Muslim ‘Terrorists’ Manufactured by the Media

By Yoginder Sikand,

It is not just the ‘loony’ ‘vernacular’ media, as many are given to believe, but even the ‘respectable’, ‘mainstream’, ‘national’ English-language press in India that have sedulously cultivated the notion of ‘Islamic terrorism,’ so much so that the image of Muslims in general being either terrorists or their sympathizers enjoys wide currency today. While it is true that some of the most dastardly terror attacks that India has witnessed in recent years have been the handiwork of some Muslims—and this is something that the vast majority of the Indian Muslims themselves deplore—it is also undeniable that Muslims have been unfairly blamed for many other attacks or alleged ‘terror plots’ by the police as well as the media in which they have had no role to play at all. Many Muslims—and others, too—believe that these false allegations are not innocent errors, but can be said to represent a deliberate and concerted effort to defame and demonise an entire community and the religion with which it is associated.

That, precisely, is what a recently-released report, brought out by a team of secular, leftist non-Muslim activists from Karnataka argues. Titled ‘Media on Terror’, and issued by the activist group ‘Column 9’ [so named, the report says, because in a standard newspaper of eight columns, issues and perspectives that deserve a column of their own generally go missing), it is a detailed examination of the coverage and projection of ‘terrorism’ in the state of Karnataka. It is based on an analysis of the reporting of ‘terrorism’ in the Bangalore editions of leading Kannada and English newspapers over several months in 2008, supplemented with in-depth interviews with journalists, stringers and police officials in Honnali, Davangere, Hubli, Kalghatgi and Bangalore—places where, the media had reported, ‘terrorists’—all of them incidentally Muslims—had been apprehended. This was a period when the media was awash with stories of Muslim ‘terrorists’ allegedly plotting to ‘take over’ the whole of Karnataka.

A striking finding of the report is that the media in Karnataka, both Kannada and English, ‘dangerously seemed to pronounce judgments on those arrested, much before the due process of law was played out’. In fact, the report says, there was ‘no material basis to most of the news reports’. The tone of their reporting was sharply ‘jingoistic’, and ‘none of the standards’ expected of professional journalism ‘seemed to be in evidence’. Alleged terrorists—in many cases innocent Muslim youths arbitrarily picked up by the police—were subjected to ‘media trials’ based simply on unsubstantiated police claims. The report speaks of ‘the blurring of lines between police officials and investigative journalists, who seemed to pre-empt “official” investigation.’ The language and rhetoric used in the reporting reflected, the report says, an obvious and deep-rooted bias against Muslims, and a deliberate effort to create a sense of siege among Hindus.

Scores of sensational stories of Muslims being picked up for being ‘suspected’ terrorists published in the Karnataka media were based on information allegedly received from what were routinely called ‘highly placed police officials’ or ‘intelligence bureau officials’. Predictably, the report says, the names of these police or investigating officials were not provided, which meant that these stories—many of which were patently fabricated—could not be substantiated by these officials. In numerous instances, the reports were based on ‘news’ wholly manufactured by reporters and stringers, as evidenced from the denials that emerged from the police officials themselves a day after these reports were published, which many papers chose to ignore. In almost all such cases, the newspapers did not bother to issue an apology despite irrefutable confirmation of their falsity. In most instances where the stories about alleged Muslim terrorists were based on information supplied by the police, journalists simply asked no questions at all as to the process of investigation that took place within the police stations despite it being common knowledge that torture is widely used by the police in such cases to extract information or else to force detainees to admit to crimes that they have had no hand in. Consequently, the arrested Muslims were uncritically presented in the media as ‘hardcore Islamist terrorists’, even without the courts having made their judgments. By presenting no version other than that of the police, the report remarks, the ‘investigative’ aspect of journalism in Karnataka on the matter of alleged Muslim involvement in ‘terrorism’ has in fact been reduced to what it calls ‘stenographic reporting’. The report adds that the few journalists who tried to balance the stories with the other views about reported incidents about Muslim ‘terrorism’ or foiled ‘terrorist plots’ rarely found space in the newspapers.

In this regard, it is significant to note that, as the report says, it was mainly at the lower-rungs of the police that journalists depended for their ‘stories’ (often, for a price it suggests). The journalists interviewed by the team that commissioned the report confirmed that to sustain their relations with police constables they needed to ‘keep them happy’ and desist from ‘undertaking any steps to antagonize them’. This, the report points out, greatly affected the credibility of their reports since they assumed the police version as valid and often failed to critique or to ask any questions about that version. The report adds:

‘Across the board, journalists specifically mentioned lower rung police officials, including constables and head constables within the concerned police stations, as sources of information. The journalists’ access to these police officials was determined entirely on the basis of their personal rapport and connections staked out within the police stations. It was fairly obvious that the journalists nurtured these relationships with the officials very carefully since the relationships were the base for a potential “exclusive” story”[…] Despite the team’s repeated questions seeking names of police officials who acted as sources of information, not a single reporter was willing to share these details.’

Another alarming finding of the report was the arbitrary branding by both the police and the media of literature and CDs allegedly seized by the police from the Muslims who had been arrested as ‘jihadi materials’. These were presented as ‘proof’ of those arrested as being behind acts of terror or even as would-be terrorists. In many cases, the police officials simply refused to share the material with journalists, at most showing them only photos of the covers of books seized from the arrested Muslims. Amazingly, the report relates, according to the journalists they interviewed, ‘evidence of the books indeed being jihadi materials lay in the fact that most were books written in Urdu.’ In one location where alleged Muslim terrorists had been arrested and so-called jihadi material recovered from them, journalists interviewed by the team mentioned that the police had produced a panel of Urdu experts at a press briefing to confirm that the seized materials were indeed ‘jihadi’. Strikingly, none of the journalists had any clue about the identity of these so-called Urdu ‘experts’. A journalist in Honnali spoke about a particular CD that was seized by the police from an arrested Muslim, whom the police and the media had alleged was a ‘terrorist’. Far from being incendiary material, as was alleged, the CD, it turned out, was actually about an orphanage. Another journalist provided the team that had prepared the report a photograph taken on a mobile phone, where they could read the titles of two books since they were printed in English—one of these was ‘The Spirit of Islam’ and the other was the ‘Holy Quran’, books that, needless to say, are not proscribed and are readily available in the market. In this regard, the report rightly asks, ‘How can possession of the Holy Koran be presented as proof that the people owning them are suspected terrorists? Why weren’t any questions or objections raised about this new tendency of the Indian police who chose to present the possession of the Holy Koran as proof of possible terrorism?’. Thus, the report argues, ‘It was very clear that the journalists had labeled books and other seized materials primarily on the basis of their interactions with the police and, to some extent, on the basis of internalized personal prejudice’.

