Ayodhya 2009

In post-independence India, Ayodhya had a major impact in the history of this new republic. 16 years after Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, Mumtaz Alam Falahi paid a visit to this town of population 1.5 lakh to find out the ground realities. What we found there will surprise you. TwoCircles.net presents Ayodhya 2009- beyond the headlines.

In post-independence India, Ayodhya had a major impact in the history of this new republic. 16 years after Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, Mumtaz Alam Falahi paid a visit to this town of population 1.5 lakh to find out the ground realities. What we found there will surprise you. TwoCircles.net presents Ayodhya 2009- beyond the headlines.

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How we can be proud of Babar??

This is well known fact that babar came to india from samar kandhahar and looted india ,demolished ayodhya temple made mosque there and went back. Why we should proud of babar and not ram.nfact our rulers in india demolished many temples of hindu & built mosques there like kashi vishwanath, mathura.We abandon babari srtucture many years before.why we are denying this?When we talk about secularism why cant we think about hindus??? They never went to any where to demolish our mosques & built temple there.Why we should make this religion issue.Why we should be proud of babar who wa like jinha?? Condition of the indian mulims in pakistan is too horrible.we are much b=more better than pakistan in india.

Indian Muslims are Traditional Indians

Islam didn't entered in India with Babar. Islam reached in India through the great companions of Prophet Muhammed.

It is noted that Prophet's time itself Islam reached in India and the first Indian Muslim is none other than a King Kulashekhara Varma - Cheraman Perumal of Kodungalore.

Indian Muslims roots are in India itself. Gasni and Babar has nothing to do in that case. Babar or any other Muslim Kings will never demolish others worshipping place. Then how the Great Rama temple be demolished by Babar? Demolishing and insulting others dieties and Mandirs are against the ideology of Islam.

Hindus are tolerent people, and they will never demolish any Masjids. The demolishers are Sangh Parivars, who are shame to sanathana dharma.

Advani and associates are using hindutva for political mileage and they are not dharmiks.

Prathiba- What about Bamiana Buddha in Afghanistan???


The Bamiana BUDDHA in Afghanistan, which was not even worshiped as there are no Buddhist in Afghanistan now, was blasted by Taliban and you say "Babar or any other Muslim Kings will never demolish others worshipping place". Your statement is typical "ISLAMIC TAAQUIA". TALIBAN ruled Afghanistan at that time effectively making them KING. MUSLIMS even destroy Mosque and SUFI Shrines- see what is happening in Pakistan.

"Mosque at Jamrud area of Khyber tribal agency, NWFP blasted on 27 Mar 2009. The moment the imam said Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest), the blast went off,’ said Tauseer Khan, 70, from a hospital bed in nearby Peshawar".

Evidently the Mosque in Pakistan was "blasted" by Paki Muslims because Muslims do not venerate a Mosque. The Paki terrorist has not only blasted a Mosque but has also killed the namazia unlike what happened to "the disputed structure at Ayodhya"- yes it was disputed from the time of NAWABs and British times. Now that the PAKI MUSLIMS of "The Islamic Republic of Pakistan" has "confirmed by their action that the Muslims do not attach any significance to a Mosque or it's location" will the Indian Muslims relinquish their claim over Ayodhya????? Ayodya was venerated by Hindus centuries before ISLAM was even thought of. If a Mosque is all that you require a NEW ONE can be constructed anywhere else in Ayodya.

Prathiba, King Kulashekhara Varma - Cheraman Perumal of Kodungalore "did go to Mecca with Arab Traders" but it was to Pre-ISLAMIC MECCA. Cheraman Perumal of Kodungalore lived before ISLAM originated from 610AD but MECCA was a place of worship of Arabs even before ISLAM, clearly evident from the fact that Muhammad is supposed to have destroyed 365 idols at MECCA when he re-conquered MECCA after HIJRA.

Islam in India

I have noticed this reply now and sorry for the delay.

In Arabia he (Cheraman Perumal) met the Prophet and embraced Islam in the presence of Abu Bakr Siddique, who later became the first caliph. Cheraman, who took a Muslim name, Tajuddin..


Interview with a descendant of King Cheraman Perumal
Submitted by kashif on Thu, 04/13/2006 - 06:07.
he 87-year-old Raja Valiyathampuram of Kodungallur in Central Kerala is a descendant of King Cheraman Perumal, the first Indian to embrace Islam in the early 7th century. Talking to him is like talking with history. In the following interview taken by A U Asif (right in the picture) in Ernakulam, he dwells in detail upon his great early ancestor and the oldest mosque (above) of the sub-continent. He also asks North Indians to come to Kerala and see how people of different religions are living there for centuries in an atmosphere of harmony, fraternity and peace.

