Terrorism has no place in Islamic life

By Dr. Zakir Naik

My work over the past 18 years,using the Glorious Qur’an and teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) has focused mainly on the clarification of important issues, including such topics as; Women’s status and rights, terrorism and the killing of innocent civilians, the profound message of and the route to Peace in Islam, the universal brotherhood based on the oneness of God, among several other topics.

As a student of comparative religion my work has involved engaging in constructive discussion with people of other major faiths, promoting similarities and converging values for a common platform of peace using the commonalities that bind us all together based on the various religious scriptures including the Bible, Vedas, Torah and Glorious Qur’an. These discussions and debates have been hugely successful and have resulted in much progress towards a better understanding of Islam as well as enhanced harmony between people of different beliefs, dispelling fears, suspicions and misunderstandings.

I have spoken out on numerous occasions against all and any acts of terrorism and I have unequivocally condemned such acts of violence; acts including 9/11, 7/7 and 7/11 (serial Train bombing in Mumbai) which are completely and absolutely unjustifiable on any basis.

I believe recent press reports in UK media have given a warped and wholly unjustified impression of my work by portraying me as a “Preacher of Hate’ and “Terror Backer”. I categorically reject as falsehoods any such allegations. These are totally untrue and a misrepresentation of the truth. It appears these sensational headlines have been based on some of my quotes that have been given either without the relevant context or are completely wrong. It is clear from many of my talks, that in Islam, terrorism; the killing of innocent civilians is completely forbidden and as such I have unequivocally stated that no Muslim should be a terrorist.

It appears that some of the quotes have been taken from edited and manipulated excerpts uploaded onto the you-tube website including a talk that I delivered in 1996 in Singapore which was prior to the 9/11 atrocity. I am currently seeking advice from lawyers in the UK on the legal remedy and actions in the light of these reports.

My tour to the UK will be focused on delivering a message of Peace based on Islamic values and bridging the gap of understanding between the major faiths. My visit will include engaging in constructive and positive dialogue between members of different communities and to dispel the misconceptions of Islam. I will be delivering a message of Peace, unity, respect and tolerance for any differences that may prevail. I also understand the sensitivities and current difficult climate prevailing within the West and therefore my tour will also include a clear and concise message to young British Muslims that terrorism and violent extremism, including suicide bombings killing innocent civilians, is totally unacceptable and has no place in Islamic life, based on the Glorious Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

In the Glorious Qur’an it says;

In chapter 5, Verse 32; “That if any one killed a person (whether Muslim or no-Muslim), unless it be for murder or for spreading corruption in the land it would be as if he has killed the whole of humanity”

In chapter 3, verse 64; say: “O people of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you”

I hope to reach out to all youngsters and persons generally who promote confrontation and violence in the name of Islam; to engage in peaceful and constructive discussion with other communities, authorities and government to deal with any issues or grievances they may be fostering. I also hope to reassure the wider British People that my message to British Muslims is one of my integration and service to their country and fellow citizens, based on beautiful faith of Islam which was revealed as a guide to living in this world, for the whole of mankind.

As many of you will know I am due to come to the UK between the 18th to 28th June 2010 with my family and staff to conduct a Peace Conference Tour.

I pray to Allah (swt) that He guides us all to eternal and everlasting Peace and harmony on this earth. Aameen.

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Dr.Naik on Women's Status

Zakir Naik claims that he has clarified important issues such as women's rights. Actually he has brought women's rights right back to the 7th century. While Islam was the first religion to grant rights to women, we behave as if the clock stopped in the 7th century. Other societies may have started the process later but they have long gone past us and now women in such societies can pretty much do whatever their skills and talents permit them to do.

Dr.Naik touts as "modernizing" the fact that in Islam women have souls and can enter Paradise. Such sops are hardly the things that a modern Muslim woman is looking for. He says that a woman is excused from fasting or praying during her menstrual period. This would make today's young woman yawn! He says a woman can work as long as the work is not unlawful (according to which laws?), within the purview of Shariah (as defined by fatwas?), and as long as she maintains her Islamic dress code (burqa? hijab?). Such rules appear benign, but they more or less rule out the best corporate jobs. Thank God most educated young Muslim women ignore such rules.

Those who want to be called

Those who want to be called as muslims have to abide by the laws of the Quran and the teachings of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The clock was not stopped for muslims in 7th century but started in 7th century with the light of Quran and teachings of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) showing world the purpose of life.

Muslim women of today are proud to wear burqa and live in a western society with out any problems.

Dr Naik is an outstanding scholar of our age and it seems some people are afraid of this awesome debating skills and trying to restrict him from preaching Islam through lectures.