Yet another striking finding of the report is that not a single journalist whom the team met and who had reported on the arrest of alleged Muslim terrorists had received clear instructions or editorial guidelines pertaining to coverage of sensitive issues such as terrorism from their respective editorial chiefs. Many journalists spoke of the pressure to meet the evening deadlines for daily reports, and so, they admitted, there were several occasions when they did not have the time to verify the claims of police officials in cases of real or alleged terrorist attacks or plots, and merely carried police version without cross-checking. Equally distressingly, the report unveiled, reporters located in regions that usually received no print space or attention in the press found themselves catapulted to attention through the sensationalist, and often false, reports that they filed during the time of the arrests’ and got front page coverage. The reporters also mentioned the pressure exerted on them by the state bureau chiefs to file reports that were “exclusive” to the organisation. This conduced, the report says, to sensationalism and even to the fabrication of reports. As the report puts it, ‘In the consequent one-upmanship created by the pressure to perform within the confines of a profit-driven industry, the journalists admitted to several compromises on the articles’ authenticity and their contents.’ Some journalists interviewed unanimously admitted that the reports they had filed were intentionally sensationalist in nature. According to them, what was of paramount importance was for them to ‘prove’ that the arrested persons were in fact guilty, that they were in fact members of ‘Islamist terrorist’ organisations, even much before the courts were given the chance to lay down their verdicts. Sadly, as the report says, these reporters saw their ‘sensationalist reporting’, not as a crime, but, rather, as ‘a service that they were rendering to the nation’—they claimed that in this way they were exposing ‘hardened criminals’ and potential terrorists who were capable of inflicting much harm to society.

One of the persons interviewed by the team, the reporter for the Kannada Prabha in Hubli, openly admitted that ‘60% of the reports that he had filed were false and inaccurate’. Similarly, the Hubli reporter for the Times of India admitted to using a photograph of an unrelated dargah with his report about an alleged Muslim terrorist camp, and and falsely described the flag near the dargah as a Pakistani one. In fact, it so turned out, the correspondent himself had never been to the location. In an incident in coastal Karnataka, after two Muslim men were paraded naked and brutally assaulted in public by Hindu Yuva Sena activists for transporting cows, a Muslim protest rally was taken out in Udipi. Kannada papers falsely alleged that the demonstrators had unfurled a Pakistani flag and raised pro-Pakistan slogans and, without any evidence, accused them of being linked to Al-Qaeda and the Lashkar-e Tayyeba. Although the police denied these claims, the papers pressed on with their accusations. In another bizarre case, a Muslim man from Bangalore associated with the Muslim IT Association was wrongly accused by the Times of India of being linked to a terrorist organization. Despite these blatant falsehoods, the report notes with distress, in the overwhelming majority of cases the newspapers did not issue any apologies or acknowledge their (possibly deliberate) errors.

The team also met with senior police officials in Bangalore and Davangere. It found that ‘they appeared to be less concerned and engaged with the prevention of biased media reporting and introspection into the role of the police.’ They argued that it was not the responsibility of the police to challenge inaccurate reports filed by journalists, and that this was also time-consuming. The SP of Davangere, the report says, ‘readily acknowledged the leakage of information to the press through the lower rung officials though they were expressly forbidden from doing so.’ She admitted its continuance despite the issuing of a whip asking all police officials below the rank of SP to refrain from interactions with journalists, and suggested that journalists should depend on official press communiqués released by SPs.

Among the many cases of false framing of Muslims as ‘terrorists’ in Karnataka that the report highlights, one deserves special mention to indicate the deep-rootedness of anti-Muslim prejudices in the state machinery, particularly since the BJP emerged as such a powerful force in Karnataka. The team met with judicial officer Jinaralkar at the judicial magistrate’s first class court at Honnali, where two Muslim youths, Abdullah and Nasir, had been arrested on grounds of allegedly being terrorists. Jinaralkar defended his awarding of the two to police custody, although they were initially arrested and presented as bike thieves, a decision the media highlighted and lauded, crediting the judge with foresight in identifying the arrested duo as ‘suspected terrorists’. The judge explained his decision by stating that the material seized from them when they were arrested indicated that they might in fact have been terrorists, rather than bike-robbers as was initially claimed: duplicate identity cards, a dagger, a map of south India with red marks against Udupi and Goa, an American dollar, two pieces of paper, with the phrase written on one and ‘Jungle King Behind Back Me’ on another.

The judge told the team, ‘When I looked at these materials in their entirety, several things were clear to me. I felt that these were definitely not just bike thieves—why would bike thieves carry around duplicate identity cards and a map of south India? The fact that they had an American dollar seemed to indicate their international links, while the paper with indicated that they were tech-savvy […] Definitely enough grounds in my opinion to grant the police their custody to facilitate their further investigations’ .

The report indicates that journalists in Karnataka (and this probably holds true for the rest of the country) typically see terrorism as a specifically Muslim phenomenon, and do not even consider the possibility of Hindu ‘terrorists’, although, as the report points out, in Karnataka today, particularly with the rise of the BJP, scores of incidents of terror against Muslims (as well as Dalits) by Hindu groups have been recorded. Predictably, the media does not describe these as instances of ‘Hindu terrorism’. This points to what the report terms as the dangerously marked ‘internalisation of Hindu nationalism’ by media professionals in Karnataka, and the projection by the media of the Hindutva lobby as the presumed ‘sole representative’ of the Hindus.

‘Media on Terror’ can be procured from Column Nine, No. 51, 29th Cross, 9th Main, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560070. Price: Rs. 25.


liberal muslims

my request is to investigate the reasons why not more (liberal) Muslims, who do not agree with the doings of the fundamentalists, show protest against them, through open protests, articles in media as well as through cultural performances emphasizing disagreements with the islam presented by the jihadis.roopa

Who issued fatwa condemning the terrorist activities?

Ms. Roopa, May be you are sleeping, or pretending to be so. May be you doesn’t read the news daily. Who issued fatwa condemning the terrorist activities from Deoband. In Delhi also Muslim Ulema issued fatwa against such activities, for what purpose the learned ones from the Muslim community assembled in Hyderabad at end of the last year? In which swamis from the Hindu community also participate. How often do we ask Hindus to condemn violence against Christians? Terrorists are terrorists. There are no Muslim terrorists, Hindu terrorists or Christian terrorists. This is a term that was coined by US, for their own reasons. Why IRA terrorists are not called Christian terrorists? What would you call LTTE terrorists? Why only Muslim leaders should be required to condemn perpetrators of violence. We as a society must realise two things. Number one...Please do not assign religion to terrorists...they are criminals and need to be treated as such. Secondly let us not jump to conclusions. If police takes years to arrest terrorists, how can we in seconds confirm that arrested individuals are terrorists? Emotional knee jerk reactions will not help in curbing criminal activities. It is too serious an issue to be treated so trivially.

muslim terrorists manufactiured by the media - Yoginder Sikant

I have admired Yoginder's impartial analysis and observations ; especially his prodding of the North indian muslim associations to learn from the Kerala muslim development and involvement programs; his emphasis on education, self improvement etc.

However, in this article, while most or all of what he says may be true; he misses the forest from the trees.
He does admit taht most of the heinous acts of terrorism in India were conducted by muslims. However, I do not think it is a fair statement when he says "vast majority of Indian muslims deplore this". They my be silently deploring in their minds however, until the Mumbai 11/26 attacks and when the respected maulavi was killed in Pakistan few months ago by Muslim terrorists, Indian Muslims have not openly come against terrorism.

