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In increasing commercialized media, TwoCircles.net (TCN) is the non-profit voice for the marginalized sections of India i.e. the mainstream.

TwoCircles.net is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of Massachusetts, USA. Help us by donating.

Legal Advisor
Advocate Seema Rao, BA, LLB (H), LLM; Practices at Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court.

Board of Directors

TwoCircles, Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Massachusetts, USA. It has been designated as 501(c)(3) organization so all donations for US tax-payers are eligible for tax exemption.

Organization is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five members. Directors are elected for a term of three years and eligible for re-election.

Kashif-ul-Huda: President. Elected in December 2013.

Originally from Bihar, now based in Boston. Founder and editor of TwoCircles.net.

Vinay Bhat: Treasurer. Elected in December 2013.

M.Eng ORIE from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. B.E from Mumbai University India. Vinay has been working in the management consulting industry for 7 years. Has been a volunteer with Indian diaspora organizations.

Paul Malachi: Secretary. Elected in September 2015.

Paul Malachi is from the Telangana region of India and is currently a resident of Massachusetts. He is interested in public health and works as an analyst in a Boston area hospital. He volunteers with South Asian community organizations in the area including the Association for India's Development.

Saman Salim: Director. Elected in December 2013.

BA in Political Science and Legal Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Juris Doctorate from the University of Massachusetts School of Law. Has been a volunteer with Indian diaspora organizations.

Rizwan Manzer: Director. Elected in September 2015.

Rizwan Manzer, is a physician scientist involved in drug development from over a decade. He has completed his post-doctoral training at School of Pharmacy, University of Colorado, Denver and have also earned his MBA from Denver University, CO. Currently, he lives in Boston metro area and works to accelerate drug development. He also has deep interest in the media industry, particularly in print media and has been a strong proponent of democratization of this space.

Board of Patrons

Board of Patrons (BoP) for TwoCircles.net is an exclusive invitation-only group of supporters of TCN. If you ready to support the work that TCN is doing in projecting marginalized voices into the mainstream then please contact any of the members of the Board of Directors to begin the process.

TCN Patrons are:

- those who support the mission of TCN. [Moral]
- our ambassadors to the larger community. [Social]
- provide strategic guidance and support to TCN. [Intellectual]
- contribute a minimum of $1000 per year to TCN. [ Financial]

Shaiq Ali Khan: [ April 2015- April 2016]

Shaiq Ali Khan is a High Street Banker based in Dubai with a career spanning over 16 years.

Shaiq was born in a small town, Qaimganj, of Uttar Pradesh and went to Don Bosco School at Delhi. He studied Bachelor of Commerce and Master in Finance & Control from Aligarh Muslim University. He dabbled into students politics while at the University and was part of an ad hoc Student's Union during 1998 session.

Shaiq moved to UAE in 2001 and has worked with local as well as multinational Banks. He is currently employed with one of the largest Islamic Banks.

Shaiq is an ardent Railway Fan and is passionate about Formula One Racing.

"I support TCN because I feel there is a dearth of Media Houses that cover marginalized sections of society as they are not deemed to be news worthy. TCN has been doing an excellent job in highlighting issues which the so called mainstream media has been ignoring."

Kashif-ul-Huda: [May2015- May 2018]

Born in Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Kashif has lived in Jamshedpur and Lucknow in India and California and Florida in the United States. He has been in the US since 1995 and was the founder of Urdustan.com. Disturbed by lack of Muslim voices in Indian "mainstream" media he started the online news website in 2006 which now has grown to become TwoCircles.net, a voice for the marginalized in the "mainstream."

Kashif earns his living working in the pharmaceutical research. He is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Nasir Hussain: [ August 2015- August 2017]

Nasir Hussain is based in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Fazal Sharief: [September 2015-September 2016]
A US-based physician.

Dr. Rizwan Ahmed: [January 2016-January 2017]

Dr. Rizwan Ahmad is Assistant Professor of Sociolinguistics at Qatar University, Doha. Earlier, he worked at the American University of Kuwait from 2007 to 2010. He has an M.A. and a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. M.A. and M. Phil. in linguistics from the Department of Linguistics, University of Delhi, India and a B.A. (Hons.) in Arabic and linguistics from the Center for Asian & African Studies (CAAS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

Misbahuddin Mirza [Feb 2016-August 2017]

Misbahuddin Mirza, M.S., P.E., a Senior Engineer with the Structures Division of the New York State Department of Transportation.

