Tobacco users in India

Tobacco users in India

1. India is the world's second largest consumer of tobacco. An estimated 274.9 million Indians consume tobacco, the first Global Adult Tobacco Survey said.

2. Nearly 0.9 million tobacco-related deaths occur in India annually as compared to 5.5 million world wide.

3. India is also the world's third largest producer of tobacco.

4. Widespread tobacco use among the youth, with more than 15 percent of youngsters under 15 years of age, and nearly 25 percent of those between 15 to 17 years consuming tobacco. The figure for those in the 18 to 19 age bracket was 19 percent.

5. The mean age of starting tobacco use was found to be 17.8 years. Surprisingly, while the mean age for boys was 18 years, for girls it was 17 years.

6. Two out of every five (40 percent) tobacco users in the bracket of 20 to 34 years started using tobacco on a daily basis before the age of 18.

7. Nearly 26.1 percent non-smokers were exposed to second-hand smoke at work. At home, the figure was 52.2 percent.

8. The north eastern states have the highest number of tobacco users, with 19.3 percent people using tobacco in one form or the other. Mizoram tops the list with nearly 40 percent users, while Goa is at the bottom with 4.8 percent.