Court orders DDA to allot plots in Rohini scheme


New Delhi: Giving relief to over 25,000 people who applied for the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Rohini 1981 scheme, the Delhi High Court Wednesday ordered they should be alloted plots.

A division bench of Chief Justice Ajit Prakash Shah and Justice S. Muralidhar ordered the allotment of 16,000 plots to the applicants of the DDA Rohini Scheme of 1981, and the allotment of the remaining 9,000 plots within 16 months thereafter.

The court had earlier this year restrained the DDA, till further orders, from auctioning any plot of land in Rohini, which it had acquired for its residential scheme of 1981.

The land measuring approximately 4,068 hectares represents almost all of DDA's landholding in Rohini.

The court was hearing a petition of an applicant of the 1981 scheme, Rahul Gupta, who stated that the DDA had placed 117,000 plots for auction but only 84,000 people had applied. Yet, 25,000 registrants were still waiting for allotment.

DDA's explanation was that there was no more land available for auction, and it had approached the urban development ministry for relaxation of norms to make more land available for residential use.



DDA 1981 ROHINI Scheme

I am an applicant of the DDA 1981 Rohini Scheme and still waiting for allotment...


mr gupta filed a PIL heairng

mr gupta filed a PIL heairng date is on 17 th Aug lets see I am trying to get his cell number I am also one of wait lister in this scheme

Lets Go to Ramalila Ground and fight !!

ITs high time, so lets get together in our fight against DDA and protest in front of DDA office and then join ANNA(Ramlila Ground) with immediate effect. I am sure we will be able to get allottment by making it publicaly noticibale through Media.

Make It Big !!


Gherav of DDA office

Lets build consensus and protest in front of DDA office , later join Anna @ Ramlila Ground for peacefull Dharna.
This will highlight the corruption and disinterest of govt officials towards allotment.

Lets make a Change !!

Its High Time..

Kapil plz help us organise a mass movement by making all allotes unite



about 32 years had pass out now how many years dda wants to give plots dont u think its corruption

rohini lig 1981

My grandfather applied 4 rohini lig 1981 with a dream of his own home .Now he is of 88.Only god knows either he will get home in this life or not VIKAS GUPTA PH NO- 07876273400

Waiting of 1981 Plots

Dear Mr. Rahul Gupta Ji

In the month of December, 2009 A division bench of Chief Justice Ajit Prakash Shah and Justice S. Muralidhar ordered the allotment of 16,000 plots to the applicants of the DDA Rohini Scheme of 1981, and the allotment of the remaining 9,000 plots within 16 months thereafter.

AND Know they announcing in coming 20 months

Please let me know what is the latest new regarding all this sir !!!!


Please confim what has happend in the Court proceedings on 16th August 2011. We are all very anxious to know the latest.

Delhi High Court slams DDA on 1981 Rohini Residential Scheme

Counsel of DDA failed to satisfy to the Hon’ble Chief Justice Delhi High Court and his companion Judge Hon’ble Sanjeev Khanna ji in relation to the court order dated 16.12.2009 and explanations on its non implementation.

On Dec16 ,2009 the court directed DDA to allot 16000 fully developed plots to Rohini scheme registrants within 20 months time, who have been waiting for the allotment of plot since 1981. These directions were issued by Hon’ble Court on the submissions made by DDA’s counsel on the instructions of DDA officials available in the court room on that day. Earlier, Vice Chairman of DDA also made similar submissions to the court through an affidavit dated 06.08.2009.

As DDA failed to allot any plot to waiting scheme registrants within stipulated & committed time, Rahul Gupta the petitioner moved an application to the Hon’ble Court seeking the status of the allotment/ development so far and requesting to initiate contempt of the court.

On previous date, DDA informed the court that because of a stay from Hon’ble Supreme Court, DDA has not done the required development and hence any allotment. The petitioner through his reply informed the court that DDA is building flats on that very land which it is claiming as affected by the stay from Supreme Court and allotting to general public.

Taking a serious note of the unfulfilled submissions and assurances made by DDA and its counsel, the court has ordered the Vice Chairman - DDA to file an affidavit within 3 weeks time apprising the development made so far to implement the court order dated 16.12.2009 and also detailing the reasons why the allotment has not been made so far.

Hon’ble Court remarked that despite of the fact that against a requirement of 2400 hectare land for the scheme, about 4600 hectare land has already been handed over to DDA for Rohini residential scheme – 1981 and even after 30 years how about 25000 registrants have not been allotted plots. As the counsel of DDA seek the permission to allot 15000 undeveloped plots, the court asked why only 15000 plots and also remarked that Delhi Development Act does not permit DDA to allot undeveloped plots. Court also observed that DDA has not even started any development work and whatever it is claiming is only on papers.

