Muslims under siege in Assam

Recent anti-Muslim violence has killed many and displaced thousands. Being in the north east corner of the country it is not getting adequate media attention. presents a special series on Muslims of Assam to help educate and inform the people about the gravity of the situation.

Writer of this series is Diganta Sharma who is an Assam based journalist and is author of “Nellie 1983.”

We thank following for making this series possible:
Afzal Usmani
Anju Azad
Ashraf Naim
Kaleem Kawaja
M. Burhanuddin Qasmi
Rafat Hussain
Razi Raziuddin
Tariq Farooqi

Introduction: Muslims of Assam
Part 1: Dance of death and violence in Udalguri
Part 2: Muslim labourers abducted, some killed by Bodo tribals
Part 3: An old man keeps on searching in ashes
Part 4: Known faces were among the miscreants
Part 5: Muslims attacked by Bodo militants

More updates:
“His tongue was cleft off by blade because …”
Eroding Muslim-dominated Barpeta district displacing thousands
15 years in a relief camp: Bongaigaon, Assam

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give us one idea what is the

give us one idea what is the final solution????? what muslims want to do against this violance.


Read some of my thoughts at

Muslims under siege?

This is a vicious cycle that is being followed
within the Muslim Community. First, there is a
need for moderate Muslims to distance themselves
from Extremists and Communists, both of which are
considered as anti-nationals. Secondly, there is
no condemnation of terrorists attacks by any of
the Muslim leaders or scholars. Instead, when the
Govt. or police tries to catch the culprits, we
try to defend them. Why was Afzal Guru defended?
We are alienating ourselves from the mainstream
India. We need to realize that India comes first,
and Islamic Brotherhood comes second. Ponder on it!



Muslims are muslims only.stupid u r not one of us.For muslims india is the first then rest of the world to islamicise.INSHALLAH


Yes,i completely agree with u to say We first Indian then Muslims.In this context, i convey my thanks to Mr.B.Islam for clarifying d controvercies regarding hosting of Pakistani(???) flag.

How often do we asks Hindus

How often do we asks Hindus to condemn violence against Christians? Terrorists are terrorists. There are no Muslim terrorists, Hindu terrorists or Christian terrorists. This is a term that was coined by US for their own reasons. Why were IRA terrorsist not called Christian terrorists? What would you call LTTE terrorists? Why should only Muslim leaders be required to condemn perpertuators of violence. We as a society must realise two things. Number one..please do not assign religion to terrorists...they are criminals and need to be treated as such. Secondly let us not jump to conclusions. If police takes years to arrest terrorists, how can we in seconds confirm that arrested individuals are terrorists. Emotional knee jerk reactions will not help in curbing criminal activities. It is too serious an issue to be treated so trivially.

Muslims under siege?

I agree that we should not relate
terrorism with religion, because
terrorists are criminals. But on
the other hand, its us who are
defending people like Afzal Guru
and those related to terrorism in
Jamia Milia. We can't speak from
both sides of our mouth. Either
we have to stop defending them even
if they are Muslims, or we have to
admit that Religion and Terrorism
are related.Its time to choose now!

This is further proof that India is a pseudo-democracy with no l

This is further proof that India is a pseudo-democracy with no law and order

India is a pseudo-democracy and this is the further proof. Hindu mob violence occurs against minorities and Hindu police shield such Hindu criminality.

Some Hindus may dispute my claim that India is a pseudo-democracy, but there are so many incidents like this.

The liberal Hindus would like to think it is an abberration; the fascist Hindus think it is alright, and they even make out the Hindus are the victims.

Mnay Hindus say that we have more freedom than in Dubai or Oman. But in those countries, they don't organise pogroms against Hindus.

Thus, in India, we have state terrorism of the Hindus, and minority terrorism to counter this. This distrubed state will continue in India, no matter whether there is 9% economic growth.

Hindu communalism is entrenched in their psyche Those affected by Hindu state terrorism will join underground movements.

Pak flag hoisted in Assam

What would muslims say about pakistan flag hoisting in assam? Why it is happening there. Obviously they have to face the fire then.

A malice propaganda

State Govt has make it clear that the flag is diiferent then Pakistani one and it was found in a BODO Village. How BODOs who are asking seperate country become so good. The truth is that now they r killing Muslims. Everyone who kill Muslims are welcome.Assam Muslims are loyal to India then anyone else. When ULFA, BLT so and so belong to Hindu community fighting against India, they were patriotic in everyway. That is why they have to bear the anger of those seperatists supporter. The victim those Bengali Muslims are poor, illiterate. So media wala potrays wat ever they like. Weldone contiue this Nazi policy.

