shias and Barelvis do.


dr Zakir naik never says that
Zaakir Naik says God is Natural & says he can list a 1000 things which
Allah cannot do.
if he says that show me the video
and all other things are correct and according to Quran
you are taking these points wrong


aswk, if any one want to see miracle today it is possible see dr zakir naik he is a miracle

may allah reward u for the work u r doing .

ZAKIR and WAHABIS MUSLIMS will never attain Jannath

The man who killed Hazrat Hamza RA, the uncle of Muhammad(PBUH), later became a Muslim. The Prophet forgave him for the act of assassinating him because he was "all forgiving" but refused to see his face and never ever saw his face. So would Muhammad(PBUH) ever forgive the “killers of his grand son” at KARBALA. He would intercede with ALLAH (swt)to keep out all the followers of YAZID, the SUNNI WAHABIs and ZAKIR NAIK from Jannath. SUNNI WAHABIS and ZAKIR NAIK will burn in the "hell fire for eternity"


1--The water supply was cut off by the Yazid army to the Hussains (a.s) camp. Children were crying for water, the women were desperate for water.
2--Yazid army set fire to the Imam's tents which were occupied mostly by frightened females and children.
3-- The first assault against YAZID ARMY was lead by Ali Akbar, Husain's(a.s) son and he died. His sister and other women in the camp were horrified and shocked at the scene.
4-- Abbas and five other brothers of Imam Husain(a.s) went to fight and died
Next the sons of Imam Al-Hasan (a.s)and their cousins (about 17 of them), all in their teens fought YAZID and died.
5--By the afternoon 70 brave persons with IMAM had died . All had fought under severe thirst, dehydration, exhaustion, and agonizing feeling for the family of the Prophet (pbuh) . Imam Husain(a.s) heard his baby crying because of the thirst and he held the six months old youngest son (Ali Asghar) in his arms, and appealed to the enemy fighters for some water. But the baby was shot with an arrow killing him instantly. Imam Husain (a.s)filled his palm with the blood of the baby, and threw it upwards toward the sky, complaining to Allah (swt),
"O' Allah, O' my Lord! My consolation is the fact that Thou in Thine Majesty are witnessing what I am going through."
6--Imam Hussain (a.s)went to fight and was killed. His head was cut off to be carried on the tip of a spear to Yazid
7--The Sunni Muslim horsemen trampled upon the supine bodies of Imam Husain (a.s)and all others killed, to disfigure them even further.
8--For three days the exposed bodies were left lying in the desert of Karbala.
9-- The Muslim army took the women and children as prisoners in shackles, and proceeded to Kufa. At the forefront of the procession were the heads of Imam Husain (a.s.) on the tip of spears. This was the leftover of the beloved family of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), all caused by SUNNI Muslims!

Will the Prophet(pbuh) who refused to see the face of the murder of his uncle ever forgive the YAZID WAHABIS for the mass murder of his entire family- the "ahl al byat". How can ZAKIR NAIK and WAHABIS ever hope to win the compassion of ALLAH(swt). Hell fire in eternity is reserved for WAHABIS and ZAKIR NAIK.

Muslims and Wahhabis??

@ Mr Ali Akbar,

You seem to be not fully convinced of the errors on the part of Dr Zakir Naik that is the reason you write the Wahhabis as Wahhabi Muslims.

My dear brother,

I too am the follower of truth so by default sunnis rever Imaam Husain (RA) more than you as Shia do but remember and fear Allah, because it is He who shall decide who was wrong or right. Yazeed did result in the martyrdom of the grandson of our beloved Prophet but please remember that you should not stand for things political or emotion when the principle of ایمان is at stake. We get to see what Shias talk about the house of the Prophet(pbuh), one branch of which you rever while despise other. Arent you acting to antagonise the Prophet(pbuh) by your deeds on the day of قیامہ? Surely you are. While we talk about hazrat Ali (RA) as the rightful Khaleefah and is revered for his self-less support to the Prophet(pbuh), he fought against hazrat Aishah (RA)(عائشہ), still we take it to be not more than a misunderstanding. Surely, شیطان was at his best at that time. But how can you explain that you rever one of his house viz hazrat Khadeejah (RA) but despise hazrat Aishah (RA)?? Please remember that to all those who have been foretold of being destined for Heavens we write raziAllah Anhu (RA is short) and the Prophet(pbuh) did say so for all including hazrat Ali (RA) and hazrat Aishah (RA). Think of the discontinuities and contadictions in your thought process and realise that after all all these people were human beings and شیطان لئیں has his ways many times. But Allah is all forgiving, he is رحمیم and رحمان and we should ask His forgivenness and pray that we follow a path which is His and not get entangled in smaller things which are inconsequencial. Lets work more and let the Day of Judgement come. We should all for the Prophet(pbuh) and inturn for Allah.