I do agree newspapers sometimes or always get ahead of the story, sensationalize, innocent people have been arrested, etc.

We have to view all these from the Indian, its neighbor's, and the global environment we are in now. Islamic terriorism is now a world-wide phenomenon. In fact, it has become a "brand name" thanks to a section of muslims who are nihilists, who calls themselves jihadists, and who bring destruction and violence throught the world. Muslims are viewed with suspicion all over the west. So, when bombs blow up in US, UK, Spain, Indonesia, Sudan, Somalia, PAkistan, India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia(the list goes on) and all these are committed by muslims (athough a minor segment), this becomes Islamic terrorism, sepaarte from a localized terrorism like LTEE, Basque separatism etc. 9/11, WTC bombing, Pentagon bombing, UK Rail bombing, etc have etched in people's minds perceptions about ISlam and about Islamic terrorism. A "blown up" reporting or no print reporting is going to change that perception. The image is well set in a casul observer's mind through the horrific terrorist act scenes , coupled with women walking completely covered without anything visisble, zilch, in kabul and other palces, with the madrasa scenes of young Muslim boys shaking theitr heads while reading Quran. A newspaper coverage or lack of it is going to change these perceptions.

The only way to change the current perception is by not performing terrorist acts. Otherwise, we can put any theoretical reasonings and argue until the cow comes home; as long as Pakistan and Afghanistan brews like this, and as long
as Indian and western and Bali and Pakistan etc targets are constantly besieged by these guys who do not care about anybody (including Islam), Muslism will be perceived as terrorists. Obviously eradication of these acts will atke time and persuation among the believers. One thing they should have done, and should do in future is the unequivocal criticism of terrorist acts - no ifs and buts, no quasi justifiaction like "they did it because they are poor or disadvantaged etc.. Poor and diadvantaged people belonging to other
sects and in other parts of the world do not go knocking down and killing innocent people.

Yoginder rightfully indicated that some of these reporting is done to create a "sense of siege" among Hindus. As one who has travelled all over the world, let me tell you -- there is nothing crueler than the majority group feeling worse than the minority group. If Hindus are nmade feel that way, nobody will be safe - neither Muslims nor Hindus nor others like me. Many miuslim leaders, through their constant harping of " we do not have this, we do not have that, we are xx% but we have only YY doctors" etc is inching the majority every day to this siege situation.

It is unfortunate that innocents do get caught in these. Newspapers will publish anything to sell more of their papers. These things cannnot be legislated. Hopefully wisdom and self control will prevail.

Islam is under siege. A cancer has taken over; and that cancer is vividly on display in the land of the pure. Muslims are killing muslims there (and in Somalia, Saudi, Sudan, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran.........). Pakistan, instead of having world classs universities, have now world class terrorist training centers.
This cancer can be removed only by thinking, moderate Muslims who I believe is the majority of Muslims, nipping these "my way or no way, go to 650 AD" prevalent thought in various Islamic countries we are witnessing.

Life is not fair. There is no meaning in comparison of one terrorist act (say Maosit separation in the northeast, or a Malegon Hindu terrorisrt act in Maharashtra) to a Hyderabad Muslim terrorist actt and compare and contarst press coverafe, case proceedings et. One may win the logical argiument and can feel good, but the abttle is lost.

It is very difficult for me to believe what motivates a Kannur muslim boy (in fact many of them from Kannur) to go for terrorist training in Pakistan, and get involved in terrorist acts in kerala and KAshmir and many other places. A significant part of wealth and property in KAnnur is owned by Muslims; as in the north India, there are no Msulim ghettos, most of them live ttogetehr in intermingled communities; and yet many were caught for terrorist activities. I cannot understand how a Muslim engineer from Bnaglore, whose boyth parents are doctors and who owns a hospital in Bangalore, go to UK for studies and then become a terrorist and bomb an aitport in Scotland..So, we know it is not poverty, or lack of educational opportunities etc as the leftists and Msulim leaders would say. If these are to demonstrate solidarity with fellow Muslism thousands of miles away in other countries; no modern state can allow that; muslim maulavis will have to show a path of reconciliation instead of promoting hatred.

Taliban cut the fingers of many who voted in Afghanistan in the last weeks election. A public flocking is scheduled in Kulalampur for a muslim woman who drank beer in public. I have nnot heard any Muslim leader criticizing or ridiculing these things.

The Islamic terrorists have made things worse for everybody; just look at thee nxperience Shah Ruh Khan had in US recently. Anybody could breeze through US airports before 9/11. Now it is a nightmare for people with Muslim names. Yes, there is no justification for that; but as long as there is this recurring bombings that happen without fail almost every day, lots of our freedoms will be curtailed, lots of unfair things will be piublished, a whole community will be colored by the action of a minority of its people.

World will embrace scientists, artists, teachers, physicians, architects, engineers, community service people, philosophets -- not terrorists. And any clamor to be lenient with terrorists or give them due course of law etc will fall on deafening ears, unfortunately. It is just the human behavior.

Can Gopi tell us what to do with our Hindu terrorists like Modi?

Can Gopi tell us what to do with our Hindu terrorists like Modi and Advani ?

Can Gopi tell us what to do with our Hindu terrorists like Modi and Advani ?

They are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Indians. You want to know wahy some Muslims want to do jihad against Hindus ? It is simple. Muslims are out to reply Hindus for Ayodhha and Gujarat. You book Advani and Modi, and rebuild the Babari masjid, then they will stop. There is nothing Gopi can do to help Hindus.

This is a reply to Gopi.

In India, the current troubled state started with the activities of the RSS, BJP and VHP. Since these Hindu extremist groups came to the forefront of Indian politics in the late 1980s, we have had communal violence on the largest scale since partition. The evidence actually shows the Hindus have done everything to destroy the motherland, India, by massacring its citizens.

In India since 1947, Hindus have massacred Muslims, Sikhs and Christians periodically. Hindus simply do not have the feeling of being Indian. The Hindus committed two major atrocities recently against Muslims : Ayodhya and Gujarat. Since then, the Muslims decided enough is enough and they will teach the Hindus a lesson. They have started replying Hindus in retaliation for Gujarat and Ayodhya.

When Hindus have killed Muslims, is there any reason why Muslims should not reply Hindus ?

The Muslim retaliation has had a salutary effect –now Hindus do not venture out as mobs in the street, and they have stopped threatening to knock down masjids and build temples. The Sangh parivar is keeping quiet.

If Hindus want peace, they need to rebuild the Babari masjid and prosecute Advani and Modi. If not the Muslims will continue attacking the Hindus, and there is nothing you can do to save you. That is the stark reality.

Also don’t talk loosely about things you don’t understand like jihad. Indian Muslims have not started a jihad. Don’t push them into it. If they start one, they will not stop, and neither arms nor anyone else can save you.

