TCN Person of the Year 2010

Aamir Rashadi, Rashtriya Ulema Council
0% (13 votes)
Abhayanand, Rahmani30
1% (28 votes)
Afroz Alam Sahil, RTI activist
0% (16 votes)
Ahmad Bukhari, Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid
0% (7 votes)
Ali Anwar, Rajya Sabha MP
0% (2 votes)
APJ Abdul Kalam, former president
1% (40 votes)
Asaduddin Owaisi, Lok Sabha MP
1% (29 votes)
Badruddin Ajmal, Lok Sabha MP
0% (6 votes)
Dr. AR Nakadar, founder of AFMI
0% (4 votes)
Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, human rights activist
2% (75 votes)
Dr. MH Jawahirullah, TMMK
11% (490 votes)
Dr. Omar Khalidi, author
0% (3 votes)
Dr. Zakir Naik, IRF
5% (243 votes)
E Aboobackar, PFI
57% (2599 votes)
KA Siddiq Hassan, HWT
3% (142 votes)
Mahesh Bhatt, movie director
0% (8 votes)
PK Abdul Azis, vice-chancellor of AMU
0% (13 votes)
Shah Faesal, UPSC topper
1% (40 votes)
Shahid Azmi, advocate
1% (46 votes)
Shakeel Ahmad, Bihar Anjuman
1% (24 votes)
Suhail KK, SIO
16% (716 votes)
Syed Hamid, Jamia Hamdard
0% (18 votes)
Wali Rahmani, Rahmani 30
1% (24 votes)
Waris Mazhari, Deoband graduate
0% (7 votes)
Zahid Qadri, Help Hyderabad
0% (5 votes)
Total votes: 4598


KK Suhail and SIO - the real

KK Suhail and SIO - the real emerging voice of CHANGE


Why this tiny negligible guy name come on the poll


it is the time you should think why? it in not the size or age but work that make a person great. dont think a young looking guy as tiny, he may work much great than older ones.some time work speak much more louder then size or age. hope you understand . may ALLAH give you a big heart to accept realities.

TCN Person of the Year Award

We need to acknowledge services of people like Mahesh Bhatt, Harsh Mander, Arudhati Roy, Ram Punyani, and others who are taking abuses from their own community for speaking up against injustice.


bcoz its necessery......

I agree with Zafar Iqbal

I agree with Zafar Iqbal

Assaduddin Owaisi is the

Assaduddin Owaisi is the only MP who is raising voice..and fighting for Injustice,specially for those innocent brothers who are caught by police.

And Zakir Naik wisdom is amazing..May Allah Bless him & His family, Forgive his Sins..And Help him & all those brothers who are striving for Dawah..& for Islam..Aameen

Political awareness is must

this is the strongest aomg all becoz In India Present time - Political status & awareness is the strongest factor and requirement for social status to survive.

Here Comparing Dr. Naik with

Here Comparing Dr. Naik with other social worker is insult of Dr. Naik.

Poll Maker should think over it

Assalamu Alaikum Plss add

Assalamu Alaikum
Plss add the name of Sheikh Aboobackar Ahmed(President of All India Sunni Jamyiyathul Ulama) for the List


Shahid Azmi is the Man of 2010

Shahid Azmi was the voice for voiceless people. He supported many innocents to see the light. Finally, he martyered for this cause. Definintely, He must be the person of 2010.

Dr. Zakir naik

Assalamoalaikum. wrb.
need 2 focus more on the work of people, which are not politically motivated. & Please take care of all those people who are doing gr8 job for Muslim Ummah in terms of Social & religious stability as well.

TCN Person of the Year Award

E Abubaker from the social org Popular Front of India will emerge as the TCN person of the year 2010. Insha Allah..


He is the person in india doing make a peace to india and make all in one society,for the reason i put my vote to him'


this is first time in the history of India
an organization which has been established only 4 years ago
has been in tremendous success and is working so finely about Muslims
even after the attacks of anti Muslim organization i.e the dreadful sangh parivar
and cong cpm etc
the pfi has not stopped nor slowed down
so the credit goes to its leadership and disciplined cadres


May be PFI started just 4 years ago, but it was established 25 years ago in the name of NDF at Kerala and MNP in Tamilnadu. Isn’t?

PFI is an anti-Islam organisation

Assalamu Alaikkum,

Please dont caste your vote in favour of Abubacker-PFI. Its a criminal group.The
kerala government have been deciding to ban this group. Recently they chopped the hands of a christian professor. As a muslim Its our duty to isolate these organisations.

