Is Dr.Zakir Naik's way of propagating Islam effective in India?


The lethargy is.....

Currently muslims are seeking education which fetches them fat salary jobs. They have fallen from grace so much so that I always call them 'musarra' because other than the common habit of eating non-vegetarian food and sporting a beard and rushing to buildings of comforts they call mosques, they have nothing islamic. their womenfolk are trapped in the past with saris and now a hijab (headcover) with jeans is a common thing. they know none of their languages neither they learn it. it is not that they are good at english. the bottom line is outward show which many call 'identity'. this gross negligence is the thing which makes them fight for Urdu or against it. the current debate is exactly on this. then they turn to TV religion and fight on petty things like how you pronounce a word like Is-lam (Is-lam the later part like slam)for Islam. Lack of langauge knowledge makes many to pose as peacniks while they too are ignorant like one Rijwan who only knows that the difference in Urdu and Hindi is only script. they do not name their children meaningfully but traditionally like abu-bakar or abu-becker if one happens to be a malayali. shameless suffixes to Abdul is also very much there so is the writing of names with qaaf with K or even C because to them having a 'u' after q is sacrosant. Are these not bahaving being more christians than the christ. Mind it, if we are so reckless, how the others can do business with you. there is one fellow who is so rabid a vegetarian that even a tough of spoon offends him while his wife is damn non-vegetarian. this behaviour is childish and show how much educated you are. these are the fellows who are the show boys of Ravi Shankar etc. similar people fall in trap of yoga being secular or non-religious. one should ask them whether they have tried to be a muslim?
If those who call themselves muslims lack so much on elementary aspect of Islam, how come people talk of tasawwuf (tasawuFF). It is like counting tree for the woods. come on wake up. try being a aalim(singular of ulema and ulemas is a oxymoron, Shaheen - may be some effect of living with people who try being english!!) oneself. read and read. in case one is antagonist about the books on islam, only Allah may help him.

zakir naik is doing extremely well

dear brother it is not a matter of comparision of a ulema of deoband and zakir naik rather it is regarding dawat.if somebody is comparing zakir naik with a ulema he is wasting his time. The way of zakir naik is not only for muslim, his approach of dawat is alhamdolillah correct. islam is not like other religion where pandit or guru decides what is wrong and what is right. every person with the knowledge of essence of quran and sahi hadith can decide most of the things in life.....

And most important, pious intention..... if somebody is working hard for dawat... don't discourage or point out just by saying he is not ulema...

Alhamdolillah Allah blessed him with such a conceptual and detailed knowledge that muslim should learn from him.

Actually pandits or gurus

Actually pandits or gurus don't pass dictates like fatwas. Pandits and Gurus don't run madrassas either.

If you want to express your opinions on islam, thats fine but don't drag other religions in unnecessarily.

How ignorant

Your prejudiced, ill educated mindset that fatawa (plural for fatwah) is a dictat has broken the trust. Fatwah are not rulings but answer to queries by people. fatwah is not pronounced in public but is answer to the people/person who pose it as question. Moreover, fatwah is an opinion and differs from mufti to mufti and that is the reason you find muftiyaan (plural of mufti)differeing on same issue.
The protestor on cow are in fact trying to interfere in other religions pratices. If cow is sacred to you, nobody stops you on this act, though laughable but why to stop others who do not consider cow more than an animal? It seems you are hurt but where were you when people like the shameless young son of guru of Sabrimala temple asked MF Husain on media to draw Islamic figures. You may note here that Muslims do not approve of any drawings of living things and you are the people who claim being liberal for breaking laws which are not humane. Yes, I am talking of the lawless system of what you call Hinduism and take pride in breaking the shackles of caste etc. You have nothing to preserve or conserve. The Pandits and Gurus like Ravi Shankar charge almost a thousand for attending his 'Art of Living' class. What he thinks about the poor is so obvious. They do not employ poors because of lack of knowledge of English. Are this elitist humane? Has they anything to do with the poors? The Guru in the name of Nitayananda is worst than a dictator. How come one entangle poeple in agreement which allowed him sex using any method and means? And you have the temerity of questioning fatawa and Islam.
The protestors on cow slaughter are in fact dragging religion. Any unlawful law cannot be called breaking the law.

Fatwa is for Muslims - other's need not bother, unless.....