India cannot fight Pakistan because the latter has an airforce and nuclear weapons. India would have acted like Israel if Pakistan did not have nuclear weapons.

After the BJP tested nuclear weapons and before Pakistan tested, Advani boasted about hot pursuit. But he could not do it because Pakistan tested nuclear weapons.

So Hindus like you should stop day dreaming.

Instead Hindus should address the root cause. This is Hindu terrorism as shiown in Ayodhya and Gujarat. Muslims are retaliating now and replying Hindus. It is working because now Hindus are quiet.

Do not bring the issues of other nations here. You tell us Muslim youth are going haywire. Let us examine what Hindu youths have done in India.

The Hindus massacred Sikhs in Delhi. Hindus burnt Christian missionaries. Hindu youth became kar sevaks, and followers of demagogues like Modi and Advani. Hindus youths raped, rioted and killed in Gujarat and Ayodhya. So now the Muslims have decided to reply Hindus.

It is unfortunate but absolutely necessary as this is the only way to stop the Hindus. Hindus are paying for Gujarat and Ayodhya. The Indian media also say this.

Since the Muslims started replying Hindus, the Hindus are keeping quiet - now they do not dare come out in mobs and riot, and the government will not allow it to happen, as they have realised the Muslims will go beserk. Gujarat has so far escaped a major strike, but it is bound to happen.

How can India stop such things ? Not with Israel's help. But by rebuilding the Babari masjid and prosecuting Advani and Modi. There is no connection between what happens in Israel, U.S. and U.K. with what happens in India. There is no connection with India.

Had Hindus not demolished Babari masjid and organised a pogrom in Gujarat, Muslims would not be replying Hindus today. Get it ?

This is wishful thinking on the part of Hindutva Hindus. India's problems are two fold. Firstly, there is the status of Kashmir. It has been a disputed territory since 1947 and the only way to solve it is through negotiations with all the parties in the dispute : the Kashmiris and Pakistan. Israel's arms are not going to solve the dispute.

Secondly, there is now a raging internal Hindu-Muslim conflict in India. It gained ascendancy from the late 1980s, due to the rise of BJP and Hindu militancy. Many Hindus like you see the present situation as merely "Muslim terrorism". It is the Hindus who initiated this conflict by demolishing the Babari masjid and staging a pogrom in Gujarat. Hindus killed thousands of Muslims, so it is logical that Muslims will reply Hindus.

Hindus terrorised the Muslims using state power, now the Muslims are doing the same to the Hindus. Since the Hindu perpetrators of the massacres of Muslims in Ayodhya and Gujarat have gone scot free (Advani and Modi), the Muslims in India who suffered have come to the conclusion that the only way to stop the Hindus from repeating such incidents is to reply them.

Pakistani and neighbouring Muslims might have also joined in the programme to seek revenge and reply Hindus.

So instead of looking for false solutions such as seeking support of Israel, India would be better finding solutions linked to the cause.

India needs to rebuild the Babari masjid and prosecute Advani and Modi on a speedy basis. Otherwise, India is going to face periodic attacks and Israelis arms are not going to make any difference.

Muslims' revenge?

Both the average Hindu and the average Muslim knows that Babri Masjid, Ayodhya, Bonbay blasts, Karsevak burning etc are all created by ruthless politicians who are neither man nor animal; let alone Hindu or Muslim! But if you argue that you will keep killing innocent Hindus as revenge for Ayodhya and Gujarat, you will qualify as a terrorist....go kill the politicians who are behind it; not the innocents on the streets. And if you justify Pakistan adding fuel to the fire, you will be called a traitor. Now we need not speak about how Hindus are treated in countries where people of other religion are in majority...because it is the culture of the poeple of those countries, not the fault of their religion.

ISLAM is a religion of peace which teach us to forgive.

"Kashmir. It has been a disputed territory since 1947 and the only way to solve it is through negotiations with all the parties in the dispute"

antichaddhiwala- You are a coward posting comments from a computer. If you feel so strongly, I challenge you to go to Kashmir and fight for them. I am sure that you have not set foot in Kashmir and seen the plight of Kashmiri Muslims.

There is no other country like India which has allowed all religious groups to practice their religion. Persecuted JEWS, SYRIAN CHRISTIANS, PARSIS, TIBETANS Buddhist etc etc all migrated to India many from centuries back and were allowed to live peacefully practicing their religion. NAME ONE RELIGION OF THE WORLD WHICH DOES NOT EXIST IN INDIA.

Ayodya was a holy religious place of HINDUS much before ISLAM was even thought of. If some Hindus believed that Babri Masjid is located at the birth place of RAM, handing over that one MOSQUE to HINDUS would not have in anyway lowered the prestige of MUSLIMs in INDIA. It is NOT that it has been NOT done in the world- TURKEY has converted a MOSQUE which was initially a CHURCH into a MUSEUM.

"Muslims have decided to reply Hindus"

That is precisely what RSS and BJP wants. More violence from MUSLIMS so that more MUSLIMS can be kicked around and BJP will get more Hindu votes. See how Varun Gandhi won the election. People like you will instigate violence but being a coward that you are, will make illiterate MUSLIM youth the victim. GOD, save us from "cowards" like "antichaddhiwala"

India does NOT have to fight Pakistan. They are self destructing. USA is efficiently assisting them too. All India has to do is to protect from the SHIT in Pakistan spilling in to India.

Reply to Ali Akbar

Mr Ali Akbar,
I don't it's your real name or you are chaddiwala too.
// Ayodya was a holy religious place of HINDUS much before ISLAM was even thought of. If some Hindus believed that Babri Masjid is located at the birth place of RAM, handing over that one MOSQUE to HINDUS would not have in anyway lowered the prestige of MUSLIMs in INDIA. It is NOT that it has been NOT done in the world- TURKEY has converted a MOSQUE which was initially a CHURCH into a MUSEUM. //

Babri masjid is not your ancestral property that you will hand over to anyone.
One thing is you should make clear that Baabri masjid is still their only the structure (you may call dhancha) is demolished.
It's true that Mosque is being taken over by RSS goons for now. But time will come Insha Allah, when they will realize their folly. They themselves will amend.
You by adopting the name Ali Akbar tried to give impression that Shia are not bothered with Babri Masjjid. You will fail to create a rift between Shia & Sunni on this issue.
By giving stupid example that it happened in other countries, so it can be done here. Can you allow to rape your daughter if it happened elsewhere.
Mosque that was conveted to museum was once church.while baabri masjid was not temple at any point of time. and it was also not built after & over destroying any temple.

Have a patience. Truth is at our side. HAve a trust in Judiciary.

Irrelevant arguments - in a democracy, you don't raise mob

Irrelevant arguments - in a democracy, you don't raise violent mobs and kill the country's citizens

The issue at hand is whether it is right for Advani to raise a violent mob and raze the Babari masjid. That there is a dispute over it is something else (I address this below).

In a modern democracy, if there is a dispute, the way is to settle it through negotiations, through scientific and archaelogical research, and through courts.

