Final list of candidates selected for Rahmani-30

Final list of candidates selected for Rahmani-30.

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1 Akram Saba Md.Reyazuddin Gaya
2 Md.Alishan Mustafa Md Ghulam Mustafa Bhagalpur
3 Naque Imam Late Abrar Ahmad Darbhanga
4 Kashif Faraz Ali Imran Patna
5 Shadman Anwar S.A.Anwer Patna
6 Alique Ahmad Md Mushtaq Ahmad Motihari
7 Md.Zeeshan Ashraf Md.Alim Ashraf Patna
8 Aquib Hussain Arshad Hussain Patna
9 Md.Haseeb Raza Md.Qustuntain Alam Nalanda
10 Obaidul Ahad Abdul Ahad Patna
11 Saquib Mustafa Md.Ehteshamuddin Siddique Patna
12 Md. Absar Alam Md.Mumtaz Alam Madhepura
13 Nazish Alam Alam Hussain Vaishali
14 Saleheen Ahmad Md Hashsham Tarique Muzaffarpur
15 Shabaz Haider Md. Haider Patna
16 Wasique Rahman Raza ur Rahman Patna



This is zaara mustafa,studying at A.M.U.sir, it gives me immense pleasure that you and your management decided to open a coaching class for the needy
and talented muslim is really a very good initiative towards the upliftment of muslim community.
sir, you will be glad to know that my brother has also been selected in your coaching.His name is MD. ALISHAN MUSTAFA,S/O MD. GHULAM MUSTAFA(BHAGALPUR).
I would request the entire management and the concerned teachers that this is the first batch, so the students must be guided in such a way that they come out with 100% results.
I will always pray to ALLAH_SUBHANWATALA that the coaching comes out with the flying colours and all the selected students get through IIT with a very good rank.(AMEN)

The best ever effort

Slam to all,

My happiness and glad knew no boundry when the news of 30 Rehmani came to my ear. My ear could belive nought that such a bold step like this one has been taken to educate a society which was leader of all today knowledge and now it's like begging every where. But it's great regretfull to know that only 16 student got selected. Here I want to draw the attention of the 30 mania management that you should not go to marks or some good achievement of a student, but you should decide the candidate on the criteria of charestritics as there are plenty of student who missed good marks but they are real jewel inside themselves.

Second request to all Muslim, just take the step towards the empowerment of our society and make the same 30 mania for Management, Law, UPSC, Medical. We need all of them at one time. Otherwise, producing engineer will do nothing for us. As We need lawyer to defend our rights in Indian constitution, we need IAS officer to make the goverment schemes happen to the desired level, we need doctors to get good treatment at the time of emergency. Without first two, there is no existence of ours in the country and the last one, we can do without it.

Third: I humbly request all of you to be interested actively in Indian politics particular, and world one in general. As this is the politics which had made all the mess

Mohammad Kalam


Thanks for your positive comments.
May Allah bless you with all his favours.
Your brother MD. ALISHAN MUSTAFA,S/O MD. GHULAM MUSTAFA(BHAGALPUR).is our prize catch, and also of our community.
We have great hopes from him and we have a very good feedback of him from the teachers.
Please pray for him and ask your mother to pray for him, as Dua by mothers nevers fails a person.
This message I am writing you on behalf of the Chairman of "Rahmani Foundation", Hazrat Maulana Md.Wali Rahmani Saheb,
who has asked me send you his message with thanks for your concern and Dua.
Allah Hafiz
Farooq Saleem
Rahmani Foundation,
Munger,Patna,New Delhi

marvellous effort

asalam allaikum
mujhe ye jan kar behad khushi hui ki itni nek or practical effort li gayi hum muslims ke upliftment ke liye.aur main bas ye jana chahti hoon ki kya ye institute muslims girls ke liye bhi hai?????since i m preparing for iitjee,and due lack of information i missed "THE GOLDEN OPPURTUNITY"to appear in test. WAise IS SAL MERA IS SAL BCECE2008 ME HO GAYA HAI.mere liye dua kariyega.allah ap ko kamyabi ata farmaye aamin!