How do you take your great great grandfather Cheraman Perumal?

Cheraman Perumal was not only a king and my ancestor, but the first Indian to come into the fold of Islam. He was actually the person who gifted Islam and the first ever mosque to the Indian sub-continent.

Is it a fact?

As is well known in Kerala, on a moon-lit night the king while walking on the rooftop of his palace along with the queen saw the moon suddenly splitting into two halves. Later he came to know through the Arab traders that that a prophet called Muhammad had wrought a miracle on that fateful night and sundered the moon before a crowd of dazed spectators. Impressed by this new messenger of God in Arabia, the king set out for the holy land after dividing his kingdom and assigning various territories to local chieftains to ensure smooth governance. In Arabia he met the Prophet and embraced Islam in the presence of Abu Bakr Siddique, who later became the first caliph. Cheraman, who took a Muslim name, Tajuddin, died on his way back to India and was buried on the shore of the Arabian Sea at Salala in the Sultanate of Oman. It is said that he had earlier written letters to the local rulers of Malabar and sent it through his ministers along with Malik bin Dinar, a companion of the Prophet. In the letters he had asked them to "receive the bearers of the letters and treat them well and help them to construct mosques at Kodungallur and elsewhere". The rulers of Kerala honoured the letters and permitted Malik Bin Dinar and his fellow Arab traders to build mosques in Kerala. The mosque built in the early 7th century at Kodungallur, known as Cheraman Malik Masjid, still exists with its original structure and is said to be the oldest mosque in the sub-continent. It is named after both Cheraman Perumal and Malik bin Dinar.

Is the mosque intact with its original structure?
Yes, the original structure, including the sanctum sanctorum, remains intact. However, there have been a few extensions in the past. Its front portion is new while the back portion with its sanctum sanctorum, mehrab, mimbar (pulpit), wooden work on the roof of mimbar and traditional lamp as well as the ancient ceremonial pond, is still untouched.

Anything more about Malik bin Dinar?

After the construction of the mosque at Kodungallur, Malik bin Dinar moved towards Mangalore and died at Kasaragod, now in Kerala, where rests in peace. Interestingly, Cheraman Perumal and Malik bin Dinar are buried on two sides of the Arabian Sea, one at Salala in the Sultanate of Oman and the other at Kasaragod in India. In other words, their graves are interlinked by the waters of the sea. There exist 14 mosques of the same pattern and design from Kodungallur to Mangalore.

How do you see all this?

We see all this with pride. There is no question of any ill-feeling about Cheraman Perumal. We have high regard for him. He was our patriarch. He embraced Islam but could not come back from Arabia as he fell ill and died on way. I hail from his lineage and have faith in Hinduism.
How do the general people, particularly Hindus consider Cheraman and his gift in form of the first ever mosque in the Indian sub-continent?
People belonging to different religions, including Hindus, hold him in high esteem and the mosque built as per his wish as a historical monument. The historic mosque has been visited by numerous dignitaries over the centuries and decades.

Prathiba- Conversion of Permal King to ISLAM is LIE

The Perumal Kings ruled Kerala from 216AD to 438AD and incidentally they were NOT HEREDITARY Kings but elected kings - yes they were selected/elected to rule for 12 year period by 64 Brahmins families who owned the entire land in Kerala then, as being Brahmins they wanted a Kshtriya King who would provide security to them. The 12 year period was fixed to ensure that the Perumal Kings do not usurp power. So evidently the system which was discontinued in 438AD can NOT result in a Perumal King of KERALA going to MACCA during the time of Muhammad who was born in 575AD.!!! GIVING "indianmuslim" site as authority can NOT dispute the facts as it is like calling the "devil as advocate". It is all "forged history" of lefitist OR Islamic Historians.

Even the events at MACCA make it highly improbable that MUHAMMAD would have the time to meet any PERUMAL and any PERUMAL would have ever ventured to visit MACCA.

1-- Muhammad surreptitiously escaped from MACCA in 622AD with his supporters in small groups, to escape persecution. Evidently, PERUMAL could NOT have met him before HIJRA.

2-- Muhammad returned permanently to MACCA only in 630AD after MACCA was captured by MUSLIM ARMY. Muhammad died within two years in Jun 632AD and remember "he had bid farewell to MACCA before his death- some were in the binging of 632AD, effectively reducing the stay of MUHAMMAD at MACCA after conquest to just 15-18 months". The areas around MACCA witnessed extreme unrest "during these 15-18months, due to the "frequent fights" with NON-ISLAMIC ARAB TRIBES around MACCA who did NOT accept ISLAM/ leadership of Muhammad. The battle of HUNAYN, Battle of AUTAS, Siege of TAIF and Battle of TABUK took place before Muhammad "bid farewell to MACCA".