M Naqqaad- there are reasons which we all know

When the prophet(pbuh) lay dead it was AISHAH who connived with her father to make him the CALIPH. While Hazrat Ali (RA)along with hazrat Fatima(RA) were weeping over the dead body of Prophet(pbuh) and making arrangements for the burial of Prophet(pbuh), the rest were more interested in garbing power by "disinheriting" Hazrat Ali (RA), against the wishes of Prophet(pbuh). It was AISHAH who "gave false witness at the congregation" for selection the NEW CALIPH that Prophet(pbuh)had not "nominated" Hazrat Ali (RA)as his successor.

Prophet(pbuh)explicitly prohibited killing of Muslims by Muslims in Qur’an, Surah4/92, prescribing hell for killing a “believer” in Surah 4/93. But in 656AD, AISHAH did NOT hesitate to raise an army and fight with Hazrat Ali (RA,)the "Commander of the Faithful” outside the city of Basra. It was during this engagement that Muslim slaughtered Muslim for the first time. Ayisha's forces were defeated but Hazrat Ali (RA)did not disrespect her.

So the conclusion is repeated

>>>The man who killed Hazrat Hamza (RA) later became a Muslim. The Prophet(PBUH) forgave him but never ever saw his face. If his anger against the killer of his uncle was so great how can his feelings for the MURDERERS of his grand children who grew up on his lap be any different??? Prophet(PBUH) would never ever forgive the perpetrators of KARBALA and “killers of his grand son” and would intercede with allah to keep out all the followers of YAZID, the SUNNI WAHABIS from Jannath????

I am not Muslim, But I

I am not Muslim, But I believe that there is only one God and in formlessness of God. Though I am not convinced that Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) is the last prophet, do not hate me for thinking so. But I do consider Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as a self realized sage and his teaching helps people to live beautifully.

What I ask is this - Do you have the concept of enlightenment in Islam? it's like self - realization, Nirvana, Mukti etc? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mysticism wikipedia says something about Irfan and Fitra, If this is true then it's better to sought that instead of appointing somebody else to teach us.

I mean, think about it. I know Sufi saint who said there is Nirvana in Islam also, but mainstream and masses are not interested in it. They only want to live as followers and not as people who wants to realize godliness of Soul.

What Say?

P.S: I everyday I read poems of Mohammed Rumi, they are of pure devotion. You should read it too if you didn't.

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Dear anonymous
Read Quran which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saas) 1430 years ago.Prophet was a illiterate (ummi)person. It was not written by him, Quran itself challenges to all humanity till the day of judgement to produce a chapter like it.
Quran is a book of Allah free from any errors.Follow it and follow messenger(saas) and you need nothing else.
Sufism and other religions deviate man from true path.Its a trap set by satan who is enemy of humankind.

Truth-------Not much Far

I am impressed that you are logical and think out of the box. Just ask the beautiful God to reveal the truth unto you.

