A Year-long Series on Education, Sponsored by The Aligarh Forum and the Council of Indian Muslims—UK (CIM) : - A Mirror on our Efforts, our Successes & our Shortcomings ; Stories of triumphs, tribulations and struggles of the Indian Muslims in improving their educational status, in illiteracy alleviation, and in their professional and social uplift.

News stories:

1. Crescent School: Harbinger of English education among Muslims, now struggling to keep pace : Delhi.

2. Kilbil -- A school that celebrates learning: Maharashtra

3. The Azamgarh boy who topped CPMT in the year of Batla House encounter: Uttar Pradesh

4. Man on mission to improve state of education in government schools: Uttar Pradesh

5. The success saga of Maulana Azad engineering college of Patna: Bihar

6. A nursery of dreams in Moradabad: Uttar Pradesh

7. A madrasa which teaches Arabic and Quran through Braille system: West Bengal

8. PM Institute - grooming young aspirants for Indian civil services: Kerala

9. Discrimination in nursery admission knocking at Supreme Court: Delhi

10. Visually challenged twin brothers, role models for everyone: Kerala

11. Urdu-medium enrollment: What the numbers tell us?: All-India

12. Twenty-five glorious years of Al-Ameen Mission: West Bengal

13. The sad story of a determined poor Muslim girl of West Bengal: West Bengal

14. Civil Services: More Muslims should come out to compete, says IRS Faraz Qureshi: Madhya Pradesh

15. Munirul Islam: A drop-out at 14, resumes study at 22: Delhi

16. Yazeed Bashamakh: Son of a TV mechanic will enter IIT: Bihar

17. Education for the not-so-privileged in Mumbai: Maharashtra

18. With Rank 96, Brajeswar Maji creates history in High Madrasa Exam of Bengal: West Bengal

19. Rabiya: An iron woman of South India: Kerala

20. Winds of change: A step forward: Delhi

21. Meet this Bihar engineer who left lucrative job in Saudi Arabia for civil services: Bihar/Delhi

22. Muslims in Taj City wake up for education: Uttar Pradesh

23. Samastha- the pioneer of Islamic education in Kerala: Kerala

24. Educational awareness campaign among the poor of Mumbai: Maharashtra

25. ‘Education is the key to community emancipation’: Uttar Pradesh

26. Kawish, an effort to empower through guidance and counseling: Maharashtra

27. Dying Urdu education in Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh

28. Inculcating morality among Generation Next, Pharos Educational Foundation: Maharashtra

29. What explains Muslim under-representation in UPSC?: Delhi


very good work for muslim

very good work for muslim

May Allah copiously reward

May Allah copiously reward Razi and associates.