3-- It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that a King from Kerala would visit a "stiff torn area that MACCA was then", in a law less condition of 7th century ARABIA.

The entire story has been the "flight of imagination" of Leftist/ Islamic Historians. There is even a story amongst Kerala Christians that the "THREE KINGS" who visited BETHLEHEM at the "time of the birth of JESUS" were also from KERALA. Hindus of KERALA has been giving shelter to different religious group from ancient times. The Syrian Christians, JEWS and the ARAB Traders (even before the advent of Islam in ARABIA) have come to KERALA and were given shelter and freedom to worship as they please. Most of them landed at KODUNGALLOR, which was a major sea port then- and the first Church, Synagogue and Mosque in Kerala were constructed at Kodungallor. So an old Mosque facing EAST like a Hindu Temple, and NOT facing MACCA as is the usual practice all over the world" - signify nothing.

The sad part is that all these religious groups who were given succor in Kerala by Hindus and allowed to live as they please for centuries claim to be "MINORITIES" in Kerala even after living in Kerala for 1500-1800 years!!!!! WHEN WILL THEY STOP BECOMING MINORITY??? WHEN THEY BECOME MORE THAN 50% POPULATION OF KERALA?? WILL THEY show the SAME MAGNANIMITY WHICH Kerala Hindus extended to them for centuries if and when they become the majority religion?????

Kodungaloor was the capital

Kodungaloor was the capital of the kings of Kerala, and in 622-628 A.D. (Hijra 1 to 7) the ruler was a great savant, by name Cheraman Perumal Bhaskara Ravi Varma. In those days, the seniormost of the rulers of Kerala was called as Cheraman Perumal.

M. Hamiddullah writes in Mohammad Rasoolullah, quoting some old manuscripts from India Office Library (ref no. Arabic, 2607, 152-173) Vol.16 (06): “There is a very old tradition in Malabar, southwest Coast of India that Chakrawati Farmas (perhaps another name for denoting Cheraman Perumal) one of their kings, had observed splitting of the moon, the celebrated miracle of the Holy Prophet at Makkah, and learning on inquiry that this was a symbol of the coming of a Messenger of God from Arabia, he appointed his nephew regent and set out to meet him. The love for Holy Prophet grew in his heart and he became the earliest Muslim convert of present day India.”

A tradition of the Holy Prophet has also been reported from one of the companions, Abu Saeed Al Khudri, regarding the arrival of Cheraman Perumal “a king from India presented the Messenger of God with a bottle of pickle that had ginger in it. The Holy Prophet distributed it among his companions. I also received a piece to eat.”

It is rational to believe that the first 13 Masjids built by Malik Deenar, companion of Prophet Muhammed in various parts of Kerala and Karnataka (Canara District) Hisorical evidence proves it.

The mindset of the Keralites are superb and they supported Malik Deenar and his delegation.

Prathiba- Kerala Kings seem to have reached every where

"There is even a story amongst Kerala Christians that the "THREE KINGS" who visited BETHLEHEM at the "time of the birth of JESUS" were also from KERALA". Now it ia stated that ""a king from India presented the Messenger of God with a bottle of pickle that had ginger in it. The Holy Prophet distributed it among his companions. I also received a piece to eat."" So evidently KINGS FROM KERALA seems to have reached everywhere, including Battle fields where MUHAMMAD was fighting NON-MUSLIM ARABS. They are adhering to that tradition, the only difference being that it is NOT Kings but ordinary Keralites who have reached every part of the world.

"M. Hamiddullah writes in Mohammad Rasoolullah" - It was predicted before revealing the name of the HISTORIAN that it would be either a MUSLIM or a LEFTIST historian who would have wrote such "rubbish". Kodungallor, which was one of the major ports, being the capital of one of the Kingdoms of Kerala is factually correct. It is also correct that the JEWS, SYRIAN CHRISTIANS, ARAB traders and later the Portuguese and the Dutch landed here. The First Synagogue, Church and Mosque in India were constructed at Kodungallor. The Mosque at Kodungallor is constructed facing EAST unlike other Mosques.

But due to the fact that PERUMAL Rule in Kerala ended in 438AD and that Muhammad stayed in Macca only for 15-18 months after capture of Macca in 632AD, when he was frequently involved in wars, the above history is incorrect, just propaganda by MUSLIMS.