a sufi or a muslim

Traits of aMuslim
A Muslim always refers back to the Quran and narrations of Prophet Muhammad,
may the blessing and mercy of God be upon him, called the Sunnah,
in matters of religion. God tells us in the Quran:
“It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when God and His
Messenger have decided a matter; they should [thereafter] have any choice
about their affair. And whoever disobeys God and His Messenger has certainly
strayed into clear error.” (Quran 33:36)
Prophet Muhammad stressed the importance of following the Quran and
Sunnah and the danger of introducing any innovations into Islam. It is
known that the Prophet said: “Whoever does a deed which is not in accordance
to my commands (i.e. the Islamic Law), it shall be rejected.” (Saheeh
Ibn Mas’ood (a companion of the prophet), may God be pleased with him,
“The Messenger of God, may the blessing and mercy of God be upon him,
made a straight line on the ground with his hand, then he said, “This is the
straight path of God.” Then he made a (short) line on each side of the
straight line; then he said, ‘These (short) lines, each one has a devil inviting
people to it.” Then he recited the verse (of the Quran):“And this is My
path straight. So follow it, and do not follow (other) ways, lest they lead
you away from My path.” (Quran 6:153)
(Saheeh: Reported by Ahmad and an-Nasaae’e.)
A Muslim therefore is required to obey God and His Messenger. This is
the highest authority in Islam.
One is not to blindly follow religious leaders; rather, we as humans are
required to use the faculties given to us by God, to think and reason.
Sufism, on the other hand, is a binding order that strips one of free thought
and personal discretion and puts him at the mercy of the Sheikh of the
order… as it has been said by some Sufi elders, ‘one must be with their
Sheikh as a dead person is while being washed’, i.e. one should not argue,
or oppose the opinion of the Sheikh and must display total obedience and
submission to him.
True Muslims are content with the name “Muslim” given to them by Almighty
God, as He says:
“He has chosen you (to conform to His religion) and has imposed no difficulty
upon you in religion, the religion of your father Abraham. He named
you ‘Muslims’ both before (in the preceding Divine Scriptures) and in this
Book.” (Quran 22.78)
Sufis may insist that they are Muslims, but at the same time some insist on
identifying themselves as Sufis rather than Muslims.
Islamic Beliefs at a Glance: Belief in God
In short a Muslim believes in the Uniqueness of God. He has no partner;
no one is like unto Him. God, Almighty, says:
“There is nothing like unto Him1 and He is the all-Hearing and the all-
Seeing.” (Quran 42:11)
God is separate from His creation and not a part of it. He is the Creator,
and all else is His creation.

Anonymous..... you have it all here

@ Anonymous,
Every individual has nirvana and it is not reserved to a caste or creed. One need to live by His ways and thats all. One need not take many births or be in a particular caste etc as is the case in your thinking. All human beings are equal and so is their end, I mean nirvana. Go, study any book you feel like and one day you'll find one which'll answer your question. Rumi was one of them and though in Farsi, Rumi is read by Muslims without any division of being Sufi or others. Sufism is part of Islam. One cannot separate it and make it anothe system. The greatest Sufi was the Prophet himself and his followers. The great saits like Hazrat Nizamuddeen and Hazrat Mueenuddeen Chishti were Sufis as well as daees (preachers), but they did not promote shirk. What is being done in the name of following them is shirk for sure. No Muslim would ask for demolition of a grave, there is no question about those of the great people. The actions on their graves are despised not the people buried there.

If "wahaabiasm " means

If "wahaabiasm " means removing all the shirk and biddat in the society then i pray to Allah to make each and every muslim a wahhabi so that we follow the true islam teached by our Prophet(PBUH).As for the grave worshipping(dargah) people ,Better repent and realize the true iman and faith before u end up in hell with all the idol worshippers.
Zakir Naik has alhamdullilah been doing a great khidmat for the society , May Allah bless him and curse all the people who wrongly slander him and stop him from spreading the true islam in this world.


Zakir has acquired some genes from YAZID and so he is the present day YAZID, the butcher of all religions. Allah will show him way for hell for sure.

Giri should not have been here at first place

Mr Giri, what is your understanding of Humanity and Islam? You seem to using the terminologies of people who want to defeat Islam by killing Muslims by branding them whatever they feel like. If your reading of Islam is so deep, why not to fight the wrongs Muslims do instead of attacking Islam. Muslim do not react if you attack wrong doing of Muslims but if you pick non-existing holes in Islam, you are surely to be bounced. May be it is your aim to get reaction. In militry parlance, reaction is a action with just one less point, that is of surprise. Nobody will surrender just because he would be labelled a reactionary and for loss on single soldier, that is surprise. If you agree that Allah is one and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is his last prophet, you are a Muslim. It is upto an individual, how much better one want to be. Mere war of words is not a forte of good, brave people.