You are confused Ghulam Bhai, as I!

It is every individuals right to do whatever he likes under the rule of laws framed by the state, and if he breaks it, he/she will be punished.
But the Islamic laws described in Quran and Sunnahs are binding to every practicing Muslim wheather he/she like it or not.
I don't know what type of Muslim you are?
We educated Muslims don't required any Salafi/Wahabi' professional' like Zakir Naik or Deobandi brand half mast Paijama Mehmood Madni. They must not speak nonsense on each and every matter and issues idiotic Fatwas.
Let people decide their own choice, like Mr.Ghulam!
Who hate and objects Hijab and modesty of Muslim women!!!

Response to Mr.Bootwala

Mr.Bootwala, you make it sound as if all that Islam consists of is our following the laws without any thinking on our part. Please remember that Islam is a religion of commonsense, first and last.

Women's Status

I would like to point out if you are following a religion or following the laws of the country you are living in then you have to follow all the laws if you like them or not. You cannot pick and choose which laws you will follow and which you will not as they do not suit you. If anyone does not understand or accept certain laws in Islam and thinks that Islam puts women down then they can change their faith instead of criticizing the laws set forth by Allah and not be any human being. A person should be confident about their skills so people can look beyond their dress codes in this case a burqa or hijab from women. I understand the modern women will face hardships while wearing hijab but she has prove her worth to the world. Once again by saying most educated women should ignore rules of Hijab, does this mean that there no highly educated women who wear Hijabs or Burqa.




Dr. Naik is a real scholar

Dr. Naik is a real scholar who has profound knowledge of the scriptures. Rich tributes have been paid to his scholarship by eminent non-muslim intellectuals. It seems people are afraid of his knowledge and the influence he makes on masses with his logical presentation.



Well you are against non muslims's rights

You don't support giving non muslims the basic right to practice their religion. So why do you want the privilege to visit a foreign country of non muslims?

London ke liye betaab kyoun ho ?

While Zakir Naik's case is strong as he has been quoted "Out of context", i am apalled at the level of scholarship of the British Foreign Secretary / whoever she is ! Fact of the matter is that the white-man has given up scholarship long back. Their level of awareness is extremely low. Even George Bush II could not name presidents of a few countries.. like he said "The General.. something".. when asked about a head of state !

Why is Dr. Naik so eager to go to Britain ? Though he has every right to.. but the words :"it is a privelege., not a right" is absolutely correct, legally. You can dispute the judgement., and move the courts... but giving Visa to a guest.. or visitor.. is not the job of the courts. It is the job of the Executive Branch of Government.

Zakir should forget London and instead visit Lalitpur., Lalgarh., Lakhimpur Khiri., Latur., and speak .. spread awareness.. encourage muslim boys and girls to study for 10 hours a day.. apply for IIT-JEE., apply for EAMCET., TANCEE., try to build an educational UPSURGE in the muslim youth. This is real work.

London hates Islam and Muslims.. period. And you want to go and convert them. As if they are waiting in their wings to get converted. Get off the white horse., and do some ground work., in India., in the field of education.

Baaten bahut ho chukeen. Unko chaahiye ke koi solid kaak maren.. Rs. 30 crore arrange karen.. aur ek badiya Higher Secondary School daalen.. for Muslim kids teaching CBSE curriculum.

Then why does NAIK convince the AFPAK MUSLIMS????

Then why does NAIK convince the AFPAK MUSLIMS That Terrorism has no place in ISLAM?? MUSLIMS are massacring MUSLIMS in a country which has 98% Muslims- Muslims who had long ties with India. Why is he insisting on going to BRITON which has much lesser problems of Terrorism than AFPAK?? AFPAK is in the immediate vicinity of India and the PAKI MUSLIMS were "Indian Muslims" till 14-8-1947. So ZAKIR NAIK should commence by assisting PAKI MUSLIMS quell the terrorism in their country especially as the violence in Pak is impacting India too.