One does not raise a violent mob, riot, intimidate and kill people to achieve one's goals. This is the fascist method - this is what Hindutva follows.

The law of the land says that all historical structures inherited from 1947 will be preserved as such. The Hindutva movement is based on mobilising violent mobs amd pitting Hindus against Muslims. This is divisive and anti-national.

Ali Akbar (Hindutva Hindu using fake muslim name) , you know very well the coverage of the demolition in the BBC and CNN cast Hindus and India in a ugly light.

Ironically, this world reaction enrages Hindutva Hindus. Hindus will never be able to sell historical revanchism as a worthy goal. Such behaviour only brings international contempt for Hindus.

You want to behave in an uncivilsed way, and you want respect - you cannot have both Ali Akbar (Hindutva Hindu) !

As for the archaeological investigations, there is no conclusive evidence for a temple. The ASI's initial report after exvacation said there was no evidence for a temple. A few months later, they said there was evidence - there is suspicion that they were bowing to political pressure from the BJP rulers at the time. The ASI's second report was contested by other historians as a politically motivated distortion.

In any case, it is absurd to claim the spot where the Babari masjid stood is the birth place of Rama.

Rama is a mythological figure, and so by definition he has no birth place. A story with monkey armies has got to be mythology !

The mischievous Brahmins have been corrupting the masses and telling them mythology is reality. Making claims that it is the birthplace of Rama only makes people snigger at Hinduism. It confirms Hinduism's image as a religion steeped in superstition, mythology and idolatry - it is not exactly civilised.

Is this what you want ?

So Ali Akbar (Khaaki chaddhi), you have not answered the basic question - why should Advani and his mobsters not be prosecuted for engaging in violent mob rule and rioting ?

His actions led to the death of thousands of Indians in Ayodhya and Mumbai due to riots, and the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai.

Advani had so many Indians killed, just to get political power.

If you disagree with this, then explain why Advani et alia should have immunity.

No Hindutva supporter here has explained why the case against Advani should not be reopened.

A few have tried by attempting to seek a diversion - they criticise Anti Chaddhiwala's faults, as if it exonerates the Hindu fascists who have done so much damage to national unity.

In your case, you are such an illiterate that you do not even make an attempt to address the questions.

Since you cannot answer the criticism leveled at the RSS and BJP, you are making up a drama about antichaddhiwala– this is the old diversion you tried in the S debate.

Also, you think that by bad language, you have a forceful argument.

In fact, it shows the low character of Hindutva Hindus.

Your language is proof that Hindutvavadis are generally gutter Hindus – whether it is Advani, Modi, Togadia, or you, uncivilized behaviour is a common trait.

Even Hindutva ladies like Uma Bharati and Sushma Swaraj fit the same pattern !

We don't want India to be run by such uncouth Hindus - it spoils our name ! Get it ?

Your talk about false identities brings a smile.

Ali Akbar (Brahmin), these days I wonder how the Brahmins have become such illiterate scum !

Concerning Muslims, I told you they built and shaped India for 800 years.

They ruled a country whose size was larger than present-day India. They built the great cities of India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Allahabad .... The Mughal empire spread India's prestige abroad.

Concerning the Brahmins, I am challenging you to say what they have done for India. You will not reply - because you don't know.

I have charged them with dividing Indians along caste and instigating fights between communities. I challenge you to refute my allegation - with arguments, not abuse words !

Ali Akbar (fakie), I said before. You have the choice between being a civilised Indian, acceptable to all - or to wallow in your Brahmanical fascism, and be despised !

Who is stopping you from joining the civilised Indian mainstream ?

replay to CHADDHI and OMAR

Babri Masjid NOT at birth place of RAM is finding by Pseudo- secularist who also amended the CONSTITUTION OF INDIA to prevent one poor MUSLIM WOMEN from getting "maintenance" from her husband. Neither RSS or BJP took the "maintenance case" to court- it was taken by the poor MUSLIM WOMEN- Shah Bano.

Ali Akbar has come out with specific incidents where MUSLIMs have converted place of worship of other religions into Mosque. What Ali has stated is fact as under:-

Hagia Sophia was an Eastern Orthodox Church converted into a mosque on the day of the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The Ottoman sultan
Mehmood II was the first to perform a Muslim prayer in what had previously been the St. Sophia cathedral. It remained as a mosque until 1935, when it was converted into a museum by the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemel Ataturk. This ATATURK was the same GENERAL who kicked out CALIPH in spite of all KHILAFAT MOVEMENT in India in 1921.

Your Muhammad had himself broken IDOLs at MACCA and don't give that shit about his righteousness. Had he felt so strongly he would have broken the IDOLs in 610AD when ALLAH commenced speaking to him and not waited till 628AD after he captured MACCA. Had Muhammad tried breaking IDOLs at Macca in 610AD he would have been killed by people of MACCA and so waited till he became militarily powerful after his gangster days at MADINA.

""We don't want India to be run by such uncouth Hindus"" BAD LUCK- Hindus will continue to run India. BABRI KICK- SOB SOB- "We will get you slogan" resulted in GODRA and a bigger kick in Gujrat. But I am sure that you must be a happy man because MUSLIMS are used to being kicked around the world over- AFPAK, IRAQ, SOMALIA, SUDAN, CHECHANYA, INGUSHTA, BOSNIA,NIGERIA, PHILIPPINES etc etc and SRK, MAMMOOTTY- Kerala super star etc etc. SO KEEP AT IT AND ENJOY A "KICKING" LIFE

Can Gopi/AntiChaddiwala


Mr Thomas was responding to Mr Sikant's article about the unfair news coverage. He gave his views/reasons about the lack of or biased coverage, seems quite plausible.

You arre bringing up a different issue; not the one covered by Mr Sikant's article or Mr Thomas' response.

And why would you even mention that "Pakistan and other neighboring Muslim countries will attack India to protect Muslims" .. No wonder why many think that our loyalties lie somewhere else. Do you really want to be a part of Pakistan?

You write like a Bajrang Dal monkey ! Fakie Ali Mirza (fake musl

You write like a Bajrang Dal monkey !

I enjoyed reading your response. You obviously cannot refute what antichaddhi has written. You have the literacy and writing skills of a Bajrang Dal monkey ! You are the support base of the BJP !

The place for you is the kar sevak mob !

The secularists will wash out ignorants like you in any debate ! You just try and you will see !

antichaddhiwala is an RSS HINDU fanatic MODI mole

antichaddhiwala is not a MUSLIM at all but a RSS HINDU fanatic spewing stupid anti-Hindu venom to spite the HINDUS against the MUSLIMS. He could very well be a MODI supporter intent on creating communal clash.

Muslim terrorists manufactured by the media @Anti


People like you, in an "effort" to bring up Islam, is bringing it down. Dont be a nincompoop.

I responded to Yoginder article on "Muslim terrorists manufactured by the media".