Fatwa is meant for Muslims to make a specific act OR to refrain from doing something. Fatwa cannot be issued by a UNQUALIFIED person.

Others NEED NOT BOTHER nor WORRY, unless (repeat UNLESS) someone committed a crime hurting Muslim Community.

Pandits and Gurus of-course are not capable of running Madrasas, where apart from Quran, Hadith, moral-science lessons are taught - UNLIKE the TWISTED thinking / INVERTED LOGIC that Madrasas are a source of...... B... S...

"Anonymous" and their likes can feel good "Pandits", "Gurus", "Pujaris", and "Cult leaders" i.e. Maharshis are religious leaders, whilst it has been found they are source of preaching hatred, hide under mask of religion, AND do UNHOLY acts. If and when caught red-handed, it's easy to escape with money, and remain away from followers OR remain away from media, public, police, and justice.

An Indian

The comments by JaagoMuslim are purposeful


We have already read into the 'project liberal' and you seem to be part of it or a sub-project to perpetuate it. The use of words like madraSSa for madarsa, taSawuf for tasaWWuf, hadeeth of hadees and ulemas for ulema and even calling Naik a self styled 'ULEMA' shows how much you understand the terminology and you think you can jagao the Muslims. If you think you are capable of achievinng your target, either the Muslim is dead or feigning sleep. The so called higher things like tasawwuf etc were part of the Sufis but what are the self styled Sufi's of the day. They hardly offer namaaz, keep awake all the night to celebrate 'nights' where the ruling class and the powerful in worldly sense of the word pass their time. At best if they are able to influence a man or two, the message they carry as Islam does not bother as to what is the mean and what is the aim. To them paying huge sum to organised professionals is more than enough to wash the sin they do earning the sum. Look what happened to Hinduism which followed similar ways. The babas and goorus are being called despite the society being liberal to many acts which are non-human. The greed for money is always there. Do you think Hazrat Mueenuddeen Chishti (ra) and Hazrat Nidamuddeen Auliya(ra) could have been doing what today's Sufis do. Can we compare the Panjabi singers who produce videos with scanty clad girls and claim being Sufi as well. Can we register the lady from Pakistan who sings for films as well as 'performs' on Indo-Pak functions and must have been charging huge sums in alteast 6 figures.
I mean to say dear JaagoMuslim, that we need to analyse with our own analytical power and the way you use words and expressions shows that you have been brough up in a environment which did not allow you any say in things which were projected as religious. Acts and deeds of celebrations while missing the real concept. It is like the Hindus celebrating their festivals with inclusion of latest invenstions like VJs and even moulding the SC to allow it to break rules of sounds etc. So, the practice of new things without any hadees or Qur'an is called bid'ah and the things I listed above are certainly so. The most laughing thing I found on your comment is use of word 'khwaza' for 'khwajah' and chisti for Chishti. This type of moderates are in fact ignorant and are promoted and sought after by the establishment because they know you would vote for them just because the local 'leader' will rule in favour of them. I have been at Bareilly and found that Muslims have only 5% of share in all the spheres of life except the population, being majority. Why is it so when the liberal minded people rule the roost in that city? Does the lack of religious and modern education constitute 'liberalism'. To liberals like you a drunk Salman Khan may maim and kill roadside sleepers and pose with skull cap for being Muslim. Will you allow your father and sister to marry outside your religion and accept them so? I fail to understand why compromised things are sold as liberal Islam. If you cant earn yourself, please do not sell the ignorance of people who can be associated with you just for name being Muslims. What is your aim??

Dear brother, The ulemas

Dear brother,

The ulemas struggle hard to understand the whole of Quran and Hadeeth in thier entire study period spanning over 10-15 years. Dr. Zakir naik is a doctor but he started a journey of research in Islam with Science, physics, chemistry, philosophy etc. to understand the Islam, the Quran and Hadeeth. i feel without knowing all this related topics , we can understand the actual message of Hazrat Mohamman Sallallahualaihiwasallam (peace be upon him) and the Holy Quran. Because everything is actually invent from Quran and Hadeeth. As you all know Hazrat Mohamman Sallallahualaihiwasallam (peace be upon him) is the best Scientist , best philosopher and best of all. I wish long life of Dr. Zakir Naik and IRF.