Yazid RA

Yazid RA i couldnt agree more with your statements, you so aptly put it. Mashallah we need more muslims like you so that these shops and business of dargahs go completely out of business. Inshallah this will happen soon

volcanictruth- when you break DARGAHS let all of us know.

volcanictruth- when you start breaking all the DARGAHS please let all of us know. We will gladly join your efforts!!!!! We are fully with you >. May ALLAH give you strength to commence your DARGAH breaking JEHAD at the earliest.

ofcourse wahhabism is the

ofcourse wahhabism is the most accurate version of islam which was practiced by sahaba etc.
if we see nowadays only wahhabi are against bidaat and shirk fully and only they are doing jihad
thats why shias ,sufis,qadianis ,grave worshipping brelvis are against wahhabis
also in usa russia and india only whhabi islam literature is banned while grave worshippers sufi literature is encouraged
this clearly shows that wahhabis are on true path of islam and others are not

Wahabi terror

Do you know the most famous terrorists and their groups Osama, Aiman-al-zarhawi, Mullah Omar, Tehrek-ke-Taliban, Jamat-ud-Dawa, Lashkar-E-Taiba, Jundallah, Sepai-e-Sahiba(? - the terror outfit killing shias) all follow the Wahabi thoughts of Islam. Do you mean to say these are the true followers of Islam?

Do not ask questions

@ Giri,

Come on, first be a Muslim then tell us who is true. You cannot be asking it while your own moorings are non-existant.

Simply countering a point without any substance is not going to add to your score negativities and ignorance.

wise men learn from others mistakes

Corollary to our argument that one has to be a muslim to understand Islam is that one has to consume alcohol to understand that alcohol is bad- consume drugs, kill people, rape women etc etc to realise that all he above are bad.
Fools learn from own mistakes, wise men learn from others mistake. Why do you want us all to be fools by becoming muslims. We have learned from your mistake of becoming a muslim.

WAHHAABI teaching can not be better than that of Prophet

WAHHAABI teaching can not be better than that of Prophet- ISLAM flourished under the TURKISH CALIPHATE, PERSIAN and INDIAN ISLAMIC SULTANATES when the ARAB MUSLIMS and "Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab" were fringe players of ISLAMIC HISTORY. The decline of the TURKISH CALIPHATE/ PERSIAN and INDIAN ISLAMIC Sultanates coincide with the downfall of ISLAM. WAHHABIS has succeeded only in making ISLAM synonymous with TERRORISM!!!!

Its like saying India is not

Its like saying India is not better than Hindostan.Both are same.Islam never downfalls.Muslims due to their unislamic activities may downfall.Its Allah(swt)law.Whenever a ruling people become immoral(after some time period to correct themselves)Allah(swt)deprives them of their immoral rule.History is full of such events.As long as ruling class remains on good moral principles Allah(swt)protects their govt,but if they fail then after certain period they loose their leadership.Recent examples of British colonial rule,and Russian communist rule who were rulers for almost entire World are now struggling to keep even their own existence.No wonder we see the downfall of Americans imminent.They have lost all the morality to rule.Now its just a matter of time.Inshallah

Bid'ah is encouraged shows it off

While a Qur'an or Hadees book found on a computer disk of a student is sure to be reported as 'incriminating' material, the irony of fact is so much that plain castigation and barbarian narrow mindedness is projected as being signs of liberty. May be the projected liberty is meant to keep targeted group engage in those activities. The 'us' and 'we' debate has never been discussed as a negative development though the same thinking is resulting in chaos. Even India is feeling the heat of it but we blame the victims instead. We all know nobody balmes the Soviets, the Americans and the Americans again for invasion of Afghanistan, the arming of different group and later attacking Afghanistan to kill the very same. It boiled down to Pakistan being the culprit and Afghans, whose soldiers and civilians are being killed.
I remember an article in India Today, showing its analysis of Indian Muslims being liberal to the extent of 80% of the population. Now, this was in response to the supposed attack in Malegaon and it was being pointed out that the so called illeberals might be behind the attack in the Qabrastaan at Malegaon. There has been no mention of what happens to Malegaon, a population of more than 8 Lakh people and what is the govt's conduct towards the city. When it comes to cultivate the 'ugly' face of Islam (may be to then it is the mythical creature with many heads) ala people who question despite being Muslims, they are branded Salafis, Ahle Hadees, Wahhabis, Tableeghi (even Tapliqees etc) while simultaneously saying that Qadiyani's are Muslims and that the Barelvi's are liberal and Sufi face of Islam. If Abu Bakar, Umar, Usmaan and Ali were not Sufis, who was one? The article in question showed a Mosque at Nagpur which had a board, badly written, not in Urdu (Nagpur is a Urdu town as far as Muslims and Mosques are concerned except the ignorants who too are many there) but in nagri script banning people from even these so called sects. Now, why still this mosque was projected as liberal? I know. This very board whould be another shell in these criminal's guns when they analyse Islam, forgeting that this mosque is their own 'liberal' Barelvi one with so many ignorants that they can get atleast 10 MPs in parliament with use of religious leader of this 'liberal' type while next time same can be used against Muslims for listening to the religious leaders. Blame the religiocity of Muslims for lack of development instead of the organised discrimination. Similarly, same board can be used in preventing non-Muslims visiting mosques lest they convert even without subscribing to the 'Love Jihad' system.
Yesterday, I read in a newspaper about Asma Jahangeer of Pakistan saying India is doing so much for women but still India has slumped in women development index. She talked about countries not allowing women to drive etc. We know what she was selling but if we ask them to do something for the more than 1500 women victims of Gujarat, they show their impotence. Ask them to do something about the ladies of demolished Palestinian houses, they say the idea is not saleable. Now, how come these people be called Liberal Muslim Leaders when their liberty is just to attack Muslims or Islam? How can people sell Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Tazlimma Nazreen or a Beena Sarwar, Asma Jahangeer when they cant sell other ware as well.
The attacks on the non-ignorant Muslims will continue as this is a war, the extension of crusades with more allies with them. The fight for humanity will ultimately win. Despite the trillions spent on denigrating Islam, we find individual coming to the way of Allah. There is nothing new as this has been happening since Adam was created.

