In May 2009, paid a visit to Malabar to learn about the Muslims and their rich history. In this special ten part series on Malabar we also look at some new trends –some positive and some negative- that will shape the future of this vibrant community of Muslims.

"vilakkatherrikal" or “sitting by the lamp” - the famous lamp of Ponnani

Part 1 : Mappilas: The first Muslims of India

Part 2 : Cheraman Juma Masjid: The first Masjid of India

Part 3: Historical mosques of Malabar

Part 4: System of Islamic education in Kerala

Part 5: History of modern education among Malabar Muslims

Part 6: A reading revolution

Part 7: Mappila culture: A harmonious mix of Arab and Kerala traditions

Part 8: Muslim women of Malabar

Part 9: Economic success of Mappilas

Part 10: Muslim organizations of Kerala

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really like it.

റോക്സി ചേട്ടാI really like this dear. I feel a bit out of place and slghitly weird having to comment in english here i don't want to show my helplessness by trying out malayalam either err.You are not too far away from eating ചക്കാച്ചുളാ again! I have saved കേരളം കേരലമായത്'. Will be reading it soon and hoping to finish soon too.