respect for dr.zakir naik

assalamo alaykum
brother and sisters ,if some one doubt over dr zakir it's same as if some one doubt marhum ahamad deedat ,because he was student of him,the way both of them are just too good ,same as a stunent have good teacher and give batter knowlage so child can understand well and will be success so here is same case ,i don't know for every one one but for my self understand more islam and for my children dr.zakir explain with quran hadit and nothing from his own pocket ,my self i start to take more knowledge because of how well dr.zakir explain ,in india in madress of course they are teaching good but many time the way they explain it's not enough,and if some one have doubt ,so why then not explain to all of muslim community ,see to talk in public include muslim and non muslim dr.zakir only the person have guts ,where are those mullah who doubt about dr zakir ,
allah should send more messenger same as dr zakir so not only muslim but every one can understand islam perfectly,amin

If it is ineffective, thousands would not have embraced Islam

If Dr. Zakir Naik's way of propagating Islam was ineffective, thousands and thousands would not have embraced Islam!!!

What our learned Mutawas / Maulanas / Maulvis COULD NOT achieve in hundreds of years, Dr. Zakir Naik has achieved that, in a relatively short time-span.

You see - whenever there is FIRE, there is bound to be SMOKE. Without FIRE there is no SMOKE. Is smoke STRONGER then FIRE - that needs to be considered. I hope readers on this platform are wise, and got the message. Thank you.

An Observer

I wish to request Dr.Zakir

I wish to request Dr.Zakir first teach our Muslim brothers and sisters to be real Muslims.
If muslims of India practice Islam properly, we don't need any propagators to spread Islam, it will spread like fire.

You spoke the truth my friend

I am not against Dr.Zakir Bhai. But I agree that Indian muslims need proper islamisation

One of the worry of 'secularists' is ...........

Dear Anonymous,

You seem to be very simple for using Islamisation. The world including India is worried about Islamisation of the people of Muslim World and their own muslim population and are clubbing it with anything which is perceived bad. So, Islamisation is a dirty word for the Islamophobes. You might argue as to what is wrong with Islamisation of Muslims, but remember what happened to Alija Izzatbeg of Bosnia before the vivesection of the Yugoslavia and what price the muslims paid for being Muslims? What is costing the Palestinians and Kashmeeris for being Muslims? I have excluded other places because the P & K are not states nor they have done any wrong to their tormentors. The Islamisation is bad word because it takes he air off the capitalist's sail and so is the case with the Bania Economy of India which is basically a Gajju one (Modi sustain in this euphoria). The PM of India remains not more than the tax collector he has been in his career. Moreover, Islamisation of muslims will make them attaractive to the poors of India and this scuttles the conversion of India to christianity by year 2050. How come these 'money worshippers' allow even the use of the word Islamisation let alone practice it. The silver lining though is that Muslims are at it. It may be late but not never.

YES Dr. Zakir Naik is progating Islam properly

Dr. Zakir invite each and every human being to listen his speeches (ie. Muslim , Hindu, Christian etc) Hetry to convince every person with proof from Al Quran & Sahi Hadiths, & with Logics, whcih most of the people are unable to do so, Whenever their is allegation againt Quran & Hadiths, he stands againt those people Nd chllenge them for debate with humble request.
and he proves those people wrong, like, Dr. William cambell written book againt Qyran, no one could take proper actions againt him, but the challenge was accepted by Dr. Zakir Naik and He proved what William Cambell has written is wrong tahe debate between bothe doctors, was held in USA, the name of the debate was, "The Quran and the Bible in the light of science"
and he own the debate by Allah's help, same time Sri Sri Ravishankar has written book againt Quran, and the challenge was accepted by Dr. Zakir Naik, so we should not demoralise each other but appriciated, He is doing noble task which very rare people have guts to do, May Allah have mercy on all of us and show us the straight path AMEEN.

Can Zakir answer this question

PROPHET MUHAMMAD (p.b.u.h)married Khadeja in 595AD and remained monogamous for 24 years as long as Khadeja was alive. Allah did not tell PROPHET MUHAMMAD (p.b.u.h) to marry any other women and Muhammad was monogamous till the age of 49years. Khadeja died in 619AD and Muhammad married more than 13 women in the next 13 years till his death in 632AD including Ayesha, a 9 year old child and Zyenaba, his adopted sons wife. Why did Allah wait till death of Khadeja to propound multiple marriage for Muhammad???? Would Muhammad have married all those women if Khadeja had out lived Muhammad and died after death of Muhammad in 632AD and Allah prescribed 4 wives for Muslims in Qur'an????