DDA office Gherav on 8th Sept

Hi all,
Manish one of the active protestors is planning to organize Rally and protest outside DDA office on 8th sept. We need your support.
IF we need to reep benefits than we have to work hard for it.

Lets get united.

Join "DDA Rohini" page on FB for all the updates.

Contact Manish: 09711719432

Mass Protest and Media Presence Against DDA

Dharna Address: DDA Office , Vikas Sadan , near INA Metro Station , INA , Delhi
Date: 5 Sept 2011
Time: 10 A.M


Smt. Meena Pahwa, Dy. Director (PR & PG), B-402, Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi.
Tele : 24690431-435 (O)
24621149 (O)

We will ask them what is she doing for our concern???

United we Fight !!

DDA is totally corrupted

We are ready for dharna in front of DDA for 1981 rohini scheme allotment

Delhi Development Authority Rohini Scheme EWS/Janta

I am retired in 2000. my age 70+ if any information DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 EWS/Janta plot. My mobil no. 9818252888.


request to DDA- we are running out of our patience.Honour High court ruling and no excuses.

it gives me much pain to know

it gives me much pain to know that on 7th sepRAHUL GUPTA and our other compainion are injured in the bomb blast . WE all pray to allmighty GOd for the speedy recovery . i also in the opinion the god is helping us . in the common cause difficulty always come, This is the blessing of the people god has saved all our beloved friends. and it givecs us more strength The blessing of the all the people are with our fighter i again pray to god for speedy recovery


A 9LONG WAIT,really dyeing to see allotment.lets unite n go to DDA . MY CONTRACT NO;IS 9313882159.KINDLY CALL TO GATHER.



Please let me know any

Please let me know any further developments in the above said Scheme

Dear Friends You are doing

Dear Friends

You are doing enormous work for the registrants of DDA who has not got plot. I think we should be always in News. This bloody DDA is terribly bad. We must not bow down. Any help if you wish I will always to ready to do. I am reading carefully all your message. Please let me know 23rd Sept. 2011 court verdict.
I feel that court are also not great. They are suppose to be very harsh with DDA, they are not doing their job well. Therefore, we need a mob action, blocking functioning of DDA.

Prof. Meel

New Development in Rohini 1981 Sceheme

DDA to mark land by Oct 30

New Delhi: Delhi Development Authority (DDA) told Delhi high court on Friday that it would complete the demarcation of all the 21,328 residential plots by October 30 and initiate the process of considering 25,000 applications for allotment of land under the Rohini Housing Scheme-1981.
Appearing before the bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Sanjiv Khanna, counsel Rajiv Bansal said more than 60% demarcation of land was over and the rest would be completed by October 30. Immediately after that, the agency would initiate the process of their allotment to people who had been waiting for the same for the past three decades. TNN

Re: Divide and rule

I think DDA would like to follow a policy of divide and rule. They are going to allot in two phases. Be careful of DDA tactics as they are bloody corrupt bastards.

Prof. Meel

dharna at dda office on 31st oct 2011 8 am

lets all get together and do dharna at dda office on 31st oct 2011 at 8 am . We will not allow any dda employee to enter the office on 31st . If still no confirmation is given by dda we shall plan to go for mass fastining in front of dda office (Like anna hajary)

I m with you.....

I m with you.....

Please read the contents of

Please read the contents of below mentioned URL :

Raise the voice for justice

Request you all to join me on 30th OCT at DDA OFFICE . If we all join hands together we can get our dreams come true .Pl pass the message to all your friends who can also help us to achive our long awaited dream

I think DDA Not following the order of Hight Court

Hello Friends, Now this is height of our patience!!! I waiting for my DDA plot from last 29 years and this may be the last phase of my life, Today I am 86 years old and still looking for own home in Delhi. Can anyone tell me why DDA is playing hide and seek with us? Why not they surrender the piece of land to their owners. As per my view the DDA officials are working for their sole profit and gets commission from the private land mafias. DDA officials on top level don't have any respect to the order of all mighty High court. Now this issue have became a joke for DDA and they think that no one can awake them. I also found the DDA's official site garbage for the ordinary users, The site's matter is not updated on regular interval of time and the date-time is not mentioned on which the new information is added.

But I request all people to join hands and reopen this matter before respected high court. We will win and will have our own land within this year 2011.