Whahabi ISLAM propounds superiority of ARAB MUSLIMS

Whahabi ISLAM propounds superiority of ARAB MUSLIMS.
IMMEDIATELY after death of MUHAMMAD when the ANSARS wanted to the CALIPH to be from amongst them, they were told:

"O men, we, the Muhajirun, were the first men to convert to Islam. We enjoy the noblest lineage and descendence. We are the most reputable and the best esteemed as well as the most numerous. Furthermore, we are the closest blood relatives of the Prophet. We were the first to emigrate for the sake of God, and you are literally `al Ansar', i.e., the helpers.

So sponsoring WAHABI ISLAM is an effort by SAUDI ARABIA to regain the place of pre-eminence of ARAB MUSLIMS which they had lost due to the leadership of ISLAM being vested with TURKISH CALIPHATE, PERSIAN KINGDOM and the Indian Islamic KINGDOMS for centuries.

Ali Akbar, Both makkah and

Ali Akbar,
Both makkah and madinah are arab towns.Prophet(saas)was an Arab.Abu bakar(ra) Umar(ra) Usman(ra)Ali(ra)Imam Hasan(RA)Imam Hussain(ra)BIBI fatima,Mother of believers Aisha(ra)all were arabs.If your Jewish mind cannot accept all these facts than change your name as Ibn ubai the famous hypocite who wanted to become the king of madinah despite the presence of Prophet(saas).
Prophet(saas)said leaders are from Quraish.And we love and accept our pRophets(saas)instruction without even a slightest opposition in our hearts.The sign of a true muslim.


Taliban Ideology roots are in India ie Deoband. The "foreign jihadis" fighting in Iraq claim to be inspired by Deobandi teachings. Pakistani militant groups such as Jaish-e-Muhammad and Harkat-e-Islam, accused of kidnapping and suicide bombings,follow the Deobandi school of thought. The Taliban, from both Afghanistan andPakistan, were educated in Deobandi seminaries. When aspiring terrorists go toPakistan to study "Islam", they go to Deobandi establishments. Here in india, Youth from two tanzeems ,deobandi tablighee Jamat and Alhe Hadis are involved in indeginised Jihad and barelvi muslims. In Kashmir, deobandi running 540 madarssas involved in Jihad in Kashmir, Al Badr, Muslim Defence Force, Let, TeI,etc.follows same ideology.
Alhe Hadis,deobandi,wahabbi are maligning islam in global perspective by killing innocents.

Zakir Naik is an excellent



Guys I dont know whether Zakir Naik is a good or a bad person but this is true that zakir naik has guided certain things in qurans which I think people hardly even knew about it or even the best of scholars knew it as we had difference in opinions from the beginning I mean how come a muslim be a muslim if he cannot guide a person the correct path? Did anyone had the courage to come up the stage and say what to do and what not to do in front of 100 crore people and also say other religion that what they are practicing is the incorrect way of worship.We can just sit and bitch at the back of him or talk to him directly and sought it out go in his conferrence and ask him directly but know who takes this headache of asking and removing the diversity peopple wake up bitching is prohibitted in islam and we all know that the one who does will not be forgiven by ALLAH (SWT)so my request is good person are the ones who sees good even within the bad person. The clue to going to paradise is very simple Worship ALLAH and follow the footsteps of MUHAMMAD (SAAW) that it why breaking your head so much in this rubbish discussion.