Vilification of the Prophet

Hey anon, you have asked this question umpteen number of times under different names on TCN:

Kindly check the relevance of the question before copying and pasting - it seems you are unable to apply your mind in any creative manner.

Dear Anonymous

Dr. Zakir Naik had repplied several times on the question (why married more women) which you have requested here in several programmes, one of them is WOMEN RIGHTS IN ISLAM, for your reference I am attaching the link where you can watch full programmes,

Visit anyone of the Islamic website if you really want to learn

Brother Anon, You are totally misinformed or you pretend to be ignorant as the hypocrites do.If you visit anyone of the Islamic websites, you can have all informations about Marital life of Prophet the Great(PBUH).Fisrt of all, you have to understand the difference between betrothal and marriage.Who the hell did teach you that Aisha is married at the age of 9? Do not be so ignorant at the age of NANO TECHNOLOGY.Everything is crystal clear in Islam.

Pretentious Ignorants

Brother AbuHaroon,
The hurt in your comment is understandable. The hypocrites would not be able to do any damage to the pious legacy of the Prophet (pbuh) and they do it becuase they know that the way of Allah is the only right. Still they decide to go against the Creator. Having said this I would like to draw your attention to the use of adjective Great for our beloved Prophet. Shaikh Ahmad Deedat talked about the usage of the word Great and objected to use of this in place of Greatest. The words like great or god could be twisted so even use of Great needs to be avoided. Prophets are not selfmade but commissioned by Allah and due this very reason we know that Muhammad (pbuh) is the last of His Prophets which include those from Hazrat Adam to the Last Prophet. The pretentious ignorant do practice ignorance but only they are loss and they very well know this.

I don't believe in some one

I don't believe in some one whoz propogating n promotong one realigion.I have read almost each post n have tried to gainn understanding about wat every1 is trying to convey here......there are just few questions which keep on striking me all the time.....

If Islam is such as strong religion n the online realigion which must prevail (as few people especially islamic believe) , why does it need to be to b proved....????? why it can't prove its worth ata its own..????? Zakir Naik is like any other human being on this earth, who aasked him to indulge into all this......????

Why does ISLAM need a promotion....???????

WHy do u need to popularize ur religion n convince people to convert n accept Islam..???

IF its so sure that there is any such movement called "Judgement Day", y don't u guys leave things upto that day only...\??????

WHy r u proving urself to be so kind n sympthetic even after being declared the most voilent n dangerous relegion across the globe..???

Can u just answer me ...???

Dr. Zakir is the big scholar in Omat e Muslima

He is not propagating Islam in India only, i think he propagates Islam in the world, because i heard from many people Muslims and Non Muslims that they are effected by Zakir. I kindly request him to once to Afghanistan.


Mohib from Jalalabad Afghanistan.

dr zakir naik

i would like to tell all those who talk freely here against Dr Zakir that any type of question u have r doubt about Islam r Dr Zakir , first go and discuss it with the experts ,and try to encourage them to stand in front of Zakir naik.everything can be cleared there.send ur scholar and watch TV u ll know soon what happens.truth all the time wins.

If what Dr. Zakir Naik is

If what Dr. Zakir Naik is propogating is true Islam, I don't mind to say I just hate Islam. Especially his answers on 'why there is no other religion in Saudi' and all.

Black Sheep

There are many Black sheeps like you (Mr. Riyas V M u seems to be Muslim by ur name) in our community who is a threat to Islam. And dont just bark without knowing Islam Properly and its Values, and ur hate to Islam has got nothing to do with the Importance Significances of this Beautiful religion of the earth. But indeed u will be at receiving end.first Know what Islam is?

There is a surviving RELIGION in Saudi Arabia

Riyas V M @ 8 July 2010 - 3:38pm. or WHOEVER you maybe COMMENTING under an apparently Muslim Name.

Don't try to comment without OR with HALF-knowledge. I try to write a saying, and I'm sure you know: HALF-KNOWLEDGE is DANGEROUS.

