With UP elections in mind, BJP appoints three new National Presidents from Poorvanchal

By Faisal Fareed, TwoCircles.net

The BJP has been working overtime on the upcoming UP elections, and in fact, has also learnt the lesson that it needs to cater to all castes if it seeks rewards in the big electoral fight.

With this mind, the BJP has gone ahead in changing national presidents of its frontal organizations. Among five new national presidents, three hail from Uttar Pradesh and in all these three appointments, region and caste have played an important role.

Take the example of the eastern region of UP, known as Poorvanchal, which has got the major share. The three sections-Dalits, Most backward castes (MBC) and forward castes are on special focus of BJP.

The backward cell now has former MP Dara Singh Chauhan as its head. Dara hails from Lonia community which comes under most backward castes (MBCs). He hails from Ghosi in the Poorvanchal region. Earlier, the cell was headed by former MP S P Singh Baghel who hailed from Gadariya community. Further, since Dara has been earlier with Congress, SP and BSP, he has extensive knowledge about politics in Uttar Pradesh.

Another appointment is that of Vinod Sonkar, who is presently MP from Kaushambi, as National President of its SC cell. Earlier, the cell was headed by Dushyant Gautam. But BJP is now targeting Dalits who are not in Jatav category as sonkar, Khatik, Pasi etc, and Sonkar very well fits in the shoes.

For the Kisan Morcha of the BJP, the party has banked upon a Kshtriya. The new president is Virendra Singh Mast who is MP from Bhadaohi also hails from Poorvanchal.

How much this impacts the elections remains to be seen, but nevertheless the party, which is banking big especially on Poorvanchal, is going all out in ensuring that all sections of the society pay heed to their campaigns.