Islamic terrorism is a worldwide radical Islam movement to take countries back in time to 600s. It is killing people in all the countries - Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Somalia, Algiers,Sudan, Chad, Yemen, Morocco, Indonesia, (all the 55 of them) and countries like US, UK, India, Israel, France, Dennmark, Germany, Spain, Russia, China. In that sense,as I mentioned, it has become a "brand", because people belonging to Muslim religion are killing innocents everywhere in the name of martyrdom.
All other acts of terrorism are localized; these people (like LTEE) do not travel around joining the local groups like Muslim fighters do.

You seem to be very motivated to commit violemnce. As MAhatma Gandhi said, if each try to take the otehr one's eyes, pretty soon all will be blind.

And if you and your cohorts are vcommited to violence, dont go after innocents; go after the perpretators.

I am not a Hindu by religion; although one of my parents is (I am sure your great grandparents must have been Hindus too.). I am thankful to the melting pot of India, its diversity and plurality, its rich heritage, that flowered 5000 years before the Prophet was born, and is still flowering like a perennial plant. The Indian ethos and the Hindu philosophy was robust before the Prophet; it will continue to be robust for milleniums to come. It does not need and organized authorities, Mullahs, or in your words sangh parivaris. It survived and progressed during successive invasions.

You also seem to admire Pakistan and imply other muslim countries will join Pakistan to teach a lesson to india. Are you sane? Are you just a muslim and not an Indian? I was reading a post on this site that Muslim leaders persuaded many Muslims from india to migrate to "Dar al ISlam" Afghanistan in early 1920s (at that time there was no Pakistan or Bengla Desh; and Afghanistan was the nearest Muslim country). Apparently many went. Do you know what your situation would have been if your forefathers moved over there?

If India collaborates with Israeli govt, it is the politicala nd governmental decision a democracy makes. If we do not like it, we vote them out of power. It is not for an individual to work against a formally constituted policy; it can touch on treasonnous terrains.

As I mentioned in my reponse to Yoginder, one can argue 100 ways, win the war, and lose the battle. The chickens have come home to roost. Pakistan that fed many of them, has become a dancing ground of terrorists. It is time Muslims save themselves from Muslims. Some Muslim countries like Morocco has just
started that - arresting people with long beards, suspicios headgear etc (beingw ell aware that some innocents are included); because they think that way they can prevent major terrorist acts. May eb not; but prevention is better than cure. (Anti, if you are interested I can give you more info on what Moroccaon government is doing to some of its muslim citizens - also what Saudi is doing and what Egypt is doing to its Muslim citizens.

Continue to drink wahtever coolaid you want. I guarantee you that you are not going to save Msulim by killing Hindus. Just imagine there is no country called India. Are you happy with what is happening with Islam all across the 55 Islamic contrie?

My "self interest" sometimes dicattes that let hindus and Muslims fight; and we Christians will take over India. We are doing darn well here, we never felt taht we have to take over something!

As they say, get a life! Live religiously; dont live for religion; follow Allah!

A Request to Dear Anti Chaddi..

Dear Anti Chaddi,

You are seemingly decided to spoil our Muslim's image with your sick mind which can never see any thing good in our mother nation. Communal violence has been a curse on the nation which neither started from independence nor had got anything to do with all the problems you have tried to fool us with like the partition, Babri Masjid Demolition or the fresh brutal episode of Gujrat etc. Communal violence had been a reality in this country for centuries. Introduction of Islam into this land had of course added yet another strong possibility of communal clash. Communal clashes are born out of mutual mistrust between communities, there is no guarantee that our Islamist Muslims (as you call Hindutva Hindus) will calm down and contribute to the peace of the country even if Modi and Advani are hanged (as for your wish) or Barbi Masjid is rebuilt in the same place and even (your untold wish) Kashmir is declared free Islamic State (in fact you may well aware that the war is being really fought by those muslims who want to merge with Pakistan and not by those Kashmiris who want to be separate nation). Violence is the much needed Oxygen for these new world champions of Islam to sustain (as is the case with the Hindutva Hindus) and they would never let it go. Violence can never be an answer for any problem violence only creates new unending problems. You are perhaps under the false illusion that these brutal Islamist Muslims are only setting right the wrongs done by Hindutva Hindus; of course you have every right to live in that illusion. RSS & VHP used to say that they need strong community (Hindutva Hindus) to level the wrongs committed to their religion (you may call all the other religions and their practices a trash .. which is the one and the only weakness of Islam I feel) for hundreds of years by the communal Muslim rulers and their chamchas, today you are saying that due to the violence initiated by Islamist Muslims the Hindus have taken back step and are hence not venturing to demolish any other masjids and move in mobs. I fail to see much difference in these two false opinions. Dear Chaddi you are an educated person and hence should try to cease the fire if you can if not you should at least try to resist yourself to not adding ghee to the fire that is set for centuries by a few mindless people from both the communities.

You may bring scores of incidents to declare that Hindus are communal minded and they are only spoiling this secular fabric of the nation but I do not believe it simply because I belong to Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh where lakhs of Hindus were subjected to endless miseries by the Rajakars (the brutal force lead by Nizam’s chamcha Kashim Rizvi). Women were raped, men and children were killed and treated like animal by rajakars but Hindus of this region are so broad minded that they have forgotten it all as a bad dream and had never retorted (and followed your theory) and tried to level the things later with the minority Muslims. Just see the maturity of my Hindu brethren of this nation, they had seen many fanatic Muslim rulers who had demolished their temples, looted their kingdoms, raped the women and killed and taken away the men as prisoners to unknown places and forced them to convert to Islam, but still they move shoulder to shoulder with we Muslims. Of course things have been changing to ugly due to hate preachers in both the communities which are resulting in senseless communal violence but please for the sake of the nation do not support these so called retaliations by any community. We are in such a beautiful country where every community have equal chances to prosper I have no doubt in any corner of mind in this regard. Just prepare our community to cash on these opportunities. Dear Chaddi I would like to request you once more please do not ever support or rationalize violence being an educated person try to contribute your share for bringing in peace to our great mother nation.

Sorry if I had hurt you unknowingly.

Jai Hind

Muslims have time and time

Muslims have time and time again come out against terrorism. Its not their fault of the media doesnt give coverage to this.

I want to ask xenophobes like roopa and gopi, why no Hindus came out to protest when Hindu Taliban are beating up girls and destroying peace in Karnataka.

The BJP is trying to do the exact same thing it was doing in Gujarat. Bring out false reports and scare Hindus so that they can sit in power and loot the nation. Unfortunately most of us get scared easily and pay the price.

Excellent work done by Column 9, but will this be given widepread coverage in Kannada papers?

ROHIT- Karnataka was reaction by HINDUS

ROHIT- Karnataka was reaction by HINDUS to ISLAMS and CHRISTIAN dis-information about HINDUISM. The cause of the action was false propaganda by this religious group. Are you aware what QUR'AN calls upon MUSLIMS to do.

Surah 4/117 -An Nisa- The Pagans call upon female deities. They call upon Satan.

Surah 8/12 – Al-Anfal- I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers. Smite you above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.

Surah 9/29-At- Tawhah- Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day- Until they pay Jizyah.

