Gujarat's killer cops reflect a communal mindset

By Amulya Ganguli


Five years after the communal riots in Gujarat, during which a secret collusion between the Narendra Modi government and the police against the Muslims was suspected, several police officers of the state have again been accused of killing Muslims in cold blood.


Fundamentalists - of love and hate

By Vishal Arora

The attack on a Christian priest allegedly by members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the evangelistic zeal demonstrated by the victim right after the assault April 29 in Jaipur brings to light the contrast between the Hindutva and Christian "fundamentalism" in our country.


Islamic ethics and inter-faith relations

By Waris Mazhari

In today’s global village a major challenge is that of relations between different peoples and communities. According to the rules of nature, familiarity should breed love, not contempt or conflict. However, precisely the opposite is happening today. This is because the links that are being established today across cultures through new technological innovations are artificial, not real. They have been brought about by external changes and circumstances.


Army and the peace process in Kashmir

By Ram Puniyani 


advertising war in UP for Muslim votes

 म�स�लिम वोटों के लि� इश��तेहारी जंग 



बेचारा बनाकर रख दिया


Mayawati's social engineering proving successful

By Gilles Verniers,

One significant trend emerging from the current assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh is the attempt made by most parties to broaden their support base by wooing social groups that did not figure in their traditional support base earlier. The Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which occupies the frontrunner position in every exit poll, best embodies this strategy of social coalition building, by mobilising the upper castes, not so long ago depicted as the arch-enemy of its core Dalit support base.

The Muslim Ulema and status of women

By Asghar Ali Engineer


The other day I read a news item in the Urdu daily from Mumbai Inquilab about the coming session of Muslim Personal Law Board. I was utterly shocked to read that Personal Law Board is worried that the Government of India has passed a law against domestic violence whereas our ‘Ulema and fuqaha’ (jurists) have always permitted beating of women. According to the law against domestic violence Muslim men have lost right to beat their wives.



A step forward with

By TwoCircles editorial team

A year ago, in the month of May, we set on a journey to unknown future. We had budget for six months of minimum operation but were hopeful that somehow we will pull it through. Even then it was an uncertain future, but we just wanted to show that it can be done. Muslims can have their own media and their own voice in the ever increasing din of media.

As AMU burns why are we indifferent ?

By Kaleem Kawaja