Is Dr.Zakir Naik's way of propagating Islam effective in India?


dr naik is the best

as salam walay kum dr zakir naik . i am great fan of yours . thanx for every thing that you have told us about islam. we need more people like you sir.

Dear Ameen Akbar, its not

Dear Ameen Akbar, its not "salam walay kum", if you are a real and true muslim then you must proniunce it as "Ass'salamu Alai'koom"..... learn to be good muslims and pronounce the islamic greetings correctly, dont distort please, Allah Nighebaan

Salam alaikum or as-salaamu'alaikum?

As-salaamu'Alaikum is from Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad [s.a.w] and Salaam Alaikum is in Qur'an so both are right: see 'Proof' below:
Surat Ar-Ra`d (The Thunder) - سورة الرعد
13:24 salaamun 'Alaykum bimaa Sabartum* fa ni'Åma 'Uqbad daar

So both are right

zakir naik

he is only man who can the truth of every verser of quran in correct way iin translated in many language and wee can get alot of benefit throught it and we will also know the importance of islam iman quran in our life and tobe a great muslim

Dr Zakir

The Holy Quran (3:48)
"WayuAAallimuhu alkitaba waalhikmatawaalttawrata waal-injeela"
"And Allah will teach him the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel"

"...... I taught thee the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel and behold!......"

These verses are revealed in the Holy Quran and talking about Jesus (pbuh) / Isa (a.s.); from where we can see that "Allah taught to Isa (Jesus) The Book, the Wisdom, the Taurah, The Bible (Gospel)"
--and therefore for sure Jesus (pbuh) will be able to talk from the Kitabs / books like all the Religious books around the world; there are thousand of religious books around the world beside the Holy Quran. e.g. The Hindu's Books, Budda's Books and so on.

Dr Zakir Naik knows all the Books around the world, He has unbelievable wisdom (his questions and answers is the witness), He knows the Taurah and He also knows the Bible. and all these books are in his memory....Subahan ALLAH!

Now can you also guess who might be Dr Zakir Naik ???

I think He is the Jesus Christ [ ISA (a.s.) ] , Coz I can also see ALLAH (swt) have taught to Dr Zakir Naik The Book, the Wisdom, the Taurah, The Bible (Gospel)" ..... and the signs is very clear to us....

Wake up people....if I am wrong then I ask ALLAH (swt) to forgive me... But if my Guess is right then those who do not believe and come to the right path yet - are surely in trouble.....

Jazak ALLAH!

(a former guy like you)