Indeed, It seems people have

Indeed, It seems people have got the right answer. Naya Caravan, Naya Hindustan. Muslims dont need your assistance, they know well who is the correct person to lead muslims.

please make confirmation before passing message againest anyone

please make confirmation before passing message againest anyone -- allah said in quran. U DID SINS and u r doing againest this statement so u will have to answer to this act on t day of judgement. do u know very well the professor hands chopped by PFI and you have any proof regarding this. BE READY TO ANSWER TO ALLAH REGARDING THIS. on the day of judgement KERALA goverment cant HELP TO YOU mr.FAUD .AR.

we dont know very well the

we dont know very well the professor hands chopped by PFI and we dont have any proof regarding this.But PFI members felt happy and celebrated in our area ! Stop these contradictions Dont Make fool! Don't use quranic verses for your convinient.

PFI is Shining in FUTURE INSHA ALLHA .............

PFI is not working only KERALA, it was in allover INDIA and International Level

P F I is an Islamic organisation

That openion your own and your supporters only.
other major part of public support to PFI and E.Aboobacker. because they solve the problems of minorities. Dalits, Ezhava, Muslims, Adivasi and other backward communities believe them as the leaders of their community, you can see the election result of Rajasthan and karnataka. Janakerala yathra make a new confidence to minorities in kerala. You can see the expansion of PFI. only 16 years that party wide to 15 state. Insha alla it will make a new history. All indian wish to the expansion of PFI.

pfi good movement

Dear br,
i think ur mind affected in rss.

PFI is not anti-Islam organisation

PFI is an organisation working for upliftment of muslim & dalits with social walefare and educational fields. pfi is not a religiuos organization. they work for eradication of poverty and illitracy as of my knowledge.


PFI is a most powerfull Islamic organisation in India. Tis organisations activities staightforward. So all muslims like this organisation

PFI is a not Islamic

PFI is a not Islamic organisation this organisations activities not straightforward. So Don't consider as islamic organisation. pls refer their vidios and interviews in site they are introducing themselves as secular.

i think u hav not analysed

i think u hav not analysed wat ur saying it may be out of sheer anger .... wat ever it s organisation like pfi r doin wat exactly the present ummath needs thats total empowerment ......

PFI is not anti islam organisation

dear faud,

if you are known about the truth, pls keep silence instead of spreading your innocence, which way u evaluate PFI and supporting to ban PFI. While RSS hunt our people in Gujarat, do you have raised any voice against that??? if you are unable do some good thing to our community atleast please stand away ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST

You have any proof for the

You have any proof for the above comment..?

SIO- With Mission & Vission

KK Suhail and SIO. SIO is the only one organization that is working for the upliftment of Education and Morality in a balanced manner. People have to recoganise SIO works by voting for KK Suhail.

zakir naik is doing good work

according to m zakir naik is doing very good work other persons are also doing well.but zakir naik contribution to the world is very big.

SIO students voice

SIO is the need of time. it is students voice

Popular Front Of India..

Naya karavan, where Indian muslim can trust, unlike other so called muslim organisations, they are with the muslims, not in the office.. they are in the field..

Muslim Leader of the year

Muslim Leader of the year

Insha allah... PFI and TMMK

Insha allah... PFI and TMMK will shine in future...

sio - is better now

sio - is better now

Shahid Azmi donated his life for the cause of community

Shahid Azmi donated his life for the cause of innocent community members. Vote for him

Vote for martyr Sahid Azmi.

I also voted for him.
Every patriot Muslim to cast his/her vote in favour of martyr SAHID AZMI.


VISION 2016 is the best project of HWF

vote for TCN

It is necessary for the whole muslim community to choose such a person who is capable and responsible for the job.

What is the stand of PFI and

What is the stand of PFI and E.Aboobacker on chopping the hand of a christian professor?For the sake of argument they can claim that the case against PFI activists in connection with the hand chopping case is yet to be proven.But is it a reality that PFI is under thick clouds of suspicion in the hand chopping case and many other unlawful activities?.
We the Indian muslims, as the responsible citizens of a democratic country,should defy the communalisms and hate cultures of all hues without any prejudice.It is not good to think that communalism is good if it is ours and is bad if it is others. Communalism, violence and hate campaigns becomes squarely deplorable when it appears in the name of Islam, who introduces God as one who 'kataba alaa nafsihirrahmah'.
The accusation that PFI is a proponent of violent culture and they bacame a curse for the Muslim community in Kerala cannot be primafacily rejected.
Under these circumstances, we have to think of the message that may be communicated to the Indian society if the chief of an organisation with doubtful credentials is selected as the man of the year of TCN.


Zaman, Why only chopping hand?.since 1993, how many killings and attacks these people are doing in many names like NDF,PFI,KFD,SDPI.

Muslim has no any right to criticise RSS as far as there is PFI/SDPI.

Re : What is the Stand of PFI

Dear Zaman,
u go to and observe the empower activity in India only because of PFI. Apaprt from this they builted their own political party got some SARPANCH seats in Rajsthan, unbelievable grama Panchayath seats in Karnataka.Meanwhile CPI activist ( BJP Faced people, they are Marxist in the day time and CHADDI group in the night) forecasted these development and planned to degrade the PFI and SDPI in Upcoming GP election in Kerala. This reusult outfits for the chopping the hands of joseph. It is the drammatic plan to blame PFI ,If it is proved they are ready to punish themselves and take actiion these culprits as per PFI chief ( IANS Interview).
So ZAMAN saab dont blame anybody or accuse without knowing the actual fact as per Sura NNoor.........