To-date (and I repeat TO-DATE), there is a surviving RELIGION in Saudi Arabia, completely intact with their CLAN. It is CALLED the JEWISH QUARTER, which is located south of Riyadh, and north of Al-Lidam. When I visited in those days, GPS gadget was not introduced - otherwise, I would have given you the geographical co-ordinates, exactly pinpointing the area. Anyhow, this is a FACT.

Remember, JEWS were there in Saudi Arabia before Muslims. Unfortunately, wherever they lived, they TRIED to puncture a hole, in the very-plates they eat. Jews always FOUGHT against Muslims, and after death of Prophet Mohammad - they tried to DIG a TUNNEL in an EFFORT to TAKE-OUT the DEAD-BODY of Prophet Mohammad. These TUNNEL DIGGERS were apprehended, punished, and their effort foiled. From that time, not only JEWS, but other RELIGION followers are NOT-ALLOWED to enter a boundary set around Madinah and Makkah. That's one of the reason for PROHIBITION of ENTRY to NON-MUSLIMS.

Try to verify these facts - as it MAYBE difficult to find in a reference book. However, this FACT is WELL-DOCUMENTED in ancient ARABIC and PERSIAN-language History Books.

An Indian

Saudi Arabia has more NATURAL WONDERS. Apart from BLACK-GOLD or OIL, they have GOLD-MINES east of Madinah, and many RICH MINERALS elsewhere in the Kingdom.

Additionally there are many STEAM or HOT-WATER-WELLS, where people take bath to cure from skin-diseases. There is a "TARA-BOWLI" (or asteroid well) in Al-Kharj, east of Riyadh. It is the size of a FOOT-BALL STADIUM / FIELD. It is said that an ASTEROID fell from outer-SPACE (date unknown), and it was the size of a FOOT-BALL STADIUM / FIELD. Water level (water surface) starts at more than 2,000 feet from ground level. Water-supply from this well is sufficient for needs of Al-Kharj city, both for agricultural and domestic purposes.

In-fact there are many ASTEROID WELLS in the area, but the one I MENTIONED is the biggest. Try to verify this FACT also, or you may find it in one of the National Geographic Magazine publication.

Saudi Arabia is dying

Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom., is in its last days. It wont survive another 5 to 10 years. Please try to understand, that this Kingdom was an artificial creation in the first place. After WW-I., the Westerners divided the whole of middle east and cut it like cloth., to reward their spies/agents. Abdul Aziz in Saudi Arabia., Abdullah in Jordan/Iraq., Sabah in Kuwait., another in Qatar., another in Oman.

Basically there were local spies/agents of the British who were amply rewarded with Jagirs. Under the overall protection of the west. The sphere was divided among USA., Britain, France. Everyone took what he could... and a balance was achieved.

Arab Peninsula is one. THe lines are artificial.Saudi Arabia, an artificial and fraud entity will collapse, if not now., in a couple of years. Its the writing on the wall. Its based on lies (and survives on lies)., but for how long can lies continue ???

Is Dr.Zakir naik an illetrate?

I being a non-Muslim I love Dr.Zakir naik he is really preaching a truth faith
and I seen his video "Is the Qur'an God's word?" on you tube
he has proved there that the Qur'an is the word of God
so,I want to embrace Islam

dude i think its OK to talk

dude i think its OK to talk about goodness of one's own religion . but saying my religion is the only why and yours sucks i don't think so . if he wanna do it do it in Pakistan not in India coz it involves peoples sentiments and to make matters worst converting hindu's live on Tv in front of people thats plane "bullshit" in my view , say if someone wants to convert they can do it privately but when u involve live Tv that means ur marketing shit and am not buying into that crap shit and am dead sure its gonna create a huge problem in coming future

Proven truth is being accepted in public

Dear anon, If you can prove that your religion is the only true one, I will accept yours in public. I challange you to prove what Dr.Zakir Naik says is wrong. In India we all can propagate our religion in a peaceful manner as Dr.Zakir does and it is guaranteed in our constitution as well.We know that Castiest/Racist/Suffron Terrorists can never digest it and they will definitely create Huge Problem (as you said)in coming future. No problem we are here to defend

Alhamdulillah at last you

Alhamdulillah at last you have got the truth, May Allah bless you

Masha-Allah brother john .

