Ramadan 1436

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims. A month of fasting, charity, and spirituality for all Muslims. We will be doing a number of stories, photographs, and video to capture the mood of this month.

Raj Lalwani is TCN official photographer for this month and he will be shooting in Mumbai.

TwoCircles.net invites its readers and reporters to contribute photos and articles to capture this month. If you too want to participate in this project then send your pictures of Ramadan to photos@twocircles.net along with date and place where the photos were taken and selected few will be published along with your name. We are also sharing some photos on our instagram feed @tcnpix, you can tag your photo with tcnpix and we will regram to our feed. On Twitter, tag @kaaashif or @natishamallick to have your photo submitted for TCN.

Day 26

President hosts Iftar, Modi conspicuous by absence

Eid parties, new trend in metros

Ramadan dawn at Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai

Day 25

Religion in the city

Ensuring no one is left without food in the holy month of Ramadan

MBT alleges TRS, MIM leaders swindled Ramadan funds; MIM denies

Day 24


One-day Ramadan celebration of Qirra’h and Na’ats concluded in Srinagar

Why Asia’s longest iftar party failed to deliver?

Zakat Foundation of America distributes 200 Ramadan food packets in Hubli

Kejriwal hosts Iftar; Jung, Sheila among attendees

Day 23

Slow business

In photos : Asia's longest Iftar, stretching up to 1.6 Kilometers held on the banks of Dal Lake Srinagar

Over 7,000 Muslims at a single 'Iftar' party in Srinagar

Protests over Inner Line Permit issue halts normal life in Manipur

Day 22

The quieter waiter

Mamata thanks Sonia, Kejriwal for Iftar invites

A taste of old Delhi's succulent cuisines at Ramadan Walk

Day 21

Kya baat hai

Non-Muslim actors fast during Ramadan with equal fervour

Fasting has a positive impact on maintenance of glucose level: Malaysian study

Day 20

No tension

Day 19


Day 18

Profiling ordinary Kashmiris during Ramadan

Day 17

Fast friends

Day 16

जामा मस्जिद में सुकून बसता है

Sumptuous dates from the world over in Delhi markets

Day 15

​From nomads to migrants, J&K Gujjars continue Ramadan fasting

Kashmir enjoys nightlife this Ramzan

Telangana allocates Rs.26 crore for Ramadan celebrations

WhatApp rumour about Ramadan 15th is termed hoax

Day 14

Ramadan: A day in life of vegetable vendor in Kolkata

Day 13

A day of Ramadan in Mominpura, Nagpur

Day 12

Ramadan at Khanqah-e-Moula

The untold story behind ‘political Iftaar parties’

Day 11

Migrant Hafizs turn Imams in Kerala during Ramadan

Day 10

Cycle of life

Dawah stall to spread the word about Islam

Day 9


Photos of day 9

Day 8


Photos of day 8

Bring back iftar party tradition: Bengal Congress chief to PM

Friendship, a Ramadan story

Kashmir: Tourists’ paradise is also the paradise for non-local beggars

Zakat is a tool to empower life!

Day 7

The pav seller

Photos of day 7

Day 6


Communal harmony over iftar at Delhi’s Jama Masjid

Ramadan, and other conspiracies

Day 5


Photos of Day 5

Akhilesh orders special facilities for prisoners on 'Roza'

Fleeting hours of God’s grace

ये भी तो ख़ुदा की मर्ज़ी है, क़ुरआन की ज़ुबां भी अरबी है

Photo Essay: A day of Ramadan in historic Jama Masjid Delhi

Day 4


Day 4 photos

Day 3


Day 3 photos

Islamic scholars and professionals meet to discuss role of collective zakat fund for education and self-employment

Day 2


Day 2 photos

Need to streamline Zakat & Sadaqah administration in the world

Message from Vatican on interreligious dialogue for Ramadan

Day 1


Day 1 photos

Ramadan begins with curfew in Kashmir, no Friday prayer at Grand Mosque

President greets Muslims on Ramadan

Hyderabad's old city comes alive as Ramadan begins

Modi greets Muslims on Ramadan

Fasting for Ramadan 1436 begins on Friday, June 19 in most parts of India

Mamata greets people on Ramadan

Pre-Ramadan guidelines for diabetic patients