TCN pages blocked in India

On August 19th, 2012 Government of India issued circular to the Internet Service Providers to block a number of internet sites, facebook pages, and twitter handles apparently for spreading rumors regarding violence in Assam & Myanmar. The list included two pages from website as well. Pages that have nothing to do with Assam or Myanmar.

Screenshot of the blocked page.

Comments from eminent people supporting TCN:

This website, which has received several accolades, did sterling service in trying to check rumours by publishing in toto, the Myanmar government’s response to doctored images claiming to show massacred Muslims in the Arakan province.

--- Garga Chatterjee, Columnist.

i am shocked to know that pages of were censored.

--- Prof. Shamsul Islam, Delhi University.

It is an infringement on the freedom of expression and people's right to information. From the information available, the blocking of is not related to Assam issue. It looks like the excuse of Assam issue has been used to remove uncomfortable truth from the public domain. This a despicable act from the government, and it doesn't augur well for Indian democracy.

--- Binu Mathew, Editor, is a very balanced site. - totally oppose this move of govt.

--- Ram Puniyani, writer and a champion of communal harmony.

The govt is taking advantage of the violence caused by the widespread propagation of morphed images of assam & myanmar on the internet to block a series which lists the way Muslims have been falsely accused in MP. Most of the cases highlighted are of SIMI members or those alleged to be SIMI members. I have no fondness for SIMI, but TWOCIrcles has every right to expose the way the police foists false cases on SIMI members, or those it suspects have sympathies with the organisation.
--- Jyoti Punwani, Journalist.

Nothing should be banned unless and until it is really harmful to human beings.
---Mumtaz Mir

It seems people not involved in Azad Maidan incident are being arrested similarly the sites not involved in the incidents are being blocked. What a poetic justice. In fact they want to threaten Muslims and suppress their voice totally.
--- Moonisa Bushra Abedi

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Blocked URLs:

Unheard & Unspoken: Terror stories from Madhya Pradesh

Petty dispute leads to death of one in Mathura

Govt. circular listing URLs at number 72 and 73 in the list:


Infringement on freedom

Blocking of the aforesaid story/stories which has nothing to do with the events in Myanmar or Assam is a clear attempt to gag freedom of expression. TwoCircle certainly is a valuable platform from where constant alarm is raised against violations of rights and also stories of hope and possible opportunities are published for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and especially for Indian citizens. The blockade unjustified and should be lifted without delay.