Masha-Allah brother john . may allah bless you with his rehmat.

Masha-Allah brother john .

Masha-Allah brother john . may allah bless you with his rehmat.


Dr. Zakir Naik always says that he is a student on comparitive religion. He is called by others as scholar on religions. I donot agree all that he says and he never asks anyone to agree all of what he says for that matter. Muslims who call themselves "Moderate"(though there is no such thing) and those who are "Extreme"(there is no such thing) both has always something to critisize on the subjects he tlaks about.

As human beings with commonsense, we should do some research oursleves before we judge an individual. I think differing or having different opinions on subjects are healthy as long as it doesn't violate the fundamentals.

A man with a less knowledge, I support Dr.Zakir's propogation but at the same time, I donot agree with all of his interpretation of Quran and Hadiths and I think it is alright for him to continue if he is sincere in his propogation and expects only in the hereafter. Afterall he still calls himself only a student and not a scholar.

There is not a single video

There is not a single video of zakir naik in which he did not speak at least one lie where he spoke about Hinduism. Examples include his deliberate misinterpretation of the sholka on the Varna System equating it to birth based casteism, the Hindu greetings of Namaste, and innumerable others. Let a nationalist govt come at center, and zakir will be behind bars!

Who is Nationalist?

Reply@Anon; Don't behave as a Monkey when you feel that your faith is fake. As usual Brahmanical Terrorists(RSS) claim that they are nationalists. In fact, they are proven to be not only terrorists but also anti-nationals. Brahmanical terrorism is exposed everywhere and the poilitics which Brahmanical Terrorists(RSS) wished to play in India will no longer attract innocent nationalists Indians. Caste system will be discussed at UN as a premitiv form of terrorism and its supporters will be branded as Brahmanical Terrorists.

My faith is not fake

Dear Anon,
My faith is not fake and it doesn't preach violence, before bothering about the so called Brahmanical Terrorism a pet word on TCN you better to understand the truth that the entire world is terrorised by the mad followers of Islam. The fanatic followers of a fake religion .. you people fight within your religion in India and around the world. Your religion do not denounce the shamefull slavery practice when you dig at caste system in Hinduism .. have sence and reform yourself first before you finger at others... May Allah bless you.

In the middle east the cause

In the middle east the cause of islamic terrorism is USA . U hv forgotten generel dyre. Do u know the history of hitlar. How many people was killed in hirosima and nagasaki. How israel was formed. How they are killing the pelestain people. Who created bin laden? Who supplied chemical weapon to iraq. Who was at the root of iran iraq war? Who creat imbalance between The great India and pakistan. Giving reply is not terrorism it is right. Do u know why tagore rejected the nighthood title of UK. Brother get knowledge.

if you have strength go and

if you have strength go and challenge him why you are barking like Dogs govt. is also with him because they know he is right and by the when he is giving his talk many pandits who are learned are sitting why don't they tell these things and yes he has a debate with sri sri ravi shankar also what about him why don't he told him about this I think you should try learning and seeing the truth May Allah Bless you.

Brother pandit s s ravi

Brother pandit s s ravi shankar was present in one of his lecture. If u hv confidance go and face him.

Dr. Zakir Naik is a learned

Dr. Zakir Naik is a learned scholar and has command on his subject. He talk of other religions with respect and gets respect and honour by like minded visioneries all over the world. What worries and sadfull is site / cable / dish programe is only shown in selected places and totally ignored by cable-wallas and Dish operators with lame excuses. When a person is good for society, then why descripency, partiality and hate. Let love, truth and understanding prevail.
faruqi - observer - 09810315813

zakir is one of the best in the world

zakir is one of the best in the world.

Dr. Zakir Naik is an example we should follow and understand

Few months back there had been a lot of controversy surrounding Dr. Zakir Naik. I don't understand why people are framing such a person who always have spoken about Islam in righteous manner based on Quran quotes . I have learnt a lot from his seminars. He respects other religious faith and makes us understand Islam in a right perspective. All wrong things have been propagated against Islam by media and other religious fanatics, with regard to Muslims being intolerant and terrorist . But as Dr. Zakir Naik rightly says one should follow the script and not take a Muslim as an example to know real Islam. My request to all fellow brothers and sisters, follow our script and respect others even if they don't follow Islam, as you are not respecting their faith but the person up front. I must strive to reform myself and people of the entire world this is what jihad is for me.

