TCN Awards 2011

After a successful program last year that recognized individual and organization initiatives, today starts its nomination process today to begin the process of recognizing an individual and organization for Awards 2011. invites its readers to nominate for Person of the Year 2011 and Organization of the Year 2011 awards. Please nominate person or organization that has contributed most for the welfare of Muslims of India. List important event/contribution in the period between May 2010 to May 2011. staff will short-list the nomination received and put the list out for voting. Winner will be decided from a list of top ten nominations getting most votes. This will be submitted to a jury consisting of staff.

Last year TCN Awards 2010 winners were RTI activist Afroz Alam Sahil and organization Bihar Anjuman.
Last date for nomination: August 10, 2011



TCN Award 2011 nomination for Afroz Alam Sahil

Afroz Alam Sahil has fought tirelessly for the cause of transparency and accountability in public policy. He has done outstanding work by applying for information on major issues that affects the Muslim community in India. Other then the RTIs Mr. Sahil has been a regular columnist in Inquilab, an Urdu daily and has been a regular contributor to many national level magazines and web-portals. Many national level newspapers/magazines and websites have made feature stories on Mr. Sahil and have appreciated his effort as an RTI activist.
Dissatisfied on the way the mainstream media functions in India, Mr. Sahil resigned from his full time job and spearheaded an alternative web-media platform now known as Beyond Headlines. He is now writing a book on Batla House Encounter and how the RTI journey has redefined the understanding of this encounter.

Again only Mr. Afroz Alam is deserve for this TCN Award.

Again only Mr. Afroz Alam is deserve for this Award. Mr. Sahil is first Muslim Youth who resigned from his full time Main Stream Media's Job and try to establish own Media alternatve Media House. This Media will be helpfull for Muslim Community of India and Other country' s Muslim also. Now Mr. Sahil also benefited for Nepali Muslim also. He doing great work for Nepal' s Muslim also.


INSAAN organisation deserve for TCN YEAR OF THE ORGANISATION AWARD. Actually, INSAAN is a network of young Indians, ably supported by the more seasoned citizens from all walks of life, who have taken a pledge to work for the democratic traditions and human rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India. We at INSAAN are aware that our nation is at a crucial juncture waiting to be a super power in the near future. For this we all need social, political, economic and systemic reforms to ensure that human development becomes inclusive through effective public policy initiatives. INSAAN is designed to play an important role in this national transformation through research, advocacy and activism.

How about Women of Year?

TCN should initiate Women of the year award too.

Late Advocate Shahid Azmi deserves this Award

Late Advocate Shahid Azmi deserves this award, he had work tirelessly to get realease of muslims youth who have been falsely jailed for bomb blast and under the pretext of terrorism .he was killed gun man when he was supposed to get bail for fahim ansari.
may ALLAH give him highest status in paradise

I deserve the award

Mats I deserve the award, reason is unknown..................Just kidding....Bihar Anjuman again deservers the award, and person should be Salman Khursheed for being loyal to Congress led UPA and doing nothing special for Muslims for whom he has been allotted the cabinet berth...His talks revolve around 3 Minority universities, Rafi Ahmad Kidwai University, Kishanganj, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti University in Ajmer and another in Bhopal. But Salman Sb have you taken any step ahead to establish these universities...

Saluting TCN for its efforts and role played towards the society...

Consider jamiainfo

jamiainfo, an SMS channel, that keeps thousands of Jamia Millia Islamia students and others concerned updated via SMS, needs to be consider for this award - organisation of the year.

Support/Donate to the Biggest Muslim Organization of India

Watch the Catalog of Popular Front Of India, Karnataka Chapter, Popular Front is Alhamdulillah active in many states of India. Having thousands of cadre in every state working for the betterment of Muslims / Dalits and other backward communities.

Do contribute your Zakaat/Donation/Sadaqah(
Financial Obligation) to Popular Front of India, as it is obligatory upon the Ummah to support/assist a organization who is working for the welfare of it's people.

May Allah(SWT) reward you all with goodness.

1) This Catalog is only of Karnataka Chapter, Other state activities are in their own respective state catalog.
2) The amount used to print these catalog is from the Cadre subscription, which every cadre pays monthly. Money sent as Zakaat/Donation are not used for these purposes.