Surah 47/4- Muhammad- When you meet the Unbelievers smite them at there neck.

It is well known that HINDUS pray to female deities. JAZIA was collected by TALIBAN in 2009 based on QUR'AN. So what is wrong if HINDUS react to such atrocious teachings. Remember, if the MUSLIMs had a slender majority in India, India would have been an ISLAMIC STATE. MALAYSIA which has only 60.5% MUSLIMs is an ISLAMIC state while India with 80% Hindus is not a HINDU state.

Media conspiracy -yes but it is reverse of what u allege


So Hindus did not protest when girls were beaten in Mangalore? Where do you live? I can't imagine a place which has internet access but no access to TV newspapers etc. Of course you wouldn't be aware of why was the Editor of Statesman arrested around the same time and what prompted that?

Muslims protested terror?
Do you read english, go and read their so called anti terror fatwa. And then talk, if you agree that this was against terrorists, then we will know why you see what you see.

About Mr Sikand's theory, big deal. Churches were bombed in Karnataka and there was consensus in Indian and International media that it was the work of Hindu groups. Who was ultimately found to be responsible? Go and check that and tell me how many indian and international journalists issued apology/error regretted headlines. And to his insinuation that Muslims were blamed for 'many' terrorist events where they had no role, till date we have only found Malegaon in that category. Of course the whole list of secular jokers have conveniently added Nanded, Samjhauta and a few more, without much effort.

Mr Sikand will do well to check how many times words like Islamic terrorism and Muslim terrorist were used in India's english media, when talking about Indian events and also do a search on "hindu terror".

And Mr Rohit, I am further impressed with your objectivity that after going through all the comments on this post , you claim that Muslims protest terror. Ever heard some thing like justifying or supporting? Well they are not synonyms for protesting.

Reply to SKS Mumbai

SKS Mumbai, we are waiting for your report - what is your assessment of our Bharat Mata ?

Yaar, SKS, we are waiting for your assessment of our Bharat Mata. By now you must have done your inspection and returned to vilayat - was it U.S. ? Or Oman ? Perhaps Saudi Arabia !

Never mind, tell us how Bharat Mata is doing. How are the RSS Hindus of Bharat Mata doing ? The curve of the Hindus is still going up ? Or are they falling prey to conversion ?

Did you visit your local RSS shakha ? You donned those khaki knickers and did some excercises, with those pot bellied, spindly-legged Brahmins ?

You must have plotted some terror acts against Muslims. When is the next pogrom ? Elections are coming, so planning has to start.

Your Hindu pig-lover genius Gopi does not want to come out in your absence.


Please be a little more civil.

Thank you.

Could you explain this Hindu guilt complex and what causes it ?

Gopi, Could you explain this Hindu guilt complex and what causes it ?

Gopi, I did not realise you were a BJP wallah. Excuse me, what is the Hindutva ideology that you talk about ? Killing, rioting, raping ? This is what we saw in Gujarat and Ayodhya. The BJP has succeeded in blackening the names of Hindus and tarnishing the reputation of Hindus on these two ocassions. You want more of this ? You told me you were a Gandhian ! You cannot be a Gandhi and a Modi supporter simultaneouly !

Could you explain this Hindu guilt complex and what causes it ? In Gujarat, some Hindutva Hindus in a fit of Hindu pride cut open the womb of a pregnant woman, and paraded it on the fetus on a trishul. Could the guilt complex arise from this ? And are you saying that Hindus need not feel guilty about such acts in Gujarat ?

From what I have observed reading message boards, Hindutva is related not to a guilt complex but to a Hindu inferiority complex (towards the Muslims, Christians and the west), and deep seated insecurity about Hinduism. Your present post confirms this. I can explain more.

Muslim terrorists

May i ask all those who want each n every terror act allegedly by muslims to be condemned, how much they condemn or condemned hindu terrorists arrested in malegaon blast n kanpur blast. Sorry i havnt seen a single one. Rather it was a conspiracy by secular people to defame hindus for them. I would like to ask was shaheed hemant karkare also part of this conspiracy to defame hindus? How many hindus protested against abhinav bharat? Was there any edict issued by rss or vhp against the use of violence? U would know How much love n respect rss teaches to its members, u just need to visit How many hindus condemn bal thackrey when he asks hindus to become suicide bombers? How many hindus condemn modi for the rape n murder of innocent civilians? Just a bunch of "secular jokers" r after modi, otherwise he is the hindu hridaysamrat. He is being rewarded with election victories. U can say gujarat riots were a reaction to godhra train burning. I would like to ask a few questions, u need not answer as it needs a lot of courage, just think in ur mind-
1)how many of u have travelled in sleeper class? Can a sleeper class bogey be locked from outside?
Ans-doors of sleeper class could not be locked from outside. They can be closed only from inside. They r closed from outside only by a key (which remains with the guard) when train goes in to yard.
2)a sleeper class has 4 doors n two intercommunications, so how many people escaped through intercommunication? N if no one could escape from intercommunications, was the fire ignited exactly at the two ends of the bogey so that no one could use any door or intercommunication? And those who ignited fire also bolted the door from inside, so that no one could escape. And they themselves or may be he himself slipped in to the adjoining coach.
3)fire was put on in S6, so passengers in S5 n S7 must have seen those who were pouring petrol from outside. They could be of great help as eye witness n can be easily contacted as they were having reservation. I havent seen any such person till now anywhere either in print media or television. I dont know about u people?
4)were the rioters very organised? They first poured the petrol on the coach, cleaned it from tracks n nearby land and then showed it a match stick. Why passengers in the train were waiting to be burnt? Imagine a petrol fire, if u throw petrol on a fire it wil surely comeback to u, but in this case not a single rioter had a burn injury? The whole of petrol fell on the train , not a drop on the nearby land. I m saying this because there was no fire on the ground, flames were coming from inside the train. Big question- were they throwing petrol or water with their jugs n mugs?
5)there was no fire below the windows, were the rioters so precise to throw the petrol only above the level of windows?
6)it was a reservation coach, so where is the reservation chart? How one could believe 57 people were killed or all those who were killed were kar sevaks?
I hope u all will think on all these points? Be a thinking republic not a banana blind republic.
N yes i condem without any reservation any muslim involved in terror acts? U please also condem sadhvi pragya, colonel purohit n those involved in killing and raping nuns in orissa.
Jai Hind

@ gopi thomas mr gopi thomas

@ gopi thomas
mr gopi thomas u r always in the habit of saying muslims are killing muslims in iraq. How many blasts n terror activities took place in iraq prior to american invasion? I dont remember any serious disturbance in iraq. It was america's invasion which created this situation. You never ask what was the reason to attack iraq? Iraq was not even remotely attached to al qaeda and any other terror groups. Where are the WMDs for which Bush attacked the iraq, despite repeated inspections by U.N. weapons inspector hans blix. Was it not an attack by "peace loving" christians? Did not bush called it crusade? Was it not without the mandate of U.N?
Mr thomas how u expect an invading army to be treated? Should iraqis shower flower petals on them? Will u do this if some one attacks india? Media is so much biased against muslims that it brand iraqi people defending their country as terrorists. They r powerless people. Their houses are being destroyed, mothers n sisters being raped, hospitals are bombed, children are killed by these christian terrorists under the garb of army of christian nations. When iraqis dont have any option n they have to defend their motherland, they have one last option to become a suicide bomber against these christian terrorists. When christian terrorists are attacking iraqis in their homes, there is every justification for them to attack the attacker in their home countries ie america, britain, germany etc. Why mr thomas u dont condemn american hegemony? Or u have a soft corner for ur christian terrorists? Or u dont accept them as terrorists just because they are an army?
Mr. Thomas please open ur eyes n mind. Judge the things with out any bias. Read history in totality, Not comment on terror attacks here n there. I wanted to deal with palestine also but due to time constraint i m not able to do this.
Hope v r getting an article from u against all these christian terrorist armies invading muslim natios with out a cause. Then only i wil consider u as much open minded, peace loving as u try to show urself.

