Campaign for Dr. Mohamed Haneef

Released after 25 days in detention

Join the campaign to protest illegal detention of Dr. Haneef by Australian authorities. Protest loud and wide for the Indian doctor who is being held on trumped up charges and denied chance to visit his wife and daughter in his home country even when it is clear that he has nothing to do with terrorism or Glasgow bombing.

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1. Is it a crime to buy and travel on one-way air tickets?
2. Are all relatives of a terrorist are considered terrorists?
3. Dr. Haneef's SIM card was not involved in any terror activity.
4. Why was his wife's visa to Australia canceled?
5. When Dr. Haneef's visa was canceled, why was he not deported?
6. Why Dr. Asif Ali, friend of Dr. Haneef was harassed and why he is not allowed to say what happened to him when he was under detention?


Decision of the Immigration Minister revoking Dr. Haneef's visa: download pdf 2.9mb
Transcript of the interrogation by Australian Federal Police: download pdf 22.7mb

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26 July

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25 July

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24 July

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AFP didn't tamper with my diary: Haneef:

23 July

Haneef 'not a significant focus' of UK inquiry: The Age

Australian police wrote notes in Haneef's diary to grill him: The Times of India.

Haneef's relative yet to receive permission to see him: The Hindu

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Law council calls for Haneef bridging visaThe Australian News.

22 July

Australia may deport Haneef, wife wants charges dropped:

21 July

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20 July

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Contradictions in case against Haneef, but no review of detention: IANS.

Haneef's kin gets visa, India seeks consular access:

Haneef should be treated well, feel Bangalore residents:

19 July

Haneef's SIM was found in Jeep eight hours after Glasgow crash:

Australia seeks bank details of Haneef:

18 July

Extend all facilities to Haneef: Manmohan: The Hindu.

Haneef, in solitary confinement, denies jehad link:

Haneef wife's visa cancelled, says family: The Hindu.

17 July

Haneef family's travails: neigbours offer prayers: The Hindu.

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Stretching dubious laws to the limit: The Canberra Times.

'Harmless' contact with Qld doctor: The Canberra Times.
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16 July

Finding a way to keep Haneef locked up: The Sydney Morning Herald.

Haneef's wife hits out against Aussie Govt; says unfair: The Hindu.

Haneef's visa cancelled: ABC news.

Brisbane court grants bail to Indian doctor: The Hindustan Times.

Docs under scanner have no contacts with UK terror suspects

15 July

Haneef not to be extradited to Britain: official:

14 July
Haneef's wife appeals to PM as he and Sabeel are charged:

Australian police search foreign doctor's house:

Haneef's wife may travel to Australia:

Haneef charged for giving SIM card to Sabeel; will apply for bail:

13 July

Haneef's family hopes for his early release:

Bomb plot suspect Haneef faces 12 more hours of questioning:

Now Haneef faces eviction from apartment:

12 July

Haneef's wife pleads for his release:

Haneef's detention without charge draws flak:

11 July
Haneef phones family, tells them not to

Haneef's detention extended by two days; Aussie minister walks fine line:

Haneef assumed innocent unless proven otherwise: Australia:

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9 July

Haneef's lawyer gets access; overseas doctors decry 'media circus':

7 July
Five Indian doctors released, Haneef not charged yet:

6 July
Terror suspect Haneef cooperating: Indian officials:

Indian doctor petrified, punished for "unfortunate aquintance":

5 July

Police given more time to question Haneef; yet to be charged:

4 July

Family of British terror suspect waits to hear from him:

One Indian doctor being questioned, another released:

Indian doctors held as terror suspects identified:

[ second photo: Mohamed Haneef is taken from the Brisbane police watchhouse last week. Photo by Eddie Safarik, The Age]


i am against the haneef arrest

i am totally against arrest on Dr.Haneef
as a individual i feel its politica;l agenda to spread hatered against the minorities in this country
also its ILLEGAL to arrest a person more such a long time with prior legal notice
i cant understand why Indian's arte silent????

please wake up
Things needs to be SPEAK OUT!!!


It is racial profiling. The

It is racial profiling. The Austrailian government is desparately trying to find pretext to keep Dr. Haneef in Jail even though he got bail. He should be released immediately.

Human Exploitation

Case of Dr Hanif is nothing but racial Human Exploitation on the basis of Religious believe.
if he would be of other religion or a white he would not face such humiliation.But one should not forget that thier is some one who is omnipresent omnipotent and know every thing.
He will punish the wrong.

Stop racist discrimination. Free Haneef now!

