Liberhan report

India's longest running commission took 17 years and 8 crores to prepare 1029 pages long report investigating circumstances that led to the demolition of the Babri Masjid on Dec. 6th, 1992. complete coverage of the Liberhan report:

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Jan. 5:

Muslim Law Board writes to PM on slow progress in Babri demolition case

2nd January 2010:

Dammam-based IFF demands Indian Govt. to take action on recommendations of Justice Liberhan Report

Dec. 26:

TMMK chief trashes Tamilnadu BJP chief’s lies about Babri Masjid

Dec. 25:

Vajpayee differed on Ayodhya, Modi's removal: Advani

Dec. 22:

Ram and Rahim as Good Neighbors

Dec. 20:

Muslim panel backs Liberhan, opposes communal violence bill

Seminar on Babri demolition, Liberhan report held in Saudi Arabia

Dec. 16:

Dikshit survives no-trust motion; uproar over Babri remark

TCN cartoon: Debating Liberhan report

Dec. 15:

Liberhan report high on agenda of Muslim Law Board Lucknow meet on Dec. 20

Dec. 14:

Liberhan report: Indifference is dangerous for the country – Prof KA Siddique Hasan

Initiate criminal cases against Babri culprits: Mushawarat to Centre

Dec. 11:

Babri demolition a terrorist act but guilty unlikely to be punished: Ayodhya saint

We will not surrender legal right to the Babri Masjid site: Indian Muslims

Dec. 10:

Guard against religious majorityism, stresses Chidambaram

Can minister speak in Rajya Sabha without being its member?

Chidambaram defends Liberhan report in Rajya Sabha

BJP taking country in wrong direction, says Congress

Dec. 9:

BJP for negotiated solution to Ayodhya dispute

BJP trashes Liberhan report, Congress counters

Club Babri cases, move apex court, says CPI-M

Muslim MPs call for sanity in resolving Ayodhya row

Congress says Babri razing was 'cold-blooded conspiracy'

Liberhan report is a 'national joke', says Arun Jaitley

Dec. 8:

BJP fully responsible for Babri mosque demolition: Chidambaram

BJP dismisses Liberhan report; Congress blames RSS

Congress MP blames Rao also for Babri mosque demolition

SDPI concerned over sidestepping Babari Masjid issue

Liberhan debate: Chidambaram's reply begins amid uproar

Take criminal action against those who demolished the Babri Masjid: INL

Liberhan report perverse, baseless: BJP

I owe Vajpayee deep respect, says Rahul

End discord at Ayodhya in the name of religion, say youth

Dec. 7:

Khurshid slams BJP for exploiting Ayodhya issue

Congress MPs criticise fielding Pal first in Liberhan debate

Liberhan Commission; Painful wait for Justice

Liberhan report used for character assassination: BJP

Vajpayee was also responsible for Babri demolition: Mulayam

Re-construct Babri Masjid at the right place: Js VR Krishna Iyer

It is in favor of secular India to rebuild Babri Masjid: Ex-CM of Bihar

TMMK holds peaceful rally in Chennai against Babri Masjid demolition

Dec. 6:

On Babri anniv, Shiv Sena out on street, BJP indoor

Hang demolishers of Babri Masjid: Muslim United Front

Babri demolition anniversary peaceful in Hyderabad

Joint rally in Bangalore demands implementation of Liberhan Report

Advani, Joshi, Uma terrorists, should be punished: Andhra groups

Rally, dharna mark 17th anniv of Babri Masjid demolition

Lok Sabha to debate Liberhan report Monday, Tuesday

Alert in Bihar on Babri demolition anniversary

Protests, celebrations mark Babri demolition anniversary

Babri demolition: A symbol of injustice

Arrest “Liberhan 68” demands TMMK

Liberhan report: 17 years and Rs. 8 Crore later

Rebuild Babri Masjid, punish the guilty: IMC-USA

CIM demands “Liberhan 68” banned from entering Britain

Dec. 5:

Arrest Advani, other Babri culprits: All India Babri Masjid Re-building Committee

Observe 6th Dec as Prayer Day: Muslim Students Organization Of India

Punish Sangh, BJP leaders for Babri Masjid demolition: Kavita Krishnan

On Babri demolition anniv eve, Milli Council holds candle march

No question of regret over Babri demolition: Mohan Bhagwat

Justice Liberhan Report – Half Truthful and Half Untold

Dec. 4:

Samajwadi Party to organise minority conference Saturday

States on high alert on eve of Babri demolition anniversary

On eve of Babri anniv., Centre asks states to be on high alert

Left, BJP cautious on bill to check communal violence

Cabinet clears communal violence bill for introduction in Parliament

Pamphlet calling Ayodhya 'Ramjanmabhoomi' to be withdrawn

Cabinet okays communal violence bill

Dec. 3:

'Court verdict or negotiated accord only solution to Ayodhya'

Katiyar to make 'revelations' about Babri demolition Dec 6

Parliament to debate Liberhan report next week

Samajwadi Party to observe Babri anniversary as black day

Liberhan report, demolition anniversary...but Ayodhya remains silent

Dec. 2:

Lok Sabha to discuss Liberhan report Dec 9-10

Parliament to discuss Liberhan report next week: Bansal

Read Liberhan report, take party's viewpoint to appeal: Advani to BJP MPs

Dec. 1:

TCN cartoon: Liberhan Report leak

Popular Front to hold nationwide protest to demand punishment to Babri culprits

Nov. 30:

Parliament discussion on Liberhan report postponed

Nov. 29:

Role of Vajpayee - civilised mukhauta of uncivil Sangh - in Babri Masjid demolition

Babri dispute: Mutual trust is the best way out

Liberhan conclusions bold, recommendations mousy: Milli Council

Nov. 27:

Hundreds protest at Jama Masjid over Babri demolition, demand arrest of guilty

Nov. 26:

Liberhan report was leaked to sideline crucial issues: Jayalalithaa

No bias in Liberhan report in clean chit to Rao government: Congress

Common Muslims don’t hope punishment to Babri culprits, criticize Muslim leadership

Secular Perspective demands urgent action against culprits of Babri demolition

Reflections on Babri Masjid demolition post-Liberhan panel report

Babri Demolition: All involved should be punished, says Kerala CM

Communal clashes began after Babri demolition: Kerala govt in High Court

BJP demands statement from PM on Babri demolition

Manmohan promises Liberhan leak probe

Liberhan findings vague, uncertain: Advani's counsel

Liberhan suggests revamp of civil, police recruitment

Nov 25:

Liberhan alleges attempts to scuttle Babri probe

Advani gets a pat from Liberhan

Let experts decide if it's temple or mosque: Liberhan

Ex-counsel says Liberhan's comments on him are 'vile'

Mayawati sees Congress-BJP conspiracy behind Liberhan leakage

CPI-M accuses Liberhan of 'political bias'

Act tough on Liberhan Commission findings: Achuthahandan

Mayawati warns against unrest over Ayodhya

Nov 24:

BJP unity will now be at expense of moderates

Former RSS chief rejects Liberhan Commission report

Government will act on Liberhan recommendations: Congress

Incorrect spelling of Muslim names abound in Liberhan report

Liberhan report parrots Sangh Parivar claims

“Babri Masjid” a casualty of the Liberhan report

Muslim leaders condemn Liberhan for exonerating Cong, Narasimha Rao

Liberhan report ignores Muslim history of Ayodhya

BJP seeks Chidambaram's resignation over Liberhan report leak

Vajpayee, Advani can’t be put in the same dock: Syed Shahabuddin

Sequence of events leading to Babri razing in Liberhan report

Indicting Vajpayee 'outrightly illegal': Liberhan ex-counsel

No effective participation of the Muslims in inquiry: Liberhan report

Was never involved in Babri, Vaghela says on Liberhan indictment

Kalyan calls Liberhan report 'politically motivated'

Government will act on Liberhan recommendations: Congress

Indicting Vajpayee 'outrightly illegal': former Liberhan counsel

Vinay Katiyar was a defiant, hostile witness: Liberhan

17 years on, Commission says Babri demolition was planned

Give legal backing to National Integration Council: Liberhan ATR

Media was targeted, harassed: Liberhan

Vajpayee among 68 indicted for Babri demolition

Babri razing done in military precision: Liberhan report

Politicians in office shouldn't hold posts in religious bodies: Liberhan ATR

Jharkhand poll: BJP, JMM seek advantage from Liberhan report

Congress has dual position on Babri, says Brinda Karat

Fix responsibility for Liberhan report leak: BJP

Kalyan Singh dubs Liberhan report a 'political conspiracy'

Police, officials executors of Sangh Parivar designs: Babri panel

Babri Masjid demolition neither spontaneous nor unplanned: Liberhan

Babri Masjid demolition and Liberhan Commission report

Kalyan Singh insider that caused collapse of system: Liberhan report

After brawl, much bonhomie in Rajya Sabha

Alert in Uttar Pradesh after Liberhan report release

Amar Singh, Ahluwalia apologise for Rajya Sabha uproar

BJP should give up communal politics, says Moily

Firmly separate politics and religion, Liberhan says

Muslim leadership conspicuous by its absence: Liberhan report

Liberhan: Punish the guilty, says the SDPI

Vajpayee, Thackeray, Advani in Liberhan's culpability list

Brawl as Liberhan report tabled in Rajya Sabha

Composed Liberhan says report answers all questions

Scuffles, slogans as Liberhan report tabled in Rajya Sabha

Nov. 23:

Uma Bharti reiterates moral responsibility of Babri demolition, vows to fight out legally