Dr. zakir is the only scholar

Dr. zakir is the only scholar i want to listen to. I love him and the enemies of Islam are trying to harm his status. every other so called scholars are jealous from him. I respect him alot and I am against everyone who is against Dr. Zakir. he speaks logically with proves. I love u Dr. zakir naik.... may Allah always bless u....

Dr.Jakir Nayak we all luv u.

Dr.Jakir Nayak we all luv u. Bcoz u r showing us the right path. The foolish muslims who have no knowlege of Qur'an divides islam into sect but u told us that there is no sect in islam. We all r muslims(according to Qur'an). U don't worry about the christians. They don't have any khowledge. JESUS CHRIST WAS A MESSENGER OF ALLAH,HE IS NOT A SON OF GOD. And the muslims who are conspiring against u are the enemy of islam. The christians jealous of muslims bcoz they know ISLAM IS THE TRUE RELIGION.

I like u all who loves zakir

I like u all who loves zakir naik.he proved to me islam is the truth.i use his proofs wen i do dawah.and i use the style of yusuf estes to invite ppl to islam.and christian missionaries tried to convert me to christianity but i hav answers to all their claims bcoz i watch zakir naik.thank u allah for him.he seeems to be a blessing frm allah.may allah make us and zakir naik in jannah together.
my motto:not evrone can become zakir naik.but we all can spred his name and dvds.lets do spred save ppl frm hell.for d sake of allah

DawatoJihad is a compulsory

DawatoJihad is a compulsory act for all muslims.Why we are putting all the
burden on Zakir bhai?

Is Dr.Zakir Naik's way of propagating Islam effective in India?

I dont think So. Dr Zakir Naik has removed the confusion from peoples' mind whether they belong to Muslim, Hindu or chritian. He is a student of comparative religion & the fundamentalist Muslim. He only talks about the similarities between the religion further more he proves it by the quotations from Holly Quran, Bible or any other scripture. People can refer those books if it is true then people will definately believe on those quotation. Dr Zakir Naik never said that any scripture or any religion is bad he alway called people to come to common term so we all can be successful in this world & Akhirat. Anyone who is normal & listen to him with open mind & heart they realise that he is right & that is the reason why they listen to him. I believe when people dont get answers to their questions from their holly books & if Dr Zakir Naik provides answers with the help of Holly Quran & Hadeed. I think those answers provided convince these people to accept ISLAM Because the Glorious Quran has Solution for all the Human Kind & Islam gives PEACE and if we see around there are so much of HATRED around the world Every body is so frustrated in their life. Our Glorious Quran gives the equal rights for men & women etc that is the reason why ISLAM is the fastest growing religion in the World.

Naik is a fool who had said:

Naik is a fool who had said: "Naik says that Islam is the only correct religion (the equivalent of a maths teacher demonstrating that 2+2=4) while other religions are mistaken (the equivalent of saying that 2+2=3 or 2+2=6). He adds that other religions should not be allowed to propagate, and he supports banning the construction of non-Muslim houses of worship in Muslim lands.( Other than that glaring logical fallacy,Islam is the fastest growing religion, because Islamic families are the largest, and Muslims purposely have large families to pop out more Muslims.


i believe no one in this world is contemporary to him. he is the only man whom the god has given the ability to remember the verse of most of the holy books. the zealous people always make nonsense comment against naik without facing him. the great spiritual leader on Hinduism s.s. Ravi sankar even can't mention the verse and chapter of his own religious book but naik can. the debate with Dr. Campbell etc are worth mentioning. may the god give knowledge to all the unbelievers and show the right path. religion is not a thing that is to be followed blindly.

Mr Zakir Naik has been using

Mr Zakir Naik has been using his powerful memory to promote a brand of Islam that is both untrue, unjustifiable and unacceptable in a pluralistic society. Instead of propagating Islam as the religion of peace and goodwill among men, he promotes an Islam that is intolerant and belligerent. His numerous quotations from the Quran and Hadis are always out of context and deliberately given a communal twist. His agenda is to divide rather than unite the various strings of humanity. With friends of Islam, such as he is, we do not need the BJP and the RSS.