Virginity is an outdated concept

Mr. Zakir Naik gets very personal. Do you like your daughter to have group sex with 4 boyfriends. He immediately hurts your ego. You are startled. But the fact of the matter is that we humans are aN evolving race. Nothing is permanent. We are all growing. 50 yrs back they would show flowers in black and white movies, now there is a lip-lock. We accept it., and watch it with our families. 20-30 yrs hence India would have its own fabulous porn-movie industry. We will make our own porn movies. As regards sex., yes., my son will have sex too in school and college., and so will my daugher. The concept of "Virginity"., husband breaking the "seal" on the 1st nite (golden nite)., will be flushed down the gutter. Kids will learn to share their bodies with their friends., as they grow up. Only then they will have healthy sex lives. They will be normal., and like normal species., they will have sex-partners. Sex is NOT evil or bad. But since it results in "child birth"., (reaction to the act)., it has acquired a monumental burden. In France., 70% couples are NOT marrying. Marriage as an institution will die., as we have more live-in partners living together and making babies (1 or 2., due to inflation). Sex as a "hand-shake"., or introduction will gain currency., but people will NOT produce babies. Sex and "baby-making" will be separated as more advanced contraceptive techniques., condoms., pills., medicines become available. Our youngsters will have sex 7 nites a week for years., and yet will have no babies.

So., it is time., we accept the changing times., and move with the times. We cannot ride camels and donkeys in the age of BMW.

Do you like your daughter to be F***ed by 4 boyfriends.. Mr. Zakir Naik would ask directly... Well if the 4 boys and the girls enjoy the group fun... why not ? Leave it to them., Mr. Naik. Parents do not OWN children. Give them their freedom.

Muslims world-wide are a dead-body race., because FREEDOM is not an option in any muslim society today. They must have the FREEDOM to move around NAKED. Learn to accept divergence of opinion. The age of moral policing (Saudi Style) will sniff the life out of Islam. When people are programmed as "robots", how can they innovate. How can they produce goods. At best they will be "traders" (like arabs., the trading race)., and have mall-economy(ies).

Import everything. Open cartons. Display goods. Sell goods. Bas.

Dr. Naik and Salafism

Dr.Naik has clearly eplained that terrorism has no place in Islamic life. Similarly, he should also state that Salafism is not the only right school of thought in Islam but also other schools of thought may be. Let him not expose the interior details and create controversies, so that all muslims support him.


You are very much right brother Khalilullah.
I am deadly against of Dr.Naik's Salafi brand of Islam, in which he is abusing Imam Hussain and praising Yazeed. he even accusing Khawaja moinuddin Chisti RA.
Even though I am in support of him in the large interest of Ummah.
Really he is the valueable asset for we ignorant Muslim worldwide in today's word context.

Dr. Naik is the standard bearer of Humanity

As a preacher of Humanity, tolerance and coexistence in pluralistic society Mr. Zakir Naik can take initiative to pay a visit to Britain. There are a record number of Muslims in Britain. He is a scholar of comparative study of religions. Usually in his lectures he endeavors to refute the wrong notions attributed to Islam in historical method and rational way. We think that Britain has been exercising practice of rights for freedom of speech for long. Why does the Gov. of Britain afraid of him and is showing apathy for issuance of visa. It is a challenge to the democratic culture.If the Government disagree with the views expressed by Dr. Zakir, they can easily clarify these from their own point of view.

Hats off to Dr. Naik

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living fame, in a joint progam with Dr. Naik, appreciated the speeches of Dr. Naik in Bangalore years back. In India, people watch Dr. Naik's T.V. programmes in millions, and they have never had any problem. Only those who believe in hatred and violence would disagree with Dr. Naik Saheb.

And who can deny that the good thoughts and speeches can't be confined to a geographical area, but for the whole mankind. Gone are the days when a religion used to be confined and limited to specific caste/region.

You know the reason why UK banned on Dr.Zakir?

You know the reason why UK banned on Dr.Zakir?
Dr.Zakir speaks with quotation and so many peoples in UK had converted by reality of ISLAM and they don't want this to happen.
The reality is that Quran is a miracle of GOD and it affects the audience and readers. Dr.Naik speaks in the light of Quran which affect the peoples and they comes in religion of peace.
I am requesting to all the peoples, please read the Quran, if you are reading complete Quran in your mother tongue then InshaAllah it will change your life also.

Indian Muslims are fans of Britain

I wonder why a tiny Protestant country like England which has banned Zakir Naik caused so much grief to Muslims.

Here you understand the love hate relationship Islam has with the West. Muslims love the freedom and comfort and democracy the West accords them BUT ironically they are against these values and actively try to sabotage the value systems the West is built upon and stands upon.

Talk about hypocrisy and ungratefulness and there you have a Muslim who is willing to backstab his host nation whether Britain or India for the sake of an ancient set of laws called Shariah which allow stoning of adulterers but need 4 witnesses to prove rape of a woman. Shariah democracy stands for One man, one hand and four wives. Amen.

I think you haven't provided

I think you haven't provided Zakir Naik's statement on homosexuals, women rights (he said beating women lightly is okay) and status of other religions in islamic countries.