A.G.Noorani's The Code vs the Talaq: A Critique

By Umair Azmi for

A.G. Noorani added his voice to the debate of the season in his opinion piece titled “The Code vs the Talaq” (The Indian Express, December 15, 2016) laying down a ‘legal basis’ for the abolition of the ‘un-Islamic triple talaq’.

थोड़ा-सा जहर, रस्‍सी, इच्‍छा-मृत्‍यु और रोहित वेमुला का खत


A year of personal and political tragedy for Mehbooba Mufti, her party

By Sheikh Qayoom

Jammu/Srinagar : The year 2016 began on a politically ominous note for Jammu and Kashmir as Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed passed away after a brief illness in New Delhi on January 7.

Politics for the state, especially for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which Sayeed had so painstakingly created to provide people with a regional alternative to the National Conference (NC), has never been the same after his death.

Western media wrong on spate of issues: Time for Indian media?

By Saeed Naqvi

Since I had been to the region some time ago, a school invited me for a talk on Syria, particularly Aleppo, and why Assad was killing his own people.

"This is not true" I said. "Why do you have this impression?"

"Because this is what we read in our newspapers," one student said.

"Even in the Hindi newspapers which my grandfather reads," chipped in another.

Teachers were worse. Their minds were more firmly made up. They had seen it all on TV, and next day's newspapers confirmed what they saw at night.

Dear Prime Minister, are you sure the rich are not sleeping well post demonetisation?

By Soroor Ahmed for

As a son of a poor ‘chai-wallah’, Narendra Modi knows well how comfortably––‘aaram se’, to use his own expression––the ‘gareeb aadmi’ sleeps. Later, as the prime minister of the country he claims to have forced the rich to resort to sleeping pills as demonetisation and campaign against black money have turned them into insomniacs.

Dear Media, can you please stop portraying Muslims to suit your interests?

By Moin Qazi for

Haq Se Agar Gharz Hai To Zaiba Hai Kya Ye Baat
Islam Ka Muhasiba, Yourap Se Darguzar!

(And if your goal be truth, Is this the right road—
Europe’s faults all glossed, and all Islam’s held to so strict an audit?)

-Sir Muhammad Iqbal

There is nothing progressive about the ideology of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind or Jamiat Ahl e Hadees Hind

Dr. Lubna Sarwath for

Taj Mahal, Aleppo And Our Future!

By Mansoor Durrani

Islamic banking in India must be promoted at grassroots level to showcase its potential

By Amjad Suri for

The issue of establishing Islamic banking (bank based on Shari’ah) in India is not new. Various efforts have been made to see it come through by some concerned Indian Muslims and non-Muslims but faced all sorts of challenges and oppositions due to differences in culture and religion, and as a result of lack of awareness about the system.


Work on world's largest Hindu temple to begin soon in Bihar

By Imran Khan

Patna : Work is set to start soon to build what could well be the world's largest Hindu temple -- in Bihar.

Those behind the idea say no more hurdles are left for the construction to begin after Holi festival next year, now that the original plan was modified following objections from the Cambodian government.

"We modified our original plan after Cambodia raised objection to our Viraat Ramayan Mandir, saying it is a replica of Angkor Wat," Acharya Kishore Kunal of the Patna-based Mahavir Mandir Trust told IANS.