It is a blatant lie

When I asked about alleged Pakistani flag hoisting in areas of Udalguri, dominated by Muslims Dr. Baharul Islam, AUDF spokesperson, denied it angrily.
He said, “It is a blatant lie that some people have hoisted Pakistan’s flag in our country”. “What is repeatedly being shown in some channels is ‘news with extra spice’, since the green flag hoisting in houses and masjids with crescent and star on it has been part of traditional Eid celebration in that part of Assam”, he said.

The tradition is on for long long years. It is the work of mischeif mongers that they were trying to use that in their favour.

Agree about media

I agree with you Mr. MB Qasmi, that media has spread a lot to make a communal divide in the society. Hindu and Muslims were together before the partition, now the hatred what we are seeing today is nothing but media's given. People blidly believe what they see on news channels. there will be some people for sure who hoised the pak flag(like in kashmir) or it can be a rumour as well but the way media potrait is very bad shape. They are threat of Hindutva and Islam as per my understanding.
Recenly you might have seen media broadcasting wrongs against a spiritual leader 'bapu'. Media did everything they could to defame him but not a single follower of his got dis-associated from him. I am just one among the million of follower of him. Why I am telling this is I agree with your comment on media. I can understand you feeling when someone spread wrong about your community. the same feeling was mine that time. Our gurudev has muslim followers also. He includes Prophet Mohammed's teachings also in his spiritual discourse.
Still media take the responsibity to take all the decisions. God save my India.

What is Islamicise

Dear Brother,

What is "Islamicise"? I couldn't get you.

Can you make my understanding clear.

First of you should know that Islam is a WAY OF LIFE not an ideology like Fascism or nationalism or capitalism. Its for all. It's peace of life and mind. It's up to the person which way of life he chooses.

So talking foolish things will not help you, but you have to make the sensible things before you write or speak.

Just avoing inciting such a thing on a site which is fighting against extermism. So be part of it, not against it.

Do spread the trught of Islam and its global teachings on all the subject from tiny things to the hunge ones. Like from Social to material or capital.

All solution the fram of great and noble humanity are lie with Islam.



You don't know the meaning of islam and islamicise and yet want to comment.Please know that ISLAM is not just a private matter.We have to create a free and fair atmosphere for people to choose their choice.I was responding to a brother who was preaching indian nationalism over islam.The ignorant do not know that the freedom struggle was started by muslims.( means to implement islam.Innocent muslims were victimised in assam and so many places all over india,instead of condemning these criminals this coward is preaching us to become indian first.This injustice can be avoided by implementing Islam 100%.INSHALLAH.
EXtREMISM,FUNDAMENTALISM,TERRORISM,are the the terms coined by western atheists.Don't fall prey to their propaganda.A person who is practicing islam (submitting his will to his creator)extremely is a very good person.Criminals and antisocial elements must be terrorised.Islamic fundamentals must be practiced.
Democracy cant protect minorities,Islam can.Become muslim.(submit your will to ALLAH)

To AbulHauque

Could you please elaborate what you said below:
"... EXtREMISM,FUNDAMENTALISM,TERRORISM,are the the terms coined by western atheists.Don't fall prey to their propaganda...."
You need to consult Dictionary and understand their meaning.

By the way you are contradicting yourself and instilling false propaganda yourself.

1% of muslim population has maligned 99% of good muslim in the name of false propaganda and bringing bad name to Islam. Shame on you. In the name of Jihad you have killed women, children, innocent people, , have attacked hazrat-e-bal in kashmir, bombed mosque in pakistan, iraq when people where praying to Allaha.... how can you justify this other than act of madness.