Liberhan report tabled in Lok Sabha

Liberhan report to be tabled at 12: Bansal

Liberhan report to be tabled Tuesday

After Liberhan report uproar, cabinet to meet Tuesday

Liberhan panel counsel surprised at Vajpayee's name in report

Punish the culprits of Babari demolition: Popular Front

Chronology of incidents related to Babri Masjid demolition

Liberhan report leak very serious, says Congress

Babri storm again hits India, parliament in uproar

Punish Babri masjid culprits, demand Muslim leaders

Advani wants Liberhan report tabled, slams UPA for its leak

Babri panel wants action against Advani, others

Angry Liberhan says he did not leak Ayodhya report

Get lost, Liberhan tells media

I must be foolish to leak report: Chidambaram

Babri Masjid back in spotlight, Liberhan report to be tabled

BJP attacks government, seeks tabling of Liberhan report

Liberhan report leaked to polarise Jharkhand votes: Rajnath Singh

Lok Sabha adjourned for he day over Liberhan row

Liberhan probe was India's longest running inquiry commission

Liberhan counsel 'astonished' over Vajpayee link in leaked report

Liberhan report paralyses Rajya Sabha for the day

Liberhan report in this session: Chidambaram

BJP wants Liberhan probe into Babri demolition in parliament

Nov. 21:

Shahabuddin to Govt: Assert you’ll implement final court order on Babri


Hypocrisy at its best.

Everyone involved in the destruction of the Masjid should be punished. India talks about punishing the people involved in 26/11, but keeps mum when it comes to Babri Masjid. Hypocrisy at its best.

Comparing 26/11 with dilapildted BABRI at Ayodya???

How can you compare the massacre of 26/11 with the destruction of a dilapidated STRUCTURE at Ayodya??? Would you have been happier if on 6/12/92, the Police had FIRED at the INDIANS who rushed into the BABRI and killed 500-1000 people in the process saving BABRI???? A life lost can NOT be returned by even ALLAH but a much more magnificent MOSQUE can be built at AYODYA- inshaallah. So stop the heartless "hypocrisy" because the people who DIED on 26/11 were INDIANS and the people "who would have died" on 6/12/92 would also have been INDIANS had the police OPENED FIRE on that day!!!!!!!!!!!

what an ignorant...

hmmm so ghazi hind, fanrtastic cover right....what a choice ghazi hind, kudos and claps.
Now to the point, according to you those who died on 26/11 are indians, i agree. You also say those who would have died on the day the mosque was demolished if the police had opened fire are also indians agreed, now tell me great Ghazi those who died from the riots because of the demolition are or were not INDIANS, is that what you meant great GHAZI.

Come to Sense India lest its' too late

It is so distressing that there are people in India who think that it would have not been proper to stope people who were taking the law in their own hand. In any sane persons opinion, an internal terrorists is worst that an external one. As it is, there are many who are living to see Afzal Guru hand even if there are 27 more on the list before him. If this is not facism then there is no facism. Nobody is talking about the victims of pogrom which followed the demolition of the historic Babri Masjid. Those who bomed Bombay in retaliation found that the very State which proved to be so impotent in 1992 to be virulent in punishing the people who sought justice by their own act. Nobody should condemn the Bombay bombings because they were in retaliation of the acts of criminals at Ajodhya as well as its after shocks in early 1993.
As of now, the State of India has abdicated its responsibility whenever Muslims were at the receiving end. The saddest part is that 1993 senteces, the judge went beyond his brief, calling on the accused by their religion and reprimanded them for bringing their religion in disrepute. Will the same judge, may be a justice now, call Hindus the same or rule that Hinuism is a way of life. But which way of life? Where you find many hungry, killed and maimed in call to save the nation they have assumed responsibility of, women abandoning for lack of fairness?? There are too many things to cover.
Has any of these acts made stronger? Certainly not. India is now so scared of Iran that it has sold itself out to USA, Russia and China. All big military power. What about the 'humanitarian help to Afghans'?? Pakistan and Iran were the only links. And we have Shashi Tharoor, who says Iran has not adhered to NPT. It is cattle calling pot black. What a fall. India is alredy gone to dogs. What remains is which dog taking how much of the bite. No hope for India.

Dare to be just!

The Indian democracy is a great one, albeit a terribly compromised one by those corrupt and in power.

The simple fact is that anyone who has done wrong *should* be served a deserving punishment via a *fair & just* judicial process.

Regardless of which incident it is, be it the Babri Masjid razing that was allowed to happen by the spineless, irrational & heartless folks in power at the time, be it the bloody communal carnage of Gujarat orchestrated by the rascal Narendra Modi, or the seige of the Taj in Mumbai - all strict, careful, fair and disciplined actions should be taken to bring justice to bear upon each case.

But, alas! ...the irony is that there are too many corrupt in power to let that happen. It would be wise to remember that when the balance tilts, the pain inflicted will return to the givers of it today! And that would be a tragedy for us too!

I wonder when I will be able to proudly to proclaim that I am an Indian - today my Indian-ness shrouds me in a shameful cloak!

An Indian who is more a World Citizen than an Indian.

That is a sad story my dear..

Many of us are undergoing same agony as reflected in in your comment. All of us are so ashamed of act that the pride has become a label of shame. Still, we need to pursist to defeat the criminals responsible. Lets chase them and make it a point not to let anything repeat.