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Legal Advisor
Advocate Seema Rao, BA, LLB (H), LLM; Practices at Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court.



india's largest Muslim organisation, Jamaate Islami hind is launching a political party called Welfare Party, says news papers like Indian Express.But no news in TCN.WHY???


Mashallah, its a good work doing byyour teams. may allah help you in every steps.

Fund required for charitable hospitals

Respected Sirs
We are a non profit Islamic charitable organization. Looking for Islamic funds (1 million$)to open charitable hospital at rural / poor urban area in North India. Investors are wellcome. Dr. Aqleem Akhtar Siddiqui (imdadsociety@gmail.com)


Aurangzeb was a king who happened to be Muslim,his loyalty was to himself only they used religion only to fulfill their agenda.Same for all the rulers of the past and present religion is a front for their self interest.So forget past and think how you can make world a better place to live,where a child can move safely and not blown by a bomb,all people can realize their potential fully without suppression and fear and live in peace.

ban RSS

Best way to stop terrorism in india ?: ban RSS

Muslim victims of Gujarat riots 2002

The Editor

The following letter has been emailed by me to all the Members of Indian Parliament and of Gujarat Assembly


Hem Raj Jain


Hon’ble Member of Parliament and of Gujarat Assembly

Sub:- Justice in Gujarat riots 2002 cases

Lot of heat has unnecessarily been generated as Supreme Court yesterday sent Zakia case to trial court. But the fundamental issue of getting justice to riot victims (including through the booking of derelict and complicit ‘Public Servants’) remains unaddressed in any meaningful way, in this din of highly politicized and diversionary atmosphere.

I am sure Your Honor very much wants to get justice for these riot victims and also to get culpable ‘Public Servants’ booked so that not only these riot victims get justice but governance in Gujarat gets further improved & cleansed and such pogroms do not take place in future in Gujarat and in rest of the country too (due to exemplary effect).

But I submit most humbly that I happen to know the law and can state with full sense of responsibility that these cases of riot victims are not being filed & contested (by victims as well as prosecutors) in a proper manner in Gujarat. Therefore some extremely important and relevant provisions of criminal law are not being invoked. Hence real & powerful culprits (the culpable “Public Servants’) are not properly booked with the result chances of getting justice against other accused too have been / are very low.

I am prepared to go to Ahmadabad and help / assist in this process and can show that within in a period of one month of filing few petitions / applications in court / courts of Gujarat, how the tables can be turned in favor of these victims of Gujarat riots 2002 and also in favor of strengthening the criminal jurisprudence in Gujarat.

It will be appreciated, if Your Honor could let me know the names and addresses of the people (including victims) whom I should meet in Ahmadabad / Gujarat so that these petitions / applications can be filed in court / courts of Gujarat.

I am further prepared to stay, at my own expenses, for an year or two in Ahmadabad / Gujarat in order to ensure that theses cases including proposed petitions / applications reach logical and legal end in favor of these victims of Gujarat riots 2002 and also in favor of strengthening the criminal jurisprudence in Gujarat / India.

With regards

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

H. No. 196, 38th Cross, 9th Main, 5th Bloack
Jay Nagar, Bangaluru, India - 560041

Mo:- 09694496012, 08946917290

Copies to:-

1- Hon’ble Supreme Court of India
2- Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat

A submission to God.

What ails Islam? More an answer than a question. More this question is asked, more will it ail. T

M.Pharm Dissertation work in R&D / Q.A department

Respected Sir ,
My self, Arshad hala study in M.Pharm (Q.A) 2nd semester in Seth G. L. Bihani SD College of Tech. Edu. at Sriganganagar, rajasthan. My biodata atteched with mail. I am interested to do my m.pharm dissertation work (research project work) in R & D department / Quality assurance department . My academic schedule will end up in december, so I want to start my project work in january. This is 6 month to 1 year project work .If any vacancy present for me its great opportunity for me. If there is any vacancy present, please kindly inform me.

