Rebuilding of Akbarabadi Mosque on wrong premises

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: The haste shown by Delhi Muslims and Member of Delhi Legislative Assembly, Mr. Shoaib Iqbal of the locality, in claiming and rebuilding the 17th century Akbarabadi Mosque on the site where its remains were found during excavation by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in early July 2012, was utterly nonsense. The Delhi High Court rightly acted fast and ordered its demolition – for maintaining peace and nipping plethora of disputes in the bud.

The Akbarabadi Masjid was built in 1650 A.D. by Bibi Akbarabadi, the wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. But it was demolished by the British government after the first war of Indian independence in 1857.

Photo: The Sunday Indian

The DMRC earlier this month was digging beneath Subhash Park at stone’s throw from Shahjahani Jama Masjid for construction of an underground railway track and station of Delhi Metro. During the digging, some remains of the demolished mosque were found by labors. The news spread and the locals identified it as the remains of the Akbarabadi Mosque.

As the remains were found beneath the Subhash Park, which is a government property, a sensible approach should have been to approach the government with a request to give the site for reconstruction of the lost mosque. But it seems it was not done. First local Muslims started offering prayer at the site. Two Friday prayers were offered where several hundred Muslims attended, and then one day they started reconstruction of the mosque on their own. The act was simply illegal.

Even if it is true the mosque was standing at the same site for about 200 years until it was demolished in 1857, there is no point in reclaiming the site by the Muslims after finding remains and starting reconstruction. Will any one of us apply this in their own case?

Rapid Action Force personnel deployed to prevent any untoward incident around Akbarabadi Mosque site: Photo- The Hindu

For example, I have a three-room house at a small piece of land in Bihar. My father purchased the piece from a Hindu landlord well 25 years ago. It was unused, plain piece of land. I do not know what lies beneath my house. If today excavation begins beneath my house and suppose remains of a mosque or temple are found, will I allow rebuilding of the mosque or temple? Never. I repeat, Never. I think if the same happens with Shoaib Iqbal or any Muslim or Hindu, they too won’t allow.

This is the same premise on which Muslims have challenged the claim of Ram’s birthplace at the site of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, and still fighting the case in court. They show land deeds that is in favor of the 16th century mosque and reject any claim on the basis of any excavation false or true.

Similarly more than 150 years have passed since the fall of Akbarabadi mosque and maybe after changing several hands, the site is now a government of India property on which Muslims have never claimed reconstruction of the lost mosque. There are thousands of mosques and temples lying beneath the surface of the land across the country. What about them? Will you reclaim all and rebuild them if their remains are found during excavation some day?

Who knows what lies beneath the majestic Jama Masjid of Delhi or Akshardham Temple? Should we start excavation? Never. I repeat, Never.


on akbarbadi masjid

we know dat we r living in hindu no need to wait for judgement;just we all muslim of dis country make our group for constructing the akbarbadi masjid.

U r rit imran and i m always

U r rit imran and i m always with my truth bro.

But, I have seen a map

But, I have seen a map prepared by British Army of 8th June 1857, the day when British Army reached at Delhi (Near Baadaa Hindu Rao Hospital) from Jiind (Haryana).

In this map there is no mosque, it is an empty ground.

The question is before 1857 it was the total Mughal or Islamic there is not a chance to demolishe a masque in islamic period.

Shoaib Iqbal and his goons are not saying/ working for truth....Not at all.

Akbarabadi Mosque

A very sensibe piece by Falahi. Congrats.

Akbarabadi Masjid

The author's views are inconsistent with the views of the High Court of Delhi and the State Government of Delhi's Chief which want the ASI to ascertain if the remains are of Akbarabadi Masjid.The author himself admits he does not know if the land in which his house is situated if there are the remains of Masjid or Temple underneath it.But the Muslims and even Government knows that during 1857 Akbarabadi Masjid was at this site,previously known as Edward Park and now as Subash Park,until it was demolished by the British.The Ward Committee of North Municipal Corporation of Delhi passed the Resolution initiated by its Member,Sh. Rakesh Kumar (SC),that MCD should transfer the site,under section 200 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act,to Akbarabadi Restoration and Rebuilding Committee headed by Matia Mahal Assembly MLA Shoaib Iqbal.


