Elections 2014

Lok Sabha 2014

Results & analysis

Smriti Irani: TV’s popular ‘bahu’ to play a crucial role in educating India

The Road from Here

In first message as PM, Modi dreams of “strong, developed and inclusive India”

Muslim parties failed to catch the attention in WB

Nitish pays for his political miscalculation

Ram Vilas Paswan and the politics of symbolic secularism

Challenges for Kishanganj MP Maulana Qasmi

Can Modi at helm be a blessing in disguise?

What Indians expect from PM Modi

A survival guide for Congress

Modi Wins 2014 Elections: Victory of Development or Divisiveness

Narendra Modi triumphs over secularism

Massive Majlis in Hyderabad taunts UP Muslims for lack of unity

AIUDF to work with NDA for the development of the region

Real winner in Karnataka Lok Sabha elections may be the current CM Siddaramiah

Mayawati vs Ram Vilas Paswan: A ding-dong battle for Dalit politics

Eight Muslim MPs from West Bengal

Muslim politcos performance in SeemaAndhra elections go along with new transmission

Will Modi led BJP continue to instill antagonism in supporters against their opponents?

Modi Wave nullified anti-BJP Muslim voting in UP

For Congress, what went wrong?

Modi wave didn’t help BJP’s Muslim candidates

Will India shed centrist mask under Modi Sarkar?

Twenty-three Muslim MPs in the next Lok Sabha

Will this Lok Sabha see lowest Muslim representation?


Understanding the verdict 2014

It can’t get any darker

Exit Polls - Exaggeration by Indian news channels

Why BJP & Co. may not touch the magic figure of 272+?

“Leaders” should learn from the people

BJP and Muslims

Debating Elections, Debating Development

Muslim Political leaders are maligning the community through incompetent statements

TCN questions for Narendra Modi

Worshipping Gods in the times of Elections

Congress additional manifesto warrants Muslim votes

Bless the Vinashpurush

NRIs concerned about hate speeches in this Lok Sabha election

Stakes for Elections 2014: Secularism or Democracy

A confusing guide for confused Muslim voters

Money and the elections

Muslims' Resolve Against Modi/BJP in the 2014 Election - Rare Instance of Unity

BJP and the politics of polarization

Magic formula for defeating the BJP

A silent coup against Indian constitution

Deceitful manifestoes: Promises of major parties to Muslims

Banking on Muslim votes: Kashif's series Part 1


There is hope among apprehension from BJP government

After increasing tally in Assam AIUDF aims for assembly election

BJP sweeps Assam, AIUDF increases its tally to three

Poll official in Assam who cannot vote as he is D voter

Erosion eradicates hopes and aspirations of people in Assam

Assam’s Barak valley voters boycott voting demanding better facility

AIUDF: The broken dreams and lost hopes of minorities in Assam

Andhra Pradesh

Muslim politicos performance in SeemaAndhra elections go along with new transmission

MIM retained all its seats, fell short from achieving mile stones

Feroz Khan is a brand, who loves Modi, claims Sangh Parivar support to defeat MIM

‘Future CM of Telangana’ faces the heat from a Dalit student

MIM looks for expansion but its own bastion is crumbling

The Doctor and a Rebel: an enduring opposition against Akbaruddin Owaisi

Congress list in Telangana: 3% Reddys got 34 tickets, 13% Muslims just 4

Election tickets: TRS says sorry to Muslims

Dalit-Muslim unity is the need of the hour - Asaduddin Owaisi

I faced no specific challenges because of my community or my gender: AAP Hyderabad Candidate

Chandrababu Naidu broke the promise he gave to public by joining hands with BJP: Zahid Ali Khan


Many in Siwan hoping the return of ‘Robin Hood’ through spouse

In birthplace of democracy parties pinning hope on caste equations

Close fight between BJP and Congress in Muzaffarpur, both sides claiming victory after May 7 poll

Paswan faces stiff competition, but ‘BJP votes’ may help him clinch victory narrowly

Nitish not Modi responsible for Gujarat riots, says Shahnawaz Hussain

Bihar heading for much closer fight in 2014 poll


‘Loyalty’ vs new aspirations split Muslim voters in Delhi; BJP may be the ultimate gainer

Shadows of an encounter: Kashif's series Part 2


Election season is arresting season

The untold story behind the Sabarmati riverfront


Preaching hate through love Kashif's series Part 4

A Mayawati in the making: Kashif's series Part 3


SDPI ‘dismayed’ at Lok Sabha poll results but hopes Modi to observe ‘Rajdharam’

49 brooms sporting AAP supporter in Arvind Kejriwal’s conclave

Shivaraj Singh Chouhan: An acceptable PM candidate?


Gazing the mood of Maharashtra voters

Modi mocks the Home Minister, Is he talking too much?

Modi proved to be not of his wife and old parents then how can he be of the country: Maharashtra Minority Minister

Maharashtra government is negligent towards states’ Wakf board

BSP in Maharashtra: Struggling to make a mark

Polling day in Nagpur: It's all about the money

Muslims must vote for secular parties to beat communal parties: Milli Council

Tamil Nadu

Out of 5 major Muslim contestants in TN only one won thanks to Jaya sweep

Debunking Modi in Tamill Nadu

In Ramanathapuram SDPI candidate is the ‘most wanted’

Can TN’s first regional Muslim political party make a debut in Indian Parliament?

Imdad Shariff of AAP challenges the might of Muslim League in Vellore

To counter 'Modi wave' Tamil Muslims put their weight behind DMK alliance

With Muslims in one hand and working class on other SDPI eyes North Chennai

Discussing Tamil politics in a Mosque near Sri Lankan border
Karunanidhi throws his weight behind Hyder Ali

AAP will not be a pariah in regional Tamil politics: Jahir Hussain AAP candidate from South Chennai

Uttar Pradesh

‘Awakened Ambedkarite’ wants to lead a coalition of Dalit and Muslims

Varanasi election: symbolism overtakes reality

Is getting elected as MP from UP a pre-requisite for being in race for PM post?

Demystifying Varanasi

BJP banking on division of anti-Modi votes in UP

With Mukhtar Ansari’s help to Ajay Rai, Muslim votes maybe wasted in Varanasi

In Lucknow, AAP will be a force to watch out for in otherwise Rajnath vs Rita Bahuguna contest

The dilemma of Muslim voters in UP

Core ideology of Congress is secularism: Mahesh Bhatt

Dalit politics beyond BSP

Likes of Akbar, Shahid Siddiqui are either intellectually bankrupt or hypocrites: Salman Khurshid

High pitch battle between Mulayam’s clan and BJP in Firozabad

The battle for the ‘Pride of Farrukhabad’ is not easy

Opinion polls during elections should be banned: Salman Khurshid

BJP knocking on the Muslims door

Not a very Azam way of making election speech

Despite ‘good work’ Congress MP might face drubbing in Bareilly

BJP may have the last laugh due to Muslims’ vote division in Moradabad

Mahesh Bhatt led Karwan-e-Bedari in Rampur and Bareilly

The Candidate: Kashif's series Part 5

West Bengal

Eight Muslim MPs from West Bengal

Apprehensions among Muslims on election result, appear cautious

Left Front may have advantages due to Muslim vote divide in second phase

4 constituencies of North Bengal goes to poll today