TCN Organization of the Year 2010

Aaghaz Foundation
2% (81 votes)
Bihar Anjuman
8% (368 votes)
Human Welfare Trust
0% (13 votes)
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
2% (107 votes)
Popular Front of India
51% (2431 votes)
Rahmani Foundation
1% (36 votes)
Solidarity Youth Movement
1% (35 votes)
Students Islamic Organization of India
7% (348 votes)
Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath
29% (1389 votes)
Total votes: 4808


My Vote for SIO

Its been 10yrs since I came to know about this organization (SIO). I am very impressed with the activities they carry out specially the Education Awareness and the Getting poor kids to school. Its a wonderful organization with its task to bring improvement in the Muslim world.



As of my openion its a best

As of my openion its a best organisation to help Muslim Ummah. And working in organized way.


Vote for TNTJ

My vote to Tamilnadu Tawheed jamath


It is a best organization, working for upliftment of Poor Muslim Ummah in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Total Empowerment of Muslim Community...

Existing socio-economic models of development have failed to alleviate the poverty and backwardness of the people of the country. Since independence, the ruling establishment has empowered the big business houses and the urban and rural elite, as it ignored the basic needs of the people below. The traditionally dominant social groups have hijacked the democratic process. They work hand in glove with neo-colonial, fascist and racist forces. The dalits, the tribals, the religious, the linguistic and cultural minorities, the backward classes and the women are denied their cultural and social space, making India one of the most backward areas in the world. Resistance against exploitation and deprivation now is mostly local and isolated with no co-ordination and pooling of resources at national level. Popular Front of India is a move towards co-ordination and management of such efforts for the achievement of socio-economic, cultural and political empowerment of the deprived and the downtrodden and the nation at large. It will try to establish an egalitarian society in which freedom, justice and security are enjoyed by all.

My Vot For PFI

My vote for PFI becouse it is a only one organiosation for empowering muslims in all fields in India. And also it's Dignity of muslims and india's backword people.

Asalaumu alaikum please vote

Asalaumu alaikum please vote for popular front of india (PFI), every one knows in india what PFI is working for. Every indian men or women muslims or hindus should thank for PFI leaders & Workers. And also vote to Mr E. Abu bakkar the TCN Person of the year.

The Aaghaz foundation is

The Aaghaz foundation is performing exemplary service. It consists of a dedicated group of volunteers who are expanding the educational opportunities to deserving but poor members of our community.

PFI is a Bad Roll Model

Read This Sify News:-
No request from Kerala to ban PFI: Chidambaram

New Delhi: The central government has not received any request from Kerala on banning radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI), Home Minister P. Chidambaram said here on Thursday.

'I've not got anything,' Chidambaram said outside parliament, when asked whether the state government had requested the central government to ban the PFI.

Suspected activists of the outfit chopped the hand of a Kerala lecturer earlier this month for preparing an 'inflammatory' question paper with references to Prophet Mohammed.

Kerala looking into reports of Taliban style courts

On July 13, the Kerala High Court directed both the central and state governments to give their views on banning the PFI.

Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said last week that the state government would take a decision on banning the Muslim group after getting a report from the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

'As the NIA is investigating Kerala's terror-related cases, it is expected that vital information about the PFI, including its link with other international extremist organisations, would also be revealed,' Balakrishnan said.

He also said that the Kerala government would ask the central government to investigate the source of alleged foreign funding of the PFI.

However, a highly-placed union home ministry source said the state government has not so far requested the central government to probe the funding source of the PFI.


Dear Brother sfsdrc (i dont know that name it is!), In Kerala, the same home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has said in the State Assembly that there is no talliban model court running in Kerala. Why you read only the news that terms against PFI? Chidhambram says they have no request from Kerala to ban PFI. Is it a good news of bad news? Why the Kerala Government is not doing this good job? Are they affraid of PFI? Only one simple answer is that NDF/PFI is working in Kerala/India for last 20 years and IB is still doing their enquery last 20 yeras. How long more they want to frame evidences to ban PFI, it may be a matter for another 20 years. Please answer with facts. If you take the news coming in the mainstream media as truth,then I have no more to write. Just remember the same media has written many stories during Malagav explotion, Macca masjid explotion, Hzrath Jahangir encounter killing etc...... Just ask PFI leaders what they are upto and evaluate their work.

Nice iniative

whatever The final Result is,
This poll Will create awareness about some Popular & Positive figures to all..

Our negative point is,
we are not giving much more interest to konw about other leaders..

This poll may change that..


my vote 4 PFI

my vote for popular front of india (PFI)Becouse this one 4 a nationa working ...........

Vote for PFI

Pls vote for Popular Front of India as it works for empowerment of muslims in india.

Vote for TNTJ

Dear Brothers & Sisters

TNTJ not only conducts Rally & Conference it also rooted in the hearts of Millions of muslims across the state
1. Promotes Quran & Sunnah to public mass through all modes ( Television , News papers, Public Meetings, Symposiums , Seminars )
2. Educational Awarness Programme , Around 250 Such seminars had been conducted in 2009-2010
3. Collection of Fitra & Distributing to Poor, Millions of Rupees been collected and distributed
4. Islamic Colleges
5. Combined Qurbani
6.Zakath Collection and distributing to needy
7. Blood Donation Camps in india & GCC countries, Ranks first in Tamilnadu, Donates minimum of 6000 + Units every year
8. Conveying Islam to Non Muslims at this best of way by symposium
9. Free Quran to non muslims
10. Participates in Book Exhibitions and reaches millions of people
11. Clear Misunderstanding of Non muslim about Islam through ISLAM OR INIYA MARGAM
12. Telecast TV programme in TV channels
13. Debates with Counter Thelogist about Islam recently with renounwned Atheist Group
13. Fight for Social Rights for the community
14. Monitors the Political situation of muslims and guide them in rightpath
15. Home for Aged People , Orphans
16. Training Courses and all supports new muslims and Many more , Alhamdulilah , Join this Movement .. May ALLAH Swt Reward us and them.


POPULAR FRONT OF INDIA, A hope for the all the oppressed,downtrodden,marginalised,unjusticed,demoralised,blamed,jailed ,drown in sorrow and pain,,,, PFI will make sure that they will be given justice ,equality,right to live with dignity.not just in words PFI has proved this within in short time,launched in 2006 and has spreaded all over india and is working day and night on contemporary issues of indians specially muslims and all backward classes.INDIA will be getting freedom true freedom by all the corrupt ministers ,system through PFI....SO JOIN HANDS NAYA KAARVAN,NAYA HINDUSTAN..people who are commenting against PFI...ARE HAVING LESS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT IT...


these are same front organistaion do not consider while making poll the same front organisation

TCN Organization of the Year 2010

I hope we vote for an organization which promotes advances in education, employment and economic opportunities for Muslims as well as secularism and moderate and progressive Islam.

Supporting "jehadi" or supremacist communalist Muslim organizations may make some of us feel good for a few moments, but in the long run such organizations do us more harm than good. Our goal should be "A Harmonious India".

Why I vote for SIO..?

Students Islamic Organization of India is an ideological organization working in the country for preparing students and youth for the reconstruction of society in the divine guidance.(visit

SIO finds itself committed to impart genuine knowledge and awareness to students and getting them ready to become torchlight of morality and fighters against evils by reinforcing their own life. The organization will also strive for promoting moral values in educational system and better academic and moral atmosphere in educational institutions and to nurture the talents of students in such a way as to benefit the society. Above all, preference will be given to spread the truths as understood by the organization among the most critical group of civil society – students.

the above mentioned aims will be striven for only within the limits of morality and constructive – peaceful manner. The organization shall keep away from anything that is contrary to truth and honesty and that may result in communal hatred and class struggle.

My vote

PFI is working against terrorist.I like popular front

naya karavan naya hindustan

my name is ramya i am one of the person in minority comunity i think popular front of india is one of the best organisation in india because of their equalisation their work is very well they are the people real in modern socity



my vote to popular front of

my vote to popular front of india

NDF-steriotype or truth?.

Due to some murders and chopping-hand issue, when popular front became an item in the front page of news papers, one of my Hindu friend told this.....these popular front guys are a peculiar type,I my village only one PFI worker is football grounds during play this guy will be running in high speed to and fro.he usually do not get ball on his foot neither he credit any goal...but he will be running in high speed.The same chap terrifies the villagers by riding his bike in very high speed with rising....

Another story...told by my Doctor friend...He was casualty duty doctor in a small hospital of a town of Malappuram day he went for food in dining room.One man brought his mother to casualty for some trivial complaints.The casualty nurse and the manager asked man to wait for few minutes..but after a little time, the man started to shout and making scene in the casualty.He angrily told the manager that he will burn alive the manager in the middle of the road.Manager got terrified.After the angry return of the man, manager enquired about him.The man was Area Convenor of NDF, old form of PFI.

I think, the same feelings of RSS drive PFI also.The charecter of both RSS and PFI is the same.

ohh! really, u have only two

ohh! really, u have only two stories.If u want more fake stories u visit deshabimani,janmabhumi,kaumudi,kairali,manorama,asianet,etc.....
but u just understand this ur fakestories cant destroy our organaisation

Don't to be fool and others

Don't to be fool and others by telling this kind of unauthorized stories, here the muslim world know what is PFI and what they are doing for the Indian Muslim ummath.

Popular front of India

Dear Brother, Please believe in factuals.. and one kind advise is to see things with brodened mind, say after knowing somethig about PFI. For more details please visit

popular front of india

zindabaad zidabaad POPULAR FRONT zindabaad

assalamo alaikum

i think bihar anjuman is the best organisation,helping for the poor muslims.


AN OLD POST IN TCN.Muslims of Kerala are anxious about PFI and its parent organization NDF due to many reasons.Kerala is the only state where PFI has got remarkable presence.Kerala is notable due to abundance of Muslim organizations.In political field there are four strong Muslim organizations.
Muslim League:Its activities are very strong and it has got good following.It has a proud history of more than 50 years.
PDP:In south Kerala , PDP has got remarkable following.They have a lot of non-Muslim members also.Their presence and influence in Kerala politics is commentable.
INL: Muslim party with an average following.
Jamaate islami:Though they are not there in election politics; they are active with political activities.
they also got grass root level influence and fifty years experience.They have announced their entry in election politics.
Many religious organizations are also there like two fractions of sunnis, two fractions of salafis .
A lot of cultural and educational organizations are also there; like MES and MSS.
In this abundance, most of Keralites consider PFI's arrival as a unhealthy competition.PFI's another peculiarity irritates every other Muslim organization; their un-paralleled party spirit.PFI will do anything to project their brandname.They start everything their own;student and girls organizations,colleges,news paper,magazines, audio visual units,publishing houses,and even Masjids.This destroy the collective strength of Muslims and brings unnecessary competition.
The most serious problem of PFI is their misinterpretation of Jihad.In the name of Jihad, NDF takes part in killing games with other organizations like CPM and RSS.NDF is involved in a number of incidents of political and religious murders.In every places where NDF got influence, people expect unpleasent situation any time.Even followers of other Muslim organizations like Muslim League,salafis and sunnis are attacked by NDF many times.
Another problem of NDF is their immature political ambitions.Other organizations who recently entered in politics has got history of many years of social work.TMMK has strong history of grass root level social and political work.Muslim League has the best experience.Jamiat Ulema and Jamat Islami have worked many years in many fields before entering politics.AUDF is formed by experienced organizations like Jamiat Ulema and Jamat Islami.
But PFI has got only short history; that also of violent clashes with other communities.
So, my advice to PFI is :
Stop violent methods.Avoid culture of violence.
Before entering politics;make yourself better through social works.
Correct your bad relations with non-Muslims.
Convert your aggressive party-spirit as spirit for Islam and Muslims.
Instead of creating unhealthy competition among Muslim organizations in already strong fields; try to find out new fields where Muslims are weak.
Be transparent.Avoid secret working style.
Avoid un-Islamic tactics.
By becoming transparent; you can prevent intruding of dangerous elements to the party.



A few news paper reports about the new movement called NDF which changed its name as PFI.
CPI(M) office at Anchal set ablaze

By Our Staff Reporter

KOLLAM, MAY 11. The double-storeyed M.A. Ashraf Memorial building at Thadikkad, near Anchal in Kollam district, that houses the Arakkal Local Committee office of the CPI(M), was set ablaze today.

Eyewitnesses told the police that a gang that arrived in four jeeps at 3 a.m. today rushed to the top floor, broke down the door, doused the hall with petrol and set the building on fire. There was no one in the building at the time of the incident.

The CPI(M) has alleged that activists of the National Development Front (NDF) had set the building on fire.

The Anchal Police also stated that they suspect NDF activists to be behind the incident.

In addition to the local committee office of the CPI(M), the building also housed the office of the Literacy Mission unit and the M.A. Ashraf Memorial Library and Sports Club. M.A. Ashraf was a CPI(M) leader of the area who was hacked to death by a gang at Thadikkad on the night of July 18, 2002. Police arrested seven NDF activists of the area in connection with the murder and the case is pending trial before a court

January 24, 2007 18:37 IST
Five persons were injured in fresh attacks on Wednesday in Malappuram district where an Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh activist was killed on Saturday.
Four persons -- a BJP sympathiser and three members of a minority community -- were injured in separate incidents at Tanur early on Wednesday, an autorickshaw driver was waylaid and attacked at Tirur around noon, police said.

Activists of the National Democratic Front allegedly killed RSS activist Ravi on January 20 in Tirur.

After the killing, the RSS observed a dawn-to-dusk shutdown in the district on Sunday. Inspector General of Police (North) M N Krishnamurthy said the Tanur incidents had nothing to do with the happenings at Tirur.

"The situation is very much under control and a strict vigil is being maintained throughout the district," he said.

In all, nine people had been injured in attacks in the district with RSS and NDF blaming each other for the clashes.

Meanwhile, posters, purportedly put up by the NDF in protest against the visit of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to Kerala, were found at some places in the district but the police did not say if that had anything to do with the ongoing attacks.

In an attempt to instill confidence among the people, the district administration decided to extend the ban on two-wheelers in Tirur taluk till Thursday evening.

Ten people had been taken into custody in connection

CPI(M) activist stabbed to death

Kannur, Aug 25 A local CPI(M) leader was stabbed to death allegedly by workers of National Development Front, a Kerala-based Muslim outfit near Iritty, about 40 km from here, triggering tension in the area.

The CPI(M) Chakkad branch Secretary N Dileepan (32) died after a group of suspected NDF workers stabbed him at Vilakkod around 2100 hours last night while he was returning home, police said today.

Dileepan, who sustained severe face, neck and leg injuries, succumbed while being taken to a hospital in Thalassery, they said.

The rival party activists, of late have engaged in frequent clashes in parts of the district. An NDF worker was stabbed to death allegedly by a group of CPI (M) activists at Kakkayangad near Iritty town on June 23.

Accusing the NDF of murdering its activist, the CPI(M) has called for a day long strike in adjoining Kottiyoor, Kelakam, Kolayad and Kizhur localities, they said.

Meanwhile, a police team led by IGP (North) V Shantaram is camping in the sensitive area to supervise the law and order situation.

Vision 2016

Vision 2016 is a Project by Jamaat-e-Islami-Hind for the upliftment of Indians & Muslims..


I suggest all of u to read before vote..

By Saif.

Dear Brother, our dearest

Dear Brother, our dearest org JIH has started this visions from 1948.. they are within the families.. they are not in the actual fields..

Remove PFI & E Aboobackar from the Voting

I would request you to remove Popular Front of India (NDF) & the founder of Popular Front of India (NDF) E Aboobackar from the Voting. Since they have direct involvements in many terrorist activities in Kerala, why should we support them? Please don't allow them to generalize their terrorist activities via

Please note that, they don't have any kind of support from any other Muslims Organizations (IUML, Salafi, Sunni, Jamaat, Thableeg...etc.)in Kerala, due to their Terrorist activities in Kerala.

Recent issue in Kerala by Popular Front of India (NDF):

Popular Front of India (NDF) & the founder E Aboobackar should be removed from the following Voting:

oh!thats way PFI get few

oh!thats way PFI get few votes,pls tell witch is the good organaisation i will vote for that

Truth is hard to digest!

This is what happen when truth hits the walls of false hood.

We all knew that our media is so biased against any Muslim upliftment movement. By quoting so many links what are you trying to prove?

It is the hidden agenda of RSS don't fall into their prey.

Masha Allah, PFI is one of best organization in the history of India ever seen.

Well done twocircles!

Dear Brother, Just see the

Dear Brother, Just see the vote percentage for the support of Muslims. PFI dont need support of organisations, but they have support muslims. Issues are only because of CPM sponsered terrorism, the actual fact has to come through court.. we can see some blood donnors who are supporting this sponsered terrorism to CPM, but for CPM even this blood donnors are terrorists... This all are happening because of this fast moving acts of PFI my brother..

dogs are barking but

nobody can remove e abubacker from twocircles,only a deam,not afraid, we are in power, inshaallah, wait and ...

Dear friends, I don't agree

Dear friends,
I don't agree the opinion to remove PFI and E Aboobacker from the Voting.The voter has the right to poll the vote indulgently as if he has the right to opposite them. Who told they have direct involvement in terrorist activities? What is the evidence? The fabricated and manipulated media stories are not the evidence.Jama ate islami and Maedani are the victims and the clear examples for state,police and media terrorism. Now PFI is the target.They are trying to vanquish the up coming gatherings among the Muslims. Also note that, the main stream(?) muslim organizations,(IUML, Salafi, Sunni, Jamaat, Thableeg...etc.)not only they don't have any kind of support one another but also they are fighting each other in street. So, why the guys are being worried of voting?

Joke HAHAHAHAH... Go and

Joke HAHAHAHAH... Go and watch the videos in the youtube how people are supporting and participating after this kind of lie stories.

feel the heat

I think u people never becam victim of RSS and its othr organisatn, may god nvr mak u victim of thm. Bt 4 muslm who r victim of them ask thm how their sisters were raped, family was killed. PFI is a new hope security. If u r muslm u wil nvr tolerate insult of prophet. Nd if u can bear that then u r nt a muslm. I hope u al undrstnd this in short

Vote For PFI and E Aboobacker

The matter posted as Aboobacker to remove PFI and E Aboobacker, has the mindset of Indian IB personnels and he states NDF involved in many terrorist activities, he does not clearly explain what are them, is protecting the muslim ummah from the hands of sangh parivar terrorists is an extremist activity and he also added that PFI had no support among the other muslim parties or organizations, it is it true, but they have the support of the muslim ummah all over india. I do not know whethere IUML is supported by any muslim organization as it has lost its charm and working style and most of their leaders and selfish and they are depending on Congress in KL and some other parties other parts of the country. The truth is cadres of these organizations are now in PFI to work for the empowerment of the muslim and other backward communities, so do not blame PFI for leading the polls. The articles showing reports of PFI in hand chopping of the professor were not true and one should compare it with malegeon, Ajmer, Nanded, Mecca Masjid, Samjauda trains blasts, were initially muslims were blamed and the truth is it was organized by Hindutva terrorists.


PFI is only muslim Organization is a minority Organization n


The only organiation to empower muslims in india is PFI
Jamath and other orgainsation failed becuase the need money and sleep well but to be in islamic path is PFI after SIMI the government tortured SIMI and innocent muslims are under jail still but they proved all hindutua terrorists and militrary did everithing blamed muslims
so now PFI in necessory
Vote for PFI

Remove PFI & E Aboobackar from the Voting

Dear Brother Aboobacker

You can see the voting results till date by this we can make out what does the ordinary public or a common man thinks about this organization called PFI; when ever an organization or a individual does some good deeds to community lot of other individual or organization stands against them this is a common think when our Prophet Mohammad Mustafa (S.A.S) started to spread Islam this was the case also ALL other people started opposing them But we all know What had happened

My brother please answer me if a common Muslim did not supported this organization how can they get in a huge crowd in all parts of INDIA in there public programs and other thinks how could thinkers of our community(Arshi Khan ,Dr.Zafarul Islam etc ) share the dais with this organization we have lot of examples …

Absolutely some organizations will never support PFI because they are losing their Popularity after PFI has come so this is ur problem (Org like u have mentioned) That’s the reason my friend…..MAY ALLAHA SHOW U THE RIGHT PATH ….AMEEN

Thoufiq Lucknow


PFI has thousands of cadres all over ibdia they doing the right job,its lots of support from muslim community.

What is democracy?

I read a comment on this site regarding PFI and Mr. Abubackar. What my friend has understood or have the information is insufficient about PFI. I request him/her to go to Mangalore or kerala and ask the non-muslims how PFI works in these places. If it has any illegal activities, it would have banned long back. The media and the people who publishes this news or creating these kind of stories does not have any proof to prove that PFI has to be banned. It is a party which works for all the people who needs help and critise those who creates problems in the society. And you want to remove the name of PFI and Mr. Abubackar from the voting. I request you to get all the information about the PFI then decide whether it is to be removed or not. Just by reading news papers or by getting the false information from any other source cant make you to take correct decision.

Don't be Infantile!

Please note that defaming such a wonderful organization is always the agenda of imperialist, zionilst and fascist. Please let us not fall in these false propaganda and learn right from the horsemouth.

Please visit or and so on to get the right pictures of PFI instead of going through so called wiki/google.

There is no relation between terrorisom & PFI (Specialy Muslims)

Brother Aboobacker, Don't believe the fake newses on news papers which was spreaded by the sang parivaar Fasist terrorist,Because most of the newses are fake.
Specialy terror news related to muslims.Most of the Bomb blast was carried out by Sang Parivar Hindu terrorist Groups (Malegon bomb blast,GOA bomb blast,Hyderabath Makka Masjid Bomb blast,Somjothra train bomb blast,etc..,)but AFTER THE BOMB plasts immedistely they blamed muslims and arrested muslims. Later CBI found out the bomb plast links between the Hindu terrorist groups(sanasthan saastha, RSS, etc..)

In kerala proffesor attack case PFI denied the blame on the organization and its given explanation there is no PFI involment on this case. But the fasist media keeep on blaming PFI.But PFI is defending them by legal way.

PFI concept is FREEDOM, JUSTICE and SECURITY for the minarity peoples and Save our mother land India From Hindutuva Facisam.

So all peoples should vote for PFI. Two circles know what it have to do and it's know about PFI.Two circles you should keep such type of polls to bring out the true organization, which is working for defeat Terrorisam and facisam.

Two movements...two styles.

Two all India socio-political organisations are emerging in Muslim community.One is under already existing Jamaate Islami.Another is under Popular Front.
Focus of Pfi is Muslim community.They do not see violence as a bad thing.They claim that , to counter violent methods of Rss and Cpm, Muslims also may have to use violence.(But I dont understand why they used violence against Christians also.)They want to solve the problems of Muslims by organising communally.Theirs is the real identity politics.

The stand of Jih is just the opposite.This poster has a soft corner about JIH.They are against violence.They believe that Muslim problems should be projected along with the problems of other people who also suffer similar problems.They do not believe in organising on communal lines.They plan to launch a political party which will not promote any type of communal thinking.

In my opinion, both parties may work.I never can agree with violence from people of Muslim community.Only Islamic government can use violent punishment against citizen.No individuals or groups are allowed to use violence.In other aspects, the Indian democrasy allows working of both Bjp and Pfi.