Ubaidur Rehman [November 2015-May 2017]

Originally from Hyderabad, Ubaidur Rehman is a US-based IT professional.

Aravind Prasad [June 2016- June 2017]

Dr. Abdul Rehman Nakadar [June 2016- June 2017

Born in Gujarat, Dr. Abdul Rehman Nakadar is a leading cardiologist based in Michigan, USA. He is the founder of American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI), a charity organization working in the area of education for Indian Muslims. He has established Dr. Nakadar Institute of Knowledge in Ahmedabad, India.

Saqib Syed [June 2016-June 2017]

Saqib Syed is an Entrepreneur and a Private Investor focused on building high tech product companies. Saqib currently serves as a Partner and Chief Advisor to Boston Meridian, a boutique investment bank focused on financial/strategic advisory to high tech companies.

Previously Saqib served in various executive positions at CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates) and BMC Software. Recently Saqib was voted as the top 50 influential people in New England by the INDIA New England Newspaper.

Syed Ali Rizvi [June 2016-June 2017]

Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations. Born and raised in Lucknow with schooling at la Martiniere College, Rizvi joined AMU in 1978. Graduated with B.Sc (Hons) chemistry and with an MBA in 1984, a brief stint with the Government and then with Kuwait Airways, I came to USA in 1988. Completed MBA in Corporate Governance & Strategy from New Jersey, in 1991 and during this time, joined Rose Color Inc., in 1989, a dye manufacturing company in Newark, NJ as a trainee and rose to be its EVP and Chief Operating officer in 1993. In 2000, Rizvi acquired SPS Alfachem and Resolv Corporation and formed Healthxcel in 2003.

Mashkoor Hasan [September 2016 - September 2017]:

Mashkoor Hasan is a Partner & Managing Director of RAPID COOL GROUP of Companies based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Company is involved in Contracting, manufacturing & trading of Electromechanical & HVAC Equipment & Services.

An Alumni of Aligarh Muslim University and Mechanical Engineer by profession, Mashkoor hails from Bilgram a town in Uttar Pradesh, known for scholars & intellectuals. He joined Voltas, A Tata Group Company in 1983 and moved to UAE in 1985 and is among founding members of Voltas, in UAE. He served Voltas app 30 years at various positions before starting his own business.

“It is an honor for me to support TCN, as I feel TCN team is selflessly working to highlight and raise issues of minorities and weaker sections, which is missing in mainstream media”

Frequently Asked Questions

Editorial policy?

We do not necessarily agree to everything that you will find on these pages. We publish articles that will look at an issue from many different perspective to empower our informed readers to draw their own conclusion.

We will not publish articles that is racist, sexist or makes baseless allegation against a person or community.

Financial backing

We are helped by many individuals and organizations who support us financially, by resources and time.


We couldn't say it better than these words of James Brow :

I make no claim, therefore, that my account is either comprehensive or objective, let alone that it is the authoritative and definitive account of what happened ... Like all account it is partial, in the twin senses of being both incomplete and one-sided, and that partiality is inescapably mine. Nevertheless, while I cannot avoid imposing myself as a screen between the people ... and the reader, I am consoled by the thought that without my intervention few people would ever hear their voices... at all.

This is not because [they] are incapable of speaking for themselves. Far from it: they are as eloquent as anyone else. But inequalities in the distribution of power, wealth, and the technologies of communication virtually guarantee that, without the intervention of someone like myself, they would be heard only within a very narrow horizon.


We have writers and contributors sitting in different corners of the world and therefore you will find different styles of language in our articles and stories. You will find US, UK, and Indian English on the pages of TwoCircles.net. We make no attempt to make it one standard, it is a reflection of our international readership and writers pool.

Terms of Use

Creative Commons License

All articles and stories written by TwoCircles.net staff and freelancers are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Guiding statements

I belong to two circles of equal size, but which are not concentric. One is India, and the other is the Muslim world.

--- Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

I am a Muslim and profoundly conscious of the fact that I have inherited Islam's glorious tradition of the last fourteen hundred years. I am not prepared to lose even a small part of that legacy. The history and teachings of Islam, its arts and letters, its culture and civilization are part of my wealth and it is my duty to cherish and guard them. But, with all these feelings, I have another equally deep realization, born out of my life's experience which is strengthened and not hindered by the Islamic spirit. I am equally proud of the fact that I am an Indian, an essential part of the indivisible unity of the Indian nationhood, a vital factor in its total makeup, without which this noble edifice will remain incomplete.

