Azamgarh speaks

A special series on Azamgarh

In recent month, Azamgarh has seen many journalists; and the world has seen many reports, coverage, and opinions on Azamgarh and its connection with terrorism. Mumtaz Alam Falahi of visited Azamgarh to let the area and its residents speak for themselves. In this special series on Azamgarh you will hear Hindus and Muslims, Young and Old, Students and Intellectuals speak their mind.

We are thankful to Kaleem Kawaja of Washington DC for sponsoring this series. Thanks to those in and around Azamgarh who let us speak to them and helped us in this series.


Shadow of fear:
This MBA youth from Azamgarh fearing returning to Delhi
Sanjarpur still living in fear, hasn't lost hope
A conspiracy to halt progress of Azamgarh Muslims: ex-SIMI chief
No Azamgarh Muslim is terrorist: local Hindus

No Azamgarh Muslim is terrorist: local Hindus
Hindu-Muslim relations in Azamgarh remain intact

Where did Azmis working abroad spend their money?
Top doctors in Azamgarh are Muslims
Muslim girls in Azamgarh getting higher education, giving tough fight to boys

Batla House encounter: what do Azamgarh Muslim intellectuals say?



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awakening please

i m heartened to see such an initiative coming for my city.i appreciate the initiative and look forward to create a positive image for my hometown.i hav been staying away from home since july 2005,but emotionally i m linked to my hurts wen ppl just recall d bad names. the city has been d native town of several dignitaries, we just need an awakening and a platform to spread d awakenity.ppl who have any information relating to the achievers,please post under this topic.the idea of promoting the reputation will be well thought of n implemented as soon as substantial data is collected.
i will try to get them published too.
please upload the name and text with the achievement
urls too can be posted.

Azamgarh land of scholars

My beloved Azamgarh...its a land of scholars...the land of Azamgarh has been producing world class scholars,scientists,doctors,engineers....its is a district with dinstinction in India..its people have worked hard,toiled day and night in middle east so that their children can have decent life...the people have invested in their children's education so that they can have good future...Azmis as the people of Azamgarh are known as stand out in every aspect of life...We Azmis are not terrorist but law abiding,peace loving,hard working,resposible citizens of India.
Twocircle is doing a great job in highlighting the true face of Azamgarh.

About azamgarh

Azamgarh is a holly and very pleasant area there's area's environment have spring,rainy season, winter and summer.Azamgarh area is an agricultural all
all types of corn (grain)are growing