1ST of all a man against DR NAIK is indeed AGAINST the HOLY QURAN...

can any 1 gv me a verse or a single sahe ahades against yazeed...

HOLY PROPHET PBUH predict about qiyamat..dajjal..top signs ...day of judgement and many many so...

acording to me both the parties acording to them doing the right...

my heart doestnt believe that YAZEED a son of a BEST SHAHABA ASHRA TUL MUBASHHARA...1 OF THE COMPANIANS of OUR holy PROPHET SAW will do such a thing???

it may be MUNAFIKS OR DEVILS OR JINS OR SHAYATEENS...it cant be a son OF sahaba....

by the way,...I LOVE YOU ZAKIR NAIK....

Assalaamu alaykum all

Assalaamu alaykum all brothers and sisters in Islam.What I see is that without knowledge, people utter things which if they knew the consequences would surely repent either in this world or the next world.These historic facts have caused lots of damages to the real face of Islam which we donot know because we are not taught these historic facts in our studies. Which simply make us say o these are shias beliefs and we have nothing to do with them. Stop' it has affected all of us.These things have started after the death of the Prophet (My Allah be Pleased with him and his progeny). I respect all sahabas but I revere the Ahle baite Rasool (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon all of them) more than everyone as we have instructed by Allah and the Prophet to respect and love them and to attach with them in order to keep our faith on the right path. It's very important to read the history. In the matter of Hadhrat Ali alaihissalaam he said:"Two kinds of people will be damned on my account .Those who form exaggerated opinion about me and those who under-estimate me because they hate me." We, all sects need to ammend our ways if we claim to be the lovers of the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him and his Progeny). I am putting few books and websites which I request all Muslims from all sects should and must read for the understanding of what happened in the past. Imam Hussain alaihissalaam sacrificed his life so that this martydom will become an example for the Ummah to speak and to stand against the evil. He could have been complacent but he chose not to be. He didnot have any political desires or ambitions, for their positions are celeberated with Allah alone. We even donot know our respected Imams and their life stories.

"Shiayat ka muqadam" a book by Hussain Al-ameeni (in which he quotes everything by the sunni scholars)
http://www.al-islam.org/kaaba14/3.htm and go on to the 12th Imam by clicking the ext page.
As far as Zakir is concerned he is also among the muslims who are driven by their nafs and then ego to undermine the Ahlul baite Rasooulullah (sallallau alaihi wa aalehi wassalam). I can't say about the first 3 caliphs for Allah Knows the best and yet all of us including them are accountable on the day of Judgement. But from a single point of view I love and respect the Ahlulbait. And Zakir though he is excellent in comparative religions he should adhere to that and the fields that are unknown to him, should refrain from giving wrong ideas and fatwas which have nothing to do with Islam.

Walaikumsalam, Zakir has not

Zakir has not undermined any of the sahabas(ra).In fact you are undermining Sahabas(ra)by saying that I cant say about three caliphs!Shame on your narrowminded Shia brainwashed and Shia brainconditioned attitude.You people are victims of Jews conspiracy to such an extent that you have lost your senses when dealing with History of Islam after Prophet(saas)death.
Prophet(saas)completed all commandments of Islam and he has strictly prohibited Humanity from Noha(drama of mourning and crying)which was a preislamic jahiliyah practice.Stop this Drama and stop cursing Sahabas(ra) and become true muslim.
All shia books and websites are unauthentic and meant for Shia consumption,dont waste our precious time.There are more than 6000 verses of Quran and Thousands of authentic Hadiths of Prophet(saas)to read and memorise.There is simply no time to check your scrap books and websites.

Dr. Zakir Naik, We respect you and pray for long life

Dear Brothers...
I am one of JIH supporter. I would like to advice all of you don't be blind like Orthodox groups like Kanthapuram Sunni and E.K sunni & shia. He is one of Great Da'e (the person who making Da'awa). What he told is authenticated and supported by Sunnah and Qura'an.
we have to pray for him ' May Allah give him long life and energy to serve and make Da'awa for long time'.
Jazak Allah Khair


What Dr. Zakir Naik used to says


The whole controversy is solved !