Final list of candidates selected for Rahmani-30.

Only 16 sixteen student is selected where is fourteen 14 .Pl change name supper 16 not 30

rahmani 30

about your thinking it should be rahmani 16 ....
but you dont know what is rahmani 30 ,you only see how many student selected in iit ,realy it is not concept of no. of selected student is equal to rahmani ( )....
in this rahmani 30 maxiumum no. of student should be 30 not more than 30
no. of student either less than or equal to 30

salam & mubarakbaad

Janab Wali Rahmani bhai,
Salam Alekum,

I am very much glad to hear your work for the benfit of muslim communities through your organisation Rahmani Foundation.
Your services is very much unmachable from any other person or organisation,may Allah gives you SAWAB for this great work.
I hope that you remember me well,because I am well known with you in past.
Many many good wishes & Mubarakbaad to you.




janab Asslamiku,

It is very good effort to upgradation of current muslim community.

Request to you please update name of all 30 students which are goted selected.
it's putting negative image that only 16 satudent got selected on super 30 concept

regarding d selection of my brother in iit-jee.

sir, its a matter of great pleasure for all of us that all the students of rehmani-30 have been selected in iit-jee, is really a very good initiative taken by wali rehmani saheb and abhyanand sir.There efforts towards the upliftment of muslim community is really also gives us moral to do the same kind of job from our side also.
My brother MD. ALISHAN MUSTAFA has also been selected in iit.since his childhood his dream was to join the iit.
I would like to thank the entire management for their enormous supports at each and every step.Thanx for making his dreams cum true.
zaara mustafa,

regarding d opening of same kind of coaching for the girls stude

sir, this is zaara mustafa,studying at AMU,aligarh.
well, i think no doubt there is a need to uplift the boys as they have to run the family, the same kind of need is felt now to uplift the muslim girls too.The muslim girls are lagging behind.
i think same kind of coaching classes should be started for the girls too for medical as there is a need of more and more muslim girl doctors.there number is so minimal, infact negligible.
so please start a coching to guide the girls for medical, although its a tough task as the girls are to be protected and a better safeguard for them is to be provided. inspite of all these, there is a need to uplift the girls too as they are the backbone of a family.
Hope so u will throw some light upon it.
with regards,
zaara mustafa;

Coaching for Girls


I fully agree with what Zaara has said in her post. There is a need to uplift the muslim community in India. And what better way than to empower the girls by giving them education. The more muslim girls get into education the more beneficial it will be to our society at large.
It is imperative that they get the best education in the best and prestigious institutes in India so that they can briing about significant changes to the muslim community by being in influential positions with their education. They can veer policy for muslim upliftment specially the muslim women and girls.
There is a need for good training institutes for muslim girls and I think institutes like Rahmani 30 etc can be a great help.

Good Start is Half Done

Its the matter of great pride to be associated with Hazrat Sahab. We have been witnessing in past that there are several so called muslim uplifment centers are born but there are very few which realy works without any self interest. Yahn qaum ka interest hi self interest hai. Jahan tak IIT me selection ki baat hai to beshak yeh bahut badi kaamyabi hai, bahar haal yeh sirf aur sirf pehla step hai, ultimate goal nahi. uske bad yeh bhi zaroori hai ek jo bhi student IIT pahunche woh sirf ek student nahi balki ek Musalman student ki pehchan ke sath study kare aur engineer banne ke bad woh qaum ke kitne kaam aata hai us par depend karega ki kaamyabi kitni hai..........
Any comments? I would appreciate it

3rd april test

Maasha allah rahmani30 is doin a great-great job thanks Allah wid out ur help we cant be able to beat about the bush

when will the result of 3rd april test be declared

Website Update

Assalamo Alaikum

You need to update your website regularly as this is the most convenient way to know the latest status of your programmes, now that internet access has become very common and popular even in remote areas.

Your website still shows the list of selected candidates for 2008 whereas the results for 2010 has been declared.

Please UPDATE.