Ok,tell me one thing,why Ram

Ok,tell me one thing,why Ram had not accepted Sita after winning the Lanka war against Ravana,you ppl tell he is god.

yes!!indeed we people tell

yes!!indeed we people tell he is god and also that he is one of our idols...
when sita returned from lanka lord Rama indeed accepted her.When sita was abducted from the forest by ravana even before that time came Lord Rama gave the custody of Sita to Agni Devta as it was all pre-planned by Lord Vishnu who's incarnation was Lord Rama to be born as a human in a king's family and to destroy the evil forces of ravana.
Sita, who was abducted by ravana was a mere shadow of Sita and not the real sita as she was in the custody of Agni Devta.

and who told u that sita was not accepted by Lord Rama??first get ur facts rite nd then post something as this fact is renowned in Ramacharita Manas.(Ramayana)that sita was accepted by lord rama but only after the agni pariksha so that Lord Rama can get back her wife and not a mere shadow.

That Ram and Sita had

That Ram and Sita had problems is not an issue here. The issue is that Muslims in India should not look at Baber as a mascot of their religion. Babur is an invader and he being a muslim is a different matter. Religion is personal but love for mother land is another. You can be a perfect Indian national, loving your country in-spite of your religion. Muslim brothers should look into this issue as a non-religious issue.
If say pakistan managed to invade India and built a mosque on parliament, what would you do after gaining control back? Is rebuilding the parliament a sign against Islam?

मुस्लिम संगठन अयोध्या में मंदिर के लिए 15 लाख रुपये देगा

मुस्लिम संगठन अयोध्या में मंदिर के लिए 15 लाख रुपये देगा
If you have any free time. Please check our this link


Did u ever read Ramayan!

Dear (fake) Ram Prasad ji
Read Ramayan once again if possible and if you can not read you can question learned people like Murari Bapu who can remove the seeds of doubts from your mind. Half baked knowledge of Ramayan may cause lot many doubts in your mind. Whether you consider Ram as God or not is a different question crores of Indians do consider him as their idol and the God that really matters a lot.

We are converts of hindus

Since ancient time,there was no islam religion in india.all were practising sanathan dhramas like hindum budh,shaiv, ganapatya,viashnav,jain etc. we not arabinas,paktuns,baluchis other. WE ARE CONVERTS ON HINDUS ONLY OR SANATAN DHRMA RELIGION. During muslim rulers we got conveted forcefully or due to other thing to islam.We should not be proud of babar.We abandon disputed srtucture way back befor 100 yrs.HIndus never went to kabul and demolished mosques.Then why we are qurelling for babar??Who was enemy of our natio?? who should stop to show our different identity in india and try to be real indian.HIndu culture is worlds most divine culture.They digested islam,jews,parsis in india.Parsies,jews also came to inda but never had quarel with hindus,then why we are doing so????

Islam is the First Deen/Life Style

In a way you are correct, but not complete. Adam and Eve are Muslims and Islam is the First religon on earth. All others are deviated from Islam.

The people of Prophet Jesus considered him as God and formed Christianity. Prophet Moses people made Judaism. Prohet Krishna's people know as Sanathan Dharmiks or Hindus. Prophet Budha's people created Budhism....and so on.

These great Prophets are from ONE God and all are Muslims (submitted themselves to God)

Semitic & Indian Religions are different in every way

Semitic religions which originated in ARABIA like Judaism, Christianity and Islam are different in every way to religions which originated in Indian like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc as under:-

1-- All SEMITIC religions "insist that their path to god is the only PATH". Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been fighting with each other for centuries and killing each other even though all these religions pray to same GOD- "THE GOD OF ABRAHAM". Even in the present day world it is these religions on either side of all violence in the world. But INDIAN religions are magnanimous and just claim to propound one of the many path to GOD- to the extent that INDIAN religions willingly accept Judaism, Christianity and Islam as different path to GOD. THE CONFLICT ARISE ONLY WHEN THESE SEMITIC RELIGIONS INSIST THAT THEIR PATH TO GOD is the only PATH.

2-- INDIAN religions do NOT believe in "immaculate creation" of the living beings in the world by GOD- including ADAM and EVE like SEMITIC religions but believe in evolutionary creation of "human kind". The "avathars of hinduism" exactly replicate the evolutionary path. The SEMITIC religions took centuries to accept that "it is the EARTH that goes around the SUN and NOT visa-versa and many take another 500-600 years to accept "evolutionary theory", when ADAM & EVE will become a joke like "SUN GOING ROUND THE EARTH".

3-- To claim that the ISLAM propounded by MUHAMMAD in 620AD and which demand killing of "unbelievers" (Surah 8/12 – Al-Anfal- I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers. Smite you above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them) "is the first religion" is rediculous.

If all people in the world convert to INDIAN religions it will become a much less VIOLENT WORLD. Yah- caste system in Hinduism- the favorite issue of MUSLIMS. OK let the followers of SEMITIC RELIGIONS convert to BUDDHISM- the ultimate religion of peace, compassion for all living beings and AHIMSA- and the world will become the most peaceful place in the world.

