Misra Commission report excerpts

Starting today TwoCircles.net is publishing Misra Commission report.
The National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities (NCRLM) also known as Ranganath Misra Commission after its chairman Justice Ranganath Misra was constituted in October 2004 but the Commission could not begin until March 2005.

It was to submit its report within six months but its terms was periodically extended until May 15th, 2007. Initially it was given three terms of references, a fourth one was added later.

Terms of References:

To suggest criteria for identification of socially and economically backward sections among religious and linguistic minorities.

To recommend measures for welfare of socially and economically backward sections among religious and linguistic minorities, including reservation in education and government employment.

To suggest the necessary constitutional, legal and administrative modalities required for the implementation of its recommendations.

To give its recommendations on the issues raised in WPs 180/04 and 94/05 filed in the Supreme Court and in certain High Courts relating to para 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950 in the context of ceiling of 50 percent on reservations as also the modalities of inclusion in the list of Scheduled Castes.


Justice Ranganath Misra: Former Chief Justice of India & Ex-Chairman, National Human Rights Commission. (Chairman)
Professor Dr. Tahir Mahmood: Former Chairman, National Commission for Minorities & Ex-Dean, Faculty of Law, Delhi University.
Dr. Anil Wilson: Principal, St. Stephan’s College, Delhi.
Dr. Mohinder Singh: Director, National Institute of Punjab Studies, Delhi.
Mrs. Asha Das: Member-Secretary.

Final report was submitted to the government in May 2007. TwoCircles.net releases excerpts from this report which has recommended specific steps for the benefits of the Muslims who are lagging behind in socio-economic front. Since UPA has failed to make public this important report and Congress in its manifesto pushed the question of reservation to Muslims to building consensus, we are publishing important points of the report so that a debate can start towards a consensus.

Chapter 1 of the report is the introduction of the Commission, its formation, terms of references and the procedure adopted by the Commission. Text reproduced below and in future postings are exactly as they appear in the report unless specifically mentioned. We are publishing the excerpts and not the full report.


Who are the Minorities?
Rights of Minorities
Religious Minorities and their status
Status of Linguistic Minorities
Status of Women among Minorities
Criteria for Identifying Backward Sections among Religious Minorities
Mandal Commission
Procedure for Inclusion/Exclusion
Measures for Welfare and Development of Minorities
Initiatives taken for Development of Minorities
Institutional Structures for the Development of Minorities
Achievements & Impact of Planned Strategies for Weaker Sections/ Minorities
Economic Empowerment
Specialised Financial Institutions
Bank Credit to Minorities
Gaps and Challenges
Chapter 8: Reservation as a Welfare Measure
Chapter 9: Demands for amending Constitution (SC) Order, 1950
Chapter 10: Recommendations and Modalities for their implementation
Recommendations- part II

Take action:

Sign petition for tabulation of Justice Raganath Misra Commission Report.

Sign petition to remove religious descrimination from 1950 Presidential Order on Scheduled Caste.


enough we already have too

enough we already have too many quota and reservation. i support reservation based on income level (for financial aid). but no more quotas. first remove the minority special status given to educational institutuins who use the religion to make money and do nothing to their religion.
all educational institutions should have the same rights irrespective of religion. provide financial aid to poor people to continue their education.

for the past 50yrs politicians played well using the cast and religion bank to get their vote and stay in power. all these commissin are useless.

This bill is

This bill is unconstitutional since in a secualr country reservation cant be provided on the basis of religion. This is equal to dividing the country on the basis of religion.
They also object giving reservations to Muslims and Christians who were earlier SC and then converted. Dr. Pravin Togadiya says on this: " “worldwide Islam and Christianity do publicity stunts criticizing Hindu Dharm for casteism. They brag that they don’t have caste system. Now they are stealing from pockets of Hindu SCs, OBCs and Tribals. This will not only promote conversions but also will leave Hindu SCs, OBCs and Tribals without jobs, education, loans etc. "
"If the govt. passes this bill then surely Hindu SCs, OBCs and Tribals including their children will have no option but to die without food, job, medical treatment and housing.".
When India's constituion was formed "after considered discussion in Constitutional Assembly religious reservation was rejected. Even minority members had agreed that there should not be reservation based on religion because religious reservation will ultimately end up in partition of the country. Mohd Ali Jinnah initially demanded different type of reservation based on religion for Muslims, now Rangnath Mishra and congress has become modern Jinnah to divide India for selfish Muslim vote bank."
I find a lot of truth in it.

Printed copy of Misra Commission Report

Full text of the Misra Commission Report is available from Pharos Media. Visit: http://www.pharosmedia.com/books.htm

Muslim leaders at the time

Muslim leaders at the time when the Constitution was wrtten was confident that in Independent India, all the citizens will prosper unbiasedly. But unfortunately that did not happen as facts and figures now show. Anyone who talks about minority upliftment, is hushed by extremist hindu mindset as HE is another Jinnah or by projecting that if Minorities come up Hindus will be deprived from livelyhood etc. The ironic thing is that there r many who believes in this crap. The fact is that if Minority Muslims come up, this Nation will be a better place to live for all. Ranganath Mishra commission should be implemented in toto with immediate effect.

Proportional representation is the only solution

Proportional representation on the basis of population is the only solution to establish justice in our nation. If Muslims are 20% in Indian population, they must get 20% jobs in all sectors. Indian cabinet must have 20% Muslim ministers. In a state, Muslims constitute 25% in population, Muslims must have proportional representation in all sectors of that state as well as in the state cabinet.

I think you are living in

I think you are living in another World. As per 2001 census Muslims accounts for 13.4 % and now in 2011 appx. 14.5 % of the total population. All the political parties and media is highlighting backwardness of Muslims only where as more then 40 % of India's population is living below poverty line. We have to consier the growth of population from 1950 onwards of diffrent religious groups before any conclusion of progress. The Muslim population growth is very very high compare to Hindu's and in 1950's Muslim's accounts for only appx. 8 % of total popultion where as they are now apx. 14.5% and by 1930 expected to be appx.18-19 % of total population.

So who is responsible ?

1st of all they have to adopt family planning and like other religios groups of India with 1 or 2 child's they will me more happy.

In this way they will progress and also contribute to the country.

For these statistics we dont have to rely upon any data but just look around and you will see the reality.

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