Submission Guidelines

We are a non-profit platform for the marginalized. We write about issues pertaining to Indian Muslims, dalits and tribals, not to mention women/gender and make a conscious effort to cover all such issues neglected by the main stream media.

What are we looking at?
Opinion piece, analytical feature, a news story, book reviews and even a personality-based write-up (about a person doing some great work for the community), we accept all such submissions.
Please ensure the piece is not dated, the write up is coherent and the topic relevant to

Currently we are accepting submissions only in English and Hindi.

Authors/writers are requested to preferably send in previously unpublished works. Only in some cases, we accept previously published works. The decision to accept/reject such works rests solely with the editor.
It may help if it is mentioned that the piece is sent simultaneously to several other news organisations.
The general word length should range between 1,000-1,400 words. In rare cases, it may be a two-part write up if the topic deserves it.
The submission should be accompanied with two lines bio of the author.
Attach a photo related to the content, if not suggest a photo idea to go with it.

No payment:
As mentioned earlier, we are a non-profit. We do not pay for any write up that we carry.
Moreover, we’re licensed under Creative Commons, which enables sharing and re-use of creativity and knowledge through provision of free legal tools.

Where to send?
Submissions should be mailed to

If you have any queries, please write to TCN Editor at

We read all mails and try to reply to each and every mail. Still if you don’t hear from us, please drop in another mail.