There is not one Hinduism but

There is not one Hinduism but many Hinduism. Do one thing - ask five random people what is Hindu religion. Each of them will give a different response.

Prophet krishna?????

Prathiba,QURAN MENTIONS ONLY 25 PROPHETS BY NAME.You donot have any proof about others.You cannot claim anyone other than these to be prophets.Refrain from mentioning these characters as prophet as is well known in Sanathan dharm scriptures that Radha was wife of his maternal uncle.Krishna had more than 80000 wives,how can such a character be considered as a good man .Buddha , we cant say with proof.Avoid these mistakes so as MUSLIMS AND NON MUSLIMS ARE NOT CONFUSED ABOUT CHARACTER OF A PROPHET.

Zia, when u dont know the

Zia, when u dont know the history, dont write about it. Babar never went back as u said, he accepted it as his homeland. He was disturbed to see the poor life style of indians(as is clear from babarnama). He wanted to change it to good. Despite his efforts u can see lot of tribals and poor in bihar, jharkhand, chhatissgarh, orrisa, mp n everywhere else. U can imagine what would have been the condition 500 years back. Also babar did not defeated a hindu king but it was ibrahim lodi. Actually it was rana sanga, a hindu king, who invited babar to india. But when he didnt went back and established here, he became a villain.
As far as demolitishing a temple is concerned, everybody will accept that may be there is 1% chance that he did not do this. But 100% people know that a mosque in ayodhya was pulled down by these fanatics, there is no confusion. Babar did that when there was no demoracy and these people did it under the garb of secularism, equality and justice to all citizens. U r also wrong when u say, mosque was abandoned 100 years back, no u r totally wrong. Last namaz was offered in the mosque on the night of 22 dec 1949. Imam, muezzin and the whole of muslim locality was massacred on this night. Idols were put inside the mosque. And the "very secular" govt of pt jawaharlal nehru, instead of punishing the culprits and removing the idols, locked the mosque. And the rest is history. Mr zia, i dont know who u are, but i would request u to write under ur original name.

Tariq Hameed- what about muslims in AFPAK, Somalia etc

Tariq Hameedu YOU SAY "can see lot of tribals and poor in bihar, jharkhand, chhatissgarh, orrisa, mp n everywhere else". But What about MUSLIM POOR in AFPAK, SOMALIA, ETHIOPIA, BANGLADESH etc.

For BABAR attack on INDIA was a "JEHAD"- Read BABARNAMA and breaking of "liquor pots incident".

Why is there a MOSQUE in every place which HINDUS consider holy in NORTH INDIA- Kashy VISWANATH has GYANVAPI MOSQUE, KRISHNA Janam Bhoomi and RAM Janam Bhoomi has a Mosque each???

Mr. Zia, the thing is "you don't know the facts"

In your writings, you say that there is 1% chance that Babar didn't demolish ram temple. Dear sir, it is you, who is ignorant of the facts. You can see the below links

The above links clearly states with many proofs that Babar destroyed Ram Mandir. Infact, before Babar, Allauddin Khilji was a great noble man, who destroyed many non-muslim temples. Hindu people, to be more particular Indian people are more tolerant to foreign practices as well. Hinduism is SANATHANA DHARMA, it is the "oldest living major tradition". Islam was born in 7th century. Infact, one of your ancestors have been converted to Islam( may be "by force" or "by choice"). Also, you claim that 100% people know that a mosque in ayodhya was demolished by fanatics. If these people demolished a single mosque and become fanatics by doing so. What word will you choose to describe Mr.Babar and many other great Islamic rulers, who tried to completely wind up Hindu population.

The funny part here is that, you wrote "Babar never went back as u said, he accepted it as his homeland. He was disturbed to see the poor life style of indians(as is clear from babarnama)". Who wrote Babarnama? It might be written by Babar himself or by some other person under his guidance. If we take Babarnama to be granted, then I have one thing to tell you. The so-called poor conditions of Indians resulted only due to conquest made on India by the foreigners. So, don't think that Babar came India and helped Indians.

RSS will not stop until India is destroyed.

Hate is a very consuming passion. It will not rest until everything becomes a rubble. In this case i refer to the RSS hate-factory (with its 50 fangs, 700,000 schools, various organisations, vernacular newspapers, hate-mongering canteens, terrorist networks and private armies). The fuel for that hatred is for Islam and Muslims. (Riyal and Dirham are welcome. Gold is welcome. Property is welcome to illegally occupy. Musal`maan ach`cha nahin hai - musal`maan kaa goo ach`cha hai). The RSS got a boost when world-wide the Muslims got embroiled in their own human weaknesses (inability to forge unity)., and the worst part is., that Muslims indirectly ceded their economy to the Hindus. The whole economy of UAE is now in Hindu hands. Those Hindu businessmen send Rs. 10 crores per day to RSS/Shiv Sena. Lata Mangeshkar is making millions in Dubai, and with the profit earned therefrom; she is financing the rape of muslim girls and the killing of muslim men and women in india. This is the reality. Unless muslims control their ECONOMY and take it into their own hands., they will finance their own killing.