1-- India has land border of

1-- India has land border of 3900Km with Bangladesh of which Assam has just 80 Km border with Bangladeh in Dubri Dist near W Bengal and 140Km in Karimganj & Chachar Dist near Mizoram. 2- Meghalaya and Mizoram has longer border with Bangladesh than Assam but has lesser problem with BANGLADESHI ILLIGAL MUSLIMS because the land of "hill tribes of Mizoram & Meghalaya" (also Nagaland, Manipur) can not purchased by non-tribals and so the Bangladeshi Muslims can not claim they own land in these states and so gets "kicked out". 3- BODOS are also TRIBALS but being "plain tribe" of Assam are not given the protection given to "hill tribes" and BODO land can be purchsed / occupied by anyone. 4-- Maximum Bangladeshi Muslims are in Dubri and dist adjoing it like Kokharajar or in Karimganj/Chachar and dist adjoining it like Hailakandi. ----------------------------------- It is easy to "identify and evict the ILLEGAL BANGLADESHI MUSLIMS. Just take any ELECTORAL ROLL of 1970's/ 1980's from Parliament to Panchayat Election AND/OR CENSUS DATA 1981 and tell everyone whose name is not on the list to prove that they are Indian CITIZENS. If some one claims to be from any other Indian state like W Bengal/ Orissa/ Rajasthan etc etc confirm it in those states. 80% illegal Bangladeshi Muslims can be identified and thrown out. ---------------------------- Violence is initiated by Bangladeshis to push out the original Indian citizens. The next violence is to happen in Karimganj & Cachar as MUSLIMS are 53% & 40% of these two Districts too. ------------------- Congress, Trinamul, CPM etc etc will not do anything as these Muslims are their vote bank. W Bengal is in worst condition than Assam.

The foot army of the safron brigade

Majority of the media projected the violence as indegeneous and migrant Muslims. But in reality it was a Muslim versus others. Assam / N.E. have ( had ) too little brahmin populations. Assam / N.E. was never a part of India and hindu came here during 1400. The Ahoms some how appointed some brahmins and gave them land, and here begins all the ills of Assam / N.E. Some how 1800's the british came and it was still a known as British Assam. Than it was joined with East Bengal and again it was separated and it was known as British Assam and latter the British joined with British India. The first Premier of Assam was Sadullah. But the cunning brahmin G N Bordoloi became Chief Minister during 1940 - till 47 .

Lets see the names "Mahendra Limbu, Sarat Limbu, Ganesh Thappa, Ramen Swargiari, Gopal Bodo, Saban Basumatary, Raju Bodo, and Dilip Bodo." Mahendra Limbu, Sarat Limbu, and Ganesh Thappa are nepalis and the rest are bodos. The media and the safron brigade (AGP, AASU, BJP, RSS, VHP) started saying as the violence between indegeneous bodos and migrant Muslims. But Nepalis, Santhals, bongals, and all the populations of India are not indegeneous, even the brahmins are not considers as indegeneous by the Muslims of Assam / N.E. and the bru tribes from Mayanmar are not even consider as indegeneous by the Mizos and Nagas. So one can know the cause and who are behind the Muslims and non Muslims violence. One should understand the complex populations of Assam/ N.E. and only than one can come to know. The brahmins are giving misinformation regarding the populations of Assam / N.E.

Indian government and its

Indian government and its media now point their fingers at the Muslims when they refer to the term 'infiltrators' in India, though there prevails strong
anti-infiltrator sentiment and campaign in all the states of northeast. Muslims were about 40% when Assam was merged with India in 1947. Their sizeable presence was in existence even before the advent of the British. Muslims were never infiltrators in Assam.

Illegal immigration in Assam?

The issue of immigration is totally political. If you perosnally go and visit these localities which the Assamese claim as Banladeshi areas, you will discover how many of them are illegal (?) immigrants. Actually, most of these people have been living in these localities from long time, but because of successive administrative discrimination their names don't get enlisted in the voter's list. Hence, they remain illegal. Otherwise, there is no reason for successive generations to remain illegal.

As far as infiltration is concerned, the bordering areas are highly porous and the passage of people between India and Bangladesh is mutual. People from both the regions cross the border according to their choice. In normal circumtsances, it is not an issue. But whenever the Assamese feel like playing with Bengali's fate and life, they start with calling them Bangladeshi.

However, in southern Assam about 30% of the entire population is Bengali Hindus (they were either refused from Bangladesh, or took shelter voluntarily in India). Since, the administration was friendly with them they got enlisted themselves in the voter list (of 1965, 1966, 1971, 1975, respectively)consequently they become legally Indians. Nobody worries or questions about them.

The helpless Bengali speaking Muslims face the double discrimination from two angles. First, being Bengali speakers, they face discrimination from the Assamese authority and people. Secondly, being Muslims, they experience step motherly attitude from the biased Hindu (not all but majority) officials and the state administration as a whole. So this is the issue.

If you actually know the issue you will never even raise the question. And timeand again the Bengali speaking Muslims in the region have suffered, and been questioned for their legitimacy as Indians, but hardly ever their actual concerns have been addressed.