Tariq Hamed/terrorism

Dear Dr Hameed:

You are absolutely right that the present day situation in Iraq is acuse by US (I would not call it a Christian army, it is US Army which has all sorts of people including Muslims in it).

I included Iraq along with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia etc when I talked about terrorism. I do not condone the invasion of Iraq. But that drew the Talibamns and Al Queda terrorists to Iraq (most of them from the camps in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia). Just like I have a problem with US invasion, I do have a problem with these foreign terrorists also. I am OK iff Iraquis resisted and killed the invading army. But, what was and is happening is Iraquis and these foreign terrorists blowing up Iraqui women and children and men. There was no mass rape conducted by US army; although there were three published cases of rape. I agree even that three is bad.

In a sense, Iraq is a crucible of panicky reaction, to a great extent justifiable, to the fear of Islamic terrorism. After USS Cole and 9/11, US did not want to take any chance and decided on preemptive strike on regimes they thought harbored terrorist plans. Sadam, having a history of attack against neighbors, and having a problem with US was a sitting duck there. Although I understand this, I personally do not agree or support the attack.

However, when u say people lived peacefully etc under Sadam, that is not true. He was a vicious killer, and the poisoning of kurdish and shia villages were many perished (all Muslims) is a documented fact. His magelomaniac actions in attacking Iran and later Kuwait also ended in 600,000 Muslims dying. Iraq-Iran was fought for 8 years; killing so many children.. Just imagine, what if they all had grown up and become engineers!

Also, when you equate "Christian" armies for western armies, you are belittling whatever cause you want to protect. There is no Christian army. Some or lot members of the army may believe in Christian faith. There is US Army, UK army, Indian army, French Army, Brazilian Army etc. When UK was fighting IRA, no other "christian" army rushed to either party's side.

It was a "christian" army (per your definition) that saved Muslims in Serbia from the "Christians" of Serbia. It was a Christian army (US army) that uncovered the mass graves of Temblenca.

What US did is terrible

It is SUNNIS and SHIAS killing each other in IRAQ

US attack of IRAQ may have been due to whatever reasons but it was facilitated by GULF "MUSLIM" countries. So calling it CRUSADE is plain stupid.

SADAM and his goons were predominantly SUNNIS and the SHIAS were killed and NOT allowed to practise their faith like ASHURAA etc. SADAM also killed MUSLIM KURDS. Presently it is the SUNNIS and SHIAS who are killing each other in IRAQ and the US soldiers are NOT targeted.

Kerala is the epic centre of fake intelligence stories against

Yoginder Sikand's conclusion about Kerala Muslims cannot be rationalized when you compare the terror stories originated every day from Kerala. The visual media in Kerala is controlled by the corrupt and caste maniacs. Even Mr. Rupert Mudroch owns the decisive share of Asianet TV and you cannot expect fair media reports from Kerala.

Today, a plot by India's infamous IB wing and Kerala's Media,successfully spoiled the gulf dreams of a Muslim youth from Malabar. Kabeer, a 28 year young men from Waynad was off-loaded from the Kuwait Airways aircraft minutes before take-off from Trivandrum Airport as there was a LOOK OUT NOTICE by IB against some one named KABEER. With 10 hours of mental torturing by state and central IB, ATS, RAW and Tamil Nadu Special branch they found that he is not the person who is on their alert notice. It means, if your name is having similarity with anyone in their ever growing terror watch list, you cannot commute. If you really want to travel, you should accept heroic hindutva names like Godse, govalker, shyam prasad, etc.

Earlier, hindutva hooligans masterminded two small bomb blasts in Kozhikode city. The intention was to stimulate raids on muslim homes and to defame muslim organizations. After the blast, police was not able to find the real culprits behind such a heinous crime. Latest report about this incident was the arrest of a youth called Alam.

Security regime is now justifying the detention of this innocent youth saying that a man with same last name is a suspect in kozhikode blasts. The detainee, was a pick up driver with merely 8th standard education and was not having any police cases against him. With a simple plot of Hindutva and IB camp, a muslim school drop out become the commander of the filthy terror organization, LeT, Huji, You Name It! And the media offered him celebrity status to this poor man to all the well famous blasts in the region!

Interestingly, Hindu criminals are offered safe passage to Muslim Dubai by same security system. Kerala's most notorious criminals, Omprakash and Puthenpalam Rajesh, against whom the Kerala Police have issued a look-out notice on a murder case is currently enjoying their holiday in Dubai with russian girls!

Majority of Kerala's muslim youth migrate to gulf to find a job. Unfortunately, they are continuously harassed by security regime at airports. Even, when they come back from gulf, they are asked to pay "Hindutva JIZYA" or bribes to the customs and security officials. According to latest statistics, Gulf remittance to Kerala was Rs 43,300 crore in 2008.

In fact, Hindutva invaded in all the social institutions of Kerala, even though they don't have presence in legislature. Christophe Jaffrelot, the french sociologist recently wrote an article, " HIndutva: Waning in politics, rising in society". I wish Yoginder should have read that article. Jaffrelot is a specialist on the subject and wrote books like ‘The Hindu Nationalist Movement And Indian Politics’ and ‘BJP — The Compulsions Of Politics’.

Kerala is the Land of Devils

Unfortunately Kerala is becoming the Devils own Country.

In Kerala Police and Gundas are doing same work. They are interlinked. Anytime they can attack anyone.

In this Airport abduction, all the Keralites, expats and travellers should come forward to question the henous crime done by IB. The responsible person should be killed after trial. No excuse to such beasts, who spoilled one family.

As the fellow is an IUML sympathizer, the party should support him to go to the court. Kabeer should approach CoJ for millions in compensation and punishment to the Police Officer.

These like notorious Police men make 'terrorists'. If Kabir become a bomb and explode in a Police Station or IB office, how can we blame him.

No Police or Army has the right to deny the citizens right.

If Police is not ready to register a case and court is not ready to punish the rascal IB officers, people should take the challenge.

For Humane Rights be ready to sacrifies ourselves. It is the way shown by our leader Mahatma Gandhi.