Ram/Krishan Janamboomi- Kashi Viswanth- what is common????

Ram/Krishan Janamboomi- Kashi Viswanth- what is common???? Dispute because a Mosque exist in all these places. Muslims insist that proof does NOT exist about Ram Janam Bhoomi but proof exist of destruction of Krishan Janam Bhoomi and Kashi Vishwanath temple and construction of Mosque. Any visitor to QUTUB Minar can see for himself that the Mosque build alongside has stones from Temples. Why can NOT Muslims give up claim to the mosque at the above two places??? Hindus believed that RAM was born at AYODYA and Krishna was born at MATHURA long before ISLAM was even thought of. What will the MUSLIMS lose by giving up claim on these two places??? Is there a dearth of Mosques in India??? Has any restriction been placed on building more Mosques??? So why this adamency???

It has only one intention- continue to RUB THE NOSE OF HINDU TO THE GROUND. Why blame RSS if the HINDUS have also commenced retaliating????

50 % Reservations for Brahmins please.

50 % Reservations must be made for Brahmins for admission to professional courses / jobs / loans / spoils i.e. [Brahmins form 3% of India's population but... let's give them 50% Reservation]. As of now they are grabbing 85% ! That way., we can release 35% for the others !

Harijans / Muslims / other dis-advantaged groups cannot get admission into professional courses, cuz the system is skewed against them. It is a systemic skew that is against them. How to overcome that ? BY going for education en-masse. If They dont give seats in IIT / Medical / Engg. to Harijans and Muslims, they must go for humanities and become BAs and MAs. Sell vegetables (cart) but be an MA. This will have its own blow-back effect., maybe in the next 2 generations. Educate yourselves individually. At a political level., Harijans today have no option (long-term) but to convert to Islam, en-masse.

BR Ambedkar wanted to convert to Islam en-masse., but timing was not right. He had seen what the Hindus did to Muslims post 1947. He knew his community was poor and dis-advantaged and needed breathing space., so that the Harijans first discover their voice., and recover their breadth. Thanks to Jyotiba Phule, Ambedkar Manyavar Kanshiram and Bahen Mayavati., we have reached a certain stage today. We have recovered our breadth.

Harijans must convert to Islam., even if means losing benefits of reservations. Govt offers the lollipop of reservations to harijans for them to remain within the Hindu fold. This iron-net of caste-system must be cut. Only Islam can guarantee Harijans dignity as equals and as human beings. Harijans must sacrifice short-term benefits for long-term advantages.

Islam is the future for Harijans. Harijans will find self-respect, equality of man only under the shade of Islam. For that., if giving up reservations is a price., we must willingly pay the price. In the long-term we will get there... We have suffered for thousands of years., why not suffer for another 50 or 100. We will reach there...

Hindu country was different

Indian plateu (current day) belong to buddhist people. First invaders to this land were Aryans and Brahmins 2000 years back after King Ashoka gave up the battlefield. So, this country belong to Buddhist and the Dravids who used to rule this country 2000 years back. The vedas were written by Buddhist. The oldest veda was written by Buddhist. The Nalanda and Takshashila Universities were destroyed by the Aryans. They started the varna culture discrimination based on color. Why are we not studying history before Moghuls. Why we always read history after muslim invasion. Why we not thing that aryans were the first invader of present day India. Aryans and Brahmins ruled this country for 1200 years and then muslims came. That is why they are always fighting with each other for their egoism. Both of them are intolerant. No religion teaches superiority or inferiority. Then, how come we are inferior than Kshatriyas and Brhamins. It is our lifestyle and we are proud of it. It is our homeland. You people came from outside, ruled us, still fighting, and troubling us and calling us inferior. Can anyone explain if god has created someone inferior by birth? You are giving us reservation in our own country. Is it justified. You plan on our reservation. Please explain...are you satisfied with my answer or not.

Many questions ....