Date:5/11/2011 ARSHAD HALA,
Place: Junagadh M.pharm (Q.A) 2nd sem

Admission in M.Pharm

Salam, if any of your friends are interested in M.Pharm (Quality Assurance/Pharma Technology) in Karnataka at Luqman College of Pharmacy,Please contact 9845221990,web-www.luqman.pharmacyglb.org


what is islam ?

Reply of What is Islam

Peace and Humaninty
La-Ilaha- Illah - Muhammadur Rasullullah (S.A.)
option=com_content&view=article&id=201&Itemid=131Beliveve in One Creator ( Allah) and follow His commandment , guided by The Holy Quran And Sahi Hadis ( Read the translation of The Holy Quran in your language) this site may help you to find informantion http://www.irf.net./


Dear sir,

It is really good to see that you have developed a website to raise the voice of Muslim and especially the Indian muslim, which are highly under respreseted in the country. The main reason for this is not the judiciary system rather it's te lack of we Muslim to do something for the community.

Indian Muslim are not poor. If you go out and see around Mumbai a good number of Muslim people are doing excellent business and making some handsome money. The problem however is the lack of Muslim to follow the teaching of Quran and Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We are more into making money rather then also investing it into the community.

There is a serious need to invest in the field of education and housing. People not only need to get main stream education but also need to understand the Quran and I mean not just able to read it in Arabic but to very well able to understand it. As Quran provides solution to every problem.

One way I feel to achieve this is through investment by our wealthy brothers into eduction which should be par with international school. This does not necessaraily means we may open new posh school rather invest in Urdu schools which already exist. Provide them with good teachers, facilities, etc. As good number of muslim children go to these schools are are not able to train them with skills to compete with other people and therefore the community remains illiterate and are forced to take lower grade job and which in turn makes the community poor.

So it's a big responsiblity on the wealthy Muslims to make generous contribution. Here I would like to highlight another problem and even if people agree to my above point they still wont be able to do so as there is no single source available which they can go and say, this is my money I trust you, now just use it the way you want to. Now this means we need a very well established and a reliable institution, where in yours website or organization will come into picture.

So rather then just highlighting the issue and hoping that the government will do something about it, we should rather do something by ourself because it hurts me when I see a poor old Muslim women begging or a Muslim youth just doing things which un-Islamic. Quran is such a great literature which has the power to change the entire world, but it's our failure to understand and follow it has made us this week.

Please do let me know if I can be of any help as you have taken step in the right direction. People reading this please come forward for the sake of our brothers and our future.


unity of muslim

my brothers,i like to talk about one thing is unity among muslim,as we pray to ALLAH,but we r no unity,our NABI always told to as if we come together,it will be better for every muslim and whole mankind.INDIA is great country,but we should come together for better future of ours brothers.wht problem we r facing is becoz of us,we should come together to help each other and paly good role in politics.becoz ours problems solution is in politics.we r second largest community in world,so think brothers.keep ur difference aside and come together for better future.think on this........?

Empowerment self Business Ready Projects

All over India Muslim youth unemployment schemes to start self business

Do not forget Sonia is an

Do not forget Sonia is an American agent foisted on us by the US. Americans have managed to kill all probable PM candidates Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Madhavrao Scidia, Rajesh pilot etc. It is only because of Dr. Abdul Kalam
India was saved as he refused give Oath to Sonia.
From the time of 1857 when Marathas fought to save the throne of Bahadurshah Jafar British have followed the policy of divide and Rule which even now the present government is following. It is the duty of Muslims to unite India Pakistan and Bangla Desh so that we can fight with American might.

only Muslims that too from

only Muslims that too from India bangladesh and pakistan, not all Indians wow that's the sprirt


Salam, may Allah Bless your effort, amin. Please I want apply for this blessful Scholarship of yours. How wii I go about it. Please help me. Thanks.

good job, friends! I very

good job, friends! I very much appreciate your initiative.

Serious Question to muslims of India

When clemsford reform was accepted that envisaged partition of India on basis of religion 90% of muslims in India voted in favor. My honest question to all muslim scholars here is, Why are so many muslims still in India even after taking their fair share of land and Why did muslim turn from 8%(1947) to 22%(2004)?

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Good job

Good job