Why Popular Front of India? an intro to the Biggest Cadre Organi

Why Popular Front of India? an intro to the Biggest Cadre Organization of India.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Donate/Contribute/Join PFI.

Thanks & Regards

Mr. Afroz should be awarded the TCN Person of the Year again.

Afroz Alam Sahil (age-24) is a committed young social activist. He has been working tirelessly for the benefit of the underprivileged and the minority. Being a Muslim himself has given him a unique insight to the complex problems that his community faces in the 21st century India. In last one year he has done some significant work in terms of attracting attention of the national media and policy makers. Below amongst his many activities a few key ones have been mentioned. He has already filed more than 4500 RTI application to keep the system accountable and citizen friendly. This probably would be record in India. He has been a great young ambassador for the Muslim community, so his efforts deserve to be acknowledged and encouraged through recognition such as the TCN awards 2011.
Important contributions to the welfare of Muslims in India
1. He has worked on the issues related to the problems, challenges and mismanagement of the Wakf Board in Delhi, Bihar and Maharashtra. This highlighted how the age old system has been misused. He has got the entire list of Wakf Board properties in these states.
2. His RTI revealed that Baba Ramdev has funded BJP which challenged Ramdev’s assertion of political neutrality.
3. Sohrabuddin was killed from point blank range. This story by Afroz challenged the encounter theories of the Gujarat police.
4. He has also written a story that highlighted the misuse of public money as Cabinet Ministers are going to Haj on public money.
5. He has published widely both in the mainstream and alternative media on the issues related to the welfare of Muslim community.
6. Trained as a Journalist from the prestigious Jamia Millia Islamia (Delhi), Afroz joined TV-9 in Mumbai and created an RTI desk for the channel. His programmes created massive popularity for the channel.
7. During May 2010-May 2011, he has been the investigating editor for Beyond Headlines (
8. He has either published or has been referred in a number of articles in Two Circles Net (
9. He has been raising several issue pertaining to the Muslim community s a regular columnist for the Inquilab, an Urdu newspaper published from Mumbai.
10. His activity on Batla House Encounter has brought national and international attention .
11. He is writing a book on his experience as an RTI activist in regard to particularly the Batla House Encounter

Given these activities Mr. Afroz should be awarded the TCN Person of the Year of 2011 again.

You can also see below link related to Afroz's works which is published in your website ( in between May 2010 to May 2011.

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Phase 3 Poll: Will BJP again sweep Muslim-dominated seats ...

@sarwat MashaAllah Mr.Afroz

MashaAllah Mr.Afroz is doing a wonderful job, surely he is a deserving candidate.

Pfi as an organization is good, they have SPONSORED the scholarship of many Journalist/Lawyers. Even this year they have sponsored many lawyers and journalist. in 2011,results of lawyer exam in bangalore, pfi sponsored candidates got 3rd RANK in Law and other rank as well. InshaAllah in a short period of time, pfi would have created many Activist across many states.

Popular Front of India, Has also done many similar things, posting the work requires alot of effort to gather from the 16 states which they are active in. A lot of work PFI does it by itself,some work is done by pfi's sister concern organizations or backs/helps other organizations/people who are active in struggle against injustice/empowerment.

In the end all they want to achive is a empowered Muslim community.

i think we should also

i think we should also include the name of Dr.Shariq nisar, architect of BSE Shariah index for the award.

As per vote winner SDPI

As per vote winner SDPI Chairman & Popular front Former chairman E. Aboobaker. But how winner is Afroz Aslam

TCN had issued a statement

TCN had issued a statement that , few people are advertising/promoting a particular group and people. So in the end they formed a committee and voted/decided the winner themselves.
Hence nullifying the votes.

In simple terms a few persons from other organizations objected to giving award to sdpi/pfi, cos it might give negative image to twocircles. Two circles is a wonderful portal
but it gave into pressure. But I am sure there is Allah's khyr in it, and in future years twocircles would have grown very big and pfi/sdpi will surely receive award from them. AMeen

But... Afroz Alam is a well deserving person, I am Happy that they choose a good person who is working for the benefit of the Ummah. If sdpi/pfi would organize felicitation ceremony they too would have chosen Afroz Alam for his work.