The birth of mythical persons is a myth and it cannot be asked for just because a 'mob' wants it as a part of faith. It is similar with the presidential ruling for denying SC/ST status to non-Indian religions. The definition of 'non-Indian' religion itself is derogatory and stems from sick mentality. The Hindus religion has been appeased for many years now, though it resulted in division of the country. If the 'caste system' of hinduism need to be celebrated, why not to exclude the excluded proprotionately and then celebrate the caste system? If 20% quota is set aside for all non-Indian religion minorities like Muslims, Christians and Parsis, India would do well to reserve the left over for downtrodden of 'Indian' religions.
While India fights it out, keep the mythical things to myth and do not try to bring these things to the realism.

mr. m naqqad aap ye kahna

mr. m naqqad aap ye kahna chahte h ki ram mythlogical h to aapke pegamber to sabse bade jhuthe h wo kahte h ki unhe allah ne kaha ki jao kuran likho..
kyon chutiya banate ho..arab log waise bhi ullu the wo man gaye aur aap modern ullu h jo ab tak maan rahe ho..
gadho ab to man jao

Many questions ....

The birth of mythical persons is a myth and it cannot be asked for just because a 'mob' wants it as a part of faith. It is similar with the presidential ruling for denying SC/ST status to non-Indian religions. The definition of 'non-Indian' religion itself is derogatory and stems from sick mentality. The Hindus religion has been appeased for many years now, though it resulted in division of the country. If the 'caste system' of hinduism need to be celebrated, why not to exclude the excluded proprotionately and then celebrate the caste system? If 20% quota is set aside for all non-Indian religion minorities like Muslims, Christians and Parsis, India would do well to reserve the left over for downtrodden of 'Indian' religions.
While India fights it out, keep the mythical things to myth and do not try to bring these things to the realism.

RSS is like Nazis.

Like the Nazis, RSS is a criminal of humanity (period). Using mob-violence and jingoism (Goebbels strategy) it is inciting people (mobs) to commit crimes like rape, murder, theft, robbery and so on. As simple as that.

Bala Kalyanasundaram- Islam the most violent religion

Bala Kalyanasundaram- Islam is the most violent religion in the present day world which is on one side of every conflict in the present world and in many cases they are on both sides like AFPAK, Iran, Somalia etc.

If Hindus have commenced retaliating why blame RSS????? Could RSS alone have retaliated against the Godra Train Massacre??? Definitely NOT. It just is a Hindu backlash. After almost 800 years of subjugation Hindus are NOT willing to take anymore nonsense from any one.

RSS is like Nazis.......

Anyone knows that, RSS should be banned all over.

Since Independence, we had enough of it. When RSS would be banned then only INDIANS would be stand together and can think of more considerable issues rather than Hindu Muslims, Christanity & Sikhs and others.....

When the Ram Temple will be constructed?

From all above threds, as a true Indian, with honest opinion, we can come to the conclusion that the Ram Temple should exists in Ayodhya.
When it will happen??

When Ram Temple will be constructed? - Response to Anonymous

As long as those Hindus, who place (maintain) their trust in BJP / VHP / RSS / SS / BD........ (Sangh Parivar), this dream CANNOT be accomplished.

A smart / true statement was from - Mrs. Sushma Swaraj of BJP. She wisely / smartly / tacitly, and appropriately stated about Ram Temple in Ayodhya:


WISE WORDS indeed from a WOMAN politician. But, Sangh Parivar is HELL-BENT on obscuring / luring / distracting / dis-illusioning Indians, on the issue of Ram Temple.

An Indian.

P.S.: (Post Script)

Speaking about check cashing - most Indians are aware about reported twenty five crore Indian Rupees cash REPORTED MISSING from BJP headquarters in New Delhi, before 2009 General Elections.

Readers need to think - how TWENTY FIVE CRORE RUPEES; considering all this was in Rs. 500 currency notes, would weigh more than 50-kilos and requires at-least TWO cement bags to stuff, and two men to carry. I am amazed, how could (which Cash Safe) that much cash be kept in BJP office??? How was this CASH stolen, remains a mystery !!!

MORAL: If a party CANNOT take care of it's own coffers (Tijori), how can Indians place their trust, if (big IF) BJP are "crowned" in New Delhi !!!



Ye site bilkul bakwaas iss

Ye site bilkul bakwaas iss liye hain ke ye site sach bata rahi hai.
This site is doing natural justice. Please learn english alphabets. 'H' comes before 'J' and that's why Haji's video precedes.

i need the list of minority

i need the list of minority scholarship of thanveer central school oachira kerala

Our heritage at stake in the most Holy Places


September 3, 2005

Our heritage at stake

By Irfan Husain

ALTHOUGH 13 years have passed since the destruction of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, the desecration still reverberates in both Muslim and secular Indian minds.

At the time, protestors rioted across the subcontinent; furious editorials and op-ed articles were written; and Muslim countries formally registered their protests with the Indian government. But now, a far worse act of disrespect and desecration is about to take place, and there has not been a single mention or objection from anybody that I know of, at least here in Pakistan.

