Why do Muslims need reservation?


Dont abuse other religions

Please dont abuse other religions.

Appeal to "An Indian"

Dear ‘An Indian’ I would like to request you to restrain from talking ill of other religions. Often what you conclude about other religions may not be the same as you seem to have understood. You follow the religion which may be dear to you but do not try to talk ill of any other religions it is perhaps the minimum decency one can expect in a multi religious society like ours. Thanks

Co Indian

Thank you Co Indian for your humble request

Thank you "Co Indian" for your sincere appeal, and I humbly respect your views.

If you read comments from one particular "Anonymous", you will realize, the comments are NOT ONLY "instigating", "outrageous", "obnoxious", but ALSO "derogatory" towards other religions.

I don't usually write in such tone, but I am being compelled to do so. However, my humble apology - if I hurt any other reader's feelings.

It would be also proper for you to restrain that particular commentator, who always writes by a pen-name "Anonymous" (Beynaami). I don't know whether that commentator is male, female, mature, immature, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or whatever !!! But, such comments / language force me to respond in similar kind. They are free to use that type of language on "Saamna" or any Hindutva website.

Again, my sincere apologies, if I hurt any other reader's feelings on this platform.

An Indian

Thanks a Lot "An Indian"

Thanks a lot for your kind response to my appeal. It is true that certain people on this forum tend to overstep the line of decency and indulge in wrong callings which do irritate and compel others to retaliate. Mr/Mis/Mrs Anonymous may be one among them. Objective of this forum should be a healthy discussion about religious issues but we should not take the Herculean task of proving a religion superior or inferior to other with all our limited knowledge. Let us leave our opinions on the burning issues and exchange views in cordial environment. There can be heated arguments but I feel they should be well in the limits of decency. I know most of your comments were decent and with substantial evidential support (whenever required) so far I wish to read more such from you. Thanks once again for your kind reconciliation.

Now appeals are sought as a defence

Co Indian,
The name itself shows that you are not fully Indian bu a mere Co....
'Indian' did not abuse anybody while your own anonymous was at its best to malign Islam. Remember that even die hard Muslims could not damage Islam so what to talk about lesser ignorant souls like you. Islam is guranteed to survive by the God Himself. Pray that He is please with us because there is no escape from Him. He is the Ultimate. In your hearts of heart, you believe about Him but do not accept because of the ego. Your so called 'ego' too is not a ego because you tend to accept anything 'created' being god. Your ego cannot be called an ego but ignorance, but this ignorance is purposeful, so there is no escape for you from Him, the Almighty. Feeling lost? Try finding his ways. Dont blame Islam because of lesser folks like Indian or anybody like me, may be you find the true path while we continue trying to find the same. Ultimately, it is upto Him to show us the right path. May Allah show us all His ways. Aameen!!

Thanks Dear Naqqad!

Dear Naqqaad!

Thanks for your response to my appeal. I don't bother about the quality of the content of your mail. My concern has been understood by 'An Indian' and he had responded positively. Call me half Indian, Semi Indian or even a Pakistani that doesn't matter me much. May Allah show you his ways .

Co Indian

What a solution

2 our of 3, application of stats to faith is a foolish idea. The call to leave the child too comes from the cowardice trying people not do anything instead of preventing it. Classic scrounger mentality to the core.
If this mentality is the religion you call Indian relgion, Indian Muslims are better off not to have this oxymoron.
What you lack is moral courage and power of argument. It would be better for you to read and read and be educated. Having degrees is not being educated and this is your first lesson of being eduacted.


Muslims have ruled India for hundreds of years, following the same religion. They are still ruling in more than 50 countries in the world. Had Islam been the reason for their backwardness, these would never had happened. It is a very simple logic.

They have been put the wall after independence. Like any other backward groups viz., SCs, STs, OBCs, backward Muslims too aspire to see their face in governance and the development of India. That's it!

in the past when muslims

in the past when muslims ruled the world it was because of ISLAM i.e. their advancement was because of ISLAM since they followed it and today they are backward only because of ISLAM since it is out of their practical life.had they implemented it in their life at present as in the past they would never need a reservation.so you can see islam is the reason for their backwardness.it is very simple logic.


You have hit the nail on the head!

Muslim reservation

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be on prophet muhammad..I digagree with the statement that muslims are backward because of islam.. "I can say islam is the best way in every aspect of life..." i agree muslims in india are backward .. But islam is nt cause for that. Let me remind you muslims ruled india, saudia Arabia is one of the rich countries in the world even iraq... Islam encourages people to work hard and earn lively hood. Islam has the best economic system, it has zakaat system.. Every person whoes wealth is about 88 grams of gold has to pay zakaat which is 2.5% of it, which is given to pour people, ushur is yet another type of zakaat on agricultural harvest, a person has to pay 5% of agricultural harvest to pour people.. The probleum is that muslims are not doing these things properly, but Islam has laid great stress on it.. There are much verses in Quran which says pay zakaat pay zakaat with great stress.. If muslims fallow Islam properly there would be much help for poor people insha Allah.

muslim faith

If muslim is for peace, why is the whole world burning? Just remove all the muslims, then immediately you see peace all over! All differences can then be peacefully sorted. This is nothing but a nuisance to the world. You all just wish that you belong to any religion except muslim. Betond redemption! Rest of the world just agrees except you fanatics. Haven't brought one thing that is productive into the world and just cramming in the madarsas. Go shave, take the burqas off and get a good shower! At least the world will smell some what better! Damn it. Muslims are a curse on the rest of the world.

Muslims are much better than

Muslims are much better than people drinking animal urine. Muslims have become soft target because they adopt easy going and no-interference attitude. Had they realise their full potential and work for their upliftment right from the days of partitions, situation would have been opposite as of today. Muslim culture is the greatest assets of present day world.

Muslim Education.

My Dear Friend

Muslims are not backward because of ideology of Islam.In Kerala, whose example you quote, there are muslims who memorise the quran and are also well educated.In fact, Quran is being memorised at Madarsa's and there is a need to teach secular subjects as well in Madarsa.In many Muslim concentrated districts, there aren't adequate schools and muslims have to go to Madarsa. But for Madarsa, these children would end up being in crime for they would have nothing to do. The downtrodden amongst hindus got reservation. If muslims also get reservation, it will be beneficial. Of course, muslims are also responsible for their state of affairs but Islam is not to blame. There are various factors which can not be discussed here.




Hi brother, Salam

Hope you have not turned the pages of history of our country well because MUSLIMS are the one who really sacrificed everything for the freedom of this country in many ways. According to MR. Ranganath (retd judge who has appointed to submit a report on status of MUSLIM in India) has insisted this govt., to give 10% reservation for MUSLIMS. The fact is he is not a MUSLIM. Since you have a good knowledge in a particular field it doesn't mean that you know everything, but QU'RAN teaches a man how to live in every aspect of life. Many MUSLIMS are not aware of what has written in quran since its in Arabic but, if they try to understand the meaning of Quran in their own language then everyone will be in ALLAH's way. To be pointed QURAN is not only for MUSLIMS its for the whole humanity. Insha allah the day will come for everyone to realise that ISLAM is the only way given by ALMIGHTY ALLAH to all human. For your information ISLAM means "Attaining peace but submitting your will towards god" and MUSLIM means "The person who attains peace but submitting his will towards god". If you wanna know about ISLAM don't look at a person who's being a muslim for this world, read QURAN and NABI(SAW) life history. Salam

humble request

please donot go with rangnath report,he is same rangnath who had given clean chit to jagdish tytler, sajjan kumar,and all congress man which massacred sikh in 1984. he is a liar