Occasionally ends up in the news. Here are some examples

The Indian Express, Mumbai
For the past few years, a bunch of websites have been addressing issues specific to Muslims and other minority communities, as well as breaking stories that would otherwise go unnoticed in mainstream media.

Boston Desi Connection, Boston
Video interview of the founder of, Kashif-ul-Huda

The Peninsula, Qatar

Story profiles TCN founder and mentions the vision:


Mentions TCN as an example of Indian police harassed people using the infamous IT Act


Story mentions a pioneering housing survey that TCN conducted that for the first-time shows how Hindus and Muslims are living separately

The Sunday Guardian

Quotes TCN editor on the impact of modern-communication on young Muslims

Mumbai Mirror
We need to help Muslims who are self-employed

The Hindu

Quotes from a TCN article on if Muslims should meet Modi

The Indian Express

The Good Word

Open Magazine

“Do not let others define you”
The managing editor of, an English news website for Indian Muslims, speaks to Open on what makes his website unique.

Parisar: a forum of progressive students

I have found a very good website on issues of Muslim people of india. I think it is a very good effort, since the gap between Muslim and non muslim masses has widened to its extreme in the post 92 period. Here is the link –

Dr. Yoginder Sikand, the leading Indian Muslim news and features web site. : award winning blog

"Read and Watch Azamgarh Speaks, an extraordinary special series on Twocircles.Net that reveals the various aspects of Azamgarh and Muslims."

Islamic Voice: Monthly magazine from Bangalore Informative Indian Muslim Website is probably the most informative, useful and enlightening Indian Muslim site on the Internet. It covers a host of issues related to the Indian Muslims, including education, culture, politics, history and economics. Subscription is entirely free. All you need to do is fill in your email id in the relevant box in the main page of the website and you can get free daily updates"