Falahi is onr hundred per cent right. We has no business, first, to start praying there.If, indeed, Shoaib Iqbal started construction of the mosque it was a criminal act.But for the quick action of the High court it would have balooned into a major communal conflagration which could have done great damage to Muslims.

Senseless view...

This time it is not issue of building a masjid or temple. It is act of restoration of our nation's pride... The Akbarabadi Masjid was not demolished because Muslims prayed their but for tht Muslims after 1857 started using it as a center to work against the British. So instead of raising question on ASI which is been saffronised and not investigating the place of existance of the Masji. Mumtaz is supporting thier views. Till now it has not been confirmed where was the Masjic stood by ASI. I dont know how Mumtaz has return tht it was re-built in a wrong place. We can critize MLa shiob hastiness but not the issue. So i request TCN not go stand in the same line the so called main stream media is standing....

Foolish..... TCN India's Anti Muslim News

Dear Mumtaz,

Who knows what lies beneath the majestic Jama Masjid of Delhi or Akshardham Temple? Should we start excavation? Never. I repeat, Never.
Whats this are writing article or giving speech.....

Respect the sacrifices of Indian Muslims have given for independence. A Masjid should be rebuilt and it would be witness of Muslims participation in Freedom struggle...

Good TCN

Bharat mata ki Jai. We will not allow the masjid to exist. See even muslim portal is telling the truth. demolish it

I heard a story that a Muslim

I heard a story that a Muslim Officer used to favour Muslims in recruitments during British Period, In one interview he asked the canditate the all three forms of Good the candidate replied Good Gooder Goodest and he was selected by the Muslim Officer on objection by british officer the Muslim officer replied He is principally right.Thus the officer for justifying himself right took the theory of principle,
Mr falahi may be principally right and may have a view of radical islamic organization Jamate Islami to please their non muslim brothers and appease them.But the principal of Mr Falahi residence or any other residence can not applied on the land of subhash Park since first it is proved that there were a mosque demolished by britshers against the Muslim Freedom Fighter.The park has no building now and when govt start digging the remains of mosques found. now it is responcibilty of Govt to give the land to muslims for the construction of mosque and govt can make railway station under the mosque also.

Brother you are a bit right ..

Dear Anonymous .. you seems to be right among all the responses on this column. It is up to the Govt to decide whether to let a Mosque constructed there or not. Really it is not a big deal if one more mosque get constructed in the country and that too when it is of such a historical importance. Drawing of the metro can be changed to suite the mosque also ... however taking the loaw nto the hands and creating tensions by so called leaders of the community is not wiser... Have faith in Govt. and try to convince the Govt. by system not by force ..

My View

i am totally disappointed by reading the views of Mumtaz Alam.
i just wanna say a simple thing that,, discovery of remains of Akbarabadi Masjid is a Slap on the face of those people of India who demolished Babari Masjid.
you kaafirs,, see,, u people demolished the masjid becoz of a Imaginary Personlaity (Ram), God has shown you another Evidence..

This is not just a mosque but

This is not just a mosque but it is the symbol of the freedom struggle done by muslims during the 1857 uprising which is not found anywhere in the history that is being taught to us in schools in India. It is hardly a surprise that the anti muslims and communal majority sitting in the Govt and NDMC have taken control and are now demolishing whatever the concerned local muslims constructed there. They will do everything in their power to suppress the sacrifice and struggle that was done by the Muslims for the freedom of our country.

Utter nonsence ...

Dear Brother it is an utter nonsence Two Circles.Net has been successfully injecting in the nerves of the Muslims. Muslims of the country blieve and would like to live in this ignoance that the whole Indians (sorry except the communal Muslims) are plotting against Islam in the country .. of course even in the World. It is the main reason which is causing a sence of insecurity in your minds .. common man grow up .. if you start seeing friends in others (not just in your narrow minded community) .. you will be befriended by ither too .. please grow up .. do not wait for the Qayamat to come for this also ..