Dda 1981 scheme

What is the latest on Plot position, my priority is 15421,are you planning dharna on 31st.

regarding 1981 scheme

i want to purchase a 1981 scheme slip ,if anyone is interested in selling his slip then contact with me at 9560271071,

Sales Regarding

Dear sir,

please contact me this no 9717535088

!981 Rohini Scheme

Hi all,

Is there any latest update on Rohini 1981 plot allotment., my piority no : 21219.

Imtiaz Ahmed


still waiting for the allotment of LIG/Janta in the scheme. My application number is 214510
want to know the status.

sudhir shah

1981 rohini scheme

Ager sabhi log mail per update mangate rahe to shayad kuch bhi nahi hoga,suna hai k 8 nov.2011 ko Hight court m hearing hai waha pahuchna chahiye to hi kuch ho sakega



Hoping against Hope

My father is now 75 yr old and has been waiting for his plot allotment from DDA , he has been requesting me to find out if he can transfer his rights to his grand children , becasue he has lost faith in DDA and is thinking that he will never be able to stay in his own house.
Is there any legal procedure which can help him transfer his rights to the next generation.
Good Luck !

Allotment of plot (90 meters) under 1981 scheme

I had applied for the plot under DDA 1981 scheme , but till now no result has been intimated to me . I had changed my address to 30/33A West patel nagar in between but now my address is sector 4, house no. 205, ground floor , Vaishali , Ghaziabad (UP)NCR , i am working in Delhi NPL, a central government organisation my application no was 21026 and registration no. is 15967-M. pl inform me the details as up till now .

Rohini Scheme 1981

Hi Guys,

I don't knw why DDA is playing with the emotions of 25000 applicants waiting desperately for their allotments, can any one tell the exact reasons that why DDA is doing this with the common man. My father also applied and we are desperately waiting for our turn.

Please if any official from DDA reads this(hopes are less) so please confirm whats the exact reason that why DDA is doing this to the common man. Hope to hear a response and a date when we can expect our plot.

anyone interested in purchasing the dda plot slip..?

priority no = 22184
9899110705; 9873707677



dont call on above numbers...

dont call on above numbers...

rohini 1981 schme dda

can any one update me on the last hearing on 8th nov .what has happened in court . do we need to send any details to dda like income proof current address proof income tax return or anything else

i've heard about the new

i've heard about the new hearing date for the rohini scheme 1981 may that is 14 dec

Angry comment

who's is the high court and supreme court. if they are not allot the plot by the jaj sit on the court they sit on his/her home

Hello Friends - Any update on

Hello Friends - Any update on 14-Dec-2011 court hearing.

DDA,Rohini,LIG Scheme 1981 for Plot.

I am retired Govt. employee.I applied for plot in 1981 underDDA, Rohini,LIG Scheme. DDA DER kar rahi hai magar Andher nahi hai DDA me.
MyPriority No. is 21892 and Application 125302.I have strong hope to get allotment of plot in 2012.

Even i m waiting for the last

Even i m waiting for the last 30 priorty no. is 14*** and my phone number is 9811925930 , hoping after high court's order, dda allots the flats soon to all the applicants. Please update this page for any new information..

DDA ke liye koi court order

DDA ke liye koi court order nahi hi woh khud hi court se uupper hi

DDA 1981 Scheme

dda ne abhi tak 1981 ki scheme ki allotment nahi ki hai hame iska intzar hai lekin is ka intzar karte karte aaj 31 saal nikal gai hain dda kab allotment karega my name is kushal my contact no. 9717535088

change of address in my 1981 plot scheme

I had applied for 1981 MIG plot scheme 90 sq. meters and the address was changed to 30/3A west patel nagar , which is entered in my priority number, 15967-M , my application number is 231904 , pl change my address to , 4/205, Ground floor , Vaishali, Ghaziabad, UP and intemate me pl , cell No, 9818811694, Also what will be the cost now

change of address in my 1981 plot scheme

I had applied for 1981 residential plot scheme , application Number 231904 and Priority number 15967 , my address (i have seen ) in your record is 30/33A west patel nagar, pl get it chamged to my present address for all further correspondences as : M.K.Mittal , House No. 205, Ground Floor, Sector 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad UP

DDA ROHINI 1981 plot allotment scheme and priority number covere

My name is Mukesh Kumar Mittal , I had registered for a MIG plot of 90 meters and now DDA has announced for 60 meters plot for MIG, my registration number is 231904, and the priority no. allotted is 15967 , i had requested for change in address as , house No. 205, Ground Floor, Sector 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, but till now i could not any confirmation . Also pl tell me up to how much priority mo. DDA has alloted the plots and give pending list also