It took an article in the Toronto Star, e-mailed to me by a reader, to alert me to the fact that the Saudi government plans to demolish the Prophet Mohammad’s [PBUH] 1,400-years old home in Makkah. According to the article, written by Tarek Fatah, a founding member of the Muslim Canadian Council, the house is being destroyed to make way for “a parking lot, two 50-storey hotel towers and seven 35-storey apartment blocks” as part of the Jabal Omar Scheme, just around the corner from the Grand Mosque.

I must confess that I have not made the pilgrimage to Makkah, but the idea of the religious cradle and centre of the Muslim world being dominated by a crassly commercial project is repugnant. The Saudi royal family claims to be guardians of the holy places of Islam, and profit hugely from the centuries-old traffic of believers to Makkah and Madina. And yet, they are party to this barbaric desecration of the holiest sites in the Islamic world.

In the 1920s, the Saudis levelled the graveyard in Madina that contained the graves of the family and companions of the Prophet. A few years ago, they demolished an old Ottoman fort in Makkah, in spite of the protests of the Turkish government. This disrespect for ancient monuments is a hallmark of Wahabi thought, but one would have thought the Prophet’s home would have been exempt. Clearly, the interests of property developers outweigh religious or historical considerations.

Why has there not been a single significant protest from anywhere in the Muslim world? Or, as Tarek Fatah asks, “Why is it that when the Babri mosque was demolished, hundreds of thousands of Muslims worldwide took to the streets to protest, but when Saudi authorities plan to demolish the home of our beloved Prophet, not a whisper is heard?”

The writer speculates on the reason for this silence: “Is it because Muslims have become so overwhelmed by the power of the Saudi riyal currency that we have lost all courage and self-respect? Or is it because we feel a need to cover up Muslim-on-Muslim violence; Muslim-on-Muslim terror; Muslim-on-Muslim oppression?”

I suspect “all of the above” is the right answer. We constantly rail against any wrongs inflicted on fellow-Muslims by non-believers, but hold our peace when Muslims kill, exploit and terrorize other Muslims. Thus, when the Americans kill Iraqis, or the Russians persecute Chechens, we are rightly indignant. But when Saddam Hussein slaughtered Kurds and Shias for years, Muslims around the world maintained a discreet silence. Ditto for other dictators in most of the Muslim world.

In his article, Fatah quotes Niaz Salimi, president of the MCC, from a letter she wrote to the Saudi envoy in Canada: “The sacred places of Islam, regardless of where they are located, belong to the Muslim community worldwide. The countries where they are located are simply trustees and have no right to destroy them.”

A Google search on the internet led me to an article by Mirza Beg, posted on the Web on August 21. Writes Beg:

“..destroying our precious heritage because of less than perfect understanding of some Muslims [read Wahabis], would be a great loss to the Islamic civilization, ethos, history and the future generations of Muslims. Destruction of the most precious sites of Islam for fear of idolatry by some, is akin to killing a child for fear that he may grow up to be less than pious...”

Now obviously, the Saudis are free to fill their cities with tasteless buildings. But considering the size of the country, one would expect them to show some respect for our collective heritage and build their new, ostentatious plazas, hotels and shopping malls on the outskirts of ancient cities like Makkah and Madina.

But we all know the Saudi mindset, and given their recent windfall in the shape of unprecedented oil prices, it is unlikely that they will listen to reason. What concerns me more is our reluctance to criticize this uncouth behaviour. Our Islamic parties, for instance, are so eager to take up real and imaginary Muslim causes, but have not uttered a squeak in the face of this flagrant contempt for our history and the Prophet’s memory.

What explains this blatant hypocrisy? While many of our major religious politicians have long been recipients of Saudi largesse (allegedly often in the shape of visas and work permits that they sell), what explains the silence of people and parties who are not influenced by petro-dollars?

Fortunately for us, Pakistan has a (relatively) free media, but I have yet to come across any news or commentary relating to this impending horror in either the newspapers, or the private TV channels. So why this conspiracy of silence? This question brings us back to our reluctance to criticize other Muslims, while screaming threats at non-Muslims.

Thousands demonstrated against the alleged desecration of the Holy Book at Guantanamo a few months ago. Several people were killed in the accompanying violence. Where are those zealots now? Why aren’t preachers at mosques demanding that the Saudi government halt their destructive plans?

Alas, these double standards are what now define the ummah. We have become completely neutered when it comes to criticizing other Muslims. I have often received e-mails from readers, accusing me of washing our dirty linen in public when I have written of the many problems afflicting the Islamic world. But these things need to be said out loud and often.

According to Mirza Beg, if you want to protest against the destruction of historical sites in Makkah, you can log on to the following website: www.petitiononline.com/rasul/petition.html

But while I am going to do my bit, I do not plan to hold my breath...