Domestic Violence in India

A TCN special series on Domestic Violence in India and the protection that the new law can offer to abused women.

Part I: Indian women: violence within the four sacred walls

Part II: A step to make a home free from violence

Part III: Stop domestic violence now!: details of the Indian DV law.

Part IV: one year of Domestic Violence Act



Most of the children are abseud at home. by their own relative, sometimes by a parent or siblings. I have also heard cases, where the father abuses the daughter, and mother just ignores it, as it gives her free time. where will the child go for any help? children are conditioned to go to their parents for emotional support. so, the keep going to their father or mother and want to please them as that is what they are told to do. parents telling children to respect elders. Do what they tell. You have to please them in order to get recogonition/acceptance .. this is the basic reason why children do not report that they are being abseud. in fact they don't even know they are being abseud. they only believe that they are still not being able to please his/her abuser. They think it is their fault and blame themselves for it. Good movie suggestion: The Woodsman . If you haven't seen it before, it is a must-see movie.