Compare the treatment of Haneef compared to an Aussie doctor, a GP from the north Queensland town of Innisfail. Dr John Di Palma found himself in court after police raided his farm and found, to their great astonishment and alarm, a stash of weapons large enough to arm any number of terrorist groups. In a steel bunker with secret wall cavities, a vault and a bushland shed they found more than 50 military-style weapons including four fully automatic assault rifles, two Uzi machine-pistols, shotguns and 100,000 rounds of ammunition — including ammo for an M60 machine-gun — plus silencers and a bullet-proof vest.

But Innisfail District Court judge Sarah Bradley exhibited considerable understanding of the gun-loving doctor when she allowed him to walk on a wholly suspended two-year sentence for having unlicensed firearms and told him that she accepted "that you did grow up in rural Australia and on a farm, and I accept that you have a deep and almost lifelong interest in firearms".

Unfortunately, Dr Haneef is no Aussie; did not grow up in Australia on a farm. So he's in jail with no prospect of justice, while the doctor with an arsenal walks free...!

The arrest of Dr. haneef is

The arrest of Dr. haneef is totally illegal and reflects racial bias.I am confident that they have to release him by all means becasue they lack the proof of his involovement." Khisyanee Billi Khambha Nochey" wali kahawat inper sach utartee hai.Being unable to catch the real culprits and source the net,just to passify their countrymen they are simply harrasing this Doctorand many more innocents like him . Our government must take it very strongly.


Free Dr. Haneef with all honour

With the general elections in Australia is imminent, the course of events around the arrest of Dr. Haneef points out the murkiness of Australian politics. It seems that the arrest has more to do the election, than the terrorism.
Haneef should be released honourably. Australia shouls express regret to India. And Mr. Kevin should submit his papers for his unwarranted action of revoking Haneef's visa.


Dr Haneef is innocent thats clear from the begining.
We also have take into account how many Dr. haneef are being arrested in India as well.
lets raise our voice aginst all these kind of forces in the world ......people are using some specially generated word to destroy muslim and islam like one word is given by our beloved Bush "radical islam".

Dear Muslims Brother & Sis Please include Haneef sb in ur Pray

We pray to almighty Allah inshallah Haneef sb will release from the hand of Kuffar Al- mushrekeen inshallah ( Allah Ke Ghar mein der hai but andher nahein)
Dear Muslims Brother & sister Please please include Hannef sb in ur Dua Please please

Allah unke Ghar walon ko sabr de aur intezar karne ka patience bhi de Inshallah woh zaroor riha Honge Inshallah (Aammen)

Well I think this is really

Well I think this is really a serious cause of concern not only for Indians, but persons allover world. Accepted that all the civilized societies worldwide are facing the never before, at least as far as the dimensions are concerned, phenomenon of protecting the life, the livelihood, the prosperity and the overall wellbeing of their citizens from terrorism but in the guise of doing the same they cannot justify the acts and the omissions on the part of their law enforcing agencies including the prosecutors and persons holding the highest judicial and executive or for that matter even the legislative offices, which undermine the democratic values of the rights enjoined by the human beings and that particularly in light of the fact that these rights have been secured after a very long struggle against the privileged ruling class.

Haneef's detention

What was earlier being done in the name of apartheid is exactly being done nowadays by naming it as Anti-terrorism.this is the starting phase and the next phase is to classify all the muslims as terrorists. It is the poilicies of some prominent nations converting the very educated and civilized indiiduals into self defence and thereby branded as terrorists.

The terrorists should not target the common people and this is a big mistake as teh common people are defence less . If they are angry with some onwe they should target the ones not all the other innocent people. It will be same as the other nations killing innocent iraqis or the afghanis.


Shame and Apology

I am so sorry for what Dr Haneef must have gone through. Who would blame him for leaving Australia never to return? I am a citizen of the UK, NZ and Australia and presently feeling pretty ashamed of the latter. My numerous colleagues share my disgust at the way he has been treated. However, he should take heart that the values and practices deployed by the federal police and the Department of Immigration do not necessarily reflect those of the people of Australia, many of whom were born outside of Australia or have parents who were born outside of Australia (>33% of Australia's population). Most of us don't know the third verse of "our" national anthem. Here it is. Just a wee reminder of what "we" stand for.
For those who've come across the seas
We've boundless plains to share,
With courage let us all combine
To advance Australia fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia fair.
I am sorry Dr Haneef. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

"Dr Haneef Police Interview" comedy sketch

"Dr Haneef Police Interview" comedy sketch