Malegaon Muslims to hold mega rally to demand reservation

By A Mirsab, TwoCircles.net,

Malegaon (Maharashtra): Cutting across their differences, many Muslim organizations decided to unite and hold a mega rally in the textile town of Maharashtra on October 7 demanding reservation for Muslims.

The rally is expected to be attended by one Lakh people from across the town and nearby areas.

Dalits, Muslims share food in JUH event in Lucknow

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In an effort towards strengthening Dalit-Muslim unity, the Jamiat Ulama - i - Hind (JUH) organised a feast for the two communities in Lucknow on Thursday.

Shazia Khan: An entrepreneur trying to mentor Muslim women find their feet

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SDPI appeals to Governor of Gujarat to compensate the family of youth killed by cow vigilantes

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Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Unit of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) on Sunday submitted a memorandum with the District Magistrate, Ahmedabad addressed to the Governor of the state and demanded compensation for the family of Mohammed Ayyub who was brutally thrashed and killed by cow vigilantes in Vatva village of Ahmeadabad.

Pregnant Dalit woman beaten up in Gujarat

Ahmedabad : A pregnant Dalit woman was attacked by some upper caste people who barged into their home after her family refused to clear animal carcasses from fields in Gujarat's Banaskantha district, police said Saturday. All six accused have been arrested.

The incident was reported from Mota Karja village in Amirgadh taluka in which Nileshbhai Dhunabhai Ranavasia and his family was thrashed on Friday night because they refused to go the fields of the assailants to remove carcass of cattle.

Hussain Rizvi: A resident of Patna with international recognition for his selfless services

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Dalit agitation forces Gujarat to set up atrocity courts

Ahmedabad : The Gujarat government on Thursday announced setting up of special courts in 16 districts of the state to handle cases related to atrocities on Dalits.

According to a government notification, the special atrocity courts would be functional from October 1 and would also have government pleaders to help the victims.

"We have decided to set up these special courts across the state keeping in mind the interests of the Dalit community's long-pending demand," Pradipsinh Jadeja, Gujarat's Minister of State for Home, said.

अपने अधिकार के लिए संगठित हो रही हैं इस गांव की महिलाएं

TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter

मधुबनी (बिहार) : मधुबनी ज़िले के कलुआही प्रखंड के काज़ीटोला व हरपुर के ग्रामीण इन दिनों अपने गावं में हो रही हलचल से काफी खुश हैं. पहली बार यहां की महिलाएं घुंघट और पर्दे के दायरे को पार कर अपना सेल्फ़ हेल्प ग्रुप (SHG) बनाने और उसे चलाने की रणनीति बनाने में मशगूल हैं.

‘मिसाल नेटवर्क’ नामक सामाजिक संस्था के सहयोग से 50 महिलाओं ने मिलकर अब तक पांच समूह बनाये हैं. इन महिलाओं को ‘मिसाल’ की महिला प्रशिक्षक शहरोज़ संगठित होने के फ़ायदे समझा रही हैं और अपना रोज़गार घर पर ही करने के गुण भी बता रही हैं.

AAP seeks Gujarat High Court help for rally in Surat

Ahmedabad : The Gujarat High Court on Wednesday issued notice to the state government on an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) petition that Surat police was not granting the party permission to hold a rally of AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

"This will be the first rally by Kejriwal in the state, to be held at Varachha in Surat on October 16. Considering that we have to prepare for the rally well in advance, we applied for police permission on August 19, but have not received any confirmation so far despite reminders," AAP's media convener Harshil Naik said.

आदिवासी बच्चों को उनकी जड़ों से अलग करते बस्तर के ये स्कूल

अफ़रोज़ आलम साहिल, TwoCircles.net

दंतेवाड़ा/सुकमा (छत्तीसगढ़) : बस्तर में चल रहे स्कूल ज्ञान के केंद्र होने के बजाय अज्ञान के कीड़े साबित होते जा रहे हैं. ऐसा मानना हमारा नहीं, बल्कि यहां रहने वाले आदिवासी मानते हैं. ज्ञान की रोशनी बिखेरनी वाले आदिवासी क्षेत्र के इन स्कूलों में शिक्षा के नाम पर बच्चों को भगवाकरण का टॉनिक पिलाया जा रहा है. ऐसा टॉनिक जो उन्हें समझदार इंसान व आदिवासियों का हमदर्द होने के बजाय अपने मां-बाप से नफ़रत करने वाला, बेहद ही कट्टर और रूढ़िवादी हाड़-मांस के टुकड़ों में तब्दील कर चुका है. और यह सब राज्य सरकार की शह पर हो रहा है.