Secularism is Kufr

According to Islamic Shariah and all the major fiqh books ... Once a masjid is always a masjid until the day of judgement, its the property of Allah ie waqf. No person has the right to sell or purchase that place. Even if all muslims agree to give up their claim the status of masjid will persist forever.
The writer who belongs to the Jamate Islami (read... ghair Islami) is a bunch of Hindu appeasement team and apologetic of being muslims. Now they are into politics by lauching Welfare party and they need votes from hindus too. Now they have nothing to do with Islam their deen is Secularism. How will you face Allah on the day of judgement?

Muslims have to set their priorities

Appreciate ur citing of the Basic Islamic Guidelines regarding the ruling of a Masjid. Jazakallah. It is a shame that people like Mr Mumtaz Falahi are unaware or purposely undermine Islamic values. Are you insane? Comparing Allah's property with personal property! Is that what is taught in JamiatulFalaah? We have to decide our priorities:

Pleasing Allah alone OR Appeasement of non-muslims.
Pure Islam OR Ganaga-Jamuna Secularism
Akhirat OR Worldly gains
Imaan OR Kufr (includes secularism)
Heaven OR Hell

It is Clear-cut. Both can't go together, choice has to be made.
The former is surrounded by hardships in this life.
Decide now.

You will never change ...

You are the real Muslim dear brother ... and you will never change ...

akabarabadi masjid

All Muslims ,
have to say something about it's matter in a book written by sir sayyed ahmed khan has picture of akbarabadi masjid and according him this building demolished by British govt. For put through down the 1857 uprising.
And remember as a history that's a big not biggest proof of Muslim support in freedom of India so we have do something for rebuilt same building structure of masjid akbarabadi for our proud and history and also our secularism as we learnt in schools.

Falah should be demolished

If Mumtaz Alam is from Falaah then Jamiatul Falah should be immediately demolished.

Nonsense.... I hate two circle...

DO you the history why was Akbarabadi mosques demolished for the sake of nation and thr are clear recorns of a park named edward (now subash) was buit in place of the mosque. How can u be muslim or indian mumtaz? because once a mosque its mosque and it was demolished as part of oppression on the freedom figthers....

Publicity stunt by TCN...

Publicity stunt by TCN... Two circle is no more credible media

Akbarabadi Masjid

Hi... Mumtaz Alam Falahi... I have a doubt... Are you really a Muslim or you are just called by a Muslim name?

I am a Pakistani man, and I

I am a Pakistani man, and I believe that the education & respect should be for all. It is good to erect new religious buildings (Akbarabadi mosque). But it is bad to demolish old ones (Babri mosque).

Hindus must know that their many religious places are also in Pakistan, though hindus are a very small minority. Like Katas temple. But we never demolished it. Our previous chief justice was a Hindu, though we are an Islamic republic, not secular. Hence, proved that India is a heap of dung.

PRADATORED" and yet...................................

It is a joke that Pakis who are getting PRADATORED and blasted every day and is treated like S**T by USA is calling India DUNG. India has had Presidents, Cabinet Ministers and Chief Justice who were MUSLIMS unlike Pakis who has banned non-MUSLIMS from holding constitutional post like PM, President etc. ----------------------- However if PAKIS still feel that India is a "heap of dung" please feel free to take the balance Indian Muslims also to Pakistan. OR at the very least allow the BANGLADESHI MUSLIMS who supported PAKI ARMY during 1971 war and are living in REFUGEE CAMPS from 1971 to date to come to Pak.

Muslims sacrificed Akbarabadi

Muslims sacrificed Akbarabadi Mosque during freedom stuggle.Now this historic mosque be rebuilt as a witness of that great sacrifice.Every Indian,irrespective of religious faith,should pay respect to Akbarabadi mosque as we do to our freedom fighters.