--- Maulana Abul Kalam Azad


Occasionally TwoCircles.net ends up in the news. Here are some examples

The Indian Express, Mumbai
For the past few years, a bunch of websites have been addressing issues specific to Muslims and other minority communities, as well as breaking stories that would otherwise go unnoticed in mainstream media.

Boston Desi Connection, Boston
Video interview of the founder of TwoCircles.net, Kashif-ul-Huda

The Peninsula, Qatar

Story profiles TCN founder and mentions the vision:


Mentions TCN as an example of Indian police harassed people using the infamous IT Act http://www.mid-day.com/articles/mumbai-polices-social-media-monitoring-l...


Story mentions a pioneering housing survey that TCN conducted that for the first-time shows how Hindus and Muslims are living separately

The Sunday Guardian

Quotes TCN editor on the impact of modern-communication on young Muslims

Mumbai Mirror
We need to help Muslims who are self-employed

The Hindu

Quotes from a TCN article on if Muslims should meet Modi

The Indian Express

The Good Word

Open Magazine

“Do not let others define you”
The managing editor of TwoCircles.net, an English news website for Indian Muslims, speaks to Open on what makes his website unique.


Parisar: a forum of progressive students

I have found a very good website on issues of Muslim people of india. I think it is a very good effort, since the gap between Muslim and non muslim masses has widened to its extreme in the post 92 period. Here is the link – TwoCircles.net


Dr. Yoginder Sikand

Twocircles.net, the leading Indian Muslim news and features web site.

AnIndianMuslim.com : award winning blog

"Read and Watch Azamgarh Speaks, an extraordinary special series on Twocircles.Net that reveals the various aspects of Azamgarh and Muslims."


Islamic Voice: Monthly magazine from Bangalore

www.twocircles.net Informative Indian Muslim Website

www.twocircles.net is probably the most informative, useful and enlightening Indian Muslim site on the Internet. It covers a host of issues related to the Indian Muslims, including education, culture, politics, history and economics. Subscription is entirely free. All you need to do is fill in your email id in the relevant box in the main page of the website and you can get free daily updates"


Editorial Department NewsDesk@twocircles.net

Executive Editor: Kashif-ul-Huda [kashif@twocircles.net]
Associate Editor: Amit Kumar [amit@twocircles.net]
NewsDesk Editor: Mirsab [mirsab@twocircles.net]
Editor, Dalit section: Valli Karunakaran [valli@twocircles.net]
Editor, Photo: Natisha Mallick [natishamallick@gmail.com]

Waris Ali [Lucknow]
A Mirsab [Maharashtra]
Shafiq Hudawi[ Kerala]
Siddhant Mohan [Varanasi]
Raqib Hameed [Srinagar]
Afroz Alam Sahil [Roving reporter]
Fahmina Hussain [New Delhi]

Reporter emeritus
Rehan Ansari [Mumbai]
Zaidul Haque [Kolkata]
Ismail Khan [Hyderabad]
Mohammad Reyaz [Delhi]
Abdul Gani [Guwahati]
Shaik Zakeer Hussain [Bangalore]

Submission Guidelines

We are a non-profit platform for the marginalized. We write about issues pertaining to Indian Muslims, dalits and tribals, not to mention women/gender and make a conscious effort to cover all such issues neglected by the main stream media.

What are we looking at?
Opinion piece, analytical feature, a news story, book reviews and even a personality-based write-up (about a person doing some great work for the community), we accept all such submissions.
Please ensure the piece is not dated, the write up is coherent and the topic relevant to TwoCircles.net.

Currently we are accepting submissions only in English and Hindi.

Authors/writers are requested to preferably send in previously unpublished works. Only in some cases, we accept previously published works. The decision to accept/reject such works rests solely with the editor.
It may help if it is mentioned that the piece is sent simultaneously to several other news organisations.
The general word length should range between 1,000-1,400 words. In rare cases, it may be a two-part write up if the topic deserves it.
The submission should be accompanied with two lines bio of the author.
Attach a photo related to the content, if not suggest a photo idea to go with it.

No payment:
As mentioned earlier, we are a non-profit. We do not pay for any write up that we carry.
Moreover, we’re licensed under Creative Commons, which enables sharing and re-use of creativity and knowledge through provision of free legal tools.

Where to send?
Submissions should be mailed to newsdesk@twocircles.net

If you have any queries, please write to TCN Editor at kashif@twocircles.net

We read all mails and try to reply to each and every mail. Still if you don’t hear from us, please drop in another mail.