The Adivasi question in Uttar Pradesh

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Uttar Pradesh Assembly election dates have been announced. Parties will soon make promises but the condition of Kol adivasis in Bundelkhand region is a matter of concern. The adivasis in Uttar Pradesh come under the Scheduled Caste category and that is the crux of their problem.

Despite having a clear majority in the region, Kols have not been able to get a ticket for parliament or assemblies. In fact, adivasis have been betrayed by the mainstream political parties in Uttar Pradesh. There was one member of assembly from Koranv who belonged to CPI( M) once. otherwise Kols are out of perview of the political parties in UP.

Kols have not got land under Forest Rights Act.

In this video conversation they discuss with me various issues they face in this region. Three social leaders of the community narrate the plight of their community, its challenges and how it has been betrayed. Sharing this video in the hope that the issue of Kols would be resolved soon, parties will note it and help them get justice. Listen to this conversation and you will realise how Kols have been duped by the political parties and how administration plays tricks by categorising adivasis into the scheduled castes and then denying them their genuine rights over their forest land. Please circulate it to political parties in UP. Let them respond about this question.