Please be updated with the news

Dear Bro,

Please go to PFI website to know their hands on copping the hands, or please watch the debate of Prof. Koya at CNN IBN( available at youtube). Please for God sake to misguide others, when you quote the Quran for one thing better read the quran to know the fate of those who put allegations on others without proof. Please be updated


Prof. Sulaiman Quraishi

Harsh Mandar is the finest man

There must not be 1 (one) single Muslim in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. They are worthless. I dont want to see any Sherwani., and any bearded man with the checked Khandwa on his shoulder. Instead, muslim affairs (Muslims are the most backward community in India., as rightly documented by the Sachar Report., and rightly confirmed by the Ranganatha Mishra report) must be in the hands of good hindus like Harsh Mandar, Mallika Sarabhai, Arundhati Roy, Nitya Ramakrishnan, Indira Jaisingh, Vinod Mehta., Vir Sanghvi., N. Ram., Harish Salve etc. Muslim affairs and empowerment must be in the hands of GOOD HINDUS. Only then., will we see some change, positive change on the ground.

Prof. K. A. Siddique Hassan

Prof. K. A. Siddique Hassan is the Vice President of Jama't-e-Islami and is the architect of Vision-2016 programme which aims the empowerment of Muslim community of India in all aspects. Recently he was selected as the Most influencial leader by Islam online. So, vote for Prof. K. A. Siddique Hassan.

Unity .. Among muslims !! And muslims and non muslims.

Asalamu alykum... Praise be to Allah alone, and peace and blessings be upon prophet Muhammad.. Muslims today are in dire need of unity. And many muslim organizations are working hard for muslim unity even unity with non-muslims.. One brilant star of muslim unity and muslim non-muslim unity is Shaykh ul islam Dr Tahir ul qadri.. His book "firkah parasti ka khatimah" is a very nice and very efficient book on muslim unity.. You can read or download this book on " " , dr tahir ul qadri is well known personality in the world today. He is running organization "Minhaj ul quran international" which is working in 90 countries to promote PEACE ,INTEGRATION, INTER FAITH DIALOG between various communities.


When humanity face problem,he never kept silence,he is the first guy who speaks about all evils of society. he is young but his work appreciable, he is not working for any community,but for all humanity.

I am depressed at this

I am depressed at this results

known persons like Apj abdul kalam, PK abdul azeez, Zakir Naik , Badruddin Ajmal got few votes.

Muslim League, the best Muslim organisation,s leaders are not there in the list.E.Ahmed, the minister who did much to the nation and Muslim community is not there in the list.A well known person like Hyderali Shihab Thangal not there in the list.

I think, islamists...moderate islamists like TMMK and Jamat islami and extremist islamists like popular front followers are reading this website.But among them there are people who did something to the community like Jawahirullah, Siddiq Hassan who are familiar inside community but got no much votes.Aboobakker and suhail are very unfamiliar faces in the community got more vote.I think these votes are organized and artificial.I think TCN should withdraw from the vote.

My another depression is , if Muslim media project people like Aboobakker and PFI, it will create a very bad image about the Muslim community.The arguments against Muslim community that they are radicalising and communalusing will be proved right.Actually they are a criminal group.

My another problem is E.Aboobakker.I am from a village near to his native village Karuvan Poyil.In our area HE HAS no any roots or following.He attained leadership through promoting the negative emotions and feelings among Muslim youths.pure communalism and hatred.If people like him are going to be our leaders, our future is questionable one.After SIMI, he tried to become leader through many organisations like rebel group of Muslim League and then Janata Dal.Then when Babri Masjid is demolished, he started a extremist group with the help of people like P.Koya, E.Abdurahiman.This time his leadership got clutch through secret working .

Abdul Jaleel/I am depressed

Jaleel; you are absolutely right. PFI will only bring death, deprivation, and destruction to Muslism; making Kerla Muslims as backaward as Bihar/UP Muslims. Their objective is also to destroy the moderate Msulim League. They have already spread violence in kerala -- and as you know, BJP or Sangh Parivar does not even have a single MLA or a single municipality chairman or may not be even a single panchayat. Tehy will create a resurgent Parivar in kerala, which has been free of this. Ina numerical fighht, Mus;ims will lose. They will also lose in a financial/strategic fight against Christians in the state. The sad thing is that, as far as Kerala is concerned, there is no need for this "rights" party; they are just destroying all the progress tthat has been made Kerala a models tate for harmony, educational achievement.

It is in